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Gillian Polack @GillianPolack Canberra, Australia

Writer, historian, educator, foodie. Maker of seriously bad jokes. Current nickname appears to be "Dr Dr". Winner of 2020 Chandler Award.

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@JVartndesign @cstross I don't demand a public holiday on Jewish NY or even Yom Kippur. I would just like people to… @JVartndesign I know a version of it that a friend taught me. I admit, I like it most in a cucumber sandwich. @JVartndesign Cold on challah with sliced tomato, sliced potato and pickled cucumber... @JVartndesign I really, really like my family recipe.I promised one of you my corned beef recipe. I found the recipe, but forgot to write down who it was for. Please help!
@coyotedancer It's such a pain. @coyotedancer My IBS got mostly under control a few months after the diabetes did. I think eating of fermented food… @coyotedancer I can deal with pain (although I don't like to) but prawn or fish as low allergy? That dish would kill me.I always swore that the cycle would stop with me. There are currently over 20,000 ATSI kids in out-of-home care. Th…
Retweeted by Gillian Polack @KB_Neal I have seen this far too many times.I love articles that claim allergy-friendliness. I love them because I lay an inner bet on whether I'd survive all… @joanneanderton @AlanBaxter I wear my trousers rolled by still dare to eat peaches.
@PrinceJvstin @SFFAudio It may depend on a decision by a publisher. I suddenly have a series. They're linked by bei… @bluntshovels It's happening to so many people. That's why I gave people presents to celebrate the birthday... we a…
@bluntshovels Including my 60th birthday, which most of my friends missed because I can't see them til I'm vaccinated. @bluntshovels This is what is happening in my vicinity. When I finally got a vaccine appointment that was physicall… @fomalhaut451 Someone is certain to drink it by mistake.What does a previous leader of the Liberals have to say about the current leader?
@PurpleGoddessWA @eileenchongpoet This makes me happy :). (There is a miniature cafe in a British fandom picture an… @KB_Neal Even an hour earlier and I'd go.I can now type with several fingers (wild advancement!) and one of the first things I did was catch up with my reci…
My achievement today took me 60 years: I now have a Seniors Card. @GillianPolack​ reminds us all to take care of ourselves today on the Treehouse Writers blog.
Retweeted by Gillian Polack @tadethompson I ran into a similar issue a few years back and was told that the best way of handling it was "Person…, Gillian, just because you can type almost a whole tweet without pain doesn't mean you should respond to posts by idiots.My hand hand is still fairly out of order, but it's improving."Twitterific" from @elizabethscraig & @Hiveword: @GillianPolack @sfwa @selfpubwithdate @plotwhisperer
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@sbu @tadethompson When someone chooses not to get the vaccination, they choose to put others at risk. Like reckles… @dancinghorse And changed landscape here: I think there's a lot more archaeology needed be… @dancinghorse There's also evidence of materials linked to ritual a bit earlier (just a bit) in Australia: @Asher_Wolf I have persimmons! @Rowena_SW @eglantinescake @chefjanelfields $100/week Canberra one BR late 80s. I miss the location and the bit of… @gammagirl62 Such a soft picture. @LunaPressGlobal Along with the nice sum of money, I got an illustration by a famous cartoonist. A special magic.Old, old, old news.
@A_M_Holloway Thank you @OphBruneau @k_tastrof @WriteverJ @GaleazziLivia @DaelfDerechef @EllenKushner @TheMiddleShelf1 @fifokaswiti @k_tastrof @WriteverJ @GaleazziLivia @DaelfDerechef @EllenKushner @TheMiddleShelf1 @OphBruneau @fifokaswiti
12 hours left for my aptly named May poll for patreon: @jasefranks W00t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Mazel tov!! @LunaPressGlobal It's improving quite quickly. It's still bad, but I should be back to normal Mondayish. Moral of t… wrote The Art of Effective Dreaming long, long before the pandemic, but... it reflects how some of us handle the… @wendyorr It's an infected joint...
