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You might know me as GingrBeard. Pixel artist and sometimes stream guy at He/Him.

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Today, on "I swear I'm not actually good at the game"
Retweeted by James ☕Time to watch this classic! It's been a while. are the funniest people on the planet. But never intentionally. the Steve Buscemi meme
Retweeted by James ☕5 minutes? Please. you’d never ask.
Retweeted by James ☕this is absolutely my favorite show we've done so far. @SlushiiMusic has been one of my favorite artists for a long…
Retweeted by James ☕I'm so impressed with what @FortniteGame has done to bring entertainment to people during this time of isolation. E…
Retweeted by James ☕
this one gets me every fucking time
Retweeted by James ☕This year is a total write-off. I'm so tired. So done. I just want to rest. It's very tempting.!multi Going LIVE with some friends and Apex! Come hang out!
HAHA @Breadgehog 100% intentional. AhaWe don't need any more hot takes on star wars, just let people enjoy it.🦇🦇🦇
Retweeted by James ☕
Retweeted by James ☕"Ur so quiet" thanks I spent years getting ignored so I simply do not talk anymore
Retweeted by James ☕ @shiraisinspired Came across your thread about OCD totally by chance on Twitter. After having been diagnosed myself… 😕's what you call #solidarity! Taxi driver saves protestor from riot cops. #Belarus
Retweeted by James ☕Caustic is in the time out box. Shhhh... @ArchivstArtemis @Arun7568 @PlayApex
Holy shit lol
Retweeted by James ☕Remember that Republican state rep who said he wanted to be my "capitalist foot stool?" Well he tried to "quit me…
Retweeted by James ☕I'm currently working on LEd, an open-source 2D level editor for #indie #gamedev community. It features auto-layers…
Retweeted by James ☕How will I explain this to the dev team 😂👌
Retweeted by James ☕結局32種類作ったので置いておく。
Retweeted by James ☕ @py_bun Proof dinosaurs had feathers at one point.I just realised I only slept 1 hour today. 🙃It's too hot -_-Masks are required in the #CityofTO. Please wear a mask on the TTC, in a taxi, when ride sharing or on the ferry. T…
Retweeted by James ☕all of star wars movies references and parallels in star wars: the last jedi (2017, dir: @rianjohnson) — a thread
Retweeted by James ☕These ones aren't as bad as the ones I have while awake though but I won't describe those. 🙃Next to that is a recurring one where I'm suddenly and violently ripped from the Earth and thrown in to the sky by… once had a dream that was just flashing colours and random shapes and an endlessly escalating screech. No charact… best way to show up from afar for the city of #Louisville and organizers as they face the grand jury decision i…
Retweeted by James ☕I think it's an alexisonfire night. It's been forever. @alex_frostwolf I think it's been looking for you. 😬 That's so creepy. @Derpatwerp It's just excited to play Apex.this is what it feels like to get intrusive thoughts
Retweeted by James ☕ @Dame_Falcon When I was a kid going over to friends houses and they ask me what I want to drink. I say what is ther…
It begins💇✋⚰️
Retweeted by James ☕Well, you asked for it... This is official lore now Remember: • Human shown for scale • Fall Guys are 183cm (6f…
Retweeted by James ☕N-nice... 😥 you‘re uncomfortable with abolition bc you’re afraid of killers not going to prison, just realize it already exi…
Retweeted by James ☕I mean...
Retweeted by James ☕Coming out Friday at noon! (central)
Retweeted by James ☕No Man's Sky Origins 🍊 🪐 Billions of New Planets 💖 UI Revamp ☀️ Binary Stars 🗼 Colossal Buildings 🔥 Firestorms 🌋 V…
Retweeted by James ☕Can't. Be. Reformed. need to play No Man's Sky again. Who's with me?Please disappear in a hole forever if you think cops can be reformed. The only good cop is one that quits.😂 @Arun7568 @ArchivstArtemis
Imagine being a Native student sitting in a college class, and you see graphics like this? Even for the sake of ‘…
Retweeted by James ☕ @garywhitta I did two years ago and haven't looked back.It’s terrifying but unsurprising that there are Canadians creating and signing petitioning to bring back residentia…
Retweeted by James ☕For well over two decades, television has returned to the well of depicting MENA people as terrorists. When and how…
Retweeted by James ☕Anti-racism rally cancelled in Red Deer after hate groups disrupt event.
Retweeted by James ☕I wish my only problem today was if I could pre-order an xbox or not.Are you registered to vote? If you are, double-check your registration. If not, then there's no better time to do i…
Retweeted by James ☕I am SO tired...Holy shit, this game.'m one of the two cavalier units you get at the beginning of a Fire Emblem game. messed up. more walls to tear down. Fuck this. Fuck them. So much work just to protect cops who murdered someone. last game for the night. doesn't like me posting...congrats to portland, seattle and nyc the anarchist cities. everyone else, do better
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2020's going up to 14.25... It should've been 15 a year ago but good ol' Doug decided to cut sick days and wage incre… when the Ontario government cancelled the minimum wage increase? I remember.
Retweeted by James ☕I'm starting to think this might be a bad year. I don't know. Just a feeling.Getting sick of these emails
Retweeted by James ☕Poppin off on console, I guess. #PS4share to #WandaVision. Coming soon to #DisneyPlus.
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I've been poking around other characters looking for a main, but I almost always fall back to these two.…
Retweeted by James ☕Schools are like “mental health is important” and then make you sit inside all day, assign 5 hours of homework a ni…
Retweeted by James ☕I’m Joe Biden and I approve this message.
Retweeted by James ☕Hello new followers! I assume you're from the Apex art community so this should go without saying but... Wear a mas…, but only I listened to a two part podcast about it. hey! #apexartistmain is a thing. Most of the art I've done is various doodles of Wattson and working on all of t… good to be true.
Stop buying plastic skeletons for Halloween. It’s terrible for the environment. Locally sourced, all natural skelet…
Retweeted by James ☕I am going to explode.
Retweeted by James ☕Late night stream, I guess. Come hang out?🤔 honor of RBG @paulscheer and I will match donations to this fund up to 10k. Post receipts below. This fund sprea…
Retweeted by James ☕Damn, how come the liars didn't do what they said they would? Who could have seen this coming?I promise you, it's possible to mourn a public figure without trying to boost your portrait of them.Hi, Lindsey Graham👇
Retweeted by James ☕Fuck today.
Retweeted by James ☕ @lizaledwards ... Fucking yuck.
Retweeted by James ☕The whole thread is just this
Retweeted by James ☕ @jeffsamsonow @EMfys_Nest The ones provided by Starbucks where I am are a single thin layer of fabric... 🙃have you ever just like, not been able to process what is happening? me either. thank you guys so much for making m…
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They sent me this as soon as I went live and now idk how to stream. Oh yeah, live now?
Retweeted by James ☕anyway here's some older illustration work for unrelated reasons
Retweeted by James ☕THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
Retweeted by James ☕the officer down memorial page lists dogs that died in the line of duty, let's pay our respe-
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