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The Archives of Icínq-Régn, Books 1-4 #SFF #IndieAuthor #amwritingfantasy #5Kingdoms #5KingdomsMerch

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@CinderBomb99 What’s hot sex? Does that mean inside a bonfire or a lava put @saylahachey Nonholiday music. @AlbertoPupo84 Bernie Sanders??? @DavidBrookesUK Twenty years? @MagicalOverload Unsweet. Putting sugar in tea is a travesty. @saylahachey If they repeatedly cross a boundary and are unrepentant of how they treat me, frequently. @Jonathan_Gans1 Picking arguments with family members. @JaeMargal Well I’ve had plenty of chocolate, so sex??? @eloisahilton Yes @Gntlmn_Jack Do you have a tree hundred foot marshmallow man stomping churches in Manhattan again? @EloquentEnigma Probably @allisonkrebel Mine