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@8bitbby Bojack Horsemen
#Live Minecraft Sunday! All the Mods 6! starting the stream! We'll be live shortly! @SpaceX @AstroBehnken @Astro_Doug That landing was smooth as fuck! Great job bringing our astronauts home @SpaceX! @MCKidsAcademy Overall we're even wanting to do much more than that as well! We want to ideally make the process of… @WeAllPlayCast There is sooo much to do on it, but we finally know how it's going to work!
#Live Pally Tanking a Ny'alotha Raid! #worldofwarcraft @CavemanCrafting Obviously you'd still have to abide by your contract, but most contracts simply just don't allow y… @RealMusicDemon Something @JohnyCilohokla and I have been thinking about making for awhile! Now just seems like a great time @BatchGaming @JaredFPS We got a LOT we got to build haha. But already started it's development, don't expect it anytime soon :) @JaredFPS The idea is to automatically pull and categorize your VODs and Clips, give a simple interface to create v… being able to quickly and easily turn your live-streams into Let's Plays and Highlights reels and upload to… @SpaceX @NASA You did remember to pack the parachutes right? RIGHT?! @Nelstar15 @PlayAvengers oooh would love to check this out!
@iamBrandonTV will be no stream tonight! I ended up barely getting any sleep last night and I'm ready to take a nap! See you this weekend tho <3I'm officially starting a new stream tool project with @JohnyCilohokla called! This will a… @ReflectiveRaZR nope @ReflectiveRaZR ? @ReflectiveRaZR Not a streaming platform haha. But a streaming tool :) @bracabrad Hmm? @KensonPlays_ Nooo hahaJust registered - new things coming soon :) @MoonLiteWolfPro followed! @MoonLiteWolfPro Followed <3 @MotoStreams done!
#Live New goals and I ain't gonna stop working for them. @BRILIANTBUFOONS I figured I had a choice on how I wanted to handle it, decided I wanted to try and step up and do… did my hair for the streamz @wfaaweather make my days more moist plsNot sure who needs this right now, but hopefully it brightens your day! @skatieb This just gave me flashbacks and made me physically sick to my stomach... @iamBrandonTV What underwear?I... need another haircut... @UnicornGamingUK You're always welcome in mine!I want to send out a MASSIVE congratulations to everyone who did get Partnership over the last month. Our denial do… mixer peeps that were a part of the denial storm yesterday: Drop your links below. Let's stick together on this one! @HelenAngel Tons of us that applies for Twitch partnership got hit in a mass denial @Asikaa604 Raids and hosts are great for sure, but they don't count for the partner CCV calculation. I think we ju… everyone that got their denial letter tonight. Commit with me we'll all work our asses off and show it was a mis… @iamBrandonTV @iamBrandonTV @Nelstar15 guaranteed transcodes would be nice tho :P @bhinkk was sort of expecting it at this point, we hit their requirements to unlock parternship, but they cited tha… @bhinkk So many all at once.. including me... it's almost like they just mass clicked the deny button on everyone waiting hahaDitto with everyone else on the partnership denial thing. Kind of sad, but we'll push on!Need suggestions on decent gaming headsets! Go!
Reminder that Wednesdays are my mental break night! I will see you tomorrow on stream <3 @Ninja Well I don't suggest playing Grounded then :)Streamers: right now would be a great time to Google yourself (name, address, etc) and figure out where your inform… a mole dies to a spider, does he make a sound? Yes.. it's... @NETGEARgaming Grounded last night, damn spiders... @iamBrandonTV Insecurity at it's finest @Joessasin @GroundedTheGame And was one of many such screams @Dansgaming NayI'll just leave this here... @GroundedTheGame @Tumblebuck @Gaiazelle I'm gonna have issues sleeping for about 3-4 days
#Live Checking out @GroundedTheGame with @JohnyCilohokla! @aureylian Is that how far back in time we have to go to find normalcy? @whitzgig I can't tell you.. secrets... (plus I don't actually know!)I already have 2 of your products... you're about to make it 3... wicked this way comes. #comingsoon
Retweeted by GhostfromTexas @NETGEARgaming 👀I may be watching Avatar the Last Airbender... movie... 👀 @NZXT Hah! I get it!
#Live Starting a New Minecraft Adventure! All the Mods 6!
#Live Switching over to Pokemon Sword! Time to Relax and Murder People! PUBG Sunday Starts Now!
@wfaaweather Gonna get any of this in DFW?#Live World of Warcraft Day! Doing my first Ny'alotha Raid TODAY! @fatpally @Cupcake22Master @Tumblebuck I approve!
#Live Pokemon Sword! Starting off with the Rock Gym! @beardymonty @thepaxpox @RT_com @WilliamShatner Now just need @WilliamShatner to like this tweet and it'll happen ;)Think a 10% #covid19 positivity rate is low? Then you need to learn what that really means. If 10 people get teste… never stopped playing.
Retweeted by GhostfromTexas @razi_wu @RT_com Russia TodayWhoa I got quoted by @RT_com about the Cloudflare outage last week.
#Live Pokemon Sword! Got some more badges to earn! @Dr_Medic29 Not even sure... was a Dragon Age Insurrection shirt hahaHaven't taken a selfie in awhile... TONIGHT! This game is hella addicting... @CodeFzero I'm down! @brennadactyl @HRH_Pb_Magnet So that's what happened... @BigBryTV @GloriousPCGR is my mouse of choice. Literally the best mouse I've ever owned.Mixer is now officially offline. Official time of death: July 23rd, 2020 at 11:02 am Pacific. it's still up, if you want to know your @WatchMixer age go type !mixerage in my channel!"We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives. And that’s OK, that’s go…
Retweeted by GhostfromTexas @workshopcraft @WatchMixer @FacebookGaming Shockingly yeah... I personally think it's a horrible choice, but I real… curious on those that went from @WatchMixer to @FacebookGaming... Has it been worth it?Knowing @WatchMixer is going to go offline at any point still hits me like a punch in the gut... Even though we hav… @WatchMixer. @WatchMixer @miningmark48 @MattSalsamendi @DarkostoTV \o/One last hurrah of my remaining sparks to @GhostfromTexas, there was a few more above...
Retweeted by GhostfromTexas @iamBrandonTV Started streaming April 6th of 2015! Was one of the first 10 partners accepted when they opened appli…
#Live Special Wednesday Stream! Let's remember Beam and Mixer on it's final day! know what? Let's stream tonight and reminisce on Mixer's finale day! See you in an hour! @nibbl0lz @WatchMixer Felt the quote fit quite well <3"We all change. When you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives. And that’s OK, that’s go…