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death is only the end if you assume the story is about you | vt 21 | she / they | 🖤🤍💜

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@ChaseSabadaba definitely the rhamphorhynchusi forgot how much the first chapter of harry potter makes me want to cry1.19.21
ur allowed to tag me in any instagram giveaway that excites u no matter how many times and how little we speak just wanted u to know
Retweeted by ✨ Nimitz 🌙im glad people are hot but it’s not for me
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internet drama part 3: i just need butter 😩
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hey late night twitter how’s it hanging?been working on packing seeing as i leave sunday morning and there’s something very wrong with one of my knees1.15.21“are u a boy or a girl” im a threat
Retweeted by ✨ Nimitz 🌙 @benhayes_12 ben why did you give me this cursed knowledgeso i’ve come to the realization that without a timed class to attend on monday’s and wednesdays i’m going to have s…
@LonnieHIII sounds fun @LonnieHIII so that’s what my weather app meant when it said hazei went temporarily insane and started making shortcuts to have an ~aesthetic~ home screen before i discovered the s… @hudackj tbh when it comes to making it i feel like i know i will have when i’m pleased with the work i’m doing and…
oh to be back on nantucket....
1.11.21 @jermiest20 have you tried the lifeprint videos with dr. bill? i’ve found the most success with him, and a handful… @jermiest20 this is so sweet thank you! it’s a self motivation thing for me tbh, i do 5 days on duo, and then lose…
@jermiest20 it’s thru the library and it’s great (no idea if it works after graduation or not) and it makes me wish…
i know i’m old now because i saw an 11 year old decorating a cake on instagram to positions by ariana and all i cou… (took the gre so not a lot of photos) @sexyclown42069 @camp_soph_ oh man same @sexyclown42069 @camp_soph_ i’m in let’s do it @emfranks7 UGH i don’t get back for a WHOLE week I need another :( @benhayes_12 THE BEST KIND OF STUFFED ANIMAL THEYRE SQUISHY AND SOFT AND FRIEND SHAPED AND I HAVE TWO AND THEY MAKE HOLIDAY THEMED ONES @sexyclown42069 yea @jermiest20 oh my god same
@hillarywithoneL @mooopsy i have bracelets and some other jewelry from there! nice stuff! @mooopsy terra christa when i’m in vienna, there’s a cute rock shop in floyd which is like 45? away from blacksburg @t_real21 i love him almost as much as i love irl terrellno, you can't eat a whole ass capybara
Retweeted by ✨ Nimitz 🌙y’all i needed this. it’s pure joy @thomas_vop interesting! i will have to listen to the rest of the album!
@jermiest20 @thomas_vop truly i feel like i’m being punched in the chest when it starts playing @thomas_vop i just remembered you mentioning that being on your repeated playlist a lot & for whatever reason it fe… @thomas_vop kilby girl is in my spotify recommended for the week and i just have to ask one question - are you okay?sorcerer liv @t_real21 it all needs some more editing and finishing, but i will! you do the same!i want to publish my writing but i don’t think i have enough completed to actually publish it and it’s all long for… @AubreyyyyD @liam757vt it was shocking in the moment but overall it sticks out as strange, somewhat funny moment in… @AubreyyyyD @liam757vt i was told that my sexuality didn’t exist by a fellow intern following a casual saturday out… @AubreyyyyD @liam757vt gotta say i miss e pluribus unum, & to go w/ ur last point, i’m always surprised at the numb… @liam757vt @AubreyyyyD absolutely agree w/ you i just think it’s important to talk abt, & as an atheist i’m probabl… @liam757vt @AubreyyyyD i know faith appeal is really strong - i get that. but i also worry abt the idea that “feed… @liam757vt @AubreyyyyD i am admittedly not educated on the specifics to comment there- thrilled reverend warnock wo… @liam757vt @AubreyyyyD i don’t think anyone should have to forfeit their faith, but i can’t say i agree that more p…
@mitchdavis_ i really had to think back through 2020 or remember that one oh my god @mitchdavis_ i didn’t say it wasn’t art. i said it was cursed @mitchdavis_ here you go friends who wants to hear something cursed?1.5.21 why do my neighbors still have their fourteen (14!) lawn inflatables up? stuck in that weird in between where i feel like i have a ton left to do at home and not enough time to do it
1.4.21 (saw a friend from preschool for boba 🥰) @ratratslut i used to be able to recite the prologue of the first book from memory, probably still could if i thought about it enough @ratratslut my father first gave it to me in 4th grade. i have a very well thumbed ultimate edition with sticky not… @dianaofvirginia diana i’m going to cry laughing. do i get to be exempt from 19 being the peak of my life if i’m a they and not a she? @mckrodney rodney the concept of this is so gd beautifulI'm giving away a 16x20 print of this image! All you have to do is follow me & retweet this tweet! Winner drawn on…
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@mckrodney @jackaloooo maybe... i need to watch htgawm... @jackaloooo @mckrodney i do too and i do not know why @VChafian oh this is good to know thank you, i wanted to see it but don’t like those type of scenes in general so i might just, stay away @thief1434 the universal desire to swing @thief1434 me except with small children on the swings at the (closed) elementary school playground downtown @JoeyChipotle you too 🥺i just want to walk along a street to go visit a museum or historic site holding hands with someone i love, observi… @JoeyChipotle joey i love you 💀 @hudackj @sexyclown42069 manic pixie ✨nightmare✨ vibes @hudackj @sexyclown42069 hair is always an acceptable excuse @sexyclown42069 @hudackj THERE ARE PHOTOS OF ME JUMPING AROUND ON HAY BALES HAY BALES @hudackj @sexyclown42069 it’s the pink hair i swear. i dyed it and suddenly i’m a main character and i want out @sexyclown42069 @hudackj !! why is this a universal experience!! literally for the longest time i thought this ma… @hudackj @sexyclown42069 oh noooo my life is an indie movie and for what @sexyclown42069 @WithAPh_ just reply with an uno reverse card. can’t get out of that one @hudackj @sexyclown42069 it’s weird to be his friend again but kind of nice at the same time? as long as he knows w… @hudackj @sexyclown42069 he texted at christmas and is literally halfway across the country so is not looking for a… @JoeyChipotle same @sexyclown42069 @hudackj i think i talk to my cat and my ex boyfriend more regularly than most of my friends at the moment 🥴 @hudackj @sexyclown42069 YOU TOO 🥺🥺🥺 i have literally not been busy i do not know why i’m never on here anymore @sexyclown42069 @hudackj desire to write poetry with no subject to write about @hudackj @sexyclown42069 julia!! hello! @sexyclown42069 a true ✨miracle✨ @sexyclown42069 THIS WAS INFO I DID NOT HAVE AND DESPERATELY NEEDED TONIGHT THANK YOU FOR BLESSING METhe gender of the day is a haunting demon on a twisty slide.
Retweeted by ✨ Nimitz 🌙 @WithAPh_ my life. complete. Thank You. @sexyclown42069 justgirlythings™️ @WithAPh_ give me your wisdom Great One @sexyclown42069 girl help we’re spiraling 👀1.3.21