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"I actually did not want to write a book. For like 25 years, everybody bugged me saying, 'Please write a book.' And…
Sierra co-founder Ken Williams' philosophy was to find someone who was passionate about making a game, "then my job… community-driven organisation is based in the US but will operate globally to "drive and assist" games preserva…"I think a lot of people in the industry have broken in with little or no support outside of the tutorship in their… generated by the UK games industry reached £907 million in 2019/2020, growing from £747 million. Williams doesn't know how his design philosophy could work today"Be sure to give proper consideration and thought to any efficiency saving tools that your programmers recommend. P… Gobo and sister studio Electric Square have launched a new programme designed to help minority groups in the… you dream of bringing games to life through 3D character art? Or would you like to learn about marketing and whe…"When it comes to the games industry, Romania reminds us of Poland from a few years back" Save's mission statement is to "advocate for, initiate, support, and maintain video game preservation efforts t…“Farming Simulator is a game where boxed PC versions are still being sold in huge numbers" (Sponsored) Esports closes $12m Series B round major story update also delayed to "ensure all new content meets both our and your high standards, and has tim… head at @CoconutLizard Robert Troughton goes through the right toolset to keep a development team happy and…$999 GDC Masterclasses? "That kind of gatekeeping cuts a lot of people that could most benefit from that access to… Academy's in-depth guide to Lumberyard, a 3D engine powered by Amazon Web Services in the UK games industry has been faster from November 2018 to April 2020 than it's ever been since trade as… owners of Marvel's Avengers will be able to upgrade for free when the next-gen version is eventually relea… are 18 Switch exclusive games in the Top 40
Playtika files IPO draft"The idea that there's some kind of dividing line between the walled garden Apple runs and the kind that the consol… developers just starting in the industry, the task of choosing the best game engine can be daunting. Here, we t… head: Bethesda purchase wasn't to keep games away from other platforms"If we can make the industry a more fair and accessible place, and maybe inspire some change, it'll be more than wo…"We'll know change is happening when we start seeing more women -- particularly as creative directors of studios or… Analogue reveals TurboGrafx-16 retro hardware family of Academy guides dedicated to game engines just got a new member: Amazon Lumberyard. In these guides, w… Academy's in-depth guide to Lumberyard, a 3D engine powered by Amazon Web Services assembles September sales chart heavy on new releases"While we should perhaps be cautiously optimistic about these numbers, we also shouldn't break out the champagne ju…"Judge Gonzales Rogers' comments and decisions on the case thus far suggest she's not willing to see her court used… speak to the developers behind Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit"This change will free us up to think about what's next, not just with regard to StarCraft II, but for the StarCraf… knowledge should not be "locked up in vaults behind ticket prices" Rami Ismail and Myriame Lachappele dis… is the first time a console FIFA game has sold more digitally than it has physically. on the mobile and desktop will no longer be able to buy both full games and add-ons for PS3, PS Vita or PSP,…"If you don't see the product in the physical space, the visibility that you need to gain through marketing would b…"This wasn't done with the plan of saying, 'How many additional accessories can we sell?'" Velan Studios' Guha Bal… video game reveals showed record number of female protagonists's massive digital performance in the UK almost makes up for the drop in physical"Ultimately, it doesn't seem that having a competent and well-informed judge in this case is playing to Epic's favo… no longer developng new content for StarCraft 2
