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StreetsOfRach @Gin_and_bones North West, England

She/Her ancient, eldritch, forest god in the body of a blind, chronically ill oddbod

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@johnneh I was thinking of getting this because it looks fun but I can't work out if it'll be accessible enough for… auntie, who is profoundly deaf & has been since birth, has been trying to get an ent appointment for a perforate… also the best way to get used to wearing a mask is to just put it on and keep it on till you can remove it safely.Also I don't think some people understand that constantly touching your mask is poor infection control, everytime y… areas are still crowded, with little social distancing available so you should really keep your mask on becau… see people with their masks in their hands, putting them on to go inside, then taking them off as soon as they wa… am still for the most part isolating but I have braved a few shops since mask wearing started being encouraged &…
@gothspiderbitch Catholic women in Bosnia would tattoo themselves with orthodox eastern European Catholic symbols t…
I’ve worked really hard on every piece in my shop and I’m grateful for every single sale that I make but I’m also…
Retweeted by StreetsOfRachRetweet this if you’re a disabled/chronically ill/mentally ill person who’s been denied job opportunities, lost job…
Retweeted by StreetsOfRachI don't know about you but if I spend a lot of money on something and it turns out to be not what I ordered or isn'…
It is a strange feeling to be relieved when a gp takes your concerns seriously, I went into my phone consultation 1…
@DasherGuidedog I got my husband to check, it's the beko WTB841R2A @DasherGuidedog You're welcome, I had the same problem when we were looking for a new washer until I found the beko… @DasherGuidedog We have a beko that has a dial with a little bump on the top, there are a number of pre set program…
@brokendowngolf Well that explains a lot todayThe guy panicked and rushed to help me, I don't think he was expecting the earbashing he got but it has been a tiri… barely leave my house anymore, I have started feeling a little more confident in tackling the 5 minute walk to my… I not just show off the fun and pretty things I own without some random guy leaving weird comments on my wedding pics?
@jamesdraper Not reallyMy sister had her hen do yesterday, I only found out because her friend posted a pic on FB, she hasn't spoken to me…
@ArtistCai @BlondeHistorian @TheBlindLifesam I have distinctive keyrings connected to different keys in the bunch,…
I feel like I say this a lot these days but WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!Can't decide if this is a deliberate strategy to shift blame onto ordinary people or if the government are genuinel…
@grimupnorth With the poor and young lined up for back upWatching the narratives being put out by the government in the last few days I have no doubt that they are lining u…
Do you know what else you need to cook meals from scratch? Time, energy, knowledge, equipment, access to fresh prod… food secure shaming the food insecure can fuck right off.
Also, also, I don't know about anywhere else but my local high street is dire, half empty, mostly uninspiring, the… a tax for being over 40? When we literally already pay tax on everything?just fuck off and tax some billionaire tax dodgers you walnutsDo they not think that maybe the reason people aren't rushing back to the high street because there is STILL A FUCK… @johnneh The stupid thing is we already pay tax on things we buy online, it's often large retailers and shopping gr…
Why is that smarmy, Tory-lite, Cheshire cat back doing interviews again like some kind of elder statesman? Get in the bin you war criminal
Bought myself a pair of amazing ballet heels & obvs had to show them off on insta. Immediately got followed by 8 ra…
@NeilLarrisey The hilarious thing is that I don't think he understands that disabled people get treated like shit i…
@brokendowngolf I've definitely noticed that as I get older there is an increasing expectation on me to not show th… yourself, but not like that, why can't you be normal?
I have come to the conclusion that if the world is a simulation then I'm definitely an NPC & I think I might be ok with that
@NeilLarrisey I feel like shit, all her friends are excited and I'm just worried @NeilLarrisey It's hard to know what to do @NeilLarrisey It's a difficult situation to be in, I feel like I'm being over paranoid but considering I'm struggli…'m worried that I'm becoming the bad guy with this whole wedding thing and I'm struggling with how to handle it.The kids are a bit excited about being able to play in their playground now it's finally stopped raining . Video o… @brokendowngolf Thank you ❤️
So our covid tests came back negative, which is a relief, I have to keep an eye on my symptoms but for now at least we don't have covidGetting covid tested when blind is a strange and unsettling experience
@NeilLarrisey I've lost the will to be positive, I've been forcing myself to go out to prepare for the wedding and… I don't have the energy to pretend that I'm ok, caught between a rock & a hard place, in a situation where wh… plan involves going back to bed and staying there for the next 6 months
@NeilLarrisey Everything is a lot right nowDoes anyone else feel like they're losing their mind right now?How do I tell my sister that I don't feel safe going to her September wedding, without her hating me forever?
