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@demamkodok me you 🤝 mitski @muglerize oh this was a MOMENTlady gaga in yves saint laurent and margiela, photographed by nobuyoshi araki (2009)
Retweeted by arvinzy ★ @v3gana same 😔 @hermajustea oh mama that was an era @strawberrychaoz i think he wants you to take him to a therapist cuz..... 😭 @samrisux AAA congratulations!! living thee dream!! 💘 @rolercoasteride 😳🥵vibing bersama kucing
Retweeted by arvinzy ★now why the hell i thought it was ok to leave the house like that? 😭 @fagguetes thank u bbyyy 🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️ @declanalwyn THANK U BABYYYYquote this tweet with your brows glow up 2016 vs. 2020 😭 @__aqshal her lashes 😭friday
Retweeted by arvinzy ★ @juliabeaugerard thank u bb 🥺🥺❤️💘 @budakyesus aaa thank you!! @frqalfi THANK U BBYYY 💘 @uglikiddo aaaa thank u bb <333333 @seiphisto THANK YOUUU 🥺💘 @chrossan__ THANK YOUUU 🥺🥺🥺🥺caitin kitten for V#106 “caitin kitten” spring 2017, by nick knight
Retweeted by arvinzy ★instagram users purposefully posting stories specifically for certain people to see and respond to are the 2020 equ…
Retweeted by arvinzy ★ @vajijay kapan ya </3 @VlDEOPORNO PLEASE @lavienreve omg ur name is so good,,,,,, @lavienreve UR COMPLETELY NOT out of my reach wdym!!!!! @nixumbriel thank u karel sayank <33333 @greyrelaxa waaah thank u so much!! 🥺❤️ @richcitypretty yes gaaaawddd!!! <3333 @grrrlgrey thank you asa ilymore 🥺❤️❤️ @aslan_pablo omg thank u sm love 🥺 @apocalypthicc omg... thank you so so much for this 🥺❤️ @aftrbleuish AAAA THANK UUUU 🥺 @holynaldy THANK U SAYANKKi looove “Keisan” on my middle name. My late father gave it to me and it means “best friend”. (( also, haven’t fo… @VlDEOPORNO YUPPP very 2012 gaga omg @ngemtct MAKACI NGELLL 🖤💘 @v3gana THANK U BABYYYYYY ❤️❤️ @notnorgaard SAYANKKKKKK @aftrbleuish AAAA that’s u!!!! 🥺🖤💘 @sundaykisseu aaaaa ur also mad cool 🥺🖤🖤 @badgaIdidi THANK U BABYYYY 🥺❤️ @leyawaa AAAA thank you sm 🥺💘 @shadyasashade LOVE U bestie!!!! 🥺💘 @Owlfire21 AAAAA thank u sm trevor 🥺❤️❤️ @shoymilk AAAAA MAKACIW SUPERMODEL MEGA BINTANGGGG <3 @penggarris omg totally... if ur added to a list of people to rob it’s not me <3 @penggarris if i visit you next time and that crop jacket is suddenly missing that is totally NOT me bestie! ❤️☺️bonus pic! *thwoorp* @rrkn28 right!!!! the italian excellence @hermajustea NAWT KAREN REYit’s very pleasing to me is some 2011 gaga type of shit and i’m here for it !!ok but let’s talk about this mug cuz’s having her debbie harry moment and i’m very here for this! u kak ollen for having me here now i’m waiting for my academy award <3pov: ur in a fashion emergency and u called me to be your very stingy stylist think it’s that time @yinfutang purr!scorpio szn really did has started @eriyung the collapse @kontempelir SAMA
@hoemmunism i KNOW people like this and i can adapt to them 😭 u don’t wanna see my aa-ccenther SOPHIE serve yesPONY...... BOY @tomiokaygiyuu kapan ya @skeletale YES MAWMAone morning this sadness will fossilize and i will forget how to cry @pirenewell yes! underrated song of hers.’s go gays! @strawberrychaoz Bree Runway baby!!! def check her works cuzzzzzz 😍💘category is excellence i’m here @penggarris omg i’ve watched all of tbese except i killed my mother @harlequinnzl @harlequinnzl ;&:&:$/&&;&/&;&2&;&3&;&:& @ROBOTZINAH this is so stupid but it made me cackle 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭should i do a thread of performances that made me feel like i’ve just been baptized? cuz i got plentyi found the way Mitski and Florence Welch write songs is so fascinating, truly magicali feel like i’ve just been baptized. @strawberrychaoz 💘💘💘💘💘💘 @_kittygal i love her very much too <333how do u guys feel seeing me tweet fashion archives in one day and then being mentally ill in anotherromeo trying to wake juliet up