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Shits fucked ..
Retweeted by Gilead Media @20buckspinlabel Chiweenie cult eternal
@armsaloft @dwarfcraft @LandonSheely I distinctly remember the video coming out for firestarter when I was 13 and b…
@meddlingmage oh noSo wanted to give a little gratitude to the folks that I feel like gave some positive energy and fuel to my mission at some point.Many of the folks I mentioned here talked to me about label shit back when I was even more of a dipshit than I am n…'s more on top of that, I know, and I think about you too and I'm sorry I didn't tag you here. Just reminiscin… real tough to run a label lately and I'm typically negative already. Wanna be a little positive today so thank… dealing with one of these right now. Sticker by Christly Sisters in NOLA. @catjonessoda I honestly don't know, buy records when I can finally put them up for sale? But since everyone on Ear… @escapistrecords GZ, can't ship freight Gotta Groove, not pressing RTI, closed New Orleans Record Pressing, can't g…
I just remembered that. One of my favorite internet memories.Hey remember when someone on Twitter was giving temporary residence shit about having extra copies of a limited col…, an update from the world of independent music in the times of COVID-19... If you are emailing / DMing / tweet…
Retweeted by Gilead Media @DrDadCop69 @_deathwish_666 @deathwishinc This is the correct answerThank you, capitalist competition, for once again driving innovation. Err.
Retweeted by Gilead Media @primalignity I mean let's be honest, that game doesn't work right a lot of the time. @primalignity Playing both, Not at all. @primalignity I'm trash at most had games, but spectating this aggressive aim assist on cross play is absurd did the math and I have about $10,000 in advances paid out on new release projects that are now on hold with no release date 🥺
@behemolith @CouchSlut Fortunately the AC is one of the few things that works on my van. @CouchSlut Flawless business plan @moribvndvs Exactly this!People that play on console and don't realize 75% of their aim is the aim assist function.Haha everything is fucked y'all!
@marcmaron I just did like, 5 months ago after trying to deny it for decades.
Retweeted by Gilead MediaDefinition of Out of Your Fucking Mind: Calling a deadly Pandemic a Hoax then saying if 200,000 die, you’ve done a great job.
Retweeted by Gilead Media @GoddessNixon 😎I made it to sturgeon island but only had patience to catch 8. @lLUdeathmetal Many thanks. We are all doing our best. @twilper @dannirowanart 🙏 @carolinedraws I certainly will 🙏 Gotta muster the energy to get back on being more label-y after these 2 weeks of… @carolinedraws Thanks. Likewise. Worried about y'all in NY right now. @INTERARMA804 Love y'all too ❤️Man, I can’t believe I grew up with so many medical professionals, economists and social theorists. Truly astoundin…
Retweeted by Gilead MediaBeen trying to write a tweet for days, just can't seem to do it. So I'll keep it simple: This shit sucks, I'm at h…
@Blackhouse_Recs The place that burned down made lacquer chemical compound. This is electroplating. Different steps.
@C_Rage_Records NiProWe are, at most, like 10 days away from semantic arguments about what qualifies as a "mass" grave.
Retweeted by Gilead MediaFound out today that one of the country's largest record plating facilities is now closed indefinitely as well.
@blackmetalbrews I hope it's worth the wait and my constant hyping. @tretilldeath I wish we could partition society into one group that listens to scientists, and another group that "… @adzesband @blackmetalbrews If we want it noisy and heavy I don't know if I can come up with a much better combo.We also recorded a cover of "The Black Crow" by Songs: Ohia that we will be releasing as a standalone digital singl… programming, noise, additional vocals, aux instrumentation, and track sequence is finalized for the Cavernlight… some out of print titles back from our old distributor when we picked up all remaining inventory. A handful of… @the_roeder @HalfLifeAlyx @dwdrums @PaisteNation Rad. Keep the drum videos coming if ya can. @the_roeder @HalfLifeAlyx @dwdrums @PaisteNation That at sharkbite?
@CouchSlut what! @SaddestLndscape I can't believe how few people know that ETD record. @dave_hoffa Oh dude, enjoy @gordonskramzy Fuck gonna jam on SBM next now that I'm in a Milwaukee band youtube hole @dave_hoffa Yo man I'm listening to both these records right now and these hold up so fucking good. Did you ever ja…'m like one good day away from sending a bunch of emails to try and license endthisday - Sleeping Beneath the Ashe…
Quarantine thoughts: Man, Goku was a shitty dad.A friend reminded me I saw Xylorious White in 2016 open for Godspeed. DONE. @justinsnow That's the way to do it. People like this are scammers. Always get the items back and leave feedback after them not before 💪 @trevordebrauw Fucked me upAny reason to recall some sick shows I may have forgotten. @jottevanger @avantghettonyc Still, I know plenty of customers that would be throwing a fit right now haha. I'm sure you do, too.
@bkrasmanmmmetal He stopped doing that once he grew up. Sadly. I love revisiting those videos.Tater. 2020. Many of you may remember Tater from back when I was managing the screen printing shop / running the la… @Slydemise Losing packets every match. And I'm having that common problem where my spectrum internet drops out when I'm playing.I've become nocturnal
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@ChewSolo I might Google that. The joy cons are too small and kill my hands. @UnworldlyOrigin Unusable. Can't believe how bad it is.Why is the switch pro controller such a piece of shit for Tetris? Constantly registers an UP on the d pad when I'm… @Tovegantinued Really shining a light on the struggle of the touring musician with this write up. @MyronUncle It has to be. That's the only answer that makes sense.The local coffee shop New Moon made a roast for my record store back when we first opened. It is DARK and you can o… @portrayalof Even with all the shit happening in the world, I can't believe this article exists.This has to be a fucking joke @kellehmain whoa! @avantghettonyc Oh yeah season 2 was a bit of a mess. I don't remember a lot of the details but I remember enough.When are the opening credits of Westworld Season 3 just going to start saying "based on the short story ______ written by Philip K Dick"
@GRIND_FIDELITY I mean the shop ships discogs orders every 3 days and says so in the seller terms people agree to but nobody reads.Don't worry, there are still people that ordered shit on discogs Saturday night that messaged Sunday afternoon asking when it ships.Starting to record the new album today. What better time than right now... The world is exposing itself for what it…
Retweeted by Gilead Media @meddlingmage You're in for itWhen your children ask you how you survived the Deadly Pandemic of 2020, I think it's safe to say that we can all a…
Retweeted by Gilead Media @XopherMonster Oh good call I wanted to watch that @jberd462 Although I haven't watched spaced in a long time! @NeillBird I've never understood the allure of community, just did an Arrested Development watchthrough recently, t… @jberd462 Could never get into peep show but fucking LOVED That Mitch and Webb Look. I'll check out Hardy Bucks. @prajmetal Watched 30rock the first time around. But rewatching doesn't grab me at all. @prajmetal Tried all those and none of em really do it for me.It's right about now I'm wishing I hadn't already reached every ufotv thing on Amazon and hadn't just finished an o…
@kellehmain Did you invite the npcs to move to your island? @CouchSlut @imogenbadger Let me know if you get it! @kellehmain Nook miles god damn you autocorrect @kellehmain Ugh dude I just spent a couple hours grinding for book miles so I could go to npc islands and farm iron…
@justinsnow I quelled my urges by mailing a bunch of records instead!Social distancing doesn't have to be anti-social: @lightningsgirl live-stream DJ giving me absolute life right now…
Retweeted by Gilead Media @catjonessoda I don't see a problem hereThis, big time. love looking at the sick heavy bands out of NYC over the last 10 years and seeing so many of them associated with us.In case you missed my midnight tweet last night