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Retweeted by GiusmarsDavid Bowie Bewlay Brothers via @YouTube .A superb song. #DavidBowie
Retweeted by Giusmars @sole24ore Le case farmaceutiche I virilogi Infettivologi Cliniche e ospedali Fabbricanti cinesi di mascherine P… on the SkyeBridge, Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 11/05/21 @carolkirkwood @SeanBattyTV @StormHour @ThePhotoHour
Retweeted by Giusmars @StephanWevers @ervaringswerke1 What happened to your friends?
@Viv_Ka @Franklyaghost @LadySta48470651 @ABrit96 @TheNomiGirl @TestamentOfDark @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @KitBowie Bowie – China Girl (Uncensored) Let’s Dance (1983) Video of the Day ~
Retweeted by Giusmars @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @KitBowie @Brooshski @2006Giuliana @Tzipor336 @LadySta48470651 @colacrom
51 years ago today, David Bowie received the Special Award for Originality for Space Oddity at the Ivor Novello Awa…
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@ABrit96 @barrymosk @milhistbuff3 @bolanoid @Goalie8993Jones @TestamentOfDark @ThePlanet_Queen @iamsher10cked @bowie_starman Very well
Retweeted by GiusmarsIman, David Bowie & Robert De Niro, Tribeca Film Festival party, NYC 2007.
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#cover #BowieForever David Bowie - Port Of Amsterdam a través de @YouTube
Retweeted by Giusmars#bowietop16 David Bowie/Space Oddity is an important milestone album for Bowie, but the demo for Letter to Hermione…
Retweeted by GiusmarsINSTANT KARMA! (WE ALL SHINE ON) We are, all of us, Egbert included, just a blink in the eye of Brahma. Play the J…
Retweeted by GiusmarsGood morning everyone. Bit of Sunday listening to kick start the day. A classic from the man himself. “You’d better…
Retweeted by Giusmars @ABrit96 @TestamentOfDark @ThePlanet_Queen @Suzi_Rex @JeSuisSusan_ @milhistbuff3 @barrymosk @silverseasun @bolanoid
Have a fabulous weekend everyone. #BowieForever
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@ABrit96 Happy BDay🥂🎂
David Bowie - PRO SHOT - Reality Album Launch Show - London - 08 Septemb... via @YouTube .I…
Retweeted by Giusmars @PpBombardieri ciao iscritta da 30 anni a UILPA ho sempre avuto a cuore la sicurezza sul Lavoro e le Pari Opportun…
David Bowie in Paris, 1977. 🌷💐❤️
Retweeted by Giusmars @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @maybeimtheone @KitBowie @Brooshski @2006Giuliana @Tzipor336 @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @maybeimtheone @KitBowie @Brooshski @2006Giuliana @Tzipor336 Happy manic Monday and May, I wish u all peace, love, joy and happiness, life's too short🖤⚡️…
Retweeted by Giusmars @Chasergrl @ManMadeMoon No are vaccinated you can be contagious.
on the day of execution
Retweeted by Giusmars @BeatlemaniaUK Yes it is him! @davidbowie_news Great Tour. Thank you!David Bowie - The Isolar Tour Rehearsals (Vancouver, 1976) Video of the Day ~
Retweeted by GiusmarsDavid Bowie - Low Live - London, Royal Festival Hall, 29th June 2002 via @YouTube .The Low album live. #DavidBowie
Retweeted by GiusmarsLA second day in a row with no Covid deaths & England a day with no Covid deaths. Keep fighting, homes!
Retweeted by Giusmars#BowieForever Sending good vibes for your Monday I hope you all have a great day. Please remember to be kind to oth…
Retweeted by GiusmarsGood night, everybody. I wish you all a happy week. May all your problems be solved and all the burdens lifted from…
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David during an interview, 1987. ❤️ #davidbowie
Retweeted by GiusmarsDavid Bowie – Sweet Thing-Candidate-Sweet Thing (Repr.) - Live at the Un... via @YouTube .G…
Retweeted by Giusmars @TestamentOfDark A nice pics, thanks❤⭐⚡🎼Good night, everybody. I wish you all a quiet night, a happy week. You are not alone. 🤗⚡️🎩❤️❤️❤️🌈
Retweeted by GiusmarsThe Linguini Incident (HD) (1991) David Bowie via @YouTube .This is a great movie. #DavidBowie
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May 1, 1973 #DavidBowie
Retweeted by GiusmarsCracked Actor: A Film About David Bowie (BBC 1975) Video of the Day ~
Retweeted by GiusmarsTra lui e fedez non so chi mi ha fatto più volare ieri sera. #concertone
Retweeted by Giusmars @Fedez Bravo congratulation !!!La Rai smentisce la censura. Ecco la telefonata intercorsa ieri sera dove la vice direttrice di Rai 3 Ilaria capita…
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@bowieww Wait, so you get all this Bowie on telly over there just because it's May Day...and no Bowie anniversary o…
Retweeted by GiusmarsDB on TV: 1st May The Making of Marc Bolan, features Bowie, Sky Arts, UK, 5.00pm GMT. David Bowie: Finding Fame,…
Retweeted by GiusmarsDavid Bowie, Monte Carlo 1983, by Helmut Newton.
