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How do you onboard new hires remotely? There's an #AllRemote handbook submission for that ✋📖 of survey respondents say they conduct weekly conduct code reviews. Learn about dev challenges we uncovered… how GitLab and @awscloud integrate together and optimize your CI/CD. Don't miss @devopsdotcom's webinar on A… @glaucocustodio We would love to see you write an official feature proposal around this: !… more code faster while still reducing risk. #DevSecOps @BomberUnix Hey there, are you still getting error?
@gnarlin2 We have an issue open discussing this and would appreciate your feedback and contribution there if you ha… @awscloud + @TMobile + 🦊 = 💜 Learn about CI, simplifying your toolchain, and shifting to #DevOps. ➡️… You can keep your code in an @Azure DevOps repository and run CI/CD with GitLab pipelines. Here are the step… is how you can add external Jenkins jobs to GitLab. 👇 do you automate across GitLab and @jira? Join us for a co-hosted webinar on August 13th to find out how our te… as code is key to shifting left and achieving #DevSecOps! Learn more ⬇️ @g_luck14 Thanks for reaching out! GitLab Support is no longer processing MFA resets for free users. Please follow… tapping into GitLab's #Kubernetes integration, CI/CD, and source #code management... @hotjar deployed 50% faste… the #TechTalks host, 7-time-CIO, Mark Settle, Bryan Wise he VP Head of IT at @gitlab, and Saket Srivastava, He…
Retweeted by GitLabThanks to @gitlab alert and incident management, responders can now triage #IT alerts & manage incidents in the sam…
Retweeted by GitLabWe're partnering with @GitLab for #GitLabCommit! Join us on Aug 26 for a virtual day of #DevOps strategies and stor…
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Automating tests + developing code = #DevSecOps Check out the full results of our Survey here:… to know the speaker lineup for #GitLabCommit before the event! Check out prep for their sessions and give them…'m speaking at #GitLabCommit on how to modernize legacy applications using #Anthos! Join @GitLab and me this Augus…
Retweeted by GitLabPlease do come see me talk on "How to Build a Compromise-Resilient CI/CD" on August 26th at #GitLabCommit 2020…
Retweeted by GitLab`git rebase --onto` has to be one of the most use git "tricks" that I know:
Retweeted by GitLabGitlab and @cloudflare are working together to make access to corporate apps faster and safer for #remote teams. 🔒… working outside the office, what's more challenging for you? Formal communication (meetings!) or informal conversations?
Retweeted by GitLab @CatgirlDev Hey there, do you mind posting your question on our forum? Thanks:)
#DevOps and CI/CD are causing sweeping changes in dev and ops roles and responsibilities. Read our blog! @alanlangford_ca @LinkedIn Got it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us about this.What type of content would you like to see more from our social channels? 🗳
Retweeted by GitLabWhen working outside the office, what's more challenging for you? Formal communication (meetings!) or informal conversations?Here are 4️⃣ ways that GitLab Secure makes life easier for #AppSec engineers. this blog we compare GitLab to Jenkins, Travis and Bamboo.
GitLab was named a Visionary in 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Agile Planning Tool. today's challenges, the way we are used to working has completely changed. So how do you maximize developers'… to learn how to build a microservice from scratch? Join us at @SpringOne and learn how to use GitLab + Spring…'s how #remote companies conduct a job #interview over video... 1️⃣ Look for values fit, not culture fit. 2️⃣…
You can go faster when #CI build queues are reduced by 75%. That's the power of #DevSecOps. Check out the full res…'s happening! 🤩 We are hosting a hands-on virtual workshop where you will discover how to shift left, from both… @Xeonian If you are seeing a 404 error, you should reach out to so our experts can help you troubleshoot!In honor of #GitLabCommit (sign up - it's free!), we're sharing our how-to on running application security testing…
Retweeted by GitLab#GitLabCommit is coming up soon on Aug 26th! Come join my track: @GitLab How-tos, Tips, and Tricks featuring…
Retweeted by GitLab @alanlangford_ca Thanks for responding, Alan! Are you referring to features of GitLab or how we use social media like Twitter? @rubenswieringa Oh no! We encourage emojis so that's sad to hear. Do you mind sharing a screencast of what happens… @jesse_thompson_ Hey Jesse, we can't take early applications, but let us know when you've been accepted to the w202… type of content would you like to see more from our social channels? 🗳It's been a long journey! Learn how we migrated application servers from Unicorn to Puma in our GitLab 13.0 releas… Your team can go from concept to release in 1️⃣ application. That's right- ONE platform. ☝️ #RemoteWork L…
As @zoom_us took over the world, GitLab's #AllRemote culture was ready. Read about the global #RemoteWork experime…
Retweeted by GitLabAs @zoom_us took over the world, GitLab's #AllRemote culture was ready. Read about the global #RemoteWork experime… recently acquired Peach Tech and @fuzzitdev. And now we are integrating these tools into our CI/CD process. So… first-ever Remote Work track at #GitLabCommit is majority female led 🙌 Register free!
Retweeted by GitLabQ: How do you generate revenue and keep #developers happy? 😊 A: Implement a good CI/CD strategy👀 Have you tried it yet? Update your GitLab profile with markdown and emoji and show us what your new description l…
Containers are increasingly popular (and vulnerable). Here are 4️⃣ real-world examples on how you can get better c… @yoga_nasu Are you still experiencing this error? If so, please reach out to us on or suppo…🆕 Critical Security Release: 13.2.3, 13.1.6 and 13.0.12 Upgrade now! 👇 are 9️⃣ tips for shifting left! #DevSecOps @Nicholosophy If you are interested in joining the conversation, please visit our forum discussion about this chan… doing an AMA on #RemoteWork? We'll be there. You should join, too 👇 are 5 @awscloud customers that saw the benefit of a complete #DevOps platform. ✋ @danninux The shirts were available for the first 300 people to complete the survey. If you're having trouble with… and CI/CD are causing sweeping changes in dev and ops roles and responsibilities. Read our blog! 👇 @rajendra_ak @manoj_g33k @splattael 💯+💯= 🥳After reaching the personal milestone of 100 MRs merged into @gitlab in April, I am super excited and happy and hum…
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Has #DevOps changed your daily work? Many report positive changes. Check out the full results of our #DevSecOps Su… @mikesir87 Hi! Unfortunately, once an access token has been created you can no longer view the details (see here:… @rspaik📢We have another community office hour with the @gitlab Runner🏃‍♀️ team on August 6th at 14:00 UTC. You will find t…
Retweeted by GitLabAre you a maintainer of an #OpenSource project, a developer preparing to submit your first MR, or a community manag… remember, you belong here. 💜 are the dates to mark on your calendar! 🗓️ August 16th: Scholarship application closes 🗓️ August 19th: Schola… will receive a 🆓 registration pass to attend #GitLabCommit and a GitLab Groundworks training course that…'ve created a #GitLabCommit scholarship program! We want to support individuals who may not otherwise have the o… 💜 our community's feedback, and welcome it in this forum post: We are also accepting MR…"What if you accidentally lose phone/recovery keys or get a new laptop and forget to back up my SSH key?" More que…🚨 Announcement: Today we announced that GitLab Support will no longer process MFA resets for free accounts. Wha… You can deploy GitLab to #Anthos GKE on-prem to configure and run a CI/CD pipeline! Here's a tutorial:…
Learn how to backup and restore stateful applications in #Kubernetes with GitLab and @portwx. 🗓️ Mark you calendar… @jshah4517 An expert reached out to you via email about this - thanks for reaching out! 😊DYK? You can move from #code to production in just 20 minutes. 🤩 Here's a beginners guide to CI/CD! @devopsdotcom We're here for the stories! #DevOps moves forward when we all share our experiences.“We are excited that @Netlify now offers GitLab SaaS and self-managed integrations. As today’s enterprises look for… @code_emitter @BlackHatEvents 👀 We will certainly be there!Learn how @Trek10inc modernizes Application Development using GitLab CI/CD on AWS. cc: @awscloud 🗓️ Mark your cal… @esantoro Thanks for reaching out! Do you mind opening an issue? Thanks!
🔌⚡️ Harness the power of Anthos with @GCPcloud + GitLab to deploy quickly to environments everywhere and anywhere.
It's time for our next Virtual Meetup! Join the GitLab community to hear from a panel of four GitLab engineers who… Why manage #SourceCode in a single application? A: To implement better workflows. ➡️
Is source code management enough for your team? 🤔 Learn how to enable collaboration over designs, data pipelines,… is a well-loved programming language. 💜 Here's a tutorial and an inside look at its capabilities. ⬇️ @umputun Sorry to hear that - we will look into that page right now. Instead you can reach us via… ➕ CI = GitOps Here's why a #GitOps workflow should be your first choice ☝️ @jimvannest Thanks for reaching out! Do you mind opening an issue here for us to track and improve: Thanks! @maaraanas Thanks for reaching out! You will not be able to log into your account until you have re-verified your e… @paulecoyote Hi there, we've received your ticket - please let us know if you have a further question :)
👩‍💻 It's @QwikLabs time! Learn the #DevOps workflow for GitLab + Terraform. 🙌 Start your #GitOps journey today. 👉… GitLab and @wwt_inc will accelerate your software delivery lifecycle. ⚡ Learn more! ⬇️ @pbadenski Great! Glad you got it figured out. Let us know if something else comes up!Here are steps 5 steps to standardize (and then scale) security. 🔒 #DevSecOps @pbadenski Hey Pawel, you might need to try a different internet browser - directly under that 'Download the eBook'… if you apply to the GitLab Student Spotlights, you can have your work featured on, and…