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ashley @giraffley ur moms bed ✧ she/her

5’9 ... and a half | 22 | great value version of @swancantaim |

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Jacky* fuckign Autocorrectgo follow my friend Jackie!! She went nuts on the stream today! hate Twitter i hate typing pugging against spin bitters
LMAO my brother said he wants to program my keyboard to not let me use WASD when I’m shooting @meg4ncs @oiaussiejacko @CSGO I swear one week it’s fine and then the next it’s impossiblecleaned my room and now im working out LFG @brxtni i will @Memoriuhl LOLabout to take some preworkout to get the energy to clean my roomGLASS* GOD DAMNITwoke up with a cramp in my leg and dumped a huge class of water all over my night stand.... @imautumnbee AHhey lol
Retweeted by ashleyI have to take an intercession course wish me luckDoesn't really need any sort of big announcement but chilling in Open next season with @KlNGNTS @Titozera @Yaba_II @giraffley
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my sister is letting me help plan her wedding and I’m very excited :))) @kyedae @100Thieves congrats!!!!joined @100Thieves
Retweeted by ashleyif my teacher makes me be the example one more time!! I’m about to purposefully fall behind so she won’t pick mestarting to feel down again but I’m determined to keep a routine and not let it get to me @Fr0stless Today @ipsychogirl Ik it’s such a stupid question and i always feel bad about the answer @cIe0h zesty bread and butter!!!10 mans with my best friends
listen i need some really smart ppl to help me solve this puzzle @NIGHTSIFY I’ve spent way too much money today 😭😭someone take my debit card away from meFinally today i get to announce the team project we have been working on for the past few months. Not everything is…
Retweeted by ashley @tariannkan traveling, going to events, meeting up with friends @tariannkan If they aren’t like the upper level classes, i think it should be alright. Definitely check out the syl… @camcsgo HBD!! @H3CZ fun and Oklahoma don’t go together @burrite_ Nahif one more mf asks me how much i weigh I’m going to throw hands @loztkaz no!does anyone know how to fix game capture and still be able to queue with trusted @ascoaasco Wheatleywarming up with Val then prac with the bois (testing new settings if y’all want to give input)…
@swancantaim aight who’s taking one for the team was just kidding guys I said yes (after ugly crying)
Retweeted by ashleyvielen dank an @OMENbyHP_de und @cowanaGaming für den neuen gaming stuhl 😎 war immer skeptisch bei gaming stühlen…
Retweeted by ashley @lunarkats @Zellsis i mean ... maybe??? @Marco09753575 dunno suspect the vaccinemy sister asked me to go out last night like i didn’t almost pass out earlier in the dayi delete tweets because i'm not who i was 3 minutes ago
Retweeted by ashley @tariannkan Yesss
What if the @Valkyrae start an all FEMALES @PlayVALORANT team for the @100Thieves 😳
Retweeted by ashley @tariannkan I’ve got oat milk in my fridge u can come hang out @melanie_mhs I’m glad you’re not letting this bring you down!! You got this. People are weird @Iusethis4prawn nah I’ll stay single @NotChaseyb Thanks @chloe_hime7 🥺🥺 it took a lot but i don’t feel bad about itLFGF need gf buff asap.
Retweeted by ashleyTook a tequila shot it was grossnever thought I’d get the balls to do it but I’m tired of putting makeup on to stream so pls be nice I’m super sens…
my bf proposed to me today... told him I’d think about it
Retweeted by ashley @swancantaim LOL ok? Unfollowing.i am still very single and very much on the market for team for dis dm me :D
Retweeted by ashleyvalorant men stop being sexist to girls in game challenge
Retweeted by ashleyI'm LFT/looking to build a team for this tourney! Peak rank: Plat 3, currently Plat 2 I mostly am a Sentinel playe…
Retweeted by ashley @Corey_OW yes @hunting4hunnies yo? Congrats @nate_rett58 cant forget the caption smh @hunting4hunnies are u hitting on me @hunting4hunnies the good looking genes skipped me and got Hailey and Brandon @duhdaff no u🥺 @burrite_ smiling ? @duhdaff yes😭 @duhdaff my little brother ma’amif you see this, retweet with a picture of you smiling @Anx0_1 No he’s a grown ass adult he can do them himself plus i didn’t even do it @ExiledAng3L i already have it @NotChaseyb ashely @NotChaseyb He didn’t even spell my name righti met my group partner for the first time today and they are already asking me for hw answers...kk he won’t play with me @lunarkats @sfX_x1 wow! @lunarkats @sfX_x1 my friend gave me two when i visited her and they’re so soft ??forcing my little brother to carry me in cs
i don’t wear makeup a lot so anytime i put it on, my mom always asks if I’m going to be streaming haha @KevinForsstrom congrats!!!if i don’t look at my bank account it’s like I’m not actually spending money @NotChaseyb @Memoriuhl oh thanks for reminding me to unmatch @Memoriuhl @NotChaseyb I replied, i said he smelled @Memoriuhl @NotChaseyb HAHA @NotChaseyb @Memoriuhl I’ve got receipts @Memoriuhl @NotChaseyb He made me , mf super liked again too @NotChaseyb It’s ok it’s a little mean @NotChaseyb u didn’t put my reply ❤️just tanuki girl things! 😌✨🦝
Retweeted by ashley @KimberPLS I’m about to!!! @NotChaseyb shut up stupidI’m snapping this really cute guy, and if this fuck doesn’t ask me on a date soon i swear
@WedidOfficial K @Anx0_1 y’all over estimate my sight reading skills @NIGHTSIFY LFGprogress babyyyyyy
Retweeted by ashley @swancantaim stop u can’t have the boobs, the ass, the height, the healthy relationship, the career goals, and be skinnier than me