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nobody: my brain at 3am:
Retweeted by g @yajeww valid argumentThe French also pioneered death flights. They would fly Algerians in helicopters or planes, seal both their feet in…
Retweeted by gSidon, Lebanon
Retweeted by g @lebvantine haifa is in. @lebyrian YO2BORNE ANA SHU CUTEran away from the mosquitos
Retweeted by gno one: my brain: he has no lips how will he get a kiss kiss🤣🤣 very ugly no kiss for him🤣tiktok ruined me i cantthe huge ass apartheid wall: she don’t see us? zionists: yes i see u do u see me? apartheid wall: hell ya szn is beating my ass so I can pop off for Leo szn right? That must be it
Retweeted by gwhere are the MEMES i was told there would be a lot of MEMES
melkam fasika 🇪🇹🇪🇷
Retweeted by gwish i had a smol account so ppl wouldn’t question what i tweet😔for the next trick i will be offing myselfEnvironmental colonialism.
Retweeted by gYeeeeyy thank you for kicking half of my Christian family outside the country after stealing all their houses and n…
Retweeted by g @champagnetima this only applies to men !“🥺” at ur big age"im bored... let's brush our teeth"
Retweeted by g @SyrnAssadist habibte 💛 @celinekasem BEAUTYZero makeup all summer long😈
Retweeted by g🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿🇩🇿
anyways fuck the 4th fuck 12 and fuck Israel
Retweeted by gFUCK THE FRENCH and more importantly happy independence day to algeria!!!💚❤️don’t tell me i look depressed i’m awaremf is this linda sarsour @swmouks obsessed w u!!!!Sundress szn🌸💕
Retweeted by gif i see a mirror pic on my tl i simply rt @_neembean y’all hear sumn?much to think about @yajeww gimme kithi want to lips the people who send me 50 tiktoks a dayshades of bet sette w jedde
Retweeted by gdon’t be shy be consistent @AneesaManjoor missing u always
@ChebZanza 3 or 4did i lose a lot of weight? sure. am i still a cow? yes. @possiblyzee LMMAOOOOOO all of u is cute💓Yes the rumours are true, @ghinapalestina has a cute nose in person too
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good morning. FREE PALESTINE!
Retweeted by g @zackghanem delish @tatyanaarem pull the plug..deadass @zackghanem is that ur favourite flavour luvnot sure what’s going on but should i make a shishastop spreading lies❤️ this is ever the case i’m probably already dead
Retweeted by gme: this edible ain’t shit me 5 minutes later: @lebvantine la 2ablek wala ba3dek"Palestine, Flower of the Land" (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, 1981)
Retweeted by gIt sounds like something so small but we’ve all seen lives of Palestinian activists threatened and destroyed becaus…
Retweeted by gPeople that are vocal about Palestine on social media and within their communities risk a lot just by speaking up.…
Retweeted by gOpen for a surprise
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@_neembean and you’re already dear 🌹Leo season is approaching 👼🏻
Retweeted by ghow can you hurt a child @hizirqubay @sweethartsami the way u never miss a chance to let us know ur above 6ft...keep doing it @sweethartsami @hizirqubay precisely <3 @hizirqubay @sweethartsami too bad we can’t help her out, we’ll be nice and dry smoking shisha by the pool instead 😌 @sweethartsami @hizirqubay bc we could DROWN ma’am LMMMAAOOOOO @_neembean @hizirqubay this is so HUMILIATINGGGG but yes akid @hizirqubay i cant swem either ur not aloneif i’m ever at the hospital and the nurse is somebody that went to my high school just let me diey’all aren’t pro-palestine and anti-zionism enough for meWeird coincidence that Zionism consistently attracts ppl who are also violently anti-Black, misogynists and hate poor people
Retweeted by gYou not a bad texter, they just don’t be talking about shit
Retweeted by g🤍🤍
Retweeted by gthis is giving this lol tfeh
@tefehten @tefa7ten l7amdella💯 @tefehten @tefa7ten yup i’m palestinian from lebanon @tefa7ten @tefehten who didnt LMAOOOOO @tefehten @tefa7ten the way i’m associated with this country forever lmfaoooo @zeitzaytoon this is beautiful!!!!“No, my friend, I won't come to Sacramento, and I've no regrets. No, and nor will I finish what we began together i…
Retweeted by gjust peeped his tiktok..what a shambles..fetishizing latinas and dates white girls, peak arab american bitch boy cultureno words today just confusion @ee94kk @tefa7ten LMMMAAOOOO what the hell😭 @tefa7ten i think mine says a mokhayam too even though i was born in the city, this government is so embarrassing @tefa7ten didn’t have to attack me like this this early cousin😔 @kokekolaaa smallah 💓💓💓🎈
Retweeted by g @_neembean periodt💛
Retweeted by gIt must hurt to hate me because there’s not anything you can say without sounding like a hating ass bitch 😭
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i want to be fairouz’s cheekbonesThis is Jericho, Palestine. The oldest continuously inhabited city in the world, in the Jordan Valley. It will be a…
Retweeted by g @hezboIlah shut up @yajeww ur right olives are high in caloriesmy arab teta is coming back from england today so i had an olive for breakfast so she doesn’t call me fat💛 @yajeww what more do u want @lebvantine ur dadif u catch me happy in a couple months just know I DID THAT @betzaIin stop spreading false information ! simply @betzaIin ma’amphysically i am two days away from july, emotionally i am still processing february
Retweeted by g @lawinn_ali @faisalking_king i blocked him LMAO ewtop 10 facts one direction