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Giles Coren @gilescoren Kentish Town, obviously.

Restaurant criticism and columns in The Times. “Amazing Hotels” on BBC2, Netflix etc. Podcast “Giles Coren Has No Idea”. TalkRadio, Sunday Nights, 7-10pm.

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@nicholaswatt Shoplifting?Since the invention of Twitter, has Twitter ever got the election result that Twitter wanted or Twitter expected? I… @GaryLineker @RangersFC You should stick to footb- oh. @alstewitn @David_Cameron Are you sure? I was at an election party full of Tories and I recall them being cockahoop at 10pm... @tomchaplin Who?End of Farage, at least. Literally the last we will ever hear of him. Small mercies. @KDogWhizzle Yeah it looks okay. I’m just mucking about.But I voted Green. What the fuck happened? @Sathnam I also really need it to not be hung for the column I’ve half-written for Saturday to be finishable before… @Sathnam @ClareFoges I dont read her columns anymore because she never comes to the Op-Ed Christmas dinner. I get a… @Sathnam Except a working majority would mean he needs the ERG and we’ll get a harder Brexit but landslide will mea… @caroldecker @brackley88 @talkRADIO I was kind of assuming not... @caroldecker @DasBoot54 @talkRADIO 💕 @Aug24 @talkRADIO @caroldecker ☹️ @brackley88 @talkRADIO @caroldecker Yep. @baffledonlooker @talkRADIO @caroldecker Fair32 years after it went to number one, ‘China in your Hand’ finally gets the cover version it deserves, feat. Decker… @DasBoot54 @talkRADIO @caroldecker Good. Fuck off. @NigelSlater And the only one in the country where your vote can definitely get rid of Corbyn. @TomChivers I was born in July 1969 so my third general election was when I was five and a quarter.
@_stavros1 I guess. Although I am a very slightly younger dinosaur.I love you, Jeremy. @morganmatt @hugorifkind ESPECIALLY in test matches. @hugorifkind Binny versus Jez really would be a tough one though...Fucking love Klopp."It was completely stupid" 🗣 Jurgen Klopp apologises to a translator after criticising his work on Monday 🤝
Retweeted by Giles Coren @hugorifkind I know I am 🇮🇱 @RyanRDavid That’s the plan... @asuander 💪🏽 @andrewsduncan1 No @AshAtalla Can’t begin to imagine!Block out your calendars, rewrite your diaries, set your alarms... 3pm talking to #hestonblumenthal and @gilescoren about #hestonsmarvellousmenu can’t wait to head back to 2001…
Retweeted by Giles Coren⁦@secondmentions⁩ “emulsified high-fat offal tubes”. GLORIOUS. @Anne_MarieMill Rectangles!
@RNorthumberland @PaulGreenTPB That was an idea i toyed with too! I think someone also does something like it on si… @gilescoren @PeteCityPrice Watching The Twelve Drinks of Christmas should become as much a part of the Christmas tr…
Retweeted by Giles Coren @PeteCityPrice How nice. Well, I’m presenting a new show next Thursday on BBC2 9pm called Heston’s Marvellous Menu… fat arse of Johnson, the shit teeth of Corbyn, the teeny-weeny brain of Swinson, the mushroom-penised impotence… @MattCainWriter @NotCyberJohn @talkRADIO @mrmarkdolan He collects lizard skulls! His avatar is some thing from a kids’ movie! 🦎 👶🏻 @MattCainWriter @NotCyberJohn @talkRADIO @mrmarkdolan He’s a lonely bedroom onanist with no followers. Want me to g…
“Hey Jo, tell me, what is an idiot?” “Well, I know I’m one...” book The Madonna of Bolton was rejected by 30 publishers in 2007 for being too "gay”. Are there any arguments a…
Retweeted by Giles Coren @joewarwick Disagree. Got an amazing recipe off @XanderArmstrong - it’s all about using wine you would want to drin… joined us at 9pm, which is two hours in. in her hand... Huge thanks to Carol Decker for letting us share her Desert Island Snacks last night on TalkRa…
