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5’9 ... and a half | great value version of @swancsgo

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just want to get a pretty flowy dress and take photos in a field @alexismarieNY YES MAAM @itsTenski Oh shit ok I’ve seen a couple episodes @itsTenski is that not a tv series ? @itsTenski that’s not a movie @itsTenski idk I’ll look some up what kinda movies do u like @itsTenski HAHAHA CUTEEEE wanna watch a movie with me on Valentine’s ?i have to take my body measurements for class and i just know I’m going to hurt my feelings @f1lthyg @kionetta ya she is @RiotBallerina good to look at the positives in situations :) @Snowwi_ :)))) i can do it sometimesanother W!! 2-0 , this new roster is HOT @Frozeyyyy Hahah fairMatch 2 for Cyberstorm Blue will be LIVE at 9:15 EST over at w/ returning casters…
Retweeted by ashley @uwuMorgann qt!!! @babyjjjess i was getting ready to type a heartfelt message and then i was attacked 😭
@Ju_Bouchard u wish @laylubug oh true I’ve definitely done that a couple of times LOL @SavageBananaJP right 😭 @tweissCS yah i kept sneaking a snack in my other class everytime she looked away from the screen LOL @margielaVAL LMAO right @leaf_cs congrats !my teachers got me fucked up if she thinks I’m keeping my cam on for a two and a half hour class @SavageBananaJP stop i literally woke up craving hot Cheetos 😳 @SavageBananaJP @NotChaseyb I’m not a big baked bean fannone of y’all are being helpful @nbgee12 we are friends , i have plenty of friends i don’t follow on Twitter @HughTehBest u eat 15 slices first then I’ll eat 15 @nbgee12 I was going to unfollow you after this when i realized I’m not followed in the first place and this reminded me why @HughTehBest Bruh i can maybe eat two , three on a good daywhat should i eat for lunch today @alexismarieNY on it @Titozera this dude sat for half an hour and watched me play cs on a date and i just hugged him only bc he initiated LMFAOO @tweissCS my sister and her bf make fun of me all the time for it“I’ve kissed more guys than you and I’m straight” reeellllaaaaxxx @meg4ncs @NodaFera @swancsgo @SavageBananaJP Megan pls 😭nah i stg if c9 white or just any t2+ team dont sign @Keititv you're making a mistake
Retweeted by ashley @SavageBananaJP @NodaFera @swancsgo it’s ur dyslexia i don’t make mistajes @SavageBananaJP @NodaFera @swancsgo no that’s not comfortable @NodaFera @swancsgo @SavageBananaJP this is normal @NodaFera @swancsgo @SavageBananaJP hold my mouse normally how it’s intended @swancsgo @SavageBananaJP it’s not bad they’re just weird , i use my middle finger for scroll and my ring finger for right clickmy team thinks the way i hold my mouse is gross ... i thought it was normal 🙄
@swancsgo told me that if i failed sliding into the dm that i can just delete Twitter ... truly inspiring @meg4ncs r u gonna steal my info with that link @OniOnyx_ yes!! i would appreciate u @margielaVAL this one hurt @megasofer @alexismarieNY I’m not ready @Ttgoots ..yes? @swancsgo oh my god I’m going to @xKateLien hahahah @ipsychogirl i already did the cute thing and it worked ... maybe I’ll ask him to game sometime that seems safe @HughTehBest hahaha no thanks 👍🏻 @bron_exe thank you sir @tweissCS @ariessqc get fucked @Blakerscs LMAOO @bron_exe i already DID i need something new to say bc I’m uncreative @Blakerscs that’s boringI’ll dm what the most liked reply says @NiTsUcs hell yah only WShow do u successfully slide into a dm (again)... asking for a friend @itsTenski it was not a ffw @itsTenski shut ur mouthstarting off the season with a W 16-10 ggs @meg4ncs LMAO @meg4ncs climb the shelves i do it all the time
@NattyCSGO oh my gosh I’d be wrapped up in so many blankets ... and I’m here complaining about 40 degree weather @krnnguyen_ hold my hand I’ll keep it warm and we can terrorize them together @krnnguyen_ mine too makes it hard to click heads @DrKeltic damnitwhen’s it going to be warm again, fuck the coldmy skin honestly doesn’t look as bad as i thought it would??? W??? @meg4ncs chill * @meg4ncs it’s for a fucking sewing class like lady cheeri have to use my webcam for class fuuuccck i can’t play games during class and i have no makeup on 😭 @margielaVAL oh my gosh 😭😭 yah i made myself stay up the other day to fix my sleep schedule bc i was oversleeping @margielaVAL I’m only getting up for class so i can nap after @krnnguyen_ @itsTenski LOL @itsTenski @krnnguyen_ no way u tagged me, we’re breaking up😀
Retweeted by ashley @mesamiduckCS see i don’t but i do love Twitter @mesamiduckCS honestly ?? I’d followjust found out my final exam for my comparative psych course is going to take place at the zoo LOL @Critical_Val @Yazzers liar @itsTenski @Guiiimond ❤️ @902Creed @Bjorlulu @Critical_Val @katsumiFPS damn can’t ignore a vouch from a player on my favorite val team
@Unofficialjj1 @Critical_Val @Bjorlulu Yah man focus on ur lineups @uncoolmel hey 😎😎😎 @liazzgo @DrKeltic maybe that’s what i want @uncoolmel fuck a cute gamer boy kiss me insteadsaw a video of a girl who made a survey to find someone to be her first kiss and they met up and it was so freaking cutejust want a kiss from a cute gamer boystill no gamer bf
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remind me to start drinking enough water again, i feel like shitBunny girl senpai 😳🐰
Retweeted by ashley @trizthegodd @parks2214 No that’s not my cat anywaysJust another day in the office for the NOX VAL squad... guess you could say we were built better. 💪 We take down…
Retweeted by ashleyu teenage boys need to change ur profile pics from egirls i keep thinking a baddie followed me and getting so disap…
Retweeted by ashleymy self confidence be boomin lately
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