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James @GingrBeard Toronto, Ontario

You might know me as GingrBeard. Pixel artist and sometimes stream guy at He/Him.

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Giving away an Octane Edition!! To Enter: -Follow @Sethlyy -Follow @Quadmft -Retweet this Tweet *Winner announc…
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It's full of awful people sharing awful things or well intentioned people sharing those awful things and it makes m… think, at least for a while, I'm off this garbage site. I just sit here refreshing it and zoning out to nothing.
We were robbed.
Retweeted by James @NVIDIAGeForce Worth a shot! @TequilaShunayna's all about that Cyberpunk.Introducing the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti Cyberpunk 2077 Edition. We made 77 for our community. Want one? Here's how:…
Retweeted by JamesIt's way too early for this shit
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Somehow ______ has returned."If I may be honest, I find death fascinating." #ApexLegends
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Retweeted by JamesA customer I talked to about sleeping issues three or more weeks ago and haven't seen since came in today and remem… born in november 2020 realizing they were conceived cause their parents fucked after the sonic movie
Retweeted by Jamesif you’re feeling lonely today, a reminder that it could be worse
Retweeted by JamesPokemon GO has been out since 2016 and I still hold my breath when throwing a pokeball.
Which one are you giving to your Valentine?
Retweeted by JamesA Whole New World✨🧞‍♂️✨ #disney #fanart #aladdin
Retweeted by James#PS4share!multi - LIVE in a duo stream playing Apex Legends duo's with @TequilaShunayna! Come hang out!… sumptuous lights of Albert Bierstadt (1830 – 1902) :
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It all starts with the choreography. Take a look behind-the-scenes at how we brought Revenant's grand entrance to…
Retweeted by JamesAge of Rebellion / Original Trilogy content arrives into Star Wars Battlefront II in less than two weeks. Absolutel…
Retweeted by James[On January 1st, Qinni politely turned down a company that wanted to sell merch of her art for too little money. Sa…
Retweeted by James! ✨ Time to jump back into some Final Fantasy VII! Come get cozy as we witness the protagonist walk our favo…
Retweeted by JamesRaided up @jeffbrutlag! You all know who they are and if you don't, go check them out! for hanging out today! I haven't laughed that hard in a while. I appreciate all of you!
Rick Moranis is set to appear in Disney's upcoming reboot of 'Honey, I Shrunk the Kids'
Retweeted by JamesGoing LIVE with some Apex Valentines event duo's with @AlexVomit. Come hang out! @pinkybunnie_ Seeeeeriously. Drop out, former mayor Pete.What, and I can't stress this enough, the fuck? go back to this video once in a while... we're just about a month and a half in and oh man. @iLootGames She made sneaking her specialty after learning the hard way in the first cinematic trailer.
Hi. Here is the latest episode of #SomeMoreNews with @drmistercody. Link: Produced by…
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Planning a super fun stream for Friday as I've had to switch my days around (I'm going wedding dress shopping on Su…
Retweeted by James @LucilleLou666 @NVIDIAGeForce Have you tried manually doing it from this website? @YannickLeJacq I used to not because I found them distracting but literally all of my friends do so I got used to i… in Peace, @QinniArt... You will be missed. Here's a drawing I did way back inspired by her struggle with a rar…
Retweeted by James @BattlefrontPics @EAStarWars They fly now?Anime protagonists be like
Retweeted by James‘Marriage Story’ is about a married couple that goes through a bitter acting contest.
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Jojo Rabbit is really good, actually.
Retweeted by JamesWattson Cyberpunk - Legendary Skin for Season 4 The original idea of this design is a cyberpunk DJ.…
Retweeted by JamesIn honor of her appearance tonight, let’s celebrate Kelly Marie Tran by #SavingWhatWeLove. We are just $400 from th…
Retweeted by JamesI don't really get the point anymore.I have happy birthday in French stuck in my head for no reason at all.I am James, patron saint of Canada. This is rigged.'s some more Revenant Animation. Trying to make him freefall with a creepy ghoulish vibe. #ApexLegends
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finally watched knives out now that it's available digitally and...holy shit?
