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@Humanstein now THIS is contentHappy Halloween! Here's my first "real" YouTube video. It's about the history of creepy dolls and killer clowns. En…
Retweeted by aveHey babes please boost 🙏✨
Retweeted by avehello i’m shelley duvalli love ONE WOMAN!!!!!!!!! @alanaauston as you should! i love layering blushes, i usually do 2 creams and one powder cause i just love blush so muuuuch @alanaauston now this is a base!!! i also love this color blush on you!! @evildildos shes from an old woman’s estate sale so probably yeah @Iesbiancowboy one do you think is the most haunted @evildildos 😌😌😌😌 @bostonbey wait!! happy birthday legend!!! 💗💗legend icon and star shelley duvall “what horror subgenre are you” instagram filter giving me body horror 3 times in a row...... exactly @Swbonk freddys revenge number one we love to see it
timeline cleanse @zascmo pokémon crystal was my first video game ever so i support this wholeheartedly. though i would choose castle… space, but make it fashion 🪐 Click the link in my bio to see how I created this cool, graphic eyeshadow look…
Retweeted by ave @laurrrelyse you’re making me think i want that pat palette now omgggg. so so gorgeous @layxmakeup depends!! if it’s brighter colors then i like to start with the darker, if it’s neutrals i start lighter and build up color!Queer trans woman of color here still trying to keep my head up and survive this hell year. I’ve been sick off and…
Retweeted by ave @imirregulargirl she looks like the next smash bros dlc
Retweeted by ave
@layxmakeup skincare, color corrector, spot concealer, foundation, under eye concealer, cream blush, setting powder… cinema peaked here
Retweeted by aveMoi's Halloween costume is almost ready! I'm going as an Oscar-winning actress. Now all I need is a little golden a…
Retweeted by ave @darnthatdave female trouble is the perfect christmas movie @darnthatdave gilda AND FEMALE TROUBLE???? perfect deliveryCasey Becker Lives, 24 years later.
Retweeted by ave @scott4listener waters, closely followed by carpenter @Humanstein i just think he’s handsome @h1ghler not this @abluworld love this for you!!!!trans @amandaoee_ exactlyit’s a photo of me holding my needles between my fingers like wolverine clawsportrait of a woman on estrogen @MacJonesAmigo he was their pity friend :( @jonnydrawffles and that’s simply the best way to choose colors @h1ghler you watch a scary movie of course @jonnydrawffles i always love the colors you choose!!! 💗💗Why I Got Curtain Bangs and Draw Them Shut Whenever I’ve Had Enough:
Retweeted by ave @darnthatdave my favorite of the series! though i haven’t seen all his movies, of what i have seen it’s a toss up f… @darnthatdave weird. temple of doom is number one. how odd.
Retweeted by ave @nisipisa that nail color on you looks so good 🥺 @colorfulmuppet this has been on my list for a while! @yanskifilms ITS VERY GOOD i highly recommendthe crazies and season of the witch are 1970’s nightmares and i’m obsessed @Iesbiancowboy 🥺👉🏻👈🏻why did i never know how hard george a romero’s movies go???? why am i this late to the party???details in suspiria (1977)
Retweeted by avelove how often i change this shit up @thaisasha you in silver shadow >>>>>>>>>1970s shoot for Vampiria, Staring Theresa Graves
Retweeted by ave @darnthatdave Kingdom of the Crystal Skull makes me just appreciate how much the first 3 Indiana Jones movies fuck @evildildos let’s get our septum rings tangled 🥺 @evildildos why not both @evildildos follow rahul kohli on instagram and look @ all his pictures @ARTISTRYBRI if you’re talking about the gel pencils then yes in my experience!!! my eyes water really bad, especia… hate it hereisnt it fun that so many trans people’s biggest dream in life is simply to be loved because we’ve been told we don’… people deserve to be loved out loud
Retweeted by aveme after tweeting this this: dysphoria bad @postIobotomy me too it’s ok, but it’s my fav marilyn performance, if you have prime it’s on there rn!! @postIobotomy omg it’s marilyn in the misfits!!i’m so basic in my taste of old hollywood actresses is hitting
oh baby a triple ganon when hyrule prepared all the ancient sheikah technology
Retweeted by ave @kyraagarner “it wouldn’t be good for my reputation” i’m losing my MINDeveryday y2k fake vintage sellers on depop wake up and choose violence @luisaaB16 Possession from 1981!the drama between the members of fleetwood mac is the straight version of gay twitter dramai actually do look really stunning here why lie @toddrickhoward 🥺🤲🏻💍 plslike what happened between march and september that i became this is from back in march but i looked so pretty ??? @evildildos i’m obsessed w ugale weathers is a f@g hagi love that scream has gotten such a huge gay following we just fucking love drew barrymore wearing bad wigsdrew barrymore brings out the short platinum bob and the girls go WILD i’m girls
realistically i could put so many, but here’s 4 more i love only answer @h1ghler h1ghler and the strawberry blondesme vs my love of 60’s and 70’s adult contemporary folk rockme vs my on repeat...... yeah @dearapriII i hate it here!!! 😭 @ghoul_spice bout to order taco bell for dinner bc of this @berrybicth i wanna be her @yanskifilms literally..... a dream @h1ghler me n the bestie go blondeHello everyone I am a trans indigenous displacement survivor and I am currently houseless, food insecure, without…
Retweeted by ave @h1ghler she’s why i wanna be blondebe the change you wish to see in the world or whatever that bald guy said i guessthere is a severe lack of photoshopped photos of miss piggy holding a jointthat’s oregano in that rolling paper you silly felt puppet