That money that's been 'spent' on things that didn't work or never materialised, that was funnelled into the privat…
My soul is tired
@NeilLarrisey Hahahaha, from 16 I was either at work at the weekends or in the pub so just never got the urge to hang out there @NeilLarrisey @xThrillhouse That part of my baby goff years missed me, I never hung out there. @BlondeHistorian Oh god, that's my worst nightmare. I have little 3d vision so really struggle with cars when they are in motionThe lack of information is disturbing, we went from being a potential hot-spot to 'everythings OK, open all the sho…'t get access to antibody testing, shielding people have been kicked off the list with no warning & no support… area I live in is heading for a disaster, 10 years of austerity cuts have left our council on its knees, adjace…
@AsdaServiceTeam Thankyou, with a few adjustments it could be good as the store is quite big but at the moment it's very confusingTried my first shop since lock down began, to see if I'd be able to do small shops by myself and the answer is no.… @NeilLarrisey Also uncomfortable with penis, grow up, we're not uncomfortable with genitalia, we're uncomfortable w… @NeilLarrisey What men like this & terfs are saying is that women are objects & men are superior so the only reason…
I've been suffering with pain & painsomnia for 3 days now, finally managed to fall asleep this afternoon & my husba…
I firmly believe that there are more people out there that care about other people than don't but its hard to succe… we end up with a government that can't cope with a situation that requires them to care about people, who will n… huge problem with capitalism is it rewards this mentality of not caring about anything but the money, so the peop…'s only when it starts affecting something they care about, maybe they lose their job or they start losing money,… people like that, your disappointment, your pain, your anger is not a real consequence because they don't care a…'ve been having a recurring conversations over the years about peoples work or bosses or politicians or exs or wha…
My mom sells plant based soaps specially made for sensitive skin. She has soaps for acne, darkspots, eczema etc. I…
Retweeted by StreetsOfRach @NeilLarrisey Well that shut me upPsst. Want to be an ally without even having to do anything? Don't use @Twitter's new audio tweet feature until the…
Retweeted by StreetsOfRach @NeilLarrisey Everyone has been friends with mine for years
Kind of glad to see I'm not the only person shielding that has no idea what's going on. I've had no information sin… @NeilLarrisey I can't decide if he's extremely out of touch or its another dead cat to distract us from the fact th…
Since Boris Johnson is now so keen that we do not "photo shop" British history, I thought I would take a minute to…
Retweeted by StreetsOfRachMy estranged father is in prison, today I was thinking about how if he gets sick or dies I'm not sure anyone would tell us
The absolute audacity of that incompetent scarecrow talking about how we shouldn't change history when every speec…
It's a perfect morning to have a cup of coffee & arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor.
Retweeted by StreetsOfRachIt’s interesting that coverage of Minneapolis has stopped after days of peaceful protest. But they’re still going.…
Retweeted by StreetsOfRachOne of my teachers told us to always apply critical thinking to what we learn as history is written by the people t…
Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have changed the algorithms so that you see less of this. They do this all the tim…
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What is the point of having a supposed democracy if it just stands by & allows what is pretty much now an unaccount… tired of the people who have the actual power & authority to make positive changes or step in & save lives, jus…
Today I posted perhaps the most important, painful, and challenging short film I’ve ever made, “WORTHY” Please take…
Retweeted by StreetsOfRachJust a reminder of what history the U.K. government thinks it’s ok to destroy:
Retweeted by StreetsOfRachIf you’re British and, like me, you weren’t taught about our colonial heritage, here are some things you can google…
Retweeted by StreetsOfRach @NeilLarrisey Yeah it's a whole heap of shit all because people 'lost' their 'property' quite a lot of hereditary p… @NeilLarrisey Have you ever been to the international slave museum in Liverpool? If not I recommend, its harrowing…
Edward Colston was responsible for the deaths of 19,000 people in the Middle Passage. Don’t ask why people tore do…
Retweeted by StreetsOfRachMy sister has tested positive for antibodies, she's a band 7 & ward manager, no idea when she may have caught covid… sake, racist toad man, terf queen and blojo all trending today, can we just have one day without some know-it-…
@NeilLarrisey Lesbians TERFS are a whole thing, so this statement doesn't prove what she thinks it doesWOOOOOOOOOO #BlackDisabledLivesMatter
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Here goes nothing... #VerifyImani
Retweeted by StreetsOfRachFounded by Rachel Cargle, a black woman, this fund is for raising money for black women and girls to get free hours…
Retweeted by StreetsOfRachHere is the verified GoFundMe to bring "peace & healing" to Darnella Frazier—the brave teen who filmed George Floyd…
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