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Jamie Harris @Gizmo_GH United Kingdom

Owner / Founder of @GamersApparel 🎮 Gaming & Esports I like to give my opinions, for you to challenge, so that I can learn from you!

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January to November "Mental health this mental health that" December "You voted Tory? You should fucking hang y…
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@Barrage_Jeff I like this attitude! @AnthonyEnglish_ Did you smile? That's all that matters @uixmat @AnthonyEnglish_ No, this little thing brings me great happiness, genuinly made me smile so much seeing it going off in the basketThe toys are coming to life! @AnthonyEnglish_ @AnthonyEnglish_ @demihhxo I know what we do need to get though.... 🛫🏨 @demihhxo @AnthonyEnglish_ Yeah... a new one could come out early 2020 that could revolutionise the smart watch ind… the change you want to see. Do the things that can help make the change you want. If you can afford to pay mor… @PeriGumpster Been saying this all along, insults / belittling does not work. Talking and Listening is the way! @WeefreemenYT Will take your advice, I think the amount of Almond I was eating at the time probably didn't help eit… @WeefreemenYT Will have to give it a try then! @WeefreemenYT Tried Almond, not a fan, got really sick of it after less than 1 bottle. How good is this? @PeriGumpster The clip I found didn't include everything she said, trying to find a complete one! @PeriGumpster @PeriGumpster Completely teared into JC and others regarding anti-semitism, saying no action has been taken, that L… to hear what Ruth Smeeth of Labour is saying live on Sky News @Bulldog_Newts True Brummie mate! @PeriGumpster Imagine him in a BBC:QT face off, his opposition starts making statements, out of no where you hear "ORDERRRRR, ORRRRRRDERRRR" @Bulldog_Newts hahaAnyone else watching Sky News and missing this beautiful man?
@RydeCS yes ples @jon_winkle @PeriGumpster @EsportsMurphy TRUE! @PeriGumpster @EsportsMurphy I hate to see people wrongfully accuse me :( @EsportsMurphy In which way did I vote Declan? 🙂 Don't make assumptions and then attack me like this.For all of those about to leave the UK, that I have had the privilege of meeting on previous occasions, could you p… wonder what story the votes throughout the night could tell for a hypothetical second referendum on Brexit... It… a fan of these Green Party numbers.. doing the worst out of all major parties.. something needs to change! @GarethSissons This looks like my daily diary... @GarethSissons 😂 @GarethSissons Thank you for helping me keep my dreams alive. I can sleep now! @GarethSissons My optimism never fails me!!!I guess the Green Party aren't going to win.... AGAIN?! @GarethSissons I was actually thinking of Civil War earlier today, interesting you mention it!On this day, many will be disappointed. Please respect those that celebrate their victory and also those that grie… @AnthonyEnglish_ Or his arse is tight... 🤷‍♂️I am looking forward to that Pay Rise if you get into number 10!!! @KalKalCS 😂
@RoyalRavens No
@SimplySed_ A big thorn in my side every day @SimplySed_ I got one... Delivery couriers and constant delays..... @BillieTrixxx Glad to hear it 👊 @BillieTrixxx You? @BillieTrixxx 🎄 @BillieTrixxx Hi
@AnthonyEnglish_ @Frazehh_CS Norway @AnthonyEnglish_ Ring walk is 8:45 I thinkWho have you got winning it tonight? AJ vs Ruiz
Perfection! Would you expect any less? 2) I am pretty consistent with my time spent on Spotify! 3) Quite a lineup! 4) I woul… happy with these. 1) Of course! 2) Interesting! 3) Cultured! 4) Wouldn't have it any other way! @AnthonyEnglish_ Next up, the Deus Group! @AnthonyEnglish_
This is exactly what I needed before bed today! 👽 It's been a crazy day!!! in advance if I piss off any Royal Family fans out there!If you think the fact that Corbyn may not watch the Queen's speech is some kind of "gotcha", then you might want to…
@DuckMoriarty Yikes @KOGGGYYYY @AnthonyEnglish_ Don't I already know it bro @AnthonyEnglish_ @KOGGGYYYY Im on fam @AnthonyEnglish_ @KOGGGYYYY Can't believe Koggy has stolen you from Demi and Me! @LinkedInHelp Ok, so how do I report someone / a company for this? I still have concerns as to how they have manag… @JoeBGrech @LinkedIn @linked I don't recall a time where I have ever publicly posted my private mobile number anywhere...Just had a phone call from a company, that informed me were able to grab my private phone number from @LinkedIn @AnnAdroit Are you safely removing them from your computer? Using the Safely Remove Hardware tool on your taskbar?
@TheSopherGopher Weird! @IgniteCreates @TheSopherGopher What did you do @BillieTrixxx 🎄 @ZackSass Congrats on the great weekend! I tried some new things and got some amazing results too, keep grinding bud! @uixmat Ok ok calm down! @BillieTrixxx I second that! 👊 🎄 @Momo @BillieTrixxx It's totally fine, you do you! 🎄 @BillieTrixxx Ok awesome! 🎄An interested TED Talk to listen to or watch: Gavin Schmidt: The emergent patterns of climate change Degrees @_Gitsie Yeah I wasn't comparing it to USI love seeing how people say guns in the UK aren't a thing, when I have 3 gun shops next to and opposite my office.…
Can't argue with that! 📸 taken from "Glasgow Night Ministry" on FB! @AnthonyEnglish_ Little poser
@logaNCSGO Honestly mate, the legal system is atrocious! Literally rewards the worst offenders whilst absolutely sh… @DarrenPlymouth Three fine men right there! Heroes!!!
@DSG_MarcBusby Apparently they couldn't find any form of evidence showing GA as a registered business after multiple searches.
@DuckMoriarty Reading that in your voice was so good! @DuckMoriarty As soon as I replied I thought to myself "you literally have to pay to stop someone texting you" @DuckMoriarty You got to send Stop bro... @KieranHDarby @Twickenhamstad @EXCEL looks like your poking holes in plasterboard mate 😛 @JPEX Will DMImagine having a "competitor" trying to tell a designer we work with, that GA isn't a registered company, isn't leg… @Radiant_NoVaa Sometimes I feel the same man! @Radiant_NoVaa The same reason people drive and sit on top of a yellow KEEP CLEAR box on a roundabout, stopping peo… playlist has a real mix of genre's, but when Rammstein starts, it just hits differently! @Randu97 Enjoy! @WiseTravellerUK @EnclaveGamingUK @enclave @wisetraveller Can't load the users profile, quick get itGlad I was asleep during the 10,000,004th UKCS twatter drama episode. UKCS is just doomed. Will never get out of t…
@SesoHQ 1 @Taylerdoodle She on her knees too bro @CharlottesArtz @Frazehh_CS oops @ENC_Britsaint Because one has buff daddy potential, the other doesn't!