@VacenTaylor Thank you. I'm hoping for a night's sleep first, then full healing to follow.Antibiotics are such an amazing invention. I can already type whole sentences with less pain. I shall go to sleep a… @WriterNancyJane The symptoms were light on my birthday, which, given I'm on antibiotics just before it became scar… @CatKimbriel I always have probiotics on hand, because ... they help. I'd forgotten I did, though. Thank you for th… @Chadwickauthor Thank you! Even one antihistamine enables me to do a little typing, so I live in hope it will resol… @OMearaShauna Not at all. An under-skin infection, source unknown. Deep and trying to take over the whole hand. For… @KB_Neal I have very strong antibiotics.Really important thread for unpublished writers who think they've found the perfect opportunity. I have a truly evilly infected finger. Friends took me to the doctor and I am on antibiotics. In a few days… crush us and we do not wine, we scream in anger.
@iannmcdonald I needed to know that at least one algorithm has a soul. It explains much. @DannyDangerOz Your life history shall be titled "Seven Silly Smiles Hidden in an Overcoat." @iannmcdonald It sees your soul? @MeaningfulB It triggered a bodywide reaction. The good news is that I know now how far I have improved in 2 years.… my silence. I've damaged a hand and typing hurts. I will return... @eglantinescake I have at least one. 'Happy Faces for Happy Families' - it's in my collection, Mountains of the Mind.
@IraethinHarry It was part of a package of things, and it was... amazing.
My friends in Polish fandom created an amazing birthday present for me. They walked me around Jewish Warsaw and sho… @FullyNocturnal @elizabeth_fitz You need to modify the design so that the tea doesn't seep away @DannyDangerOz I was thinking of coffee... @jackie_french_ It was and is! @DannyDangerOz I've been thinking about you and hoping life in general improves soon. When it does and vaccination…
No Spellcheck. Just, no. 'Self-destruction' is not a suitable replacement for 'self-definition.' @MeaningfulB Thank you!!I was trying to explain to a friend that I need burghul, not bulgur, and autocorrect first translated my typing int… @SueBursztynski Thank you!! @PrinceJvstin Thank you!! @ElizabethKnoxNZ Nightmare rose hip.My new poll for Patreon: It has a new option...Not long before I turn 60, so one last picture. @FullyNocturnal - you may want to see this one in particular. @clundoff I was that ... and took a day off, and it helps. So much. Take care of yourself, please.To summarise: Australia needs that August election. We can't afford to wait until next year. @CatKimbriel Could you DM me your address. I know I have it, somewhere, but I'm trying to keep this simple!I'm sorry about my typing. Yesterday was a bit curious and my fingers are not back to where they need to be. I'm working on it.I'll be sending out the emails this afternoon and putting the letters in the post tomorrow. If you want a story and… Spellcheck Your suggestion of 'sidereal' for 'realise' fascinates me. It won't work, but it's charming.
A summary of those "Not my job" statements. I particularly agree with the statement that it's practically a catch-p… for another one of Sunday's pictures (only 2 more days of them) @SueBursztynski NSW, just outside Canberra. This is as far as I'll be able to go for a bit, and I was lucky to be taken that far. @dancinghorse I like potatoes. I have a migraine and misread. My typing is better than it normally is with a migrai… @dancinghorse Me too. Baked, with bush tomato and butter.
@polygonnative I suspect I've seen more than you. I started earlier... @VacenTaylor Thank you! It made me so happy to see the world still exists! @Peterbeaglever1 Happy birthday!Another picture from last Sunday (and then I shall have an early night, for today was complicated) @coolgrl_69 @Asher_Wolf They want people hurting to share COVID? @aliettedb It's old. There must be more recent studies! Also, it's Australian. I'd love to see evidence that this o… @aliettedb Dale Spender did some research into m/f conversations. When women talked more than 33% of the time, they… @staticsan ACT to rural NSW, not on the way to any town. @superleni That's why I took the photo - I thought the change of road was a great indicator of life. @CoraBuhlert @PrinceJvstin I'm very excited about this! @tintinaus In my case it was the first time that far from my place since I was evacuated in January last year becau… seasonal song for my northern hemisphere friends: have just posted some thoughts in the Treehouse: @CoraBuhlert @PrinceJvstin I'm hoping it means we can see a wider picture of SF, as well. I love the memory aspect… @PrinceJvstin @CoraBuhlert This is an excellent solution to one of those things that could have become thorny.Today's picture. I felt like Sam leaving the Shire when I crossed onto the unsealed road.