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"It's weird to grade a piece of artwork with a score. We're not making homework. We're making a video game" Sepso on the big challenges facing esports right now: "Execution is an issue. Talent base is an issue, having…'s rights lawyer Genie Harrison, who brought cases against Weinstein Company, joins Riot Games gender discrimi… Assembly's senior character artist Danny Sweeney (@Dann_Sw) and lead character artist Jas Dhatt (… employee said failure to meet sales targets leads to written warnings, then termination"What happens to the planned launches of PS5 and Xbox Series X if the COVID-19 situation is not resolved rapidly, l…"Usually there's an agenda behind it. But here it's just a random dude picking a random game to review bomb because… the responsibility of leadership to distinguishing between the crunch you want to do and the crunch you have t…"I think this idea that there's a valuation bubble in esports teams is truly driven by the demand of capital wantin… Desert Online and the diverging MMO ecosystem some help with character art? This video showcases the essentials of the sculpting, texturing, and general art… prioritises pre-orders and tech trades as it hopes to counter falling sales - but staff say targets are to… to the evolution of esports is no-longer attending. Velan Ventures, Behaviour and Tripwire have been added to the bill"You've been working for two years on this game. And then one guy on a Sunday afternoon with basically no effort ca… partners with Skillshot Media for collegiate esports program on the Academy, join @CAGames's senior character artist Danny Sweeney and lead charac… The Witcher 3 made $50m on Steam in just over a year, so Valve will now be tossing more coins to CD… reveal GameStop's aggressive sales tactics, driven by "sheer desperation""Just about every piece of hardware this business relies upon has a supply chain that passes through China at some…"There is a dangerous notion of team members being 'heroic' when individuals pile into problems and crunch like cra… legal counsel takes over class action lawsuit against Riot Games"We're letting people cheat their arse off... You've paid for the game, do what you like. We don't want to punish a… changes to the Investment Summit at PAX. PlayStation is no-longer attending. Velan Ventures, Behaviour and Tri… says they're able to "execute a safe and successful event for our community" Home first week downloads reached 1.3m
Sony and Facebook exit GDC due to COVID19 concerns. Oculus to move announcements online Roth to direct Borderlands movie Division moves Kerbal Space Program 2 development to new, internal studio"There's nothing we can do on screen that's more frightening than what's in your own head. It's all about feeding t… Exodus sold 200,000 copies on Steam in just a few days, despite Epic deal making users wait a whole year our latest Why I Love column, Monster Jaunt developer @Nate_Buck explains why Kirby 64 ensured he will never aga… Storm raises $3.3 million Crossing: New Horizons lost save files can only be recovered once"If we commit to respecting the time, livelihood, and continued growth of our teams, we will not only avoid crunch…"Details are omitted or ignored because they don't matter, and what remains is engineered to reflect an emotion, an… accounted for 57% of game sales last month you want to work helping the lives of children who have been affected by conflict? War Child is looking for a he…
Retweeted by GamesIndustry"All you were doing is taking different routes to an outcome. That's not a game" Deathtrap Dungeon adaptation aims… Kirby 64 and Impressionism lays off around 20 the body's goals for 2020 is a consumer-facing website, Tutto sui videogiochi ("All About Video Games"), aime… in earnings presentation, Embracer CEO said he was happy with Shenmue III sales but "it's clear it's not… hardware, software and accessories sales are all well down over the year before"For the young people we support, playing video games isn't just a hobby -- it can be a vital lifeline." of voting rights in Starbreeze have been bought in the last month"It's great to have lots of input, but at the end of the day it's your company, and nobody knows more about it than… Cyberpunk 2077 coming to GeForce Now with ray tracing retailers limit Ring Fit Adventure sales as resellers and coronavirus cause stock shortages will be publishing a monthly UK report featuring digital and physical data supplied to GSD.… Exodus off to strong start on Steam, despite Epic exclusivity Academy provides tips on eradicating crunch from Bungie, Criterion, Hutch Games, and mo…'s full year sales are up, but profit is down
World War Z developer retains autonomy as Embracer's fifth subsidiary, takes total headcount to over 2,500 Interactive and Voxler acquisitions - plus five studio openings since Jan 1 - bring Embracer Group to over 26… Readership Survey bringing GTA IV back to Steam next month be pitching, combine internal and external projects, get a lawyer... Today on the Academy, learn about the d… drops out of PAX East due to novel coronavirus concerns Games shuts down @DarkDetectiveNL Thanks for the heads up. Should be fixed now.Do we provide the information and insight you need in this ever-changing industry? Let us know what you think its recent acquisitions, and two openings it hasn't even announced yet, Embracer Group has 26 studios Nova is not cancelled, it's just changing"Too many people start companies with their friends or family. Instead, when we started Novarama, we sought to have…’re looking for designers, artists, programmers, writers and other specialists to speak with students at the… IV returns to Steam next month as Complete Edition's market-leading battle royale title was named Media Shaker of the year, while EA's long-running football fran… Group posts record annual profits"We are no longer using the codename Project Nova for this game concept," says CCP as Eve Online shooter becomes fo… how to choose your founders to not fearing cancellations, Novarama's CEO Daniel Sanchez-Crespo (… Group acquires Saber Interactive in $525m deal
"I can't overstate how smartly designed everything is, and it makes the creation process feel less like work and mo…, DreamHack sign revenue-sharing deal with 13 esports teams becomes one of the first major US tech companies to unionize expands to support some non-Google mobile devices"Building an ego-free environment boils down to hiring based not only on skillset but also personality, and then ta… plans to give Switch owners time to get used to Warface - then it will be working on crossp…"There are absolutely games that you can create in Dreams that are as fun and polished as something you'd pay for"… reportedly spent $160m on exclusive media rights to Activision's esports events"It was difficult because we're not therapists" Indie game Lydia's story about a child living with alcoholic abusi…"You'll soon learn that trust is your team's most valuable resource, and if you can build a team that genuinely tru…"We decided that in order to properly speak about the game, we must be able to immediately show it" Warface stealt… studio Platonic Partnership drew on its team's real experiences growing up with alcoholic parents to make t… Interactive sees record user numbers as annual profits rise PlayStation closing its official forums next week. Players invited to continue conversations via Pla… two-year deal for Overwatch was reportedly valued at $90m"When building a team, each and every employee's humility, enthusiasm and attitude matters as much as the quality o…
"Lydia has the ability to speak to audiences all over the world and I feel we've only reached a small percentage of…"He's really big in the theatrical improv scene. He's done a few lessons with us in the office" Heroes actor Masi… Podcast: The curious case of Tim Sweeney's keynote"If we can make a difference for even one child's life, what could be better?" the games industry is unlike any other, many insurers are unwilling to cover it due to a lack of understanding.… full-time employees affected as HQ Trivia ceases operations year's @developconf will have a dedicated mobile track -- and speaker submissions are open until Feb 19 Academy and Creative Assembly explore how to create game audio that scales. This talk i… the Hedgehog beats Detective Pikachu in US opening weekend"There is a dark half of me that really wants to make a punk, almost nihilistic game to get that out of my system"… Nvidia clarifies that the initial inclusion of Activision's games was due to a "misunderstanding" Trivia shuts down as potential acqusition falls through