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Elbee @ghoulieschool Rio Grande Valley

The original Grumpire™️ @grumpireonline foremost Clu Gulager expert @getaclupod “underrated” is my trigger word ✨tips:

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@MoxieMcMurder You’re not hiding a body under your floorboards, are you? Boulevard as a ghost story? Fantastic take, Sam!! @CroweAlistair SorrySunday nights always redeem themselves because they’re the nights I get to sleep naked on freshly cleaned sheets @EmilioAmaro92 Godspeed bb @SusanontheLedge Yeah he blocked Andrew too, and neither of us have ever interacted with him. Puzzling, but I ain’t… @StuGomez I only have og NES so I wouldn’t knowI have no idea why Mike Flanagan blocked me on this platform, but if it was this, someone needs to stop searching t… @MikeVanderbilt lol I think I know what that means @MikeVanderbilt Can I get you something?Leading the pack in the “gross dudes in gross apartments” genre
@MattWedgeDG Cheater @XanaxatTheDisc0 Thanks for sharing ❤️ @fistfulofmedia I didn’t partake either. Mostly because I’ve been expecting medical bills that haven’t come yet. It definitely feels weird. @SusanontheLedge Aww, thanks lady! The Border is a great suggestion to examine in this same way. We have a Western column, you know... 😉😉
@CroweAlistair Hahaha thank youuuI love this silly shirt so much I don’t even care about my dumb gap teeth showing the thing of looking back on the essays I’ve written and being proud of them, crazy! Here’s the very first th… @mike_snoonian @gimetzco AgreeWe’re gonna make a high concept playlist of stuff we think Bill & Ted *should* have been into @gimetzco Definitely, Bill & Ted should only ever listen to Faith No More and Bad Brains and Primus and Fugazi. And… GP: @TyPosting joins us on the Grumpire Podcast to tell us how he thinks DAZED AND CONFUSED drools and EVERYB…
Retweeted by Elbee @thisis40fan I stopped an hour ago but it’s soaked inHell is when I’ve had one too many coffees and my brain refuses to acknowledge my eyes screaming about how they wei… @thisis40fan WHAT MOVIE @thisis40fan Zzzzzzz!!!!!!1 @thisis40fan No I’m sleeping @thisis40fan Oh, I don’t @thisis40fan What about “comedienne”?I need to dddddrive to Buc-ee’s @gimetzco I remember the evil-lution of Miss Pongo A-Go Go @RobynsReviews @ShoutTheBoogie Oobblbooboob I don’t like this gameOk it’s the weekend and pst the watershed, so I can now ultra casually drop how much I want to makeout with this ch… like watching Bill & Ted’s BJ @filmsonwax I seriously doubt itTexas? I don’t think there are any 🧐 Friday night, I have options. I can’t decide if I want to drink a pot of coffee, drink a pot of alcohol, or sm…
@Spectreman_ Aww sorry it didn't work for you. In the episode I talk about how I was pretty much indifferent toward… @RobynsReviews I dunno, I'm not sure if Texas does, eitherthe audacity of PiL to have a song called “Happy”⁦@SluggoDoug⁩ Meet Booga @SusanontheLedge Haha thanks! I’ve had bangs for like 20 years now it seemsSorry guys but my bangs look hella good today have a soft spot for DAZED AND CONFUSED, however I totally agree that EVERYBODY WANTS SOME!! is a more satisfying… is the worm and the worm is the SPICE except actually @spiceispain*braces self for onslaught of "I saw Betty White was trending..." tweets*I’m not the only person who calls Benadryl “bennies” am I? @Spectreman_ No no I abandoned that for a thing about boutique shops in LA’s Silverlake @thisis40fan I imagine he’ll say no! @TheMike31 Too classyAsk your dog if he’s a flat earther @Spectreman_ Stop leaking my spec scripts!These results are surprising! just learned there’s a bartender Cenobite? @thisis40fan I followed you
Your out of context Elbee text of the day I relate so much to Alexandra it’s stupid see good people make amazing things happen just about every day. Was kinda hoping there was a little bit more of…
Retweeted by Elbee @MikeVanderbilt ZEPPELIN RULES!! @MikeVanderbilt No no, the quoting is proof you’re down with an exclusive secret club in which actually everyone in America is a memberall the dumbasses who I have never interacted with and yet am blocked by on this platform can kiss my grits
Retweeted by ElbeeBetter lengthy, cryptic af film title? Wax or the Discovery of Television Among the Bees… @BrianIsSuperRad Sometimes I think it’s not so much a Horror Community as it is a Horror Committee @EarthTwoMike Haha go for it @jay16365168 Lol I have not gotten that one before! 😘Not sure we need to be reminded of what a badass beauty Debi Mazar is, but here it is anyway #wcw you rather be a @ThreeOranges He sure dern tootin’ is! @JuliusBarthelme Boooo @JuliusBarthelme What you got against PB & J, Jay?Ok HEB
V excited my cactus are growing 🌵🌵🌵 @chuckpee @phantasm2 He wouldn’t sit still long enough to put them on @BadPostsLLC 😘😎 @RobynsReviews But the chickens!I kind of feel bad for all these interesting looking people who are really into film who follow me because, even th… @StuGomez @grumpireonline It’s being edited currently, so hopefully not too much longer! @Spectreman_ Flattery will get you everywhere, B @carlrjennings Which connotation did I mean, though? 😉 @carlrjennings This seems very autumnal @Spectreman_ It’s me being scatterbrained and having to decide @nuthousepunks I admit nothing @carlrjennings Dark grey or light grey? I like grey @nuthousepunks Thirst Trapper Keeper @filmsonwax But it’s a cute photoTrick is, bury your photo of yourself showing off your undies in a thread so no one actually sees it 🏆😏 @phantasm2 Lol I’m just ribbin’ ya 😉 @phantasm2 Are you saying I have a belly?! Cuz I totally doMyself, I’ve got on an ages-old pair of worn out cotton boy shorts under deez scrubs today @moneymunson1981 Lol I love this @TheMike31 You’ll get a bacterial infection!Ugh fine, what are you all wearing?It is National Undies Day?? Oh no @phantasm2 forming @jason_m_heller pardon the expression, but pop music in the '90s was pretty sissy. looking back, even the top chart… @AudioEsoterica ok I'll bite. Show me your bands?