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I’m italian

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Joined Twitter 3/13/09 boom pow at the highest volume and wipe out the entire fucking planet
Retweeted by gigiThinking about chris kreiders big meaty shlongMy grandma was exactly 70 years older than me and when I was little I used to get so mad at her for not knowing who… who post less on social media be thinking that they have a master degree in maturity
Retweeted by gigiThank you @nuclearcarly for making me this super fabulous face mask!!! I absuktkey love it. ♥️♥️♥️ @tribros Wonder who it could be talks like this in 2020 act so confused about what team names can be found offensive, but I know it’s all pretend. Because when Boma…
Retweeted by gigi @fbgCon Where do I take this ? @Rexamimami No worries. Everyone loves them. Besides I’ve been dreaming of that cheeseboard @Rexamimami Hope it’s good ! I never made it plus I gina fied it with no matoes lolReady for you @Rexamimami @1TJWarren Flying him over the ocean like “is this your king?”
Retweeted by gigiThat shark probably embarrassed
Retweeted by gigiGhislaine Maxwell showing up in the background of various historical scenes through the decades like some kind of s…
Retweeted by gigi @jsickles33 It’s their ears. All dogs have super good hearing. It’s loud for us 1000x louder for them
Retweeted by gigi @morewingspls “I want a girl who I can tell to make me a sandwich in front of my friends. And tap the N word with when no ones around”McDonald’s made a commercial saying their Coca Cola will make you leave the house. Totally ignored their jet fuel s…, season 1 is a work of art.The things I would do to get Botox right now @CaptainDigglett You’re the best hype man ever. Thanks dude ♥️ @Orianamarierose Thank you baby 😘😘Pretty for a thunderstorm
@Rexamimami And it’s not even 40 hours a week. It’s all day every day every week !! No breaks. Just always catching… 2017 champions 🤩 #AusOpen
Retweeted by gigi @mike_wor I think most people still have the same mentality tho. “It’s okay as long as it’s not my kid”Two years ago. I miss my chickie calamari is top 2 appetizers and it aint 2. debate ya mammy
Retweeted by gigii think the CIA had John Lennon assassinated but just because he was annoying
Retweeted by gigiPutting blunt clips in the bong so I can wake up everyone with my cough at 5 am @Rexamimami I’m not gonna lie I googled it because he looks like he could be 5’6 lol it is a good movie though. Very interesting but long @Rexamimami He’s 6’0 which is still taller than me. I’m just trying to perfect him. He’s hot as hell in knives out tho @jaysonbuford Shut up about being old. That was the point of the question lmao @jaysonbuford How old are you now? @jaysonbuford Haha, probably. Lunch at strokos was the best. That was bedore I could take you out drinking @jaysonbuford Remember when someone told us we were gonna make an Obama one day lmao at john jayIf Chris Evans didnt tweet and was 6’4, easily would be in my top 10.These are being posted in Tucson, AZ. This was found around Euclid & 4th. Please be careful and stay alert. Also…
Retweeted by gigiPut too much keefe in the bong. Give me some reccomendstions for something funny or else I’m gonna watch knives out… myself refer madness @NJDMakeMeDrink It looks scaryI wanna play a video game. I know I’ve never said those worse before. But I do. It’s called five nights at freddys… @doaknet Meatballs are my favorite. I just can’t have sauce. Looks delicious tho @doaknet Is that a Chicago style pizza ?wild how fast the cops can fire someone if they actually want to
Retweeted by gigiOne of my managers got fired the other week for stealing hand sanitizer and selling it - this is the same one who u…
Retweeted by gigiI captured my dad listening to gossip. Only time you’ll see him smile
@__majorasmask Congrats my love ! @MattMcFeeley Just yelled it on the GoethalsThere’s no better road rage yell than “go fuck ya mother”. It’s simple. It’s to the point. There’s no confusionI paid all my rent early and my landlord tried to make small talk with me. Gross @BackhandedDevil If he doesn’t answer my phone call after one ring I need to know he’s alive.My dad refuses to share his location with me at all times, which I think is childish @SKOLBEAR Bees. Im allergic. They can kill meMosquito season is here. What’s the perfect amount of poison to drink that will keep me alive but kill mosquitoes at contactBad bunny is a Pisces? Why me? It’s always me @extremely_wet We don’t question me. We just accept what I say as truth. God complex. Please remember that when tweeting me @TheRyRob24 Yuck ! @extremely_wet I’ve never been wrong about anything, himbo @Lumburgh68 A dave portnoy burner account found me @extremely_wet You’re my favorite himbo for thinking that @extremely_wet Did you know that 5% are probably gentrifiers from Chicago who call themselves New Yorkers because d… is what all chicago “pizza” looks like to me anyway. Pathetic. Bad. Wrong. Evil. this week my mom asks for links to the epstein flight logs...and then this happens...very curious timing
Retweeted by gigiokay July what the hell you got for us
Retweeted by gigi @mike_wor The shoes are nice @mike_wor Polo. You were being soo good @Rexamimami Richards. I just gagged @DirtyDoggHouse1 i would rather just undercook their food and make them sicki dont get how a 23 yo adult can leave the oven on all night. its frustrating that i have to be the mother of a 23 yo @DirtyDoggHouse1 hahahah i never had it, but i had a jar of it at my old job @DirtyDoggHouse1 you mean instant like the powder you mix with hot water, right? @DirtyDoggHouse1 No, I use a percolator @DirtyDoggHouse1 No, I’m indecisive and don’t know which I wanna start the day with.Coffee or tea ? @tribros @TheDietIsOff That’s why I appreciate everyone saying they can’t use their content anymore. Lot of viral v… @_primmmm I don’t know why I asked when I already knew the answer4th is July has always been my least favorite day of the year because it was my super abusive mothers birthday. If… @_primmmm Oh wow ! How inclusive. Cis white man? @TheDietIsOff So they did this to save face for dave saying it so much? That’s even worse. Got a coke head pussy running this shit terriblyI don’t think Portnoy has ever got his ass kicked. I can just tell the way he talks leads me to believe the worst t… @brooklyngohard7 Time to burn the company down @TheDietIsOff I didn’t mean recently. I meant did they just hire one to make that show in general. I’ve never seen… barstool really hire one POC just to make them call their show the N word!??Got 4 weeks of backpay today just have to fix my social and this nightmare is overRemember when Miguel jumped from stage to stage and scissor kicked someone in the face and kept singing “adorn you” @NewSovietPoster Finding my gen z alpha maleKarl Marx, Capital
Retweeted by gigiAren’t results emailed anyway ? @AndrewDather
Retweeted by gigiPeople are RTing and spreading this not even asking for a shred of proof. Just fully trusting this tweet is accurate @LesleyFlores @AndrewDather Right... someone is doing the administrative work of typing, printing, and mailing (in…
Retweeted by gigiAny movie with Will Ferrell sounds like tortureThese motherfuckers and their fireworksHour into the movie and I’ve seen him for 5 minsKnives out is fucking great. When do I sss chris Evans looking like a New England piece of shit I would suck the soul out of
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