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Gillian Polack @GillianPolack Canberra, Australia

Writer, historian, educator, foodie. Maker of seriously bad jokes. Current nickname appears to be "Dr Dr" due to shape of qualifications.

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@MAdamsVictoria My ears tell me I'm turning everything into mondegreens, not that it's not English.I had forgotten this song. I knew about it but had never heard it. It makes me wonder... how many songs did I not q… friend just sent me a Thanksgiving ecard. I finally worked out why Thanksgiving is such a good thing. I hope it g… @atheistsceptic @arrroberts Melted Turks @arrroberts Turkish delight doesn't actually go stale. I wonder if it melts.I shall be visiting the market tomorrow.... online: @RB_Lemberg Just as well you didn't give in and that you baked! Happy Thanksgiving.Thank you, @TonyKeen46
I'm about to go to sleep and I wanted a nice image to dream about. Someone retweeted the Borderlanders announcement… Spellcheck I'm not talking to you tonight. You want to change 'ethnohistorian' to 'prehistorian.' Maybe I won'… of Australians read books. This makes the stats I shared the other day about writers even more worrying.My November Patreon recipes include one for clouted cream. I now want to make some. I haven… @TimWattsMP @vanbadham Albert is the perfect illustration for this tweet.This month's Patreon poll might be an all-way tie. I hope more people will vote in the next few days. unboxing... I have History and Fiction in paperback! @leioss @TheCallYA Just possibly... @leioss @TheCallYA It's a PhD thesis. It includes your work. Also, it's hard to explain on Twitter. I'm happy to chat on Zoom :) @PrinceJvstin It is not at all. Clark Kent is a magic user... @PrinceJvstin The words both come from 'clericus', which explains the error, but does not help at all.My thesis will look at the work of Naomi Novik, @TheCallYA and @leioss . I do not know how to break this terrible…"Natasha Stott Despoja...ran her campaign for a UN job almost completely from her home in Adelaide... ...she trave…
Retweeted by Gillian PolackI just realised... I had my lunch as a late breakfast, by mistake. I blame the air, which has a peculiar density to… do like meeting up with supervisors. Clarity ensues.My best typo so far today is "Charlemange" (with the barbe flori, of course) @kezarthur I just made coffee and today is a clumsy day and it's not impossible that I will copy you. You are my role model...
@PurpleGoddessWA That's why I haven't watched it til now. But it's nearly 1 am and I need to wind down @matociquala If you reduce it so that it's able to be cut with a knife, then it should resemble the travel soup fro… @PurpleGoddessWA The one with FassbenderI finished my list of things at midnight exactly. Such precision is so rare I can't sleep. I'm watching Jane Eyre.… Spellcheck, You were behaving so beautifully ... until you told me that 'publishable' needed to be 'punishable.'ICYMI: Read @Watts_Writes's review of @GillianPolack's 'The Year of the Fruit Cake' 'The novel follows a group of…
Retweeted by Gillian PolackHow am I going with yesterday's list? I have an extra meeting and had an extra workshop and an extra paper to write…
This is a very straightforward summary of a very difficult situation: @PrinceJvstin @omgjulia @charlesatan The reign of rain @KarenMuses I may skimp on the housework...It's Patreon polltime! only have 2 books to read by Wednesday, one short course to do, one set of forms to fill in, three meetings, 150… nearly didn't post this, because so many friends reading this lived through hell last summer. Honestly, this year… Australian retailers (especially @Kogan who has been spamming me ) when you sell things for "Black Friday" I c… worries me. A lot., in Australia politics... were not only left out entirely, many of them were incarcerated for the duration. Germany would rather they di… was more difficult for Jewish athletes. Six of them were murdered (that's 6 of the 17 athletes described in an e… Owens, more than any other US athlete, was in an impossible situation when he was told to run in that relay: those who need more background on why the US might keep its Jewish athletes from the field in a prominent event… came up in my work today (I'm trying to sort some stuff about cultural constructs out). I knew about this, but… needed this Royal Commission so that the rest of us could hear about things like this. Add this to how Australia… rt-of-morning is all paperwork. As is most of my afternoon. My November is all about the paperwork.
