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Xbox publicizes accessibility guidelines for developers Alyx was conceived as a VR title first, and a Half-Life game second say Google Stadia is the best game streaming option around, but still falls short in almost every way that…"If you wake up one morning saying, 'How can I remain in games?' and the answer is, 'I have no idea,' then leaving… reportedly launching game streaming service to compete with Stadia, PS5 and Project Scarlett reveals Half-Life: Alyx for PC VR in March 2020 is "solving what's one of the most important things to solve in games, which is getting off the ground qu… creates new division dedicated to researching artificial intelligence a career in games more sustainable"A lot of indies are being set up to go from hand-to-mouth, never earning past what they get paid to make that game…émon first mainline Switch outings are the console's' fastest-selling launch to date"Any time, resources, or ability you put into marketing counts as money, and I think that's something people fail t… has reportedly been hiring people from Microsoft and other games firms to build streaming service Sword and Shield have smashed Switch launch records, not Pokémon series. The article has been updated partners with blockchain distribution platform Ultra Stadia: Critical Consensus now hunting for researchers and engineers as it establishes Sony AI division"Mobile entertainment is now at the center of our daily lifestyle and everyone plays games" and Shield smash Pokémon series records with 6m week one sales Amazon streaming service expected to be announced (and potentially launched) next year Nintendo has detailed the two subscription plans, priced at $2.99 and $7.99 games will be among the first divisions to benefit from Sony's new AI research"[VR] devs have to always be looking forward and asking, 'What happens if this stops tomorrow? What do we do?'""Social is actually notoriously terrible for conversion. I'm telling you this because I don't want you to focus all…
Sustained mobile portfolio brings continued growth for NetEase in Q3 Dungeon studio's communications director Victoria Tran offers tips for indies to get the most bang out of… it doesn't disclose hardware numbers, Microsoft has lost out to Sony in this generation and is now being e…'s Vince Zampella's described Respawn's enigmatic pre-launch viral marketing as "gross" -- akin to the hype… find new games, more women value social circles, while men look to influencers"I notice both as a developer and a gamer, I think it's been two or three generations of games now, I've been playi… Sword and Shield sold 1.36m retail copies in three days in Japan Games raises $7.5m to develop casual puzzle titles"There is not a good reason why [our total customers] shouldn't be a billion in the next five years" Elite developer Rebellion is turning the shooter into a board game - and has more tabletop products to annou… games and chat app Bunch has now raised $8.5m in funding to date"We like games that respond to player actions, where the world reacts to what you are doing, and the experience is…'s No.1 aim for Scarlett is to go to gamers and encourage them to become Xbox customers. Sony's No.1 aim f… Unplugged is the new board games division from Rebellion"We took a big risk... If things went a little bit differently, I might not have a job now" Realms pays tribute to EverQuest co-designer Brad McQuaid, who has died at the age of 51"My responsibility is to make sure that our communities feel safe and entertained. That doesn't convey to me the ri… with WolfEye, the new studio from Arkane veterans Raphael Colantonio and Julien Roby"We like games that respond to player actions, where the world reacts to what you are doing, and the experience is… Games closes $19m funding round, Tencent, Riot Games and more lead $3.85m funding round for Bunch"He touched thousands of lives with his dreams and concepts. He changed the landscape of video games forever." spoke to Dontnod Entertainment and Xbox Game Studios about creating Tell Me Why's transgender protagonist Tyler…"We're not the operator of the world's town halls," says Kotick when asked about political discussion around games president Rikard Steiber steps down"Beyoncé famously drops her album, and day one it becomes a massive hit. Kanye West did the same thing... Why could…
"My experience with it was very much like this: you could do amazing things, go very fast in some elements, but ver… developer nets investment from Take-Two as it ramps up development Games raises $550k in angel financing games industry contributes $4.5 billion to GDP as wages, revenue, and employment figures rise revenue in Southeast Asia is expected to be up 17% in 2019 to $2.6 billion, nearly 70% of the region's total… Arcade may be accelerating premium game decline, but not by much"We can only do this if we do it the right way, in a way that's thoughtful and creates a game that lives up to the…"Even though we had more people, we were slowing down the rate at which we could build and craft these experiences" Southeast Asia is the world's fastest-growing region for PC online games revneue and esports Corp assures end of locked loot crate does not mean it's "trying to get rid of" Steam marketplace Switch sales are spiking in the UK and executive producer partner Julian Beak form new division with promise to "shape the future of interactiv…"We don't create characters to be archetypes. We certainly don't want Tyler to be identified only for being transge…€50 million for video games development added to Germany's 2020 budget"A simple thing like allowing people to change the size of a font in a caption can open a world to a different play… releases economic impact study on Canadian games industry"Very powerful, fast, beautiful, purpose built to do some really cool stuff. But it's also extremely delicate and n… penetration in Greater Southeast Asia expected to reach 99% in the next five years"We want to ensure that we steer clear of revenue models that fails to satisfy fans" is reportedly 30% more expensive to develop in than France, UK or Canada - but new funding will help boost… posts 54% profit increase in Q3 launches Adaptive Gaming Kit for Xbox Adaptive Controller - a £90 package of customisable controls, develo… Southeast Asia will be home to 320 million gamers by 2023 Hennig joins Skydance Media to establish new division phasing out current system where randomly purchased loot boxes may require a key (another purchase) to unlock 5 accessibility options got a perfect six out of six deaf review score "It's this thick-necked, gory shooter…
Pokémon Sword alone is the UK No.1, and the biggest exclusive game of the year games will be available to Google Stadia users tomorrow"Japan is a very big console gaming market, but not traditionally a big market for Xbox. It's interesting to see ho…"As neither a game developer nor a member of Respawn I certainly can't pretend to know what led to the game shippin…"How many games do we make that give us truly unique discoveries? Meaningfully unique experiences?" EA's James Ber… Rice leaves Double Fine five months after Microsoft acquisition reaches milestone as lifetime revenues pass $1bn - and half of that is from one game"There are more people who play games in India than the population of the US -- about 300 million. It's a huge gami… a Podcast today? It's already available to download - we recorded a short but spe… Stadia launches tomorrow, and the line-up just nearly doubled"The story itself is more than just a revenge fantasy. It's a meditation on trauma, loss, and what survivors owe th… Games apologises after social media feeds were hijacked on Friday"It's been a dream come true working with the world's greatest human [Tim Schafer] ... I'm so proud of all the amaz… Bus for Hope has raised $6m for charity over 13 years @SnakeDrone Thanks for the correction. This has been amendedGerman developer has reached $1bn revenues in 12 years "People are using xCloud to create couch co-op" subscriptions coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp games added to tomorrow's launch line-up for Google Stadia Charts: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order debuts at No.2 and enjoys strong physical sales, but it can't quite match B… Sales: Pokémon Sword and Shield is the fastest-selling exclusive of 2019, and the third fastest-selling game ove…émon Sword and Shield is second biggest Pokémon launch in the UK, behind Sun and Moonémon Sword and Shield is the second biggest Pokémon launch in UK history, the third biggest game launch of the y…émon Sword and Shield is the second biggest Pokémon launch in UK history, the third biggest game launch of the y…