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gray november… ive been down since julyconvinced myself im dying but i googled my symptoms and it says i have “lactose intolerance”Going to WRGW fall concert and telling every performer to play Wonderwall
Retweeted by chompymusic is just men hating women in different fontswhat if we touched docs … and we were twitter mutuals
“whats guthridge”oomfie just said “i thought youd be taller” :/oomfie is pretending to be into taylor swift to get girls :/i heard doja cat is performing at the wrgw fall gigcacio e pepe pizza at north italia
Retweeted by chompyhi @knockoffpippiLgirl put your records on……just remembered strangers will see my art for the first time in fully 4 yearsthey call it “shooting ur shot” bc a very important part is getting shot down
feeling: employedme when have job @TherapistMitski #justiceforemergwhen u wanna wear ur cute purple sunglasses but then u remember that u gave them to literally harry stylesgreek life is literally a pyramid scheme. lets talk about itmy friend was giving me a ride earlier and we were listening to taylor swift but instead of listening on spotify or… is tomorrow thursday why does the week go by so fastdacha looks so expensive but also. a BOOT???
@ethan___d yeah thats why its super uncomfortable bc it folds me in half like a little tacoroomie thought she had covid so i slept on our futon ln. shes negative but lowkey our futon is more comfortable than my bed so @ethan___d styles in my hometown without me </3 @bananaweber no bc the way the crust is salty w that flaky salt. so good. i need itgw ppl how long has it been taking to get tests back @megansexhausted ok but does it look injured. tell me the truththey should make phoebe bridgers a character choice in mario kart
dont wanna go to a doctor does this look sprained to u guys like pure shite just want her back @madyistired @brookestallman ive only had it once (during big little dating/week) but i never shut up about it. als… recovered from covid. avoiding my roomie so she doesnt give me the flu. might have sprained my wrist. have ibs… @brookestallman this is true except one time i got food poisoning from it (u can ask megan bc i did a lot of vomiti… @brookestallman @helenabalch @Starbucks we demand to know who u sent it two first. and why no group chat? also hi s… @emofarmgirl ps they changed their autumn soup recipe and now it’s vegetarian this year @streganonacore was expecting to see me and my dog but i still agree @brookestallman @helenabalch @Starbucks this means she sent us both the same text :/accidentally let slip to a professor i had covid and he fucking sent me home even tho gw and the city of dc cleared… on the SA send help why did u make the budget request form so confusingDC, you were amazing. Thank you for such a warm welcome back. Hope to see you again soon. See you soon Detroit. H
Retweeted by chompy
oomf sent me a screenshot but i could see she googled “sudden butt pain inside”i may or may not be holding on to a picture of the harry styles picking a wedgie ln. kinghe sang my tattoo 🥺
hi twitter i am barricade““let me in please” - charli damelio” - medoing my tight five for the harry lineharry i am coming just saw the inside of harrys tour bus (he had bananas and a bottle of wine)yall hes heregoodmorningme when i am walking scott street feeling like a stranger open heart open container got a stack of mail and a tall… is real we’re all just living inside of a capri sun pouch
Retweeted by chompyme when my roommate might be trapped in a quarantine hotel and not make it to harry styles concert tomorrow so i li… when treacherous bridge comes onme when all we are is skin and bones trained to get along @emofarmgirl 🥺why am i NERVOUS for seeing harry styles . like i will be ok . i’ll be fine
me?? anxious?? no way @TherapistMitski @ethan___d omw @TherapistMitski @ethan___d @GOTHTlTTIES no bc i have now had to introduce myself twice as “gibby fan” 😑 @ethan___d @TherapistMitski NO i chickened out 😞 @TherapistMitski @ethan___d omg it was me i was that someonesomeone kick me in the head so i can go to sleep and still get 8 hours before i go camp out for harry at 4amoomf wants me to join her instagram live tmrw at 4am
Retweeted by chompy @ethan___d @nktvsk i cant im allergic to thinkingguys i saw justin diamond at the org fair should i ask him for his autograph @nktvsk WHICH ONE ARE U AT
whos coming w me tmr to buy w**d @caitlinhberg colleen and i thought about doing a sweetfrog theme for my little reveal @carolynnrea ik this isnt about me but i agree :/THEY HAVE SWEETFROG ON CAMPUS IMok ready for my napi have to retrain my post covid lungs to smoke weed this is so fucked up @streganonacore i want to cook with u so badchobani oat milk is so superior sorry not sorry it doesnt taste like DUSTgood thing i did not leave my bed loljk not free until tn oopthim freeeeeeeeee
learning about covid while i am having covid. full circleits so fucked up that rice has to cook. i want it now not in 20 minutesi havent been able to take it out since i got covid (and i guess my roommate hasnt either 🙃) so its been full for three daysguys. if i triple mask up do we think i can take out the garbage…. if i dont see anyone else in the hallway…is the sopranos that good or do u guys have an italian fetishWhat Would You Do If All My Tweets Looked Like ThisOk I Am Having Mini Wheats
being the only person zooming into class has me feeling like this bitch @falicia_assman whole foods sells them alsopicked out my outfit for harry its fun pants and my one direction take me home tour merch for the flexno one can make me do work!!!! im going rogue!!!! @JustinDiamondHQ hi justin diamond whats uptried barking at oomfie and it make me too lightheaded :(noooo iphone stop suggesting candy crush when im in my work grind…….am absolutely demolishing the to do list todaypov ur in my bed my assignment in a british accent rn to make it more fun