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Went to throw out garbage and got stuck in a hurricaneAlso I’m not giving into men’s humiliation kinks anymore aka Aubrey Huff, Matt Walsh, Little Ben Shapiro. You know…’m going on a block spree today because a lot of people on here are awful and don’t deserve to see my tweetsHis teammates punched him in the face and then mocked him for getting punched in the face. You fucking bird faced i… planning an Italy vacation with my boyfriend because the world is gonna get shut down again
@Zosiaziva You look like a minx. I’m in love @Zosiaziva Show me.So hot its hurting my feelings18,19,20 isn’t an adult. Honestly 25 is an adult imo.Adults going after 18 years olds is sickening to me. Just says that a year before you would have been a pedoDane Cook is a pedophile. Lock that man up @mike_wor A Leo ! I knew it !! Happy birthday !Someone bring me starbies to work. Almond milk based @michaelcep I’m disturbedI almost had a brain aneurysm seeing this was tweeting from the espresso tini heart last night but I still wasn’t wrongI have 10 mins to decide if I want a chocolate bar or Wendy’s @fbgcon I agree. Manifest it.that’s my emotional support 6+ season show that aired in the early 2000s
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There’s no way I’m not on molly in this pic just watched that pizzeria fight. Im blown awayI’m gonna debate what I want to eat all day until I just don’t eatNeed sushithe perfect meme doesn't exi-
Retweeted by gigi @_primmmm 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @BrianPesce2 Thank you ! I needed that. Bad day
@crosbysveneers I have PKD and I plan on having kids lmaoWhy am I the only person that’s good at my job.This simply didn’t happen. You had a Percocet dream. @wishfulfemmebot The original and its duplicates😂😂😂😂
Retweeted by gigiBen affleck if you’re reading this I need you to find that green Versace dress and burn it
Retweeted by gigi @alyxthepigeon Chris is a fellow taurus 🥰🥰 @alyxthepigeon He has the same sun and moon as my dad ! Jeeeezus lol idk why I thought Aries damn @nuclearcarly I love you so much. I cannot wait for your life to get extremely better ! ♥️ good luck and good vibes @alyxthepigeon How is he an Aries. I need his birth chart @michaelcep Lee’s @alyxthepigeon He wouldn’t yell. He would politely tell you the benefits of filling itHe liked the tweet because I said I wouldn’t feed him if he didn’t hahaha @Orianamarierose He spoils me. He’s coming next month too 🥰🥰🥰In 6 days my Chicago native boyfriend will experience real pizza @alyxthepigeon Henrik being proud of me taking my Prozac is what I needed todayHenrik Lundqvist is wondering if you took your meds today. Did you eat something?
Retweeted by gigi @alyxthepigeon Like I will end this prick. Also reported and blockedMy biggest claim to fame is my roommate being on Big Ang (RIP) show @shutupjuIia happy happy birthday my lioness ♥️♥️♥️♥️ love you beautiful @FrancisJSmithJr @alyxthepigeon Racist ugly slob. Why are you harassing her ?Ramona Singer from RHONY shits her pants every season and everyone just doesn’t bring it up in the reunion
Cher is rich and has been openly getting the absolute best cosmetic procedures money can buy for 40 years.
Retweeted by gigiEven in my dreams I’m boringI had a dream someone stole my license and debit card but left the cash and I was furious that I had to order the cards in the mailRobyn is boring, gizelle is a FOOL, Candice is a spoiled brat, and ashley and her husband are sick fucks.RHOP is nothing without Karen HugerElon Musk gets the most government welfare of any person in the united states
Retweeted by gigi @AshleyJayReid Can’t you picture me in a raunchy sailor suit singing europopI’m gonna beat the shit out of chris drury. I used to see him at Wolfpack games and call him a stupid cunt. I hate that mani would kill to be a housewife. real, desperate, or otherwise
Retweeted by gigiI’m so MAD I wasn’t old enough to be in the Vengaboys. That was my true callingI still bartend on the side with my job and I’m like why do I do this to myself but then I make $350 and I’m like oh that’s why
VORACEKHe said real white supremacists pulled his card 😭😭😭 I am YELLING
Retweeted by gigiWhen I was younger I loved the killers now I’m like so grossed out lmao @Orianamarierose FORZAAA @ginisimov
Retweeted by gigiThis is the worst tweet I ever read @_frankiefjr_ Aww thank you I was kiddingIdk why I complained about that to Twitter lmao I’m literally in therapy. It’s the stella ArtoisI think I’m gonna get a personal trainerAustin Powers: Do I make you horny baby? Me: I will not be answering that as it is in violation of HIPAA
Retweeted by gigiMen wiping lipgloss off always seems a lil...unappreciative
Retweeted by gigiAbove all, I have a top lipDo people not understand HIPAAMy boyfriend and my roommate both had dreams about me. My ego is too big @TheSandmanEsq Why is this getting the old timers excited? @BIGPRETTYINLI Of my bra on the floor? Come onMy bra is laying on the living room floor like a corpse. Time to crack a beer
Chris drury you big fat bitch come fight me @DarrenDreger I HATE THISNOT MY BABY18 year old: I'd like to go $200,000 into debt Bank: on what? 18 yo: student loans Bank: excellent, sign right h…
Retweeted by gigi @Zosiaziva I know baby ! I meant your dad lol ♥️ @Zosiaziva First round pick love 😖😖😖Hahahahaha really need Taco BellMy Uber driver is a Leo and I’m suffering because of itI need a new belly button ring. I’m sick of the playboy bunny. I’m gonna get an Italian flag @CurtisRemarc I am buying chocolate almond milk and corn flakes tomorrow. I have to knowHad a forbidden thought about chocolate milk with cereal @JENSESSlON Thank u bb ♥️
Retweeted by gigiI swear to god if Twitter ever put out a dislike button I would quit. I would become an active tik tok dancer. Renegade, bitchMe once twitter adds this dislike button
Retweeted by gigiDon’t ever agree with a negative thing about me. I’m aggressive snd sensitiveEven if he did ruin my Twitter stock, I have the best boyfriend in the worldWhen I have a bad night I drink 6 beers and go to bed angry. Like god intended
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Retweeted by gigi @savemadebyjarry Thank you my loveI finally did my hair and makeup’t kidding about the “mess around” part,
Retweeted by gigiLoved smith for what he was. Au revoir