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Photographer and stylist. At the intersection of beauty and architecture. SW ally/accomplice. Pronouns: riich/сука.

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You all act like you’ve never seen a beautiful, stylishly dressed woman play chess before. @tristanwestkirk I feel like I live at the post office. There’s two I frequent depending on if I’m near my house or not.
“Have you heard about our Lord Savior the Stripper Pole?” -basically me everyday because I can’t contain my joy for pole class. @Built4Comfort @mirandasantosx Which ones did you go to? I made guys pay up.
@parkerrose24 Needed compliments from men. @Lunaambrose154 45 mins of revolting me. @TheOnlyFancyB I enjoy letting people know about my stripper background. Thankfully, the two pole dance places I le…!!!! know how CrossFitters never shut up about CrossFit? Why isn’t anyone like that about pole? I’m about to be that… @VanessaSBerlin “Think about the section you saw the ad in!!!” @hottermulligan @StripsEmily I heard it was every ten years. @FastingSimple I do the 16:8 one a few days a week. Works for me! @LuxAlptraum I remember seeing him online, but I was more into his gf Tassy Pink. I wonder WEHT her? @theprophetpizza He’s so gross. He really let himself go. @Bboy_Izilla Thank you for this. Will follow. @MissStClairxox I’ve never had a coquito. That’s changing Saturday! @27W50 Never had it. My parents never gravitated towards Latin culture. @27W50 Yes it does. I remember when only FL had Publix.
jk rowling just threw a juno dvd at her butler’s head
Retweeted by gia jordanSocial programs aren’t funded bc they don’t want them to exist, not bc there isn’t money or money needs to be re-al…
Retweeted by gia jordan @ameliakirk1818 I also hate when someone describes eye color as black. Like, they just have one big pupil? @SunDog04 I don’t even know what dose I take. The Whole Foods store brand is good and affordable. @AllHailLeslie All except Canada Goose. Arcteryx is also amazing.
Ew a man turned me on today. Somebody call for help.Intro hoop went well today, and the teacher was so hot that I went into sub space when he was positioning me. @DylanInSeattle And paying a comedian to make you laugh? Humor should be free. @TheLadyPim1 Bar lacing all my boots and sneakers. @TheLadyPim1 Putting on the duvet cover.
@lenaczura @Highlandista @kingstonwrites Get a Vespa. You’ll much prefer it. @craziemamarose 80s Ritz Carlton decor?Y’all are 20 years old talking about liking men with “dad bods”. If I could slap all of you I would. These young me…
Retweeted by gia jordanI’m getting dressed up on my next day off then going for lunch at a Russian place by myself. 🍾
i wrote about american food media's tendency to treat global food cultures—not all, but many—as monoliths. seeing f…
Retweeted by gia jordan @Arielle_Ivy Sex work made me more discerning. Socially, sexually, discerning about my surroundings, my skincare re… @_HeatherBuckley @CineKink Yessss! @tristanwestkirk Yes! What products/brands are you getting her? @thotscholar Your baby could be in an ad with that cuteness!
@LydiaCaradonna Thank you. I needed this.its always "wyd" and never "you have bewitched me, body and soul"
Retweeted by gia jordan @kwetoday Congrats!Took a walk this morning.
@prolepeach If you’re in LA, I’ve danced for him. He’s delightful!The transferable skill I learned from porn for my ‘real’ job is shooting IDs successfully without glare. @VictoriaVisits1 Definitely a mortal sin. I wouldn’t do it to my worst enemy in the business. @Mottel People that leave stickers on fruit when displayed in their kitchen.pee after sex so you don’t get a HDMI
Retweeted by gia jordanI was working with a very thick pole in class today, and my dip turn and back hook still had lift in them. Just want you to know.
