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I make sounds and music. cat mom of Grendel, spouse'd with @bravemule. spooky year-round. (they/she) 👻

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uwu🌸 don't look at me 🌸 uwu
Retweeted by Priscilla Snow 💜 @OldNewsBelida cranky + Hawaiian shirt is an amazing combo @OldNewsBelida Hamlet is very cute, if he decides to move out I'm letting Kevin snag him since my "ideal" roster of…'ve basically been playing animal crossing in 5 min bursts today when I need to look away from The Many Spreadshee… flex but ok #ACNH should be moving in after i summon him again tomorrow and I'm looking forward to making his catch phrase "wolf… did not expect to be so smitten by Hornsby but here we are. he's my favorite of my "moved in without my planning… badman needs to stop and smell the flowers #ACNH
the threat is contained
Retweeted by Priscilla Snow 💜#ACNH @unctuoustoady thank you for sparking the intrusive thought: world weeb webi know it doesn't always happen this way, but when survivors of the same abuser speak, learn, and realize, and stop…'s remarkable when survivors speak in hushed tones to warn those directly around them, afraid of stepping on the… men love pretending the're chivalrous. it's why they deserve the best. it's theirs! they can take anything!… example: My abusive ex who was in his late 20s (I was 18) pretended to be a huge feminist while preying on youn… wonder if other abuse survivors have similar sensitivity. lot of it stems from recognizing when the person in que… how every time a public figure guy is outed as being predatory, my first thought is "huh. he exuded vibes tha… @alanwdang the foam is butted up very tightly against the wall because it is slightly larger than the bed itself so… @alanwdang here's my diagram, ready to file for patent
the other funny side effect of listening to some questionable mainstream 90's/00's alt-rock is that I really apprec… is from the before-brothers times, the quiet days... the pre-1998 age... before the dawn of destruction....circa 1997 all about hollering along with Sting on Roxanne and head banging to Bullet with Butterfly wings...for so… zero spills. foolproof. i'm filing for a patent.the good news is, I still know all the words to Beck's Loser SPRECHEN SIE DEUTSCH-AH BAYBEE I used to think all o… problem is, because I'm listening to a high concentration of "music I haven't really listened to much since 98-…'ve been doing non-audio design audio-adjacent work lately which, bc I haven't had to be active-listening to audi… idea: if you have your bed against the wall and you have a thick enough foam topper, you can wedge your energy… @Kathy_E_J @sokareemie @catacalypto "look i know we live in a 300sq/ft studio and the bed is essentially just inside a kitchen, and there's n… Grendel progression 2014-2018, Kev + I both commuted for work: happy when we spend evenings together 2018-201… @sokareemie @catacalypto *me, sniffling* please.. give pripri a sock¹ so pripri can be free ¹ sock = stability not… @sokareemie @catacalypto I..... @catacalypto sigh @DylanIlvento @_sulcata i'm almost certain i've been there. the ones we frequented most were in branson, MO 😬 lat… @DylanIlvento @_sulcata 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬 @visagermusic omg. i'm gonna be using an amiibo card to summonnn flip bc he's goku......i love this @_sulcata I need a shirt that says "I survived the vacation home-share presentations my parents agreed to watch in…'ve driven past the bass pro pyramid so many times. i've been inside countless bass pros. i've reveled in the fake… #ACNH you can use it as a table? dang, that's what I call multi-functional. #ACNH
I'm outside to get produce for the first time since March 15 and saw someone in a Goku hoodie which feels like a good omen @captaintrash WOOFThere’s clearly a man inside the awful rabbit that arrived on my Animal Crossing island today, but is he a caricatu…
Retweeted by Priscilla Snow 💜 @innesmck Right, I'll mail it 📪 @innesmck oh my god do you need soup? i've got soup in my seaside pizza parlor run by gnomes, if you need any.Starting to look like tethering people’s food, housing and healthcare to their jobs was a bit of an oversight
Retweeted by Priscilla Snow 💜put these up this morning. im pleased. #ACNH @_never_work
@bombsfall hmmmm.... this is very tempting.Starting 2020 over
Retweeted by Priscilla Snow 💜headache naps are the worst naps but somehow, simultaneously, the most effective kind of napI'm pretty proud of the soundproofing foam I made#ACNH some new branding #ACNH you have no idea
Retweeted by Priscilla Snow 💜 @ran_num and PIZZA 😩 i've encountered nary a pizza box 😩😩😩 I need that sweet 'zza, i'm running a scam here, I onl… parlor got a couple of new hires #ACNH
We are proud to announce that we are publishing CAN ANDROIDS PRAY: BLUE and it will be released on Nintendo Switch…
Retweeted by Priscilla Snow 💜 @cherryrae I relate so hard to this haha 💜✨tempura tiger o_o
would a rhino wear glasses like This, or like- ah. okay. #ACNH @Than_Kyou Whis is SO good ;-;we finished Dragon Ball recently and started watching Super and I'm so happy that Super is a Perfect Show we uhh… @xpatriciah it's for midi controllers & audio... but also printers ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (i've always thought that was funny for some reason)here's the original for anyone who hasn't had the joy of watching Lord Slug screenshot so I can thread) I it... would wear this shirt irl (to no one's surprise)the silken goku #ACNH
@austin_walker HO-LY SHIT @bravemule I taught you this!!!!!Day Four, by the end of which the Bachelor realizes that the town is unprepared for an epidemic of this scale.
Retweeted by Priscilla Snow 💜 @nadiaudio oh my gosh, how did you get cherry blossom trees?
@scntfc this is the year I get into teenage engineering gearoh nooo #ACNH's song lives on #ACNH #ACNH @Xeniera the eeriest part of being in seattle on covid lockdown is that the preschool i used to complain about bein… @diebenjidie not recording a song though 😬I literally never hear dogs barking until I am trying to record something lmao
He's just a baby @PfQuarta @bravemule it was so fun!!! 💜making progress on the lab #ACNH @CatOperated OMHG LOL I just noticed it hahahathe ACCURACY ! @metroidhat #ACNH a small on my face...holes in my clothes...and a song......a song in my heart........finding simple joys... in these hard times... of bernie shouting right now. it's fucked up that he'd do this to us in these times
Retweeted by Priscilla Snow 💜 @castigious hell yeah I'm also wearing this today hahaha
made a little free-to-take area :) snot too far in animal crossing. weeds everywhere. neighbors' houses gray and empty. the museum's roof fell…
Retweeted by Priscilla Snow 💜laboratory is still a wip #ACNH @Nfinit I already donated one 😎the whole quarantine/animal crossing is the exact opposite energy of the summer of pokemon go
Retweeted by Priscilla Snow 💜I'm at peace with the fact that my timeline is now just constant ACNH posts. It makes me happy, ok!! 🎍🍐✨🐟🌴🌲🌳🏘️🏝️😌🏝️🏘️🌳🌲🌴🐟✨🍐🎍#AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch