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You can do some insidious stuff with data... this is why we need strong data protection laws. @CassandraRules seriously terrifying though haha @CassandraRules haaa, of course you'd love this with your horror fandomWith all the horribleness in 2020, it's nice to see something good. you imagine having this happen on a flight you were on? 2020 is too much. the full footage, I don't think the police had any reason to body slam him like that... but this is it...… only hires the best people you guys. This is all completely normal stuff. Trump just surrounds himself with l… one bad apple defense (which was a dumb defense to begin with) errodes by the day. @McnallyDavidJ ah right, just the English app, thanks! @cierzo1 ah that's the one I have anyway, so I guess I don't have that one This makes me want to delete the app tbh @albertineK666 ah, there are def people I know that don't know it and are that stupid, or willfully ignorant. @kdvncm I know people that don't understand that he's a lying sack of shit. Thank he's who he says he is. There are… is amazing how people still follow this man and think that they aren't being scammed bigly. wild footage coming out of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan right now.
Wouldn't shock me one bit... many of the cops in America are a bunch of thugs and gangsters. Often joked about be… terrible that some people seem to think that what 2020 needs is yet another hot war. Please everyone, j… @TheMichaelDJ yeah... more of the same isn't going to do anything but continue the suffering and division in Americ… @TheMichaelDJ all 4 lol... long day, little one's birthday today, so been running around all day @TheMichaelDJ good question... I don't have much faith in the Democrats to tell you the truth. I just know they are… @TheMichaelDJ they had all 4 levers for a short period yes, and it took all the political leverage they had to pass… @TheMichaelDJ Obamacare? @TheMichaelDJ just dont' see how America sits through 4 more years of girdlock under these circumstances. @TheMichaelDJ if Democrats don't take all 3 levers of power, then it will be a damn mess moving forward with nothin… @TheMichaelDJ they wont ever have any power after that point... so can't ;-)That explains a lot actually. @albertineK666 yeah, agree... but damn are they better than what the fuck is happening to the country right now. @albertineK666 It's for sure some feel good bullshit as well... however, if Republicans force in this Supreme Court… seems pretty big... If PR and DC get statehood... then Republicans wont win one more Presidential election...… continues to spiral. week it was the Kurds and the Greeks.
Retweeted by Gissur Simonarson 🇮🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿It's almost like they're adding fuel to the fire. 2021 will be hot indeed.
If you didn't know better, you would think he's talking about Trump's America. knows it's over. Everyone, except you.
Retweeted by Gissur Simonarson 🇮🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Never understood these people with their damn noses hanging out 😂 @TheBoobla yeah, i always get UK and Australian news mixed up haha... my bad. Australia has been kicking ass in this fight for sureYes! This is exactly the kind of shit we need for 2021.... taking down power grids lol. made laugh pretty damn hard 😂 @El_Adamastor right! feels like another life time agolmao. I just found that I am on! What in the world lol. would assume any justice nominated by the President would sit it out would you not? @_sHx_ Sorry, I tend to get Australia and UK mixed up from time to time... Australia has been great you are right..… @biodegabriel I'm also heavily under the influence on a Friday night haha =) @biodegabriel haha, sorry, it's just a long list of things dropping tonight, didn't mean to imply this show in pert… is too damn funny.... as much trash as I talk about the never Trumpers sometmies... the Lincoln Project is jus… like it's all coming out tonight... Firday night.. no one paying attention. Toss out all the info now. was so wanting this to be good.... but boy... just listen to the original. If you're not going to top it, don't… @GissiSim Trump is driving Americans on the bus to Jonestown
Retweeted by Gissur Simonarson 🇮🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿The reason I know Trump isn't a Russian asset? He's done too well 😂Honestly though. People of conscious. Come out and end this absolute disgrace that is taking on in your own country…
Please stop being scary and crazy America.... thanks, the rest of the world!Good for him.... like I said... let the real men and women stand up now and do what needs to be done. Him shaking… ding dong ding dong, and they all fall for it. This is the same party that is giving billions to the top and h… @drogon_dracarys of course, gotta keep them in the terrorist caves... not much more range there right?Of course real women... now is the time. Step up and be counted. History will not look kindly upon those who let this happen.Here we go. Let the games begin. Let the real men step forward and show themselves. @drogon_dracarys it's a fucking disgrace indeed.But yeah fucking Trump and GOP and rah rah rah, Biden is losing it mentally... bla bla bla Meanwhile. @frusinatebhoy @elbryn_canticle just this interview alone is insane: @gaiacreashun @naughtyplantgrl @Thando_TooShort hope you all are doing well though! Thanks for sharing some good wo… @gaiacreashun @naughtyplantgrl @Thando_TooShort thank you =) Even through this madness, yes we've remained strong.… @elbryn_canticle @frusinatebhoy just this interview alone is insane fair... as excited I was just for the notice it was getting in general, this is also a fact. @elbryn_canticle @frusinatebhoy nice, seeing bits and inteviews now... this is very interestnig for sure. @elbryn_canticle @frusinatebhoy ah banned here... but man do i love myself a good frontline. I'll find a way to watch it.interesting... she's going to do something actually meaningful. Could be something. And this comes off as me hati… @elbryn_canticle @frusinatebhoy yeah it's worrying. Mom mom who's Mrs MSNBC is like... meh, I don't want to watch t… @elbryn_canticle @frusinatebhoy they are a damn joke... have been for many years... not sure what America is to do tbh.Something I've learned, but did not understand as an Icelandic Male. My upbringing didn't allow for flowers, they a… @AlanHall1979 @frusinatebhoy well my parents are there, my brother... my wife's whole family yeah. Thankfully they… @frusinatebhoy it's terrible to watch really... I don't DISLIKE Biden or anything... but come on man, he's not the… @AlanHall1979 @frusinatebhoy very dangerous indeed.. feel sorry for my family there tbh.oh please yes haha, lets make everything crazy., one of the best reporters on ISIS... stunning work. takes on the new charges in a good thread => @frusinatebhoy they really fucked up with Biden didn't they? I still can't believe that was the choice we were give… you have the chance... please vote in this election. We are depending on the young ones this time... where are y… also proves our intelligence was correct and Trump lied about Russian interference in front of the world.
Retweeted by Gissur Simonarson 🇮🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Many of these people, some who I know personally, have been able to hang on now for a few months... but with leader…'s sad and scary to watch the old school businesses go down the toilet with this virus. I don't think that peop…, lets cut people's health care, their retirement savings and their social safety net during a pandemic. I'…'s embarassing. damn good podcast too, shame =/ @1300KWL yeah. I mean I'm no extremist either, I don't wear it when I'm out walking by myself or with my family. Bu… @1300KWL of course continue the mask usage, and have the government take it more seriously... possibly even mail ou… @1300KWL there wont be any vaccine in a few months... possibly end of 2021 it will become widely available enough i… support this. Have to be honest, I don't know John Sweeney well. I know of him, seen him around and such, h… don't see why not... we have the tests, we know how to behave in crowds. Obviously spectators will be limited to… was actually American Evengelicals that convinced me there were actual evil people in this world. How ironic is that. @inihelene I like it haha.Republicans who are acting like they weren't always the evil party, the party so antithetical the Jesus that it mak… coming up with new enginous ways to hurt and kill those they are supposed to "protect & serve" Also have th… report speaking to Trump supporters is pretty scary if you're living in the US. the... blue checkmark? are really going all the way to loony town huh? @naughtyplantgrl @Thando_TooShort @gaiacreashun Truth. Have experienced this with my wife over the past 11 years. A… @BenjaminKweskin Have a similar situation on wife’s side. Very strange and difficult to square the people you know… @BenjaminKweskin That’s true, a lot of Jews are very friendly with the Trump regime... sad to watch. @BenjaminKweskin It’s gross. To watch 43% of Americans supporting this turned my stomachThese people are truly disgusting. Being Jewish now makes you some sort of athiest? Religion really shouldn’t fac…