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Pay what it cost. Support your friend and stop being cheap
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoBEING A FEMALE PHOTOGRAPHER IS EXHAUSTING. today some random man on the internet tried to explain to me what a wate…
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You thought I’d be sad without ya, I laugh harderIt’s too hot for me to be repeating myself. Listen the first time
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoDon’t die saving all your money.
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Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyoi did the Influencer Challenge on my family and maaaan😭 i couldn’t hold it in
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoIt’s actually neccesssry to be with a man who thinks the world of you
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoYou spoke, we heard. 7 days a week babyyyy
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoSome shade that be thrown don’t even be shade... it be low key jealousy and built up hostility due the unhappiness.
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No one will waste your time unless you’ve allowed them toOne thing I’ve realised is that people will not respect your time unless you do, and this is one of the reasons why I say no to thingsB launch the damn thing. You can make it perfect later.
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyo @capturedbyjoy I think I was just having a tantrum tbh I’m over it loool but yeah it worked out well thank you x @BimbolaL Loool nah I’ll get a boyfriend when I’m richAnd when I say new restaurants I also mean ones in Thailand, Greece, Rome, Aruba....
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoDefinitely the latter for me 😂 I want a boyfriend or do I just want a non-boring fine black man to try new restaurants with
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoAnd this is why most of the time you just have to move with no announcements Glorious Skin baked snapper - made and shot by me ☺️ The setup The shot
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyo🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 of Volkswagen Ghana 🇬🇭🇩🇪.
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyo @Pounds_CE Lol.
If you had to share, who would it be? Who: @deliteskitchen What: Plantain Fufu and Assorted Palm Nut Soup…
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoMy site, my brand, my feed will be blickity black black black. Why? Because I'm black and I'm proud.
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyo @AmitBhupsPatel They took forever to verify my rental then the lender wasn’t replying then I cancelled and went wit… @capturedbyjoy They took forever to verify my rental then the lender wasn’t replying then I cancelled and went with… wants to fly out September"Art & Mind" Photo Exhibition II.🌴🖤
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoFat llama was so reliable but now? Im so madAll I want to do today is rent a lens why is that so difficultInstagram said posting is free but reach is sold separately
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Wow @Zendaya on the cover of @InStyle in Hanifa ! 😍🙌🏾
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoEllen on set.
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyo @_JesseKonadu I read that and giggled smallIf he doesn’t push me to better and stimulate my mind, I don’t want it
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyo👀👀👀👀
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyo @thayreza Don’t worry I definitely will 😭God please what do I have to do 😭 to AB+DM on this Zendaya spread/cover y’all DELIVERDT
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyo @BimbolaL 🙄🙄Tate Collective Open Call: Collection 2.0 – Inspired by | Tate, GUYSSS check out ⁦@SoniyoX⁩ work featured on the we…
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyo @SoniyoX CongratulationsssssCan’t wait to drop these food pictures @DeeLovableDamz Thank you girlFacts
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyo @tspofficial__ It’s just coming up with the concepts
A little behind the scenes from today’s shoot with my baby girl ❤️ @choycebrown
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoThis is insane. A bride taking wedding photos as the explosion happens in Beirut. And she’s one of the lucky ones…
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyoi’m proud of me, but I gotta go harder.
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoI just want to constantly shoot nowCheers to one of AB+DM’s covers this month 🙏🏿🥺🤍 with @kerrywashington for @TandCmag This is was our first time eve…
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoThis thread 😂😂😂😂😂 cause this is literally how it is with new borns @Sebby_Col
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoHey! I’m a portrait photographer based in London & available for travel. If you’re looking for someone to bring you…
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoWe need your help! Our team is expanding and we are looking for a new place to call home. If you know of any office…
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You never know someone’s true character til money’s involvedUK people : Avacado Ghanaians : Pear people : vest Ghanaians : singlet
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoI’m switching to Nikon guys, I’ve been nervous to share my podcast but here it goes. I’ve recently embarked on creating a podcast that…
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoDO IT AGAIN REPRISE🤍
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoTHE MARIAM MUSA COLLECTION X ISAWITFIRST @isawitfirst is now here! Guys it’s live 🥳🥳🥳😭😭😭 use the code MARIAM40!! ❤️…
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyo‘Very little respect’ lol should civilians have to protest to get common traffic lights fixed !! Just imagine people need to protest to…
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyo @_JesseKonadu Sis it’s even InstagramIt’s not even Samsung it’s a new feature on Instagram. I’m screaming. 😂😂😂 is so nice 😭
No im sorry but what’s going on with Samsung fonts? Why am I seeing people writing in Comic Sans? Very childish 😂"Getting by" is not an option if you can be exceptional
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoIt costs $0 to share this and let the world know what’s happening in Zimbabwe
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoFOR UK CREATIVES ! An international label would like to work with the following creatives: Creative Directors, G…
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoWhen people say I photograph black skin so well I still get confused cause I don’t feel there’s any trick to it ?
I’m really not a beginner. I’m really amazing at what I do. I’m really one of the best in the world to ever do i…
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyo @shattawalegh, you do all!!! #KingAlready #BlackIsKing
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoSheeeeeesh 😍🙌🏾🔥 either exchanging value or money no time is being wasted over here
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoNo more favours for my friends, you can’t be happy to pay everyone but when it’s me you expect a freebie, it’s not…
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoI wish you could unsend something you sent on snap 🙄
Wanting to be the Beyoncé of your craft but also loving sleep so, so much
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoSounding so sweet🥺
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoAs for 2020.A lot of people don’t know how to be friends. One sided friendships aren’t for me.
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoHe who finds a me finds a good thing
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoI know August must work for me🙏🏾
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoPraying for nothing but breakthrough, new opportunities, joy, success, peace and love throughout this month of Augu…
Retweeted by Gifty Dzenyo @BoiJamin Post them ALL @ikeeyah_ Hey! I’m a photographer based in London @ikeeyah_ @TheCookingPotUK For all your catering needs 😌
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoI zoomed in, he’s telling the truth 🙌🏾
Look at the way the guy even screamed after tasting itI fear guys oGuys can lie papa @KwameKoda I won’t mind youWhere’s @KwameKoda ?Thank you @Ashesi the journey began here. 🙏🏾
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoThe editing in this new Nike ad is insane.
Retweeted by Gifty DzenyoI’m inspired.
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