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The original Grumpire™️ @grumpireonline foremost Clu Gulager expert @getaclupod “underrated” is my trigger word ✨tips:

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It’s a “warm liquid on my throat” kinda morning @stagescreen60 Yeah he was totally stylish, just after I snapped this photo, he zipped up his leather jacket, sippe… body wants a baby and my brain is leaking, stellar Saturday Also, I saw a chupacabra @nuthousepunks I’ll meet with my lawyers @thepaintedman @gimetzco
None of y’all are here to actually talk about movies, are you? You’re just here to agree with one other and then sh…’s not only about taste! So many Film Twitter squabbles boil down to humility vs elitism, being actually cool vs… I try really hard to live the standard of “don’t unfollow someone because of a god damn movie opinion,” bu… @Spectreman_ Fine, you can have all your toys for your little man cave, I’m movin’ up in the world, honey! @mikesamonek Gross, no way @danpullenbooks eBayI’m divorcing all of youKRAFTWERK as a predecessor to techno in literal 1970 is *historic*I’m not sure we always recognize the importance and impact of the music KRAFTWERK was making in the early ‘70s CRAWL THE DESCENT ALIEN The *only* way to do “strong female characters” in genre film Full stop
@chaircrusher there are many things i'd like to say to you, but i don't know how @nuthousepunks gassy belly club!! @Thogstacker your mom is an e, coli thing @fistfulofmedia the salad from olive garden this time, but it's been happening almost any time i eat a salad now, e… salad gives me diarrhea now? Is this a middle-aged person thing? @SmelliottGould oh thank god @JuliusBarthelme Yeah, really skimpy on the garlic butter, gotta drown my in alfredo sauce to make up for itReasons I like this article: 1. It's Jay 2. Andrew's art 3. Young Will i am Shatner is bae 4. Sexy Succubi 5. THERE… @JuliusBarthelme they're still "free" (as in "included in the price of your meal anyway"), but they suck now @WMassLiberty it's a catered office lunch, so at least I'm not paying for it?are you still family if you get olive garden to go? @gimetzco No, I was staring at a weirdo walking down 23rd St.Hey dude, don’t expect me to not look at you when you have your T-shirt tucked into your sweatpants @akathesauce @gimetzco She was a street cat 🐈 @MusicFck The cat is Josie and the dog is Booga @MusicFck Sort of. The cat is older and aloof, and the pup is a bit hyperactive. He just wants to play with her, an… @akathesauce You better believeMy animals are Heaven’s most perfect creatures something impeach something something phone call *fumbles for cigarette*
@gimetzco But I really wanted to watch Silence of the Hams tonightsending out all the "tell me i'm a good girl" vibes today @KB_Posts American cheese sandwiches and Miracle Whip @chuckpee Sorry bb but I thought you were undead @brianmota I’ll take what I can get ✅ @CentraliaNixon Ok then @brianmota Excellent. I expect 1500 words on my desk by Monday, sport @CentraliaNixon But is The Artist a “least deserving” Best Picture? I think not @CentraliaNixon Hugo is adorable?Gods of Sleepytime Shuffle Play 🌙💤 @brianmota Yeah but the password changes every hour and is really annoying @brianmota Doomed to an eternity of Purgatory @JuliusBarthelme Bathroom, ehh?People who don’t like The Artist have no soul @EpicEricAwaits I haven’t made up my mind yet, but you can go ahead and be one of the vagina onesI’m gonna go as an Egon Schiele painting for Halloween this year’s not a Beastie Boys documentary, it’s a punk rock adaptation of The Three Brothers of Fortune
E(raserhead) L(ost Highway) B(lue Velvet) E(ullholland Drive) E(ild At Heart) @gimetzco @EmilioAmaro92 I do *pat pat* @EmilioAmaro92 @gimetzco I get to be Sonny because Andrew is tall and thin and has beautiful hips @gimetzco A martyr for us all @gimetzco that's the joke, dummy @gimetzco ok fine, an absurd '50s throwback sitcom starring bob odenkirk @EmilioAmaro92 I’m glad we have that in common!!I really don’t believe in fetishizing serial killers, but I kinda wanna campaign to give the Unabomber folk hero status @JuliusBarthelme Your mom is an ego stroke (I’m sorry to your mom, she seems like a nice lady)I gather that all some horror fans want is to be recognized, but I guess to be recognized as an outsider? Sorry, yo… and uh, @Criterion? While you’re at it + MARIE ANTOINETTE + TEARS OF THE BLACK TIGER + (a super deluxe-cream in… @Criterion I’d love to see some Hal Hartley films represented in the Collection, along w more cult titles like R… @Dekkoparsnip2 I’ve found my life’s purposeAlso this happened last year think I have some kind of power @ThreeOranges It’s a good film and I would own it @RobertSkvarla It all feels very bureaucratic and wasteful too, as if a “retraining” could ever be so in depth as t… @ThreeOranges It is visually stimulating, fiendish, kind of ironic, and at times quite disturbing. It’s also got a… @RobertSkvarla Anyway what I’m saying is education doesn’t necessarily matter in home health, it’s definitely full… @RobertSkvarla Medicaid pays most of those salaries, with regulation that the agencies must turn over something lik… @JuliusBarthelme He is very cute in it, with his baby doll teeMy hair is getting so long, and I feel very femme (this tweet is meant to arouse)Hey Elbz, whatcha been up to? @JuliusBarthelme I almost like Billie Eilish
Animated, direction and art by Jamie Hewlett; Bond voiced by Ray Winstone (he will say “cunt” a lot); duet by Robbi… @adamvonacid I mean, sameI can’t tell which of the “your James Bond” answers are serious @MikeVanderbilt One for 18-year old pop singers, for sure @MikeVanderbilt I woulda picked Dan Stevens, too, but you got there before me so FORGET IT @gimetzco @danpullenbooks @grumpireonline @BradleyjKornish I’m beaming, Dan, really @RetroRocketEnt Elbee! Haha fooled youRelated: @gimetzco is currently attempting to make a squeaky toy version of Usher’s “Yeah”Just thinking about how I might do anything Ludacris asked of meNo Makeup Monday, in case you wanted to know what I really look like sing in this episode. You’ve been warned.
Someone just asked me if I was an accountant, to which I actually replied "lol no," so I think I'm calling it a day… @TheScaryLibrary wtf that's exactly what I'm going to make lolWere we channeling Project Mayhem with this joke based on the FIGHT CLUB dvd menu prank? Take a listen to our new e…
Retweeted by elbee @chaircrusher I'm sure that's the case. I mean, look at how many of "us" panic at our end of year lists because we… time you watch a film made by a voice that typically is not heard, that is that voice being recognized. A lit… @chaircrusher I have muted everyone on my timeline so that I only see my own tweets, it's easyGreat thread of interviews here. I think sometimes we take diversity for granted in that we are preoccupied solely… @JuliusBarthelme I want to dress him up like Gavin @JuliusBarthelme @grumpireonline I'm terrible at all 3, but I do it because I love everyonelet's fight to all the Academy Award nominees! Just because your favorites didn't get nominated, that doesn't d…, just, it’s my dog @gimetzco Hahaha it’s just The Labcoats