Retweeted by JamesMeant to stream yesterday but anxiety and a lack of motivation got the best of me. You win some, you lose a lot.
Buy this movie and watch it. It's so so good. my lord #KnivesOut is out on digital TODAY! Plenty of fun extras and goodies, bring it home and dig in. 🔪 💻 ❤️
Retweeted by JamesFrom r/wc3, this is the response of Blizzard to a player whose PC can't handle WC3 reforged. Remember, WC3 reforge…
Retweeted by JamesA good snow makes me happy to be alive.New Dwarf Fortress update has this amazing bug where mothers giving birth and carrying the baby now counts as the b…
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Ever get the feeling you're not alone in a room? You're not. 💀 🎬: u/HuGhEzY_69
Retweeted by James @TeddyDief @TrashlordPhotog Me: I wonder how Trash is doing? -Checks Twitter- Me: Ah.
A human-hitman turned into a nightmare simulacrum, Revenant has been dealing death for centuries. Now his synthetic…
Retweeted by JamesThanks for coming out to tonight's stream! Here's on of my first wins in season 4 in Apex Legends. Hell of a match.…
LIVE and playing Apex Legends with @TequilaShunayna !multi let's check out season 4! I started noticing the transition to a Battle Royale game, as a writer, I was crushed. There’s no story in BR…
Retweeted by James"By all indications, we are going on to New Hampshire victorious," Pete Buttigieg said in a late-night speech. 0%…
Retweeted by JamesLove this kind of behind the scenes stuff.
Raided up @Eric_J_Barkman who's playing some Wii Play. Go hang out! and BB-9E are fantastic additions to Battlefront II. I especially loved the interiors of the capital ships for… and checking out the new changes in Battlefront II. the spirit of vengeance with Revenant, enter the updated World’s Edge map, and take aim with the Sentinel,…
Retweeted by JamesOddly interesting to photograph: gas stations
Retweeted by JamesHenry Cavill knows for a fact that "amazing job" and "Chris" Terrio don't belong in the same sentence and I'm livin…
Retweeted by JamesHaunted 1980s fantasy VHS you never returned to the store type beat
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Nice. goal of a battle royal is to be the last one left alive, not kill everyone else. Lots of people get that confused.🙃Heads up, Legends! Be sure to tune in tomorrow, Feb 3, at 10am PST for the debut of the Season 4 - Assimilation Gam…
Retweeted by JamesHey everyone, Battle Axe kickstarter update #1 here. Add-ons have been added for ppl requesting more copies of the…
Retweeted by JamesOh MAN I am so tired today but I might try to stream some art after work. If not tonight, tomorrow for sure. @scalzi @ChuckWendig It's a shame because actually a lot worse happens daily but only this sort of shit gets picked…
Retweeted by JamesRaided up @TequilaShunayna who's playing Apex Legends. Come hang out! so long since I streamed and I loved being able to do a stream with Dalton. Planning on doing more streams thi… had fun.
LIVE with Dalton revisiting Breath of the Wild and hanging out! are 98% of video games basically trips to the store? NPC's like: "I know it's a werewolf zombie clown apocalyps…
Retweeted by JamesI would like to stream today. Maybe with a special guest (Dalton). Maybe playing some cool Zelda game for the Switc…
we need time to do that content :(
Retweeted by JamesHanging out with Alex while he plays through Titanfall 2's campaign for that juicy Apex/Titanfall lore. Come hang o… Young, the Syndicate’s Director of PR, has a serious problem on his hands and has reached out to Hammond Robo…
Retweeted by James @Jackee0Lantern Which is funny because it's Palpatine just BUSTING NUT. @DaxyRoyal Feel better soon!
Revenant was once the greatest hitman the Syndicate ever had. But when his programming failed, he saw what Hammond…
Retweeted by JamesWhen for all your life, you have been locked in a testchamber and finally had the chance to demonstrate what you ar…
Retweeted by James @Jackee0Lantern about a “Del is resurrected” event? 💀🙋🏻‍♂️ @EAStarWars @EA_DICE
Retweeted by James @HUMAN0153758 @Dahvoun @FinFett The core issue is the gambling part, not the pay to win part. That's what legislati…