@LeeHambly @mrjamesob Not about the state of my own life, no. Which is what this thread is about. But about the sta… @mrjamesob Well my local MP will still be Keir in the next parliament so I’m doing what I can... @matthew0connor @mrjamesob Well I’ll probably vote for Keith anyway. Although I’d like my vote held over until he’s… @mrjamesob Well it’s just ever so hard knowing whom to vote for when one has no complaints. I suppose I’ll have to… @mrjamesob What if you think you are living a better life than you deserve? @PeterMooreLane1 @talkRADIO Oh days @zebrapumpkin @talkRADIO Wife styling. Not convinced. @DavidPeters__ @talkRADIO Yes @BuntyArachchige @talkRADIO Thank you! @AlfPrufrock @talkRADIO Yep @mrmarkdolan @gilescoren @caroldecker Great show guys 👍
Retweeted by Giles CorenGoodness. @gilescoren claims I’m right wing @talkRADIO - doesn’t he know the #IndependentRepublic is the most balan…
Retweeted by Giles Coren @BexB_84 @talkRADIO Winter break. Back jan 3. @Iromg @talkRADIO @mrmarkdolan I do I do! And, hang on, you’re listening? Thank you!Listen to @talkRADIO NOW to find out all about how we got this tree and the disasters that ensued... @caroldecker @talkRADIO Mine. Had to cut the top off to get it on! @thomasTMFmorley @Joanna__Hardy It’s all so complicated. @richardosman @Joanna__Hardy I, on the other hand...She has a point. I feel bad. I will thus apologise to her on my TalkRadio show tonight at 7pm. And explain why I re… @Joanna__Hardy Yes that was quite the exaggeration. I’m sorry if you felt hard done by. I just got to peak NHS whin… @jcoxwriter Although I am also sheltered and lucky @jcoxwriter Or a monstrous exaggerator @CountessPidders Me too! @mikekelly85 @Malisdad Bingo @jbr_1976 Phew @amhopcroft I slept VERY WELL THANK YOU AND THE MILK WAS FINE! 😡Can’t wait! @jbr_1976 I’m not a Tory. @DomZRoss Greens, maybe?Although obviously fuck the Tories and Boris and everything but without saying such dim, childish things., and what with her being based in Holborn, she is 15 minutes from, as far as I can see, at least, FIVE great hos… is probably the single dimmest tweet I’ve ever read. The sort of crowd-pleasing socialsit twit who thinks a ni… on, is this yucky frozen bao - served twice - some rare Chinese regional delicacy I don’t know about or does t… this why LibDems are all still basically children? @richardpbacon Because broadly veganism is a statement about individual health and the health of the planet. And Di…
@Norfolk_Counsel Would that she had the power @Dwarfland25 More so @jeremyskidmore True @LawMice Thanks. I guess there are contexts in which it could. @ianstringer That’s generally the pattern. As my friend @Dannythefink was saying the other day, quoting I think a r… @Sherrymoments @TomRebbitt Oh it’s all out there on twitter slash Google if you do the right searches. @NigelLindsay1 Because then the piece would be about him. @JonnyGeller I did German A level. She’s actually saying it never happened and then explaining why she’s backing Jeremy Corbyn.Son’s goal on South Korean TV might be the best thing you’ll see all day.
Retweeted by Giles Coren @Ellyfarty @beelinbaxter Love Chang’s. Reviewed it quite recently. @barrysherwin61 @beelinbaxter @_tigerbitespig @richardpope Noted! @CliffTh02304184 It wasnt an anti subeditors rant. It was an anti bad subediting rant. Good subeds should love me.… @Rusty530 @SiFi65 Ever @annethompson7 Easy to find on twitter or by googling @mrdarrenyoung @Hawkmothleather 😘 @NigelLindsay1 It is. And I probably should have acknowledged that. But I got a bit fixated on ME.Frozen bao, not once but twice! @gilescoren - you are generous with your scores. Chinese like me would walk out and…
Retweeted by Giles Coren @SiFi65 Yes my point is not legally relevant. Just rhetorical. @Clare01256377 Ooh, i get in deep doo doo when i do that. Although i do do it. So more doodooo