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@JuliusBarthelme Oh I forgot AB. That’s satisfactory to me. @JuliusBarthelme I didn’t fall in love but YA was really great...and largely due to her performance. Outside of YA & MM I can leave her. @TheMike31 @JuliusBarthelme @RetroRocketEnt That doesn’t help clear anything up (but I don’t think it should exactly) @JuliusBarthelme @RetroRocketEnt Yes James & Danny... no to the cat fight...just HER. That is when I first heard ev… @JuliusBarthelme @RetroRocketEnt I mean I guess? My opinion of 2DITV is that it’s way flat to look at and very over… @JuliusBarthelme I think probably the mma stuff is more likely for the Eastern Europe / Post Russia market where ac… watching 1/1 (available on you know) it’s a nifty little drama that seems like a film counterpart t…
@IDEASOFICE_FIRE This is why I follow you @iamchoppah @turksespinnekop Lost river grew on me & now I quite like it. @BrianChurilla ‘Vengeance is mine’ Sayeth the Lord.Here’s another short I like called the Debt that won the award for best short at the Cannes Film Festival Critic's…’d like to share with you this absurdist short by Dean Parisot & Steven Wright - it won an academy award even, if… @Neptunesalad Just tell me it’s on par with Hardware and I’m in. @ThreeOranges Birds? @Brundle_James I feel similarly about all that you said, and I don’t use the word often or lightly, but I’m excited… @Brundle_James Absolutely! Thanks for the answer! @Brundle_James Seeing as he’s only done 2 feature length movies before this, not including Island of dr. moreau, do… formidable @cameronMstewart #toonme’d years ago: @Darbmilne @TheMike31 @turksespinnekop I’m blocked by the least important people I can think of. & they’re all fil…’re watching the Outsider & it’s very intriguing & certainly strange. It’s only 3 eps in so it’s obvious at this… out, like my parents before me, I ❤️ a good mystery. well my folks love soft mystery shows/movies. But they D… @Humanstein Me thinking about Lost @Cryptaesia 👌 @billyjarrettugh It’s already seedy enough @billyjarrettugh Quit pervin’ Twin Peaks! @billyjarrettugh Stop @Darbmilne It’s not terrible and it’s a bit ambitious in its concepts...i watched it here and there. I’m not big on… @Darbmilne Night flyer? @KennethWReid I was around back then and I liked them too...but by the time I was going to shows they called it qui… @KennethWReid It’s not yours is it? @Darbmilne @SmelliottGould the witch dude...I am a picky sob...and it’s good. I do NOT side with the crowd… @SmelliottGould Oh so your target has movies? Weird. (I jest...but our target only has the most basic selection wit… @JuliusBarthelme @ghoulieschool @MikeVanderbilt Dude, both sides hate science for their very specific self serving reasons. @MikeVanderbilt I completely agree with you. If somehow orange man did ONE AMAZING beneficial thing for humans they… @SceneStealrEric Word. Not sure I’ve seen it, it’s if a time of cinema that is decidedly a blind spot. @SceneStealrEric recent sold : #miamiconnection #gremlins is probably my favorite scene in the Dark Knight...SOUND ON #batman #darkknight
The little prince at Gorn Rock via @RonHallphoto @RetroRocketEnt It’s one of those floundering gen x 90s flicks that is really neither here nor there, but can be a… @ThreeOranges Yeh I tried to like them...I tried to rep but it was all me lying to myself...those were my foolish ‘show your support!’ Days @danpullenbooks I still have one of them @Astrronomy My view right now the year 2000... @MikeVanderbilt @ckottlarock @BradleyjKornish @ghoulieschool We’ve not yet seen it but have been meaning to. @TheMike31 SAMMO HUNG as Walter smh @SpicyBrianna @JFrankensteiner I really guffawed at this, and LOUD, I almost couldn’t stop. I was tickled @chuckpee Actually...THIS is my life now: @jonbergey Elbee said you collected these, so I figured I’d show you: saw the Prodigy and while it wasn’t the worst film ever made, it was not what I would call a good movies. At b… @chuckpee @GaylyDreadful @ghoulieschool @scrawfish @phantasm2 Cemetery man is a favorite of mine though. It’s full… @chuckpee @GaylyDreadful @ghoulieschool @scrawfish @phantasm2 I used to own it. Watched it again’s a… @JuliusBarthelme That’s also probably the most useless gif I’ve yet seen. Hahah @Danger_Slater I already have you a gift earlier this week! @TheMike31 Pretty bad huh? @JuliusBarthelme If we’re taking everything g as analog for real life USA then you have plenty in the movies alone… @MikeVanderbilt I find a substantial # of remakes to either be better than the original or at least worth your time…
@JuliusBarthelme I dunno...I’ve seen the best of trek just as you and Star fleet has always been corrupt. THAT’S WH… @TheMike31 @ThreeOranges Pixels made me angry @ThreeOranges @TheMike31 I mean, it would be something to have this treated with such consideration as criterion al… @ThreeOranges @TheMike31 You guys...are...WRONG @JuliusBarthelme No it’s not. It’s fine. It’s a remix of the original Air Force space command patch. And there’s N… @TheMike31 What Netflix is criterion releasing? I live under a rock @RetroRocketEnt I don’t think I disagree with thisLittle boy crashed on my lap! Now I can’t mooooove! @SeanNarrates @CaptainEhud here you go... an anecdote i told on a podcast a while go @SeanNarrates @CaptainEhud I like’m if they fit...I use them when I mix my ‘things’ not exactly audiobooks but stor… @Brundle_James Rad shot @JuliusBarthelme @SeanNarrates But you didn’t love it jay! You were disappointed! How did that happen? @JuliusBarthelme I’m meh on the whole idea of the show. It’s nostalgia-bait. I ain’t havin’ it. @RetroRocketEnt I get why you’d want gloves & a towel, but so much whiskey? Just to do a nice chore for a few folks… @jesse_hamm @shaenongarrity 👆 @HarebrainedInc It’s ok to be late to the game, as long as you get to handle at least one ball 🤷🏽‍♂️… @thenotoriousjam @ghoulieschool @WDWJW74 @thenotoriousjam @ghoulieschool Hey Jam, You should look through the back episodes of @WDWJW74 (don’t have to liste… @RetroRocketEnt I don’t believe you really would these words with your reader’s voice is far less condescending & dismissive as how they were spoken, the vo…‘Right now there’s a lot of poster artists doing posters for fun & for cult films & like this. I take pride in like…
@MikeVanderbilt I had the dvd and I’m pretty sure that release included the intro / outro... @myuzishion @juliacmarchese with an edit and i needed some panicked screams, i'm not sure this is what i'm looking for buuuuut... recent 4 sold! #ratedR #twinpeaks #beetlejuice #skeletor #motu @KennethWReid @annmagnuson This makes me care even a little.And @EmilioAmaro92 is back at it with a penetrating look at 2 movies that deal with 2 dudes who have at least one t… certain filmmakers seem to think their COLOR films are best seen Black & White. They say this AFTER the initia… @Darbmilne @JuliusBarthelme Check out Edward Norton on the Joe Rohan experience...he goes into why the significant… my Letterboxd shows There is not ONE single film that’s my favorite from the 90s but 4 (If you include TP Pilot… @ghoulieschool Look, if you like it, you’re in favor of every bad thing represented in the film any which way you t… @ashleylynch Oh wait, I forgot, I have this in my office: @ashleylynch Oh just this one
Ray's word on this is why i have an ipad pro. @Astrronomy @TommyDoyle47 (it's dog soldiers) @platypusjones Yeh this is all news to me cuz you’re usually hippity-hoppity tippity-talkity most often. (Which is… @platypusjones Yup @platypusjones 🤔i never would have thought... @robertwilsoniv @c2e2 @emeraldcitycon Soliiiiiid @CentraliaNixon Ok someone needs to use this as inspiration in their mega budget lovecraft film adaptation @KennethWReid But he is in Straight To Hell @CentraliaNixon @BrianIsSuperRad So I’m guessing it was early on in their timeline? I only got to them within the r…