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Gibran K @Gibbyk1 Karachi, Pakistan

Serial abider, procrastinator extraordinaire. I drink and I know things. Luke Skywalker once liked my tweet. Have your people get in touch with my people.

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@KElectricPk Sent @KElectricPk No power in DHA 5 since 430 pm. What's the issue?It rained a bit
Retweeted by Gibran K @KElectricPk Got it thanks. Replied @KElectricPk power line down on Khayaban e Badban, phase 5, near 5th Street. Please help before it shocks someone
Deleted the app. Gonna get outta the toxic echo chamber for a while. Later Twitter @OmerBashir Facts are like laurels, you can't rest on em. Talk to actual doctors. The flu doesn't manifest as vascu… @asfand I don't mind them at all, though still nothing wrong with a proper one in summer. There's so much you can d… @OmerBashir I'm going by the statistics, the conversation, people we know in the throes of or around the disease an… @OmerBashir Id argue he's continued to minimise it and then just pivoted to blaming everyone for not following his… @OmerBashir Most of what he continues to say is factually inaccurate or misrepresentative of how dangerous it is+th… @asfand No. That's why God made chilled soups
Can't wait to hear how the individual who took apart India's covid data mining monstrosity is part of the saazish a… @thekarachikid @spopalzai When did that ever fall out of favour @OmerBashir The only constant is that the buck never stops with him when it comes to covid. Everyone from the oppos… @OmerBashir I watched this entire address live, so I don't care about how it's been cut. My takeaway from it at the… Vibe!
Retweeted by Gibran KIf @RagnarSlothbro_ became a food critic
Retweeted by Gibran K @lightermachis نہ من بيہوده گرد کوچه و بازار می گردم مذاق عاشقی دارم پئے ديدار می گردم @nodairyplz *Nazi @wolfmomz Hahahahaha wah @desidervish @BenedictDayas We can stick it to our PPE @wolfmomz Like konay ke thaalay waalay uncle ki kulfi was also by choice, snot was just a bonus @EmmBlemm I got the same thing, while I had power so now I'm just scared @wolfmomz #Tinder @Shehzad89 @abbasnasir59 @OmerBashir Wait, now I'm confused. Didn't Ertogan found the mutual empire? @OmerBashir @Shehzad89 @abbasnasir59 Even if you don't trust him, Andolu is state run. They're not making up what E… @wolfmomz @wolfmomz We had joy, we had fun We had seasons full of lun but the lunds that we climbed Were just loras out of line @wolfmomz Hahahaha oh man apologies for your dad Wolfy but in highschool we had our own version of that song to hig… was a truer statement made on TV
Retweeted by Gibran K @wolfmomz On its own no. It's a sign of something wrong so can be a good indicator of when things warrant an emergency room
Retweeted by Gibran K @aamyre Some of us more than others 😉Loranavirus @wolfmomz @LiciousFoods God I want some smoked chicken sausage so bad but we can't find it here anymoreEvery time he does a presser on Covid
Retweeted by Gibran KSheikh Rashed Railways Ministe Khaqan Abbasi Former Prime Minister Have tested positive for Covid19 June 8, 2020 Pakistan
Retweeted by Gibran K @asfand Maybe check OLX/ Saddar. I got mine in 2017 BP. @asfand The active 1 was amazing apparently. They refined the Gwatch but the one I had before that was the Gear S2… @asfand A galaxy/gear watch? You can store a ltd amount of music & they do all the basics without the phone. I had… that case, time for a Stalin statue in Trafalgar Square
Retweeted by Gibran K @omerwahaj making sure that everyone got the news about these tennis courts reopening 👍
Retweeted by Gibran K @norbalm Ok now I really have to know. Best donuts from where?This week in no particular order I was asked for advice on: Tortoise Bank Ac Home delivery Dhai (yougurt) Where to…
Retweeted by Gibran KCynthia's real name is Dawn?! LMAO 🤣🤣🤣 @ouralteredlife Nice shirt! @OmerBashir The algorithm knowsNot if, when the marriage halls are opened and people are throwing wedding parties, please do not go! I repeat, you…
