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Next @BokehVersions 12 is strong contender for heaviest slab of tune he’s ever released and that’s sayin sommat 😦 @mitetwits @ScratchaDVA @iamsherelle @kiwirekords @ajtracey @slowthai @mrmitchmusic @DJFlight @fabioandgroove cancel your gig so ppl go to mine
Retweeted by Robin Giant SwanA good starting point for a new Bug user::::: Similar systems are usually possible.
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The @Conservatives changing their twitter account artwork to resemble a fact checking Twitter account and tweet ant…
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @Massacooramaan On a @FutureTiming tip 🥁 @Massacooramaan That slaps 🔥🔥🔥Please register to vote. PLEASE. PLEASE REGISTER. REGISTER TO VOTE NOW. Register to vote right now it only takes 8…
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @danielmarkavery ‘Inventory shit’ 😂 @moormother HBD queen 🌺Leeds @headrowhouse this Thursday with one of our fave producers @BFTTyco 🎈🎈🎈 they’ll be joining us alongside new t… @natttjames Nah @timetemple 😊😊😊😈😈😈
Here it is 😈
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Xxxtra special shout to the one like @OssiaOssia for coming along with us. - one of the best to do it; every night… weekend of UK tour finished - London, Glasgow and White Hotel in Manny last night have all be perfect. Thanks… only we could somehow harness the pure energy that is Hesska b2b Clemency...
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @dalecornish 😘😘 love you Dale @dis_fig just made White Hotel move on its foundation. The building literally shivered 🥴 this club sounds unbelievable
Live now before @M3_7LW later tonight with squad 😈 is brilliant forever, thanks for that 🥁🥁🥁
~~ @GiantGiantSwan @OssiaOssia and Dis Fig and meee tonight at Room 2 ~~ hope you have tomorrow off…
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @chalravens So sorry about your headphones!! Thanks for coming to the show still! 🎈 @DanielawithoneL Marriage, wealth, crabs 🦄Top job last night in London at @Electrowerkz - on our way to Glasgow now for @room2glasgow later tonight alongside… @LopesMlv Should have stuff online in the next week or so :)
First night of UK madness tonight in London. Get down early for mighty @OssiaOssia - we can’t wait to sweat it out… new poetry book - ANALOG FLUIDS- the first 60 books are special editions. It will feature my poems from…
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @frankiefatgold Totally fairDJ Mag Best Of British 2019, Best Live Act nominees: @GiantGiantSwan @Paranoid_London @RianTreanor
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Oi I've just been nominated for best album and breakthrough producer! Vote here:
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @BeakBristol @jetfury Proud Anglo Saxon 😂Right this awesome mix that @noahkin_ did for this Saturday’s @NTSlive show is now up for listen again >>> if you m…
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @perkopair Aye give us back our piece and quiet 🧐 god dammitAnyone know what happened to FOLD? @_noncompliant_ 🎈🎈 @LoJamMusic M8...thanks for ur music. Catch u soon 🎈🎈🎈
Yo, new track from Franco Franco and me dropping on this new illegal data comp next month. Knights of the sound tab…
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @posthuman You’d be more than welcome but Rother would be 👾 aye - have fun whatever 👊Good people, obviously you’re free to buy ours and anyone’s music from where ever you wish, but our LP is now in st… @ScrtDrugAddict Thanks! Xxx“The @GiantGiantSwan process is a lot more linear which allows for a different kind of instinctive and emotional fl…
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @idlesband S’gonna be one for the books that. Love you boys xxxx @schmorgasbord All good 🖖😊 @lmsyrt Lol @schmorgasbord Should say though, we’re both still current members of The Naturals 😘 @MarkDEverything @mira_festival 😊 cheers babMy take on this week's hottest bomb drop, @GiantGiantSwan - a slightly condensed version of the original text, but…
Retweeted by Robin Giant SwanLast week saw the release of the highly anticipated debut album by Giant Swan. Simon Tucker finds an album that is…
Retweeted by Robin Giant SwanBristling and extreme, @GiantGiantSwan have fashioned a masterpiece
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @MarkDEverything @mira_festival A gent by the name of Stu Cranfield.Did a 2hr ‘wrong speed’ special on @noodsradio last week - Starts deep & weird, goes more ‘dancefloor’, slo-mo styl…
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@aya_yco 😘😘😘🌺🌺🌺
Siri, show me a man who’s never mopped a day in his life:
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @OssiaOssia 😂😂😂 @midlandsound 😂😂😂 @Richie_Sombrero Aye me too @_DSNT🇷🇺🇪🇸👍Cheers to all in attendance in Barcelona and St.Petersburg for another great weekend. Also, special thanks to… @mookonee Who is Stephin Merritt? @mookonee Absolutely not. @_morelian 🤢
@DDDrewDaniel Me Grand Moff @sk33mask Love you B 🌺🌺🌺 @iamsherelle Omggg 😭😂 this will always be the funniest contentLast show of our continental adventure tonight - we’re in St.Petersburg with kween @alexdrewchin 🦄🇷🇺 on at 2:00 - l…’re the amorphous conjoined head on the cover of @CrackMagazine this month - xtended chat with @gabrielszatan ins… @sk33mask & @djharam973 knocked it tonight. Danced my thermals off 🦄 @mira_festival 🎈
@frankiefatgold @mira_festival 🌺🌺🌺 @craighitchcock Welcome! @patricksavile @mira_festival 10:50 babes @SHFTD_AVN 🤓🤓🤓 @danielmarkavery 😘 @LoJamMusic @mira_festival 🥳🥳 @skunkrock_ @mira_festival Nice one!! Hope you’re well!! Xx @MarkCha98081166 @mira_festival Nice one Mark🖖🎈 @roma_kulema @ourmodernlove Same @rrose1921 @mira_festival CONGRATULATIONS 🦄🎈KECKLP001 Giant Swan is officially released today!! 🤩 Thanks to everyone for supporting us and getting us to where…’s midnight in London and that means Hymn to Moisture is officially released! First pressing on 2x white vinyl is…
Retweeted by Robin Giant SwanI just bought my damn ticket to see Bikini Kill in Detroit on Movement weekend!!!! I am super stoked about that. Al…
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@DJmadamX @NTSlive @DannyDaze 😘😘😘
@chevelmusic 😭😂😭😂Any DJ pals want my recent releases on Death & Leisure, Opal Tapes and DKA Records?
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @gmaddockgreene @nemonemetaxas Cheers Gary 🌺
So this happened. The Conservative Party took an interview from @GMB this morning. They edited it to add on the las…
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @chalravens @KikiHitomiUK @PaulWoolford It’s the wire, nobody will notice/you will be applauded when you return to work @96Back1 You got it. Miss ya xxxBoss @roisin_CL Fucking died 🤣😂 @Logos262 @BAKEGLA @OssiaOssia You know what that word does to me 👀 @samvoltek @midlandsound @MiikeTeknoist @mmachinewwoman @sk33mask @Livity_Sound @lobstertheremin @Blawan
@sk33mask Omg rly??? 😍😍😍The magnificent @GiantGiantSwan are coming to @StarAndShadow in a couple of weeks (November 22nd) and you really ne…
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @krldslv For sure bab!just want to appreciate giant swan this week
Retweeted by Robin Giant Swan @boofybristol Love you Boof xxxNOVEMBER - end of our endless EU romp and the start of our first headline tour of the England and Scotland and Irel… the fucccc out of this. @OssiaOssia on the best form rn 🌮🎈🌺