@SueBursztynski @JVartndesign We'll get that rain later today @PrinceJvstin @BookwormBlues That's just amazingMy sole useful thought all today is that I need to revisit the work of Bruce Pascoe.We have much thunder tonight. Much, much thunder. Also rain. @PrinceJvstin @emdevenport @katsudonburi And we did @PrinceJvstin @emdevenport @katsudonburi Nice! @baconsmith2 Yes - I do not need more summers like that!! @baconsmith2 me too. Years ago I had really bad neighbours and in summer I used to sleep on my couch. I'd rather no… @daggyvamp @SueBursztynski @Aerohaveno Nor do I. My roadside kerb does, however. We have plants and you have food.… @daggyvamp @SueBursztynski @Aerohaveno Good choice. Flowers in gardens are a lovely thing when everyday forgets the… people who are wondering what's happening near me, given what this time last year was like @baconsmith2 It's not that - it's a neighbour across the way, and this is a flat complex. On humid, warm nights in… neighbour had his TV on all night. I am a creature of little sleep today. (Before I have to reply to "Why didn't… @Jolyon5 @Fieldandfen @DrMMGilchrist1 @Lucy_Worsley If you think that this is what is happening, look at the data o… @Lucy_Worsley Mine is something that was invisible earlier (except to a few academics) but came out in paperback th… some of us are sensitive to "Ask again next year."
@PrinceJvstin Trade is changing. Bigtime. Hopefully it will change back. In the interim, if we want some things, we have to be innovative. @PrinceJvstin I've been doing so much by mail order this year, because of things like this. I ended up with 900g of… Brain - please stop playing Ravel's Bolero and the theme tune to The Mandalorian at the same time. Yours sincerely Earwormed @Canovaccio Yes - with all the sadness this entails @AngelaSlatter I want some and have none (and am not allowed it, anyway), so if you wouldn't mind having a double p… no good reason at all, I want to offer all kinds of conferences papers related to food and fiction. One has bee… @Rowena_SW @tanaudel It's my favourite. Always and ever.I have a pile of admin stuff to do after this last bit of the conference, which is why I've put off watching it. Ad…'m about to watch the last video for TrinityCom and it is entitled "What if God is one of us?" and I now miss Joan… @DannyDangerOz @ariaflame I wish it weren't, thoughBlade Runner, I, Robot and a 1550 automaton have made an appearance. This paper is geek central, and no less academ… and Cyborgs and Gaming (and Metropolis!) and I want to finish the tweet with "Oh My!" but I'm busy watchin… did make sense. It really did. those of you who missed out - TrinityCon is open to everyone on YouTube and there are great papers. So many fan…'Resistance is Futile: Modernist chairs in Star Trek and beyond' @duhistorycon talk available on YouTube for consum…
Retweeted by Gillian PolackIt was only a matter of time before I found an excuse to talk about Pokémon at an academic conference... So here's…
Retweeted by Gillian Polack @MeaningfulB @duhistorycon Yes - the warning that you miss out if you don't go to academic conferences. (I think th… @maggdesigns13 I thought it was something like that, but you know me - I had to know all about it! And I really lik… @MeaningfulB Despairingly. They will sing it despairingly.I didn't quite finish the @duhistorycon videos last night. I took a side step into my own work. (Writers, if you're… that the end of the year is a bit closer, I wonder how the story of 2020 is going to be told. A movie won't do…
@maggdesigns13 Happy birthday again - and thank you for sharing this. I've wanted to know what these were all about for ages!This whole thread. The question is, for me, whether the film/TV show has even considered ways of doing things witho… C16th example, from the Tudor House museum in Southampton, shows an English vessel setting sail and ready f…
Retweeted by Gillian Polack @SamanthaSandy7 @duhistorycon In Australia, most prejudice against Jews is through a kind of silencing and that wou… @SamanthaSandy7 @duhistorycon Small town America is a dangerous place - and now I'm thinking of SF short stories. S… @SamanthaSandy7 @duhistorycon That's part of the SF narrative of that moment, I suspect. That anything from a cultu… @SamanthaSandy7 @duhistorycon I wasn't thinking about Serling's optimism or pessimism - I was thinking how very Chr… @SamanthaSandy7 @duhistorycon It was a lot of fun. I was thinking of the Medieval hierarchy of responsibility (whic… @Catrambo Food should be pretty! The question is, though, whether they taste as good as they look.More historiography! Total War related, too. I will lay odds that, when viewers are tallied, this one has the most…'s nearly midnight - I may stay up and see all the papers before I go to bed. That will make tonight more fun and… for historiography! (one of my favourite things) This paper is about Canadian drama: @duhistorycon @medievaljews At least we have State governments handling COVID. You have it much tougher than us. (China disliking… @medievaljews Your comment applies equally to Australia as it does in the UK.There is a Pokemon paper! I know some of you will want to watch this with me.