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@TheCinemaSieve I’m with you in ET but not in doom and I find raiders to be middling when there’s no action going on. But yeh Jaws. @Benfulkman99 And then read this! scene in the hallway of the hospital with the cops...that was the reason he made the movie...somewhat reminisce… getting around to invisible man and boy is it not good.
@MikeVanderbilt Aw thanks for this @charlie_vela You can do it if you want to and @grumpireonline will publish it. @ThreeOranges @Darbmilne I like you and you are smart @Darbmilne oh no dunking...i really like true lies. that one is kinda fool proof. @Darbmilne not me though. i mean. i won't see any in theatres or probably curiosity was satiated when i w… @RetroRocketEnt Nor I, but since you dig those books I figured it’s worth putting on your radarDid you know about the depalma book? @RetroRocketEnt @ghoulieschool They would have insisted on a multitude of BS to appeal to their far there’s none of that in this adaptation @constanceannx3 @Danger_Slater Yeh I’m interested in making stuff look screwy @SusanontheLedge @ghoulieschool I dunno about funko, we’ve a live/hate relationship over here but I’ve certainly be… @TheMike31 I doubt it shows her in similar scenes
Watching Utopia on Prime based on Utopia on ch4...loved the UK version, this one is decidedly different looking but… @MikeVanderbilt Just dropped BAT! This week inspired by @porksmith as Laszlo in What we do in the shadows...… @Danger_Slater What is this app called? I need to know because reasons @MATTYCIPOV I’m not so sure about this... @ghoulieschool What a strange euphemism @sonmi That IS amusing @Darbmilne That’s my 2nd fave KITH skit! (First being ‘my pen!) @ThreeOranges Aw it really does sound rad, but I understand that it’s not cool to you. @ThreeOranges Was it cool? @MusicFck @ghoulieschool His sleepy teefus are hilarious @Neptunesalad It’s been found at the WB archive...that’s how they got this blu in the works so fast. Coscarelli eve… @XanaxatTheDisc0 It’s just the whole emphatic attitude scold thing. Sometimes they put a 👏instead of a .
#Josiecat is all smooshed into this here chair! @StarfireLounge I typed Never man autocorrect hates me @StarfireLounge Yeh it’s Little China then repo Man then They live and ever street trash @RetroRocketEnt Yeh I don’t need all that cardboard taking up space on my shelves! Bah @EADxBB by vice I mean, & we can’t be naive about this. most companies do this in some way or other, the gamificati… @EADxBB I feel the same way about all boutiques who use marketing as a means to exploit vice...creating a collector… @DosDedosMiAmigo @ghoulieschool @DosDedosMiAmigo @JuliusBarthelme @TheWedgeSerpent @madmanmarz85 @SusanontheLedge @OfficialDD_G @HorrorOrman @JuliusBarthelme Let them come. Papercuts for them all!!! the crappy sequel included in that price? Because MAYBE then I’d consider preordering it. As it stands bonus and… @durpnad @ghoulieschool But we dooooo @Neptunesalad @joe_dante This is one of the all time feel good movies of the ages @MikeVanderbilt @Neptunesalad @grumpireonline You’ll have to talk to @ghoulieschool about what you wanna write and site ‘rules’ but they’re easy @Neptunesalad You can write one for @grumpireonline if you want @RetroRocketEnt Ah gotcha @RetroRocketEnt Wait, they essentially make the exposition scenes into a music based montage relying only on his em… NO TAGS...THIS BRANCH ENDS WITH ME! 😖 @therentals @gorillaz @PIXIES Self @mattmahaffey @bumblebeez @RetroRocketEnt I dunno about the 4K but I have seen the dc and it just seemed overlong...but I also don’t recall s…