Retweeted by Gibran KLet’s create perspective. This was 65 years ago. That means these two are somebody’s Grandmothers right now. What…
Retweeted by Gibran KThe hero we deserve👀
Retweeted by Gibran KThis thread completely dismantles the idea that the best thing one can do for a poor child is to "take them in and…
@aamyre @OmerBashir Sometimes it appears to and other times it appears to post legit stories, usually from secondar… I think after @CynthiaDRitchie's interview on Geo -Rehman Malik is a shameless bastard & in all likelihood rap…🤣 good luck with that
Retweeted by Gibran K @radioprose @EmmBlemm It got one: Its called the Government of PakistanApp idea: Spotify, but for movies. Netflix and Amazon's algorithms are usually pretty awful. Though I guess it's ra… @wolfmomz @EmmBlemm ghussufying in all our pichwaars it feels more at home in the plastic embrace of the car. @OmerBashir It's reporting news from official sources though. We should report it if it's masqueradingHoly shit @themaholupper @nosuchthing Holy fuckballs I'm literally listening to that episode rn. Just reached the flute of shame bitThe committee investigating sexy torture? What even what? muneeb: announces eid ka chaand, ramzan is over me:
Retweeted by Gibran K @RizwanPehelwan @Shumyl Dude Cardoz was a big deal. John Prine. The fountains of Wayne guyFolks, a government hospital in Karachi is in desperate need of - 1. 500 PPE coveralls; 2. 500 masks; 3. Infrared…
Retweeted by Gibran KRaised so far: Rs 13,000 To be raised: Rs 521,300 [(Rs 375,000 + Rs 159,600) - Rs 13,000]
Retweeted by Gibran KI raise you Pakistan
Retweeted by Gibran KChicken expert Ghazal, ki beti Kanwal Aur Lounge mei bethay Akmal - Allama Iqbal
Retweeted by Gibran K
Retweeted by Gibran Kmaybe... just maybe... #internetGems
Retweeted by Gibran KWho called them colonizers and not Gora the Explorer?
Retweeted by Gibran K#civilhospital is forcing their unpaid untrained House officers to work in #COVIDー19 isolation wards, to do the sta…
Retweeted by Gibran KUm America? Every couple of days your President seems to forget how to use a remote control and just yells the sho… @knotsinmyhair Tomorrow you can drink just for shits and giggles
@HardcoreHistory Dan soooo disappointed that War Remains isn't out on the Oculus Quest considering my interest in W… @wannabeludgate Court of Pakistan questioned under what law is Justice Faez Isa required to disclose his family's assets. I…
Retweeted by Gibran K @wannabeludgate Man think about how many maskless morons would sneeze right over itA thread on allyship: sometimes there will be people on the same side as you. They believe in equality for gender,…
Retweeted by Gibran KI don't ever do this, but my 15 year old niece's oxygen saturation levels are rapidly dropping from over 90 in the…
Retweeted by Gibran K @kaalakawaa Praying hard man.Is this for real? @norbalm, boss any idea? political affiliation or views on her abhorrent comments are irrelevant: Cynthias claims warrant the benefit o… you've got to skirt the letter of the law for people to count you as equal.'ve resigned as a member of the reddit board, I have urged them to fill my seat with a black candidate, + I will u…
Retweeted by Gibran KWe have been unable to find this yet. Please help, twitter. We posted on groups, reached out to people, but no prog…
Retweeted by Gibran K @KhizM Allah hi hafiz. Dibs on any books/records. @wolfmomz Yaar I know there's a lockdown and stuff but please don't mail your kid
@Abbas_Sherazee @PeaDeeKay Hahahaha I saw this! @EmmBlemm Welcome to 2015The Shaadi Industrial Complex.
Retweeted by Gibran K*graphic content*a tragedy compounded by the misery this virus is wreaking upon our meagre health resources. Needle… most active voices on policy issues here are either those that have been in policy making for decades and faile…
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