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Gil Kruger @gilly New York, NY

Tweets about movies, TV, podcasts and the creator economy. Alum of @ekovideo @Fullscreen @CampTakota @OutfieldMovie and a friend to all corgis. Views are mine.

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@DivaLaci @ScamGoddessPod Congratulations Laci! @ScottWamplerBMD makes zero sense to me @JamesEmShapiro Enjoy!
@heydingis LOL I had no idea this existed. epic. @heydingis KLOWN is fantastic. I actually haven’t seen the sequel.BORAT 2: I haven’t laughed harder at any movie since the first KLOWN (2010), which itself was the funniest movie I… @JuiceboxCA I’m an every-other-year guy @TaraAnsley I don’t think I have laughed harder at any scene since I saw the movie KLOWN, but as a man it surely hits different I think @JoshtheFlanagan I am very happy you are returning to this cinematic universe @AlexDRocca had a bagel for breakfast. just picked up an apple cider donut from Dunkin’ to reward myself for finish… Bakalova Oscar talk please #BoratSubsequentMoviefilm
@BeeBabs are there any Nigerian stand ups that you recommend? @crisp_red @loudmouthjulia Link please! @TaylorLorenz Israel @TaylorLorenz we stan @rox_anne_b oh lord I love this blind item @AndreaRussett It’s wonderful. Congratulations Andrea!! @mischaetc Good luck! @emmagannon @MissHezah @AndrewsMcMeel really appreciated this book! @MissHezah do you have any upcoming copywriting courses? @BrianDuffield I really like that show @AlexDRocca Court is going to get ruff. @DaniAbe @AlexDRocca I miss the good ole days of Vine @arb facts @KalhanR king of the castle king of the castle @PodcastsInColor oh dang this would be good @DaniAbe @AlexDRocca pics please @arb I remain amazed that he's not part corgi @tconrad @snitchseeker731 I am obsessed with this movie. It wasn’t a box office hit but it has its fans @loudmouthjulia Saw this movie 3 times in the theaters @frogandleaf @100soft Check out and search for him @100soft @MondoNews Love this one. @GareRick wait, maybe i have seen it. But I shall rewatch!
@GareRick I need to see The Call @matthaig1 Genovia @AlexDRocca If i drive in from Jersey will you save me a piece @brendangahan @JoshConstine We scaled up our originals and released a video podcast every day of the week but yes,… @keithcalder Take my money @brendangahan @JoshConstine Yes but Vessel was just a one week window for subscribers before the videos went up on… @euripidesredux @howimakemusic Ooh thank you @JoshConstine Fullscreen (where I worked) tried the “give online creators shows” SVOD model and while it lasted lon… @TheVTran Thank you for sharing @JuiceboxCA This is not one of your better takes, but I hope it achieves your goals for your “personal brand.” A lo… @PodcastsInColor Teamwork! @PodcastsInColor @snarkylicious They’re not wrong. Although I think WGA Audio is building a database @amandamull I would buy Midge merch @kelseydarragh Common sense: before spending hundreds of millions of dollars on content, why not pay people like Ke… @nwquah @DescriptApp is the best. @DanielJLayton @DreamOnMaddie Terrifying @JoshConstine Yes to all of that @danielleweisber They should have empowered newer creators but I’ve seen firsthand that people don’t want to pay fo… did a lot of things wrong and they’re an easy target for quips but they hired a lot of smart people, and thos… @tyleroakley it’s ridiculous that his reps haven’t publicly and instantly dropped himIt’s official: Jeffrey Katzenberg is calling investors to tell them he’s shutting the company down, sources tell…
Retweeted by Gil Kruger @DaniAbe Oof this takes ain’t it @smickable Voted! @PodcastsInColor Thanks for pointing me to this! @ziwe fuck yes!!!! Congrats @domccus Amazing! Small world. I love AD. Had the great fortune of meeting them once for work. Wish my Takota hoodie still fit! @kelseydarragh Matt Haig. @rekhalshankar Very excited for this @ScottAukerman So excited!!!My absolute favorite sketch group working today got their own Netflix show! Check out their YouTube. @AuntyDonnaBoys This is the greatest fucking news ever @jamiew 👀
@PhilRanta @wormholelabsinc Sweet. Cannot wait to try this @JoshtheFlanagan @FionaNova @JessicaVasami Those pants! @steveluvender @Aerocles Would you recommend someplace else? @jamiew Clever girl
@heyshenee what’s happening @RachMiller @paradigmagency Congratulations Rachel! @hannahlipow ❤️ @arb WHAT @FANGORIA ALIENS, probably @BrotiGupta me neither @twothrees I’m so jealous that you’re ahead of me!Um @GangsOfLondonUS on AMC+ is not fucking around. Which is what you’d expect from the director of THE RAID. @rach_greenspan happy birthday! @rach_greenspan Found my new online dating bio @JamesEmShapiro Just binged the first five episodes thanks to you. You weren’t kidding.
@kirstiealley I regret EVER watching “Veronica’s Closet” @mad_hill 👀
@jneece @GeffenPlayhouse @thisisHelder It’s a great show. Enjoy!Emily in Paris has the energy of one of those “Olsen Twins Go Abroad” movies @jessecarp Do they peel off one by one? I don’t remember the scene from TRS @RachelPologe Mazel @jessecarp WHAT @oneandonlyjoyce Empty bottle of Drano next to an empty bottle of wine, I have concerns @Aerocles Yeppppp enjoy!!!
@wilw_writes Thanks for writing this! @AkilahObviously The other day I experienced one one-millionth of what you must go through because I posted a link… @ryancharch You love to see it @rach_greenspan yikes @mmitchelldaviss I’m sorry man @TinCanBros Congrats guys!!! @kierawrr This. This is the best one. @DirRobSavage I need to see both of these! @AlexDRocca Regular Pro. I think the Pro Max is gonna be too unwieldy for a pocket and I’m not exactly gonna take f…
@tyleroakley Nailed it