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SATURDAY MORNING HORROR presents... "READ THIS FIRST" by @thembob Start your weekend with some killer flash fict…
Retweeted by Max Booth IIIsad girls with guitars Rocksteady returned to GHOULISH to discuss a dead child named Casper. Is this kid actually a murdered Richie…
Retweeted by Max Booth IIIjust found Bad Day at Black Rock on the Criterion Channel, along with John Sturges's commentary from Criterion's '9…
Retweeted by Max Booth IIIhad a total blast talking about casper with @bettyrocksteady on the latest @ghoulishpod @laurenthehough holy shit. this is great. congratulations. @AHILBERT3000 @wmboyle4 have you guys seen this video?such a weird year. such an amazing song. such a good video. watch it. blare it.
@spinablackyarn make this happenHire me to write CONAN VS. LENO, ya jerks ost is 3 1/2 hours, holy sweet fuck - I'm going in @brimorganbooks I did not and now regret my choices @procterwitter yeah that's the one i'm playingHappy Mank Day, folks Assassin's Creed Odyssey for almost 5 hours only to reach the opening credits. is this considered cyber bullying @rjoneshowe go for it @P_M_Anderson fair @JaceyCockrobin @Shudder this sounds greatWRITERS: You have until the end of the month to send me a spooky short story. Payment is $0.05 per word + royalties… is quickly becoming one of my go-to musicians to blare while writing and editing. hell yeah. @JacobQKnight dude they're so great.
The Night Worms Review Team list of SLUMPBUSTERS guaranteed to break any #Reading slump! ...…
Retweeted by Max Booth IIIholy shit. cool to see WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING on this list, along with books by very talented folks like @SGJ72,… to have @GiveMeYourTeeth release a special edition of WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING that smells like four people trapped in a bathroom
Retweeted by Max Booth III @Jwillgrindstaff @grady_hendrix @paulGtremblay @SGJ72 @BrianKeene wow. thank you. honored, seriously.A student asked for book recommendations to read on break which led to more people asking me for recommendations.…
Retweeted by Max Booth III
new CRR?? it's a miracle! @NMamatas you'd think Microsoft would get this by now.NO, microsoft word, I did not mean to type "JAZZ"microsoft word you absolute fucking moron I find myself doing is staring at these endless feeds paying attention to shit that...does not matter, and is o…'ve deactivated off and on throughout the year but always ended up back to it like a fucking idiot. Anyway, puttin… a new episode of @CastleRockCast continuing our exhausted look at THE STAND Friday: a new episode of…
👀 @Adam_Cesare I wish I loved anything this muchHere’s a stack of books I’ve purchased that I’ll choose from to read this month. Review books woven in between, of…
Retweeted by Max Booth IIIme reading whatever bullshit thing everybody’s talking about on Twitter today never cared for any of the STAR WARS movies but find myself really enjoying THE MANDALORIAN. It plays out very… @gorycoryhorror I will suggest BARRY LYNDON only because it’s a classic I have not seen but am aiming to finally watch sometime this month. @Bucketoblood @JoshMalerman Thank you! I can’t wait to visit your store again. It’s been too damn long.“Why you comin home 5 in the mornin / Somethin’s goin on, can I smell yo dick / Don't play me like a fool, cause th…“Maybe you got a kid, maybe you got a pretty wife / The only thing that I got's been botherin' me my whole life” successful bean soup party has come to an end #nofilter used to show up nearly blackout drunk at my overnight stocking job at Walmart. Do you know how much pet food I sp… soup party begins in 20 minutes, do not be latejust passed 500 submissions. one month until the deadline.
it's called bean soup because it's soup with beans in it. just fyibean soup party at my house, come on overVery excited these books are getting a reissue. While you wait for them to come back out, why not read my interview… @robsielert Thanks, Rob! @brandenburgdm Thanks, Matt!!Just to let you know we're now down to our last 40 copies of our Special Signed Limited Hardcover edition of THE ON…
Retweeted by Max Booth III @RandallLLovejoy Thanks, Randall! @SWytovich The first episode is very good! @conradbelau thank you, Conrad!order a signed copy here NEWS: We finally have copies in-stock of WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING with the fancy “SOON TO BE A MAJOR MOTION… @BBW_BFF This is a fun piece and really well-written. Thanks for writing it.My short story "TIT" is in this anthology, published under the byline "Stephen Kink" wrote about Collateral, one of my favorite Michael Mann movies
Retweeted by Max Booth IIISupport an indie publisher. Get a few bucks off. Get a killer gift for somebody. Everything they publish is fucking…
Retweeted by Max Booth III @brockway_llc I fucking wish.this code expires tomorrow, so...ya know...uh...books??? books. I was a kid my brother & I walked miles in the rain to an indie wrestling show. I dragged along a 2x4 "just in… @AHILBERT3000 sir i don't know what "affirmation" meansobviously this tweet doesn't apply to people with a crazy amount of followers. they can tweet anything and immediat… only thing I've learned about twitter is the joke you've spent a good chunk of time trying to perfect its phras… @annaremedial Spooky @AHILBERT3000 You sound resentfulnow watching @AHILBERT3000 YessirAnother fan of WE NEED TO DO SOMETHING @twinkie_doodle_ "We Need to do Something" by @GiveMeYourTeeth "Occultation and Other Stories" & "The Beautiful Th…
Retweeted by Max Booth IIII just backed Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Pals II #indiegogo via @indiegogo @malloryomeara My top 5 2020 releases : Betty by Tiffany McDaniel True Crime @sam_kolesnik Touch The Night…
Retweeted by Max Booth IIIRemember, if you like jokes & japes, there's still time to get a copy of the new Midnight Pals book! It's good
Retweeted by Max Booth IIIAnything not listed I haven’t seen. I am not perfect.For the record: @CarrrBrian The Seventh Mansion @hexican Turns out this was an excellent choice
@hexican We got some sweet and sour chicken and egg foo yung. The latter I haven’t had since I was a kid but was st… is antifa I’m getting some Chinese food brbIf someone in my fiction suddenly starts eating Chinese food you can safely guess I also ate Chinese food the day that scene was writtendiscounted books! discounted books! discounted books! forgot video games can be fun @Tomascaris played it today for a couple hours. lots of fun!hiding in tall grass is a good way to get Lyme disease and also a good way to assassinate fools easily tricked by a whistleASSASSIN’S CREED ODYSSEY update: first time I got on a horse I accidentally stabbed a random person next to me and… @AHILBERT3000 @TankVilla Ok @WriterKathleen nothing needs to be clear in fiction @PauljGarth @beaujohnson44 Ezra Miller is playing the Trashcan Man. @SadieHartmann REMEMBER THEATERS???? @SadieHartmann my favorite movie from last year. i saw it three times in theaters like a lunatic @SadieHartmann the lighthouse forever