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“A Life Behind Bars, Between The Wheels, I have the ability to ride, I never take that for granted.”

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LATEST: The Garfield County Sheriff’s Office ordered evacuations Sunday night as the Pine Gulch fire jumped a count…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonAugust 10, 1974, @rushtheband's debut album was first released by Mercury Records. Four days later, the band played…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonCan't say that I blame them. I wouldn't want us either.
Retweeted by Gerry Stephenson
The people of Belarus joyously celebrating the sixth consecutive term of their beloved, democratically elected pres…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonAnyone else not think they'd spend their adult years defending 'science' and 'the mail'
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonNot to worry friends, Rush was played yesterday before the wedding festivities. A great day with the best DJ partne…
No, Democrats aren’t cheating in the election by negotiating a relief bill No, Trump isn’t a pioneer in protecting…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonIf it’s not safe enough for indoor dining, what makes it safe enough for indoor schooling? (...and restaurants act…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonBeing a #MapleLeafs fan will take years off your life. #LeafsForever
Retweeted by Gerry Stephenson🔊 SOUND ALL THE WAY UP ⬆️⬆️⬆️
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonOur view from the “tiny” loft. 😜💯 @reverenceacadem #tinyhomefun. @ Fairplay, Colorado Trump says he's planning executive order requiring insurers to cover pre-existing conditions, something…
Retweeted by Gerry Stephenson @MapleLeafs Come on boys!! Get control of this game and win. There is no tomorrow.23 postal executives were reassigned or displaced in today’s shakeup. The new structure centralizes power around a…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonDate night before our DJ Gig tomorrow with @reverenceacadem @ Fairplay, Colorado
Such a lovely morning for a ride. @pactimo @Louisvillecycle #ridepactimo @ Louisville, Colorado
Hey other countries, do your public health experts get death threats in the middle of pandemics too?
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonLet’s go.
Retweeted by Gerry Stephenson“Now it is your turn to let freedom ring.” — John Lewis #GoodTrouble
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonOur solo artist foe the evening. @ Grand Timber Lodge
I-70 WB: CMV safety closure at Dotsero between Exit 133 - Dotsero and Exit 129 - Bair Ranch. All CMV being staged a…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonAll CMVs must exit westbound I-70 at exit 133 (Dotsero) for a road closure just west of Glenwood Springs due to lar…
Retweeted by Gerry Stephenson⚠️🔥Heads Up!! WB I-70 closing at Dotsero mm 133 for a wildfire that is blocking I-70 west of Glenwood.
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonWhite Russian milkshakes!! Yes that’s what we said. @reverenceacadem @Flipsideburger so amazing. #wearelovingthis is awful. What kind of people would attack an epidemiologist for trying to help battle a pandemic??? This coun…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonTuesday evening vibes in the mountains with my love @reverenceacadem #vacationmode #noplans #warchingthesunset @… evening vibes in the mountains with my love @reverenceacadem #vacationmode #noplans #warchingthesunset @…
@9NEWS Why? Who watch this useless garbage anyway.Just spoke with USA Softball, and will have an update on this story shortly
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonJust a sample of the eye candy on our hike today on Hoosier Pass Trail. @reverenceacadem @ Hoosier Pass
Our morning hike on Indiana Gulch and our condo view with @reverenceacadem such a nice trail with plenty of shade.… I feel we're setting up teachers, principals to fail. It's unfair, unjust, and fails to protect teachers, our…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonHockey is back but together we must keep moving forward. #BlackLivesMatter
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Great food and drink at MCCALLS Bar in Fairplay, CO with @reverenceacadem @ Fairplay, Colorado time in Fairplay as we do some recon for a wedding next weekend. #fairplaycolorado @ Fairplay, Colorado
It's estimated that about 8 million tonnes of plastic waste enter our oceans every year, globally.
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonShe never should have been there in the first place.
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonThis is such wonderful news! I am so thankful to everyone who made this possible. Coming together to demand justic…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonMilitary recruitment forms are being sent out to children on gaming platforms. The forms can be filled out by kids…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonWe all have a responsibility to protect public lands & recreate responsibly. Use caution amid high fire risks on op…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonI found so many spare wheels. Fun times with @reverenceacadem @ Breckenridge, Colorado personal charge spot at our condo. Electric is the way to go. 👍💯😎✌️ @ Breckenridge, Colorado if you agree.
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonThis is a real President.
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonVote. By. Mail. Works.
Retweeted by Gerry Stephenson @nealrogers 😜
Hammock time at KJ&C’s. @reverenceacadem @KalinaMiller4 @ Broomfield, Colorado a true tribute to John Lewis. Obama slams Trump and the GOP's war on voting.
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonI think this will end up being one of the most impactful and important speeches Barack Obama has ever given and tha…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonThe president held a rally in Tulsa that everyone with a brain agreed was a terrible idea going in -- and it likely…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonRemember having an actual President.
