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there's nothing i miss more than going to a music industry event, inhaling two gin and tonics, making eye contact w…
Retweeted by girl_irl isnt irl @GuiTintel 100gecs wishes they were this @Blood_Link No u deserve better xox @thejonavark Bitch i-Britney Spears Breakdown Girl_irl only comes once every 4 years. Like for good luck 💖🧚‍♀️ ignore for bad 😡
Retweeted by girl_irl isnt irl @cashumilk It’s a think-piece
@crylattice Maybe the Taylor swift one not Caesar @lighghtmusic cancelledThis is the only day you can rt this
Retweeted by girl_irl isnt irl @jetski0 oh word I’m using Ello @jetski0 Ha ha you use Quibi 🤣😂🤣 Byte is the move’s privilege in protecting Kanye’s “politics.” As @andrejgee writes, humoring his rhetoric doesn’t just refl…
Retweeted by girl_irl isnt irlPlus, while internet is so central to communication in 2020 it still doesn’t makeup for reality.I’ve always been super pro-cutting people out who aren’t good for you or that you’ve outgrown. A timeline purge is… like that people are being stricter with who they spend their energy on lately, very cool and important ❤️ @DANEUOK maybe demos I thinkrelease new music on Audius now? Fuck other streaming platforms?My two moods are fire react & heart react @TabulaRasaRcrds I was about to say where is tabulaYou wanna follow me on Audius, you wanna follow me on Audius so bad
Retweeted by girl_irl isnt irlIf you go to a protest for a photo op or tiktok don’t go to the protest @AlexZone I think ur a legend <3new yearbook photo
Retweeted by girl_irl isnt irl @tylermazaheri Tiffany’s flex 💖this is the best interview I have ever done, I will never be able to top this @louisquantrille hey Juliet is the perfect song... @louisquantrille IVE BEEN WORKING ON A REMIXplus even if it was me vs them I don’t think I have it in me to kill someone that has done literally nothing wrong but get bitten ??I think if I was in a zombie apocalypse I’d just let the zombies turn me into one of them because honestly? they’re… yeah big surprise we don’t typically do PCM*sic or hyperpoop🥴(this is one of the hottest & hardest sets @highozt and I have done in a WHILE 10/10 would recommend) QUARANTINE FE… diria que seria um dos maiores hits de 2020
Retweeted by girl_irl isnt irl @rodrigokills @NellyFurtadoPt @NellyFurtado @Timbaland We keep on winning 🤩100gecs really is for the recovered scene kids huh @DANEUOK good nighttt 🥰❤️ @DANEUOK Yes you already know @GuHh_Aquino It’s because I’m trying not to speak Hebrew 😳❤️ palavras são difíceis @sunscreenhotbox @coolzeldafan Omg yes I screamedStill relevantso many gecs so little time
Retweeted by girl_irl isnt irl @gbrldiniz So happy for you ❤️❤️❤️ congrats @th3saddestangel Telfar doesn’t work if it wears youvery hot & cool !’s still a bunch of us out here, high risk and not high risk that all feel the same wayI really hope everyone who’s taking COVID seriously knows they’re not being crazy or over dramatic for choosing not… b listening to novagang but don't get any pussy, call that novagina
Retweeted by girl_irl isnt irl @GuiTintel Happens all the time 😡😪 @160datafruits Lmaooo NOT THAT @ShesABoy Great minds
@GuiTintel I can 👀There’s a Party 🥳 in your 👉👈 bedroom 🛏🎊 all night 🌙 long ‼️ Theres a lot of talk 🗣👁‍🗨 about YOU 🧏‍♀️✨ @domintheytrix McDonalds is good and usually better for u everywhere else but US I hate itI don’t want to live rent free in people’s heads! I want to live rent free in my apartment!!
Retweeted by girl_irl isnt irl @lucarassi angry girl_irl too : ) @Sapot_lol @DarLindman @theneedledrop @Dudufaruk_ בבקשה ותודה @cralias YOOOOOOO @omknee אנטישמים אוהבים טוויטר חחחח שום דבר לא מפתיע - שבת שלום!!! 🥰🥰💎 @highozt & girl_irl b2b feels like this @Shpeewalker @theneedledrop Yup yup! @nightcoreboi I’m gonna delete my IG soon wanna just have my account @theneedledrop Not like he gonna see this anyway tho lol @theneedledrop But yeah both Israelis and Palestinians (and Palestinian-Israelis) have some killer music I can link… @theneedledrop there’s ur little translation <\3 @theneedledrop I shouldn’t have to iterate but just because something is published in an israeli newspaper, is in H… once again (because I feel like I always need to reiterate) just because something is published in an israeli n… translation: “Is that so?! In recent years a new trend had developed rapidly in the musical journalism: Onli… @dynastic @ashyxung O shitArca is so hot, good for herTweeting less on here & moving to @notgirlurl say hiii @NantendoSwitch Not today satan, pleaseMENTALLY I THOUGHT IT WAS MONDAY - NOT RELEASING THIS WEEKEND IM SO SORRY @three_bizz time for the weekend not by the weekend...words are hardAll the homies testing negative for Covid is my 2020 kinkGoing 2 act up very soon & a blunt new songs by the weekend? a side a side b of same song? Yeah? Who want? @marlodjur Reminds me of how ‘It wasn’t me’ blew upI don’t know how @djfukboy consistently makes things happen but they rlly do consistently make things happen( all set times are in PST for my California bbys ) come watch all the videos you forgot about from your MySpace daysDid you hear? There’s a Halloween movie night happening AND I get to DJ alongside @djfukboy & @INFRAREDGOTH_ ??? An… @gossamarie DJ GregorianDeepthroatgregorian deepthroat
Retweeted by girl_irl isnt irlYu Yu Hakusho Opening - Hohoemi no Bakudan
Retweeted by girl_irl isnt irlfor just $1.95 I will feature in your live and get it taken down <3 @djglitterqueen HAPPY BDAY ❤️Not only is this voter suppression, it is downright a health hazard. We’re at the start of flu season amid a pandem…
Retweeted by girl_irl isnt irl @highozt @skylar__spence I can’t stop thinking about how this tweet is me & my twins name @68tilinfinity Would LOVE to talk to you about linguistics @gayassslut That’s so sexy of you @nowseous Skrillex original PC Music ☹️I mean that in the sense that whether you hate it or love it the impact of it was so astronomical it pushed your or… you like it or not none of us would be here without Skrillex todayReminder that the term “gypsy” is a racial slur for Romani people and it should be removed from our vocab altogether.
Retweeted by girl_irl isnt irl @thejozefwhite spare soul? @DeluxeUltra_ Right answer @GuHh_Aquino WTF WHENgood morning jerks