Hey @AllredMD What are the chances of a boutique picking up G-men from hell and releasing a blu-ray all upgrades et… nappin’ doggie #Boogathepup @thew @Galleries1988 What exactly is the resolution? If you can speak more of it... @JuliusBarthelme My mid 80s slide around a lot. Forgive my old man brain will yah?! @TyPosting @JuliusBarthelme Yeh and that’s really stupid @JuliusBarthelme Not on TVit ain’t and not in the movies either...the cussiest movie was voyage home because they h… @JuliusBarthelme Isn’t disco all mouthy? Or is that picaRd ? Fbombs etc @JuliusBarthelme Sorry TNG is doofy. But maybe this TV edit of disco won’t be rated R for no good reasonAdult? Well yeh but the word was ABOUT! Gosh twitter!Grumpire’s resident slasher enthusiast @madmanmarz85 interviews Brocken Lizard adult one of the great unsung slashe… thread got me thinking about G-men from hell...which I just might put on today: @XanaxatTheDisc0 Tuff buddy check your dms! @DosDedosMiAmigo Cool shirt!!! (Thanks dude!) @DosDedosMiAmigo That’s a good photo and I’m (kindly) jealous that you take a self portrait so well. @chuckpee Sorry I didn’t see...happy cumpleaños!Whatever, this gives me@an opportunity to practice ‘tempering every possible thing with love’...boy is that hard to… subtweeted on Facebook...oof
📷 BlahBlahBlaaaaaah BAT! is now alive! (or is it?) all new addition to my ongoing bat shape collection:… BAT! is now alive! (or is it?) all new addition to my ongoing bat shape collection:… @JuliusBarthelme I mean, they DO know what they’re missing, they passed on the work I sent them...I still got paid… really smarts to loose a gig only to see the product that i was hired to design be released & be worse than my v… internet, I'm looking for my next gig in animation! Boards or design! If you know of anything, please send m…
Retweeted by Andoid BorgerTron @JuliusBarthelme @danpullenbooks @i8i8andi8 Yeh I dunno about that!My pal @i8i8andi8 just informed me of this very fashionable young lady wearing my Visit #TwinPeaks shirt all the wa… @ghoulieschool Corrosion of Conformity???
@JuliusBarthelme @StarfireLounge You think this of all the movies @JuliusBarthelme @StarfireLounge It’s cheeseball acting though...the whole thing is.And here’s what she does @JuliusBarthelme @StarfireLounge I used to really dislike it, but I watched it with Elbee and that time it was real… @JuliusBarthelme Sometimes...lately it’s been lizard central around here so she perches at this window and the one… gazing upon a lizard with murderlust in her eyes @JuliusBarthelme @ghoulieschool Demon knight. @MrTheoRandle @XanaxatTheDisc0 Good thing I added ‘proto’ to my assessment
@XanaxatTheDisc0 Hah no...comes from Manic Pixie Dream Girl...coined in 2005 @madmanmarz85 @podandpendulum @ghoulieschool Please use it in a sentence so I can better understand how annoying it is. Thanks @madmanmarz85 @podandpendulum @ghoulieschool What phrase, Nathan? @Darbmilne he did and he did. @Darbmilne are you aware of his stint in naughty movies in the 70s? @XanaxatTheDisc0 admittedly this era is a huge blindspot in my viewing...most i've seen from the 60s are beach shin… @JuliusBarthelme @madmanmarz85 @ghoulieschool YOU DID TOO MR. JR EDITORIt’s starting to get cooler! So get layered and cozy up with some Draculene (or other Gimetzco) merch! Free shippin… @JuliusBarthelme Would be daft to do it any other time considering the 2 films discussed @JuliusBarthelme November dude! @JuliusBarthelme @ghoulieschool The ambassador is back! Eh cap’n Canada! horror crushes @JuliusBarthelme It was hockey, fine. @JuliusBarthelme 😒But you probably watched sports @myuzishion Very tickled about it @charlie_vela It’s called Becoming the mask: @charlie_vela It’s really a very notable comedy trope, even Bruce Campbell got in on it with a movie he made called… @RetroRocketEnt I typically like him but I swore off JCV immediately after i saw it, I think I even bought it to gi… @RetroRocketEnt But I WANTED to like it. @BrianIsSuperRad Thinking about this, and maybe it’s just they were exposed to ‘everyday is Halloween’ for far too… @RetroRocketEnt I never liked that movie...woods did a also pretty rough, insisting one playing loose with the scri…