GameFly sold to distributor Alliance Entertainment"Once we finished Reus, we had a lot of money... We had a good sense of what was hard to make and what was easy to…"These two elements -- the friendships gained and the skills gained -- form something that we're calling the EVE Ef…"There's a lot of hype around AR and VR, but either the vision is way ahead of what the technology can deliver or t… - We announced #GIBizLiveAcademy, in association with @CAGames, a free online career fair dedicated to helpin… will even recieve digital revenues for purchase made on pre-owned Xbox Series consoles it has sold AR's limitations with Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Velan Studios president Guha Bala on reinventing Ni… confirms Xbox Series X|S launch titles“Farming Simulator is a game where boxed PC versions are still being sold in huge numbers" (Sponsored) Games' Adriaan Jansen and Manuel Kerssemakers give a candid account of going from success to failure and back… Unity Charitable Fund is seeded with 750,000 of Unity equity -- it will support the work of the Unity Social Im… to some of the biggest names in games! #GIBizLiveAcademy will host keynote talks from industry icons, and our…, South Korea, Indonesia, Brazil and Argentina among the top countries as Among Us reaches 4bn views in a career in games? Want to chat with industry professionals? Join us on 26th – 28th October!… Sega edited the Steam page and said in a statement that it "didn't mean to dredge up painful memories.""EVE is basically like a university, with the complexity of the real world but the safety of a social game... the s…"If developers only use ray tracing, then a large number of rays need to be projected to ensure high quality global… will share digital revenues with GameStop on every Xbox it sells has come under fire from a former employee for releasing a previously cancelled title developed under intensiv… Among Us videos reaced 4bn views in September"At the end of 2020, it will be simple to point at dollars earned and copies sold and deduce that FIFA is stronger…
FIFA 21 is at an historic low for both critic and user reviews on Metacritic -- but does a game with a license to p… Teeth members Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic have both been dismissed from the video production company after… 35% of gamers have a subscription service studio, formerly known as Disruptor Beam, reported $3.4 million in liabilities 21 has the lowest critical average of any game in the franchise since Metacritic started keeping track with FI… buys minority stake in hypercasual studio Mamboo Games out our recap of the @TIGSummit panel featuring @djedery, @tha_rami, and @Lazarus_Audio talking about mental… Rockstar today confirmed the acquisition of Ruffian Games and its rebranding to Rockstar Dundee's new opportunity for UK AAA developers The Tencent-owned Swedish developer tells us about its new London… opens new concept art studio in Montreal, acquires LA animation specialist CounterPunch Studio details its global illumination approach, which integrated Enlighten with real-time ray tracing (Spo… Teeth members Ryan Haywood and Adam Kovic have both been dismissed from the video production company after… Setian explains how to identify and address discriminatory attitudes in the workplace, and shows ways to d…"If you're going to be an inclusive space, you can't include people who are exclusive. You can't say 'Everyone's we… of Thrones Ascent and Star Trek Timelines developer Beamable, formerly known as Disruptor Beam, filed for bank… Mario 3D All-Stars was the best selling game across Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia during September, ev… acquires CounterPunch Studios, opens Montreal studio Video game analytics firm will use the deal to better serve the speedrun community"We are very good as industry about talking about the things that went right. And we are awful about talking about…
In our latest Why I Love column, @drylightn takes a deep dive into GhostShark's Still There indie devs on coping with failure, imposter syndrome"It's key that you have leaders setting the example and holding others accountable. Judging from who I've been talk…"We share Karl's growing hope, whether delusional or not, that he has been given a second chance to save his daught… could be on course for a record year of games spending, projected to reach over $50 billion names Sithe Ncube and Justin Woodward strategic advisors for Black Game Developer Fund"The lack of women in leadership positions means women climbing the career ladder have no one to model who has deal…"Nintendo doesn't want me to think I'm in any way, shape or form affiliated with them or that I have a partnership… There examines how far one can run from grief | Why I Love ads banned for misleading consumers with gameplay that only 0.03% of players have reached"When you're setting up a platform of any kind and you're talking about what is and isn't allowed, I feel like the… Setian from Avalanche Studios addresses how to fight discriminatory attitudes in the workplace and develop… predicts Switch will outsell PS5, Xbox Series X/S this Christms issues cease and desist against influencer and adult entertainer Pokeprincxss live streaming platforms Huya and DouYu have entered an agreement to merge, with Tencent to own a 67.5% sta…"They refused to remove an emote that was appropriated for racist purposes, but they wouldn't allow a tag that was… Games rebranded Rockstar Dundee as Crackdown 2 developer is acquired by GTA firm