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upcoming projects @audible & @chroniclebooks TOXIC FEMININITY IN THE WORKPLACE @harpercollinsus out now! seen in/on @comedycentral @newyorker @theatlantic

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It’s a special kind of cruelty that more protestors in Louisville tonight will be charged than men who murdered Breonna Taylor
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_White people have invented every legal loop hole for white people.
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Unskilled labor is a job where you can afford to hire some suit guy as a favor to some other suit guy regardless of their experience
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Busy morning writing late on this but I love that Taylor Swift made an "indie" record and the best track is about how she bought one of her nine houses
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_????
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_I’m very chaste. Like, I can count one on hand the number of people I’ve slept with. Sure, I’d have to leave the va… she does it with unparalleled panache, too.I have to assume Lauren Graham’s career began when an agent saw her walking around a mall and thought, “You. You co… is anybody mad at me? Please let me know through pen and paper please
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_if you are 39 I do not know what to do with you. are you my peer? My mom? Idk
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_ @itsAtlasHeyzal @JohnBechard Rich people they have their ways
I try not to listen to popular podcasts so the people I date can keep pretending their takes are original
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Democrats standing up to Republicans:
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_turning a colon and a parentheses into one of the most evocative, expressive and widely recognized symbols of happi…
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_THRILLED to announce i went to the bathroom more than anyone at the four hour poll worker training course
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_lmao
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_wild email from my mom
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_What’s the German word for spilling bong water all over yourself in bed at 7 am on a Tuesday
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Republicans are fine with kids taking a year off going to school, but claim a Supreme Court seat can’t go unfilled for a few monthsTaylor swift wrote “cruel summer” and then we all had the cruelest summer of our collective lives. That bitch is to…
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_My parents never talked to me about sex. I still don’t know what it those older movies when the detectives get the bad guy on the phone & need to talk to him for 3 mins to trace…
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Why can’t men fit their genitals inside their bodies? What else are they doing in there? Surely not thinking.I can predict with pretty good accuracy when my boyfriend is about to cum, because he yells, “I’m about to cum!”I only date younger men, in the hopes that we someday sell a pilot in which I play their mom
the little kid who handles the exposition in every scary movie
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_me when i’m alone: I wish I were with people me when I’m with people: I wish I were with different peopleIt’s insane that Democrats can only insist on 30 hours of debate over the Republicans’ Supreme Court nominee. The i… mornings are for tweeting, the afternoons are for retweeting. At night, I dance.don’t let being the youngest stop you from being the least successfulme @ 22 me @ 27 🤝 only attracting 26-year-olds who live in Park La Brea
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Guy who’s scared to tell his therapist about a date bc he thinks she’ll get jealous
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_A smoothie is not worth $14, but the cleanup of a blender is.
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_me: i feel like shit all the time my therapist: cool so that’s actually really normal rn
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_ @danadonly Lol mine literally says this
I’d like to be a novelist, because I want to create art that people would rather tell friends they’d enjoyed than actually enjoyGoogling "high-functioning depression" trying to figure out how I can get it
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Keep unfollowing honey, you’re not gonna get thereThe weird thing about unfollowing people is it suggests there’s a way to make a twitter feed goodYou can’t find a republican comedian that’s funny. Conservatives aren't generous enough to redistribute joy.
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_I can’t believe there are people on Twitter who don’t follow me.
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_what doesn't kill you makes you stronger OR makes u severely depressed and unable to function lol
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_No it is not nice to e-meet you
I hate when people tell me to get out of my head without providing an alternative place for me to goPlease donate to PP should measure the lifespan of IUDs not in years but projected tenures of Supreme Court justices, presidential administrations, etcMillennials are honoring RBG's legacy by not retiring until we die
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_I no longer even understand why people would respond to the idea of making America great. I just want America to leave me alone.
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Thing is, you’re not allowed to pick a new Supreme Court justice in the last year of your crime syndicate.
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_if you’re feeling in fucking despair please do something local this weekend, contribute financially or safely with your time, please, thanks
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_We have lost a giant in the history of our nation with the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It is heartbreaking tha…
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Thank you for fighting so hard for women, RBGrest in peace, rbg. 💔
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_That woman spent four fucking years trying not to die I swear to god with your fucking leftist bullshit apathetic s…
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Are we doomed fucked and screwed or just doomed and fucked
Man: I like that you give feedback in a way that doesn’t make me feel dumb Me: that wasn’t my intentionOne theme I’ve noticed in a lot of books is that I feel very smart while reading them @thistallawkgirl LollllIt’s 6:24am and I have already consumed my daily calorie intake, so I feel accomplished.
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Half of the country can’t take a joke and the other half takes a joke too seriously and I just want to take the nuc…
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_men: ever since she broke my heart i haven’t been able to let my defenses down for any woman in case i ever get hur…
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Three years ago I bought $300 in bit coin which is now worth $273... should I apply to Harvard Business School
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_If someone dumps you during a pandemic they owe you 175,000 dollars
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_i like girls and sometimes if a guy makes me laugh really hard i’ll suck his dick. bi-visibility.
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_“My son can’t be gay. He’s obsessed with women.” The women:
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_People think writing songs is hard but if you write what’s close to your heart it just pours out of you. Now please…
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_My favorite thing about being bisexual is when you’re first meeting someone and you tell two different anecdotes ab…
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_people making “i guess Cardi’s WAP wasn’t good enough to keep her man” jokes when we saw Offset beg this woman on h…
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_so confusing when people call their sports teams “we” ...... like where are You on that screen. i don’t see it
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Susans Me in bed 🤝 LazyI’ll leave the original up. I think maybe it went over some of your heads joke idea so treasured it deserved a rewriteMy thumbs are technically opposable, but in practice, they always agreeI'm making myself LOL writing right now. Can't wait to hate all of this in 10 minutes.
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Erykah Badu teaching your kid’s virtual class:
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Still upset my students didn’t laugh when I said *Borat voice* “my wiiiiiife” re a character in a story having a wife :(
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_A white friend just sent me this screenshot from a white writer with a book out this year glad for others but a bit…
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_the only person i know who drinks the recommended amount of water is my sister and it’s only bc she smokes weed all…
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_If the guy I'm going on a date with tomorrow refuses to dress up as a plumber to help me spy on my roommate I'm ghosting him
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Name one thing more embarrassing than thinking Elon musk is good
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_For a book about a piece of entertainment that’s impossible to put down, ironically, it’s very easy to put Infinite…
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_If you make enough literary references, people will think you’re smart
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Dating a comedian is like being at a permanent stand up show (bad)“Lol, it will be funny if I write a 1000-page book and people become obsessed with it” - David Foster Wallace, 1992
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Fuck it. Quarantine’s been over six month. The pigeon gets to drive the bus, now.Listen this joke is why they invented twitterI feel bad for my fellow humans. MY thumbs are super agreeable.Imagine trying to explain Joe Rogan to a caveman??? They’d be like...nice yeah I’m already a huge fan!!
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_Thank god Netflix skips over “Previously On” if you’ve just watched the last eight episodes of a show. I’m clearly busy.Vote. (Can you guys like this tweet, I’m gonna pin it)Obviously a very recent adventure people on the internet call me ugly and i’m like...just another reason we need universal healthcare, lasik would be free
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_i think that if you can juggle you should be upfront with your friends and loved ones about that fact
Retweeted by Ginny Hogan_I can’t have the election blamed on my twitter. Not again.Please vote Biden-Harris 2020.Plz register to vote must be honest - I don’t think I’m going to get a Biden 2020 mask. I will vote for the man, but I draw the line at wearing him on my face..@MollyJongFast this piece is incredible, and it’s so awesome you did it!! greatest fear in having kids is that one of them will turn out to be a cool teen boy. What do you do with that.