@benghazi_ebooks My friend got accosted by cops for looking suspicious last time she went for a walk in the park. @chicago_sunrise One of my besties is a teacher. This warms my heart.Any right wing or neo lib articles saying white people aren’t breeding enough have clearly never lived in my building. @adwhoreable2 Such a toxic idea and a limiting belief. I am me. We are all marketable in our own ways. More competi… @adwhoreable2 More like he insists on giving oral though I don’t allow it for safety reasons but ‘I’m here to pleasure youuuuu!’ 🤮Taking pics of my bf’s new Xbox and PS5 he bought just to sell. I consider this housework, and I’m done. @lingerie_addict It was brave of Meghan to share so publicly to help others by destigmatizing miscarriage. Just don… @bobby_biscuit @AlwaystheVillan @butterflyblue_1 @nytopinion Why hasn’t Prince Andrew the Pedo split that family? @Roguelost @nytopinion I take it you don’t understand consent. @Bboy_Izilla All that athleticism gone to waste on such ugly movements. And he’s gonna get scabs and scars all over his elbows. @ChanisVibes Not from the can! @Bboy_Izilla Soul II Soul was the best. @alyssastripper I tell massage guys that my fucked up back requires massages from actual professionals. @theonlyimogen @smallville_ont1 And for free?! @grumpyhooker Exactly. These companions screened, too. @grumpyhooker Plenty of expensive elite companions I know have been arrested though.
@ashes2asscheeks @RapturePhantom @grumpyhooker What did you do for shoes and lingerie for stage though? @grumpyhooker I called the strip club and scheduled an interview and audition. Somehow that’s not the answer people want when they ask that. @grumpyhooker @GeorgiaAspinall “but actually, I’ve learned that being involved in that world takes a thicker skin t… @grumpyhooker @GeorgiaAspinall She realized that it’s hard selling something men feel entitled to for free. Then sh… @restofesto It is! @grumpyhooker @GeorgiaAspinall £20 is a pretty good start actually. @grumpyhooker @GeorgiaAspinall Even my vanilla friends know that a celeb like Bella is instantly going to get more… for warning us? to table empanada shop in NYC. Baked, not fried. Owned by my friend from Argentina. The fricking best...OMG!… @elisekennedyuk So spot on I got triggered.Went to pole class then bought empanadas. Life is good. @RienzoKennedy It can’t be. I don’t care if it makes me grow a third arm. It’s done wonders for my hair. @tristanwestkirk You should! If I lived near, I’d shoot all your content. @zuzugabrielli No, I look older with a tan. @rachsyme Montblanc pens. @ZuriL0ve @ILSensual The green in this photo really highlights you. @EXPENSIVE_HOE That looks beautiful. @breannamorello Urban Outfitters has better white Christmas trees.
@RandallOtisTV The Ashley O song in Black Mirror. @notcapnamerica @brownandbella Why do these people even live in cities? Move to the fucking suburbs if you don’t understand city life.The bodies of hundreds of people who died in New York City during the Covid-19 surge in the spring are still in sto…
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@rachsyme The Clash @rachsyme Mindless Self Indulgence @MistressSnowPhD I love all of it except cranberries. @chelseagsummers Lemme hop on over to Sweden for breakfast then Russia for dinner. @HungryHooker That looks totally me. Wish they had a spot in NYC. @nnimrodd @TaylorLorenz The one in the plaza on Sunset with WeHo Equinox is still open. @nytimes Which two rest? I’m out of free reads. @blaireerskine Why are those ppl back there dressed like shit? @Brooklywood Gawd. It’s no different than 39 or 41. @missannabiller Which sink and vanity are you doing to stay on theme and have more counter space than the original? @Bboy_Izilla Looking her up right now. @SinnamonLove Wtf heartless shite did I just read?! @SinnamonLove @BIPOC_AIC It’s truly hard to tell. I figured you bounced back naturally because you’re just as conci… @breannamorello Independently owned hardware stores have them.I swear to Christ I’m glad I still have Hilton Honors points just for the free bathrooms.