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SMS me if you need me, pleaseIs it not the point to reach a common understanding, to consider POV's that aren't our own, to achieve a society in… watch films (doc & otherwise) that show us diff perspectives on life, that give voice to POC & minorities, we t… @Humanstein @gimetzco @LordSteerpike I cannot speak on behalf of you, nor can I speak on behalf of Andrew. Or liter… @Humanstein @gimetzco @LordSteerpike Presenting a morale doesn't equate to dictating a reaction. No one's taking an… @Anotherfilmnerd Is there a 1-800 number I can call to join?I always have issues being a part of the Christian Left @Humanstein @gimetzco @LordSteerpike honestly, I think that's defeatist. You don't have to prove your humanity to a… @Humanstein @gimetzco @LordSteerpike BUT screaming obscenities at a person is much different than kicking that dust… @Humanstein @gimetzco @LordSteerpike The disconnect is that, if someone thinks a group is a subspecies, and that pe… @Humanstein @LordSteerpike Point taken. I literally don't know this person from a hole in the wall. As a woman, I'm… @Humanstein @LordSteerpike To be clear, I hope you understand I am not a fan of this person, esp how you've been de… @LordSteerpike @Humanstein So he's playing the victim. Exactly what he wants, so all the calls for "fuck this guy" are worthless @Humanstein @LordSteerpike Ayyyyy even science can be manipulated to present a false truth, I get it. And that make… @Humanstein @LordSteerpike You're misreading me. If I'm "sticking up" for anyone, it's humanity in general. All I'm… @Humanstein @LordSteerpike It's not looking away from things, it's seeing past them. Having good faith, giving the… @Humanstein @LordSteerpike That doesn't mean racism, misogyny, and antisemitism doesn't exist. It doesn't mean we d… @Humanstein @LordSteerpike Well, the way I see it is, if we keep moving the goalposts on what constitues racism, mi… @JuliusBarthelme @gimetzco @EmilioAmaro92 god I hate Chicken Lady with all my soul @Humanstein @LordSteerpike Glad I don't run in circles that give me knowledge of well-known scumbags. However, I k… @Humanstein @LordSteerpike Ok fine, if that’s true. But not because of that particular tweet. @chaircrusher Amazing, thank you @LordSteerpike I don't want anyone to fight a battle for me. I don't want my best interests interpreted by even the… @LordSteerpike Grossed out, sure. It is weird. Can’t say it’s not weird, haha. But the “fuck this guy, what the fuc… We don’t need YOU to be offended for US 2. It’s weird to talk about a woman’s reproduction, but he’s only statin… @DreadScribe I’m not sure it’s any more creepy than a lot of science fictionThe only people I see QT’ing that tweet about Taylor Swift’s eggs are boys @JuliusBarthelme Uh huh @JuliusBarthelme they're both very attractive and talented actresses, i'm just more familiar with Dana' @JuliusBarthelme kiss ass @proboothcast He did me the favor of blocking me first, but from time to time little elves show me his chronically tone deaf shitYou know what else sacrifices personal time? A job. Any job. Don’t cry for me, Argentina. @TheMike31 @EmilioAmaro92 Good luck @TheMike31 @EmilioAmaro92 Obviously @EmilioAmaro92 @TheMike31 I can understand that @TheMike31 Bullshit @KraigoWaffles Well, I like her lol @KraigoWaffles She’s very coolIdk what it says about me that anytime I see y’all tweet about Ana de Armas, I think you’re typoing something about… really do love this piece a lot; it’s smart and brave and makes me giggle @jessiejsd Would you??Please tell me how I managed to get mirror image mosquito bites on opposite ankles"There is an unsettling aura of the uncanny around the major female sex symbols, who channel shadowy powers above o…
Retweeted by Elbeeneezer ScroogeI have to write a HUMBUG! Get on it, ElbzCurrently testing my gag reflex by trying to remove a caramel corn hull stuck on the very back of my tongue, use your imagination
@BruceLaBruce @TicoRomao Maybe you’d like to check out this impressively in-depth fan-made doc about Johnny Quest o… should move. Give me money to move.My seasonal depression is different than most people’s. I get really sad that I live in a place that doesn’t have c… @JuliusBarthelme It’ll be cold for like, a weekend, but still nowhere near Great White North levelOh, my dog @JuliusBarthelme SighSeriously Texas, it is 16 days until Christmas, do you *have* to make me want to kill myself like this is a great piece from Tyler about the hollowness of Christmas cheer @TheTrueBrendanF @gimetzco Thank You For Smoking and Young Adult are enough for me, plus being a producer on Jennifer's Body certainly helps @gimetzco @JuliusBarthelme I gave a couple of tiny nibbles because he had moon-shaped eyes, and I'm a softieMaybe there's a fine line between nepotism and legacy, and personally, I can't wait for Ghostbusters to explore that @Anotherfilmnerd Honestly, they just need the iron. Talking exhausts them, and over time, it’s led to a rare form of anemia @micheleneggen You look like a kind and discerning lioness, that’s hokey maybe, but just saying your face is totally dateable @rocketfromthe Someone will just eat it7 of my Top 9 on Instagram are selfies, but this year I stopped going interesting places because I’ve been so poor.… @ThreeOranges I did watch that a lot when it was on cable during the nightI’m saying I’m 25% slut @MikeVanderbilt Do you like movie questions or sex questions more? (That’s all anyone ever asks)Which Smurf do you most identify with? I would say I’m 40% Grouchy, 35% Brainy, and 25% Smurfette @Hexian I can only pay you in used mason jars I’ve collected under my kitchen sink loves these so much QUEST is the best Hanna Barbera cartoon @fistfulofmedia Whatever you’d like bb @QueenAwakened That soft grey one looks like Jeff Bridges
@Danger_Slater Shit @ThreeOranges Yeah, that’s the ticketI forgot I didn’t want y’all to know I’m online todayCalling people “dumb” definitely helps when you try to get them to see a different viewpoint when discussing how yo… guarantee if Dennis Hopper was still alive, he’d be in a Buddies sequel @_courteroy They are perfectIt’s after midnight, anything goes had to run to target right now for MAXI PADS, the girl cashing me out was telling me about how dirty the restroo…, throwing my phone into a blender byeeeeeThanks to menstrual hormones, I can feel both self-loathing and flirty at the same time @gimetzco Ron Howard sucks at Star WarsAny Saturday night impulse shoppers out there? @robotviking Uncles love me, it’s coolHey Sugar Daddies, those Converse I’ve wanted all year are finally on clearance now
Here’s my OG web version vs the screen printed version, now only available via @Galleries1988 order one today! it’s…
Retweeted by Elbeeneezer ScroogeIf you’re exhausted from Film Twitter constantly trying to score Positivity Points, well, I have a site for you, fr… makeup advertisement: @butterLONDON’s Power Up Mascara is 🌺🐬🍭💦 @myuzishion @gimetzco BabymetalSometimes dogs are such a cockblock
I hope it turns out Baby Yoda Cub is a girl @gimetzco @bayoubabylon @Brundle_James I was trying to be vague as not to ruin things! @bayoubabylon @Brundle_James @gimetzco It’s a very weird example that doesn’t even make sense because I mean, there… I seriously get stuff wrong all the time, but there was this one extra egregious error in which I said, with aut… @DreadScribe I cannot lie, I am enchanted by that song, forever and always, neverending *wink*1) Of all my tweet typos and dumb autocorrect errors, the fact that I inadvertently spelled one of my new favorite… is, traditionally, the spookiest time of the year (see: old tyme Christmas ghost tales), so I'm going to s… a little excited for the new Gholstbumperrs @Brundle_James See also: is it real, or is it ALL IN HER HEAD??? @TheMike31 Because it’s written and performed like it’s a weird play