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@tjballer9 I do. I only posted this to inspire other people to do the same ❤️We were able to give out full meals to over 20 homeless people in my hometown. without you guys supporting me this… an honor to be able to spread Jesus's love with people who everyone looks past and ignores. I promised you guys… @MrBeast depression 😔 @PaddyG96 Could be the best or the worst feeling ever obsessing over numbers. But when it does good man it’s the best feeling in the world 😂 @Preston @BriArsement SO HOT 😍 @CouRageJD And tomato’s
@MrBeast LET ME IN ILL SHAVE MY HEAD 😭😭 @Preston ayo what was the sound at the end 😑
@Socksfor1 Ok this is…. UNREAL 🔥🔥 @YourOtherBoi @ItsSpunky_ At Dee @camzIive Not global 😂 @camzIive Dang u should have got a screenshot 😭 @thekidlaroii ok this is fire @Fresh Dang that’s pretty FRESH @Harperpunk @ItsLaxe @artbyjazi Harper go back to ur cage it’s not feeding time yet @FortnitePhysics Thanks so much man ❤️
@Mileniooo Congrats dad 🥵 @Mbeem10 w @Fluxyyy @H1ghSKy1 HIGHSKY CUSSED #cancel no way my eyes 😭😭😭😭 @FaZeMew Dude ur legit killing it. I don’t think she’s right this time ❤️ @MrTop5 Me @Randumb Missed u man ❤️
@CreatorCord @TikoFn u good bro? @imZarz @TeamYouTube Nah mine just randomly flat-lined. like that's not even possible lol @itsmaav @MrBeast @lsaiaz his opinion doesn't matter no more 😑☹ @itsmaav @MrBeast Wouldn’t be possible without my beautiful face for people to watch 64% of 🥱 @JewishLewish 3.9??? That’s pathetic 🤣🤣 I got 2.7 today in c8 @Surfnboy @RedVacktor @JewishLewish This is very illegal I’m reporting you @JewishLewish THATS SUCH CAP. the Supra just spins out so much it’s annoying @JewishLewish Just cause I switched from a dooky Supra to a gap machine doesn’t mean u get to be mad here sir @Surfnboy @RedVacktor @JewishLewish This is about to be you @Surfnboy @RedVacktor @JewishLewish I made it possible. Don’t be sad when I send u to gapplebees😎 @duckybtw @JewishLewish Bro they are one of the most over hyped cars ever. Yea they are fast but they are so ugly 😂 @Surfnboy @RedVacktor @JewishLewish Yea pretty much. When we doing this? @Surfnboy @RedVacktor @JewishLewish The real question is… When can we race now I got my super charged c8? @Surfnboy @RedVacktor @JewishLewish SVJ is so hot idk what u sayin 😍 @Surfnboy @JewishLewish BRO 😭😭😭😭 I’m sorry but svj wayyyyy better @JewishLewish It’s not 😂 This is definitely more sexy 😍 @JewishLewish EWWWWWW @Mileniooo @NotRyft Where are da strings 😐 @BlankFNs Yea lol @SchweDonut YES
@NotRyft Why do I feel like all of us Fortnite creators are feeling this rn
@Kaidoz2 Ye same here @NorCalScotty My dog could do better with his paws cut off @Bazerks @LG_Melts Ok this is genius I need to try lowkey
@Mbeem10 Wow I see how it is 😔 @SypherPK SAME LOL
@Bolicee12 Can I get pulled over for my radar jammer? 😂😅 @Bolicee12 too bad u can’t catch me cause I got a radar detector 😈🥱 @Bolicee12 Me @Lylons @Deadpat_ THIS DONT COUNT U FAKE VERIFIED BOI @Mileniooo LETS GOOOOO @kansas_ty hi :)Tag someone Famous/Verified and if they respond ill FOLLOW you!When all else fails... God will not 🙏 @Mbeem10 Can I push u over in it
@MasterPenguin__ this isnt a fashion show 🤣comment your epic and I'm adding as many people as I can! I want to play with a ton of you guys today! 😀Adding The First 1000 People Who Like This Tweet 😳 @MEHRKED WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS VIDEO
@Mbeem10 Insane @Dryftss Wanna race @poseidonplayer dms when u can king @Surfnboy THATS SO HOT @radtekben No problem! Was an honor❤️
@TikoFn @Loshhh_ WAIT WHATTTT @SpazifyYoutube NO NOT THIS 😭😭😭 @LifeAsBere Back off he’s my boyfriend 😡😡 @Pxald U wish @oKybo_ @tweaaks VOUCHHHHHHHH @tweaaks What’s subway? @tuttiau @tweaaks U need to get that checked out by a professional @TikoFn Caught him in 8k ladies and gentlemen @TikoFn BRO WHAT THIS FEELS ILLEGAL TO WATCH STOP MAKE IT STOP @thatdenverguyYT lol sounds like a good Sunday to meI bought my dream car at 17 AGAIN... 🥳
Retweeted by Ghoulz @TikoFn IM RIGHT HERE STOP UR CRYING
@ObiJai Not me that’s for sureThank you guys so much for supporting me and making my dreams become reality ❤️ @TamedVisuals It was worth it 🥲 @kinamp4 @TypicalGamer I already know this render crashes more than 10 times and u were on ur last straw 😂😂
@Fluxyyy ur next 🔥 @Ziscz thank you!!I bought my dream car at 17 AGAIN... 🥳 @SantaDecides Good. @ShiinaBR LETS GOOOOO @ExSZN Try putting it in rice
@vohlii @MEHRKED Oop she’s here again to point out every mistake 🤭 @MEHRKED MY EYES I NEED BLEECH NOW @kansas_ty Nah I worked my tail off for 2 years and have spent 0 money. I’m selling the Supra and treated myself with something better 🥰 @AssortedSavage @MitcheIl This means the world. Thanks ❤️ @PaddyG96 Let’s do it! But for real.. we pay good here at Ghoulz LLC I know u wanna join 🥺😂 @PaddyG96 Come join team Ghoulz 🥺 @TytyPlayzz @PBLMesports CONGRATSSSS @FortniteGame NO WAY THIS IS SICKLike if you want this and I’ll make it reality 😳