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@TruNoom GROMIT @domoarigathanks @EuropaYuu :D yuu sends me restaurant recommendations @EuropaYuu good @LaynaLazar do u count 😳Thank you for all of your support & for waiting patiently for a sample of SOLARIA AI! Today we are proud to bring y…
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @msk08man19 !!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!I FORGOT GATOMON'S TAIL STRIPES. Here's the fixed version. I would delete the original tweet, but I think it's too…
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @larein CUTE LAREIN!!!!!!!!!!!! CUTE CUTE CUTEDrew some Digimon for fun!
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @CDawgVA based on the allcaps im predicting you play jungle @storyti64355071 HAHAHAHAbased on yesterday's stream #girl_dm_art
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @CDawgVA sounds like you play league @EvilToaster DANNNNNNNG @grave_weaver she asks me to order for her too because she's too intimidated by the options @grave_weaver every time i go out shopping with my mom she now requests we get boba @AozoraKurumi hehehheGoof mornig
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @Bunny_GIF ;w; get well soon bunny @hannahhyrule NYA HA HA HA!!!!!! @Girl_Dm_ oh no.. 🧍‍♀️ whats.. ha- 🧎‍♀️
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @hannahhyrule face now :)ALSO THANK YOU FOR 99k WHAT NEW HIGHLIGHTS ARE UP :D 🦀
@justfream EGG EGG EGG EGG @NexatG @SenzVtuber LOL @SenzVtuber here u go snowing!gmdm wednesday!! mid week heccin cheers!!!is still have brain power stuck in my head @HoshiFuyu_Ch cmon spice and wolf it down @ArtemisVtuber LOVELY SHARK PARTNER @JinKitsu_ 🙏 thank you i really feel like all my previous challenges in sekiro lead to me finally knowing how to beat the mist noble @BrockBaker ok but what if they give it another go? @CovfefeChan cuz ur fefe and u make me smile @BranMci i love chainsaw man so good fire punch was also really neat @HoshiFuyu_Ch just drink the top firstSAFETY & SCIENCE: 3DP RESIN There's been a lot of talk about the safety of aerosolizing (and generally using 3D pr…
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @Enenra_Lockhart im gonna politely dm them to ask... @AComfyPanda oohhh @Enenra_Lockhart even info about the song would be super helpful :( @CORSAIR give approx 1 face back to someonehey does anyone know what this song is? ty! @ChiikaYamane mario kart @asagiriyua theres apparently a new one thats in a tower?? @yuureiyure ITS SO CUTE AND HANDY :D i have one of these :D @asagiriyua spa world바이랑 징크스😊 #아케인
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @ViteRamen @itsPatiphan im going to have to go back and watch the vods seriously ;w; im so happy for him ahhhhhhhLets fucking goooo we’re not scrim10 anymore!!! 2-1 @Envy and we advanced to playoffs!!!!! 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @Cantomancer HAHAHA thank you!! so hi! @Alice_ENVtuber yes! by pelleK @Girl_Dm_ hi so i did a little remix #girl_dm_art
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @itsPatiphan NICE NICE NICE @hazumiaileen we've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warrantyWE DID IT!!! WE MAKE SEA PROUD 👊🏻❤️‍🔥 #X10Crit #VALORANTChampions #VCT #SEA
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED}.@X10CRIT UPSET TOUR CONTINUES!! They take down the Masters Berlin finalist to secure the final spot in the playof…
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED}
This is a reminder that @itsPatiphan has been a professional gamer since he was 14 (FOURTEEN!) years old, literally…
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED}The mad lad did it. God I'm still reeling from the end of that match. Incredible plays from EVERYONE on X10. Ya l…
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED}finish stream AND see that @itsPatiphan was popping off?!?! GO GAMER AHHHH @BriAtCookiebox HEHEHEbrain power fight technique for today stream clear attempt counts guardian ape: 2 unhappy couple with fur: 2 shichimen warrior: 2 :Di figured out my optimal boss fight technique in sekiro game music down brain power up so
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @cl0ckw0rk951 nah nah everyone agreed he is the most difficult boss in the game kekw @tiuuie its like a darksouls boss @5H4D0W14 very very difficulthe was quite musicali beat the #1 most difficult boss in sekiro today kekw @appleciderwitch @EeveeA_ came here to say thisgmdm tuesday!! hi! so! @Listedfire2017 oh thats super weird, i dont have that when i listen @_@; i checked on pc and my phoneMy favorite bit of the show.
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @WooHooLad hi sohi so @MonarchVerse i take the faces, u get the souls, deal?担当作「怪獣8号」が「このマンガがすごい!」オトコ編の第3位に選出されました。選んで頂いた皆様ありがとうございます! #怪獣8号 #KaijuNo8 未読の方、第1話はこちらから読めます。 アプリだと初回全話無料です!この機会に…
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @hunnybaes it was purchased with commercial rights to the work :<this man smh
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED}are there any spooky holiday-themed gamesnew oufits and debut events are fun but expensive and mentally taxing, please be mindful of how you ask creators ab…
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @yuukeyna if you want to be indirect on it ask them to stay on topic to your stream/the game/category if they star… @catboymech i did too!! @Fox_mondragon !!! with the transistor sword!!!!!! :D thank you so much!! @Brack_Giraffe LOL my collection of human earsMore art for Girl_Dm_?…absolutely. Big heccin fan. @Girl_Dm_ #girl_dm_art
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED}I foresee something more.... Brute force.... #girl_dm_art #meme #Key2Art #Vtuber #Fanart
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @brandoilustro :D super cute!! thank you!!Cat girl has human ears #girl_dm_art a whole collection.
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @2129_ran かわいい!!ありがとうござます!!LOVE🥰めちゃくちゃ好き〜✨ #girl_dm_art
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @chibidokii 🥲 its a painIDV MONDAY STARTS NOW ⭕ LIVE🔻 ❰❰ ❱❱
Retweeted by girl_dm_ | vtuber | {REDACTED} @uzukitomoya congratulations!!!
@LunaGeme @AVerMedia it has a USB port @AQUA191V :) @hitomi_hosino for rhythm games yeah, the hd60s+ was what i had before and it was so bad i couldnt even play on it