Retweeted by Giusmars @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @KitBowie @Brooshski @2006Giuliana @LadySta48470651 @Tzipor336 @colacrom #FF sending love & healthy vibes to all have a fab w/e Bowie Fam&Friends⚡️💕 @DavidBowieReal
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@ABrit96 @Brooshski I well and you?
The expected COVID baby boom may be a baby bust
Retweeted by Giusmars#LoSguardoAllOrizzonte @VentagliP Tu non ricordi la casa dei doganieri sul rialzo a strapiombo sulla scogliera:…
Retweeted by GiusmarsNel 1993, in occasione di una mostra tributo al pittore Edward Hopper, Moebius interpretò a modo suo l'iconico qua…
Retweeted by Giusmars @MrTrevorCoultMC Beautiful Royal couple❤On this day in 1993 the fabulous Mick Ronson passed away. Such a vital key in the rise and rise of David Bowie. A t…
Retweeted by Giusmars @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @Brooshski @2006Giuliana @LadySta48470651 @Tzipor336 @colacrom I love you all, the heat here is what Tati said, sitting on a Volcano enjoy your day Bowie gang&frien…
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David Bowie - Starman via @YouTube .This superb song was released on this day in 1972. #DavidBowie
Retweeted by GiusmarsDavid Bowie - The 1980 Floor Show via @YouTube .This is simply superb. #DavidBowie
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David Gilmour & David Bowie - Comfortably Numb [HD] via @YouTube .This is simply superb. #DavidBowie
Retweeted by GiusmarsNew Order anyone? @LennaLeprena
Retweeted by GiusmarsGoodnight, everybody. Have a quiet night and a gorgeous Tuesday. Stay safe. 🤗⚡️🎩❤️❤️❤️🌈
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David Bowie, The Forum, Los Angeles, 1976, by Neil Zlozower.
Retweeted by Giusmars @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @Franklyaghost @Brooshski @2006Giuliana @ThinWhiteDukez @Tzipor336 Manic Monday stay safe & well be kind sending love to all Bowie fam&friends⚡️🌻 @DavidBowieReal
Retweeted by Giusmars#BowieForever have a peaceful Sunday stay safe Sending love Bowie fam&friends🖤⚡ @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl
Retweeted by Giusmars @ManMadeMoon Its very kooks🥺
Omikron: The Nomad Soul Expanded Soundtrack - 1. Indigroove via @YouTubeNo. No. No.
Retweeted by GiusmarsOmikron: The Nomad Soul Expanded Soundtrack - 1. Indigroove via @YouTube @ManMadeMoon Mayer photographed David Bowie from 1971 to 2002. Enjoy this new & exclusive interview for DBN with him..…
Retweeted by GiusmarsDavid Bowie and William Burroughs, 1973, by Terry O’Neill.
Retweeted by GiusmarsTin Machine Prisoner Of Love via @YouTube .A superb song from Tin Machine. #DavidBowie
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@davidbowie_news @Tonuspomus Is david o Bolan? @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @Brooshski @2006Giuliana @Tzipor336 @LadySta48470651 @colacrom @ManMadeMoon @robdelaney I like the 1st @splong72 @Rooflolly @ManMadeMoon @robdelaney @BowieArt 😮
@johnlennon @yokoono @ringostarrmusic @KlausVoormann @seanonolennon I'll be there. Thanks Ringo Pace & Love😘❤😰💿😎⭐ @BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @Brooshski @2006Giuliana @LadySta48470651 @Tzipor336 @colacrom #HappyEarthDay #TBT Sending 💕to all, plant a tree or flowers be kind stay safe Bowie fam&friends⚡️🌻…
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Claudstar2012 blocked me because I asked him if he has a chef at home since he publishes dishes every day ... Unhea…
Retweeted by GiusmarsClaudstar2012 mi ha bloccata perchè gli ho chiesto se ha lo chef in casa visto che pubblica pietanze tutti i giorni…
Retweeted by GiusmarsDavid Bowie - As The World Falls Down (Official Video) via @YouTube .This is such a beautiful song. #DavidBowie
Retweeted by GiusmarsDavid Bowie, Haddon Hall, 1970 by Keith MacMillan.
Retweeted by Giusmars @ManMadeMoon 😀David Bowie Dollar Days video via @YouTube .A great track from Davids final work of art. #DavidBowie
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@BowieArt @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl @LadySta48470651 @TestamentOfDark @thenextday13 @Tzipor336 @2006Giuliana
Retweeted by Giusmars @allikesstuff @ManMadeMoon good luck💪🧲 @ManMadeMoon Good luck🧲💪🤘#BowieForever Wild Wednesday hope all is well be well sending♥️Bowie fam&friends⚡🖤 @DavidBowieReal @TheNomiGirl
Retweeted by Giusmars'I've had bad trips, but I've had bad trips in real life. I've had a bad trip on a joint. I can get paranoid just s…
Retweeted by Giusmars @NicholasPegg @T19M96 I love it
Bang Bang (2018 Remaster) via @YouTube .NLMD was released on this day in 1987 ,here is a tr…
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