Retweeted by Gerry Stephenson @pactimo comfort as always, this climb up Flagstaff was made a tad more “pleasant” in my Pactimo gear. #ridepactimo @skratchlabs gets me here every time. I trust in their products 100%. One 24oz bottle of superfuel in the 1st hour… Obama, Bush, Clinton all to be in attendance at Rep. John Lewis' funeral, source says
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@KarenJarchow So very very smart he is. 😳💯❤️❤️😎🎶 ooooh and it’s alright and it’s coming on we gotta get right back to where we started from 🎶 #LeafsForever
Retweeted by Gerry Stephenson👊👊👊 #LeafsForever
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonRemington, nation's oldest gunmaker, files for bankruptcy again
Retweeted by Gerry Stephenson
Looking West vs Looking East. Choose wisely grasshopper. 😳😎, Mr. Attorney General. It doesn’t matter "what kind of assistance." It doesn’t matter whether it helps your bo…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonDeleted last tweet b/c of typo. Polis about attending events that could spread coronavirus: "No government policy c…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonGood drink of water for the metro! #cowx #9wx #9news
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonSuch a nice day for an easy ride through the neighborhood. @skratchlabs @pactimo @garmin @smithoptics who just donated $1 or more during my IG livestream just now has officially just done more for essential w…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonSo, @AOC just took to Instagram and raised $50,000 for immigrant families who've been frozen out of government help…
Retweeted by Gerry Stephenson
Spirits 1st ride in the Panda. @reverenceacadem #spiritpupcarride @ Broomfield, Colorado John Lewis was the conscience of the Congress. Today, we say goodbye to our friend and colleague, honor…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonCan’t keep 900 baseball players safe with almost unlimited resources but sure we can protect millions of kids jamme…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonIf the American president won’t pay his respects to man like John Lewis, then we need a new president.
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonMonday morning hike with this lovely lady @reverenceacadem we love our Monday morning hikes. @ Eldorado Canyon Stat… days until the most important election of our lifetimes. Register yourself and others. Then VOTE like our live…
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The @LeafsAlumni are saddened to learn of Eddie Shack's passing last night. Eddie spent 9 seasons with the…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonWhen someone tested positive working in a cafeteria in the White House, they immediately shut down the cafeteria an…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonAOC set the record straight with a powerful response to being called a “f**king b**ch” by Rep. Yoho:
Retweeted by Gerry Stephenson @DPFVictoryCrew Every Victory Counts Challenge. Guess where I am right now? @LaurenAnHunt polly.dawkins #teamdpf rights icon John Lewis remembered in his hometown
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonOkay, seeing this last night totally made my birthday that much sweeter. Love your decor, @AOC! Never stop being fi…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonPresident Email Lady wouldn't be teargassing your mom, just saying
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If you love me like music ... I’ll be your song @reverenceacadem ... #loveyouforever❤️ @ Hanging Lake says family, including wife and daughters, receiving 'serious threats'
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonIt’s Friday night and pretty quiet. Makes me very uneasy.
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonGarmin’s outage is preventing Garmin activities from syncing automatically, and connections with Strava Routes, Liv…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonLiveTrack is down as part of the Garmin outage, so you won’t be able to connect LiveTrack to Beacon to share your l…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonUnfortunately, other Garmin functionality, such as Garmin Routes syncing with Strava Routes and data updates to Str…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonWhat a hypocrite. Elon Musk has received billions in corporate welfare from U.S. taxpayers. Now he wants to stop 30…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonOnce again, President Trump has caved to Big Pharma with his empty Executive Orders. If the President was serious…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonA day after boasting about his superior memory, Trump tells a detailed story about being booed at an event he didn'…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonColorado has joined more than two dozen other state and local governments in suing the Trump administration for try…
Retweeted by Gerry Stephenson
Retirement rides on a Friday are ... well like Monday and Tuesday etc... Was fun to meet up with monarchflys as wel… breakfast toy testing. Oh boy. @reverenceacadem #cinamonroll @ Broomfield, Colorado went to bed last night, after hearing the news about John Lewis. I laid there thinking...a lot. I got out of be…
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonOne of the best meals ever! Pilmeni that makes your mouth water .. with nicely fried onions. @reverenceacadem
One last time ... till next time. zach.duncan #thebestrides #2 time.
It’s a beautiful morning in Colorado. Be kind to one another and ride with a smile. @pactimo @skratchlabs @garmin about that Voting Rights Act, @senatemajldr?
Retweeted by Gerry StephensonChecking in: Has the President of the United States weighed in on Russia paying for the slaughter of U.S. troops?…
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@KarenJarchow All of us dog owners do. Just don’t be in the same confined space. 😜😜😜 @KarenJarchow So where to now?
Retirement T from my friends at Apple 29th Street, Boulder CO. Thank you everyone. @ Apple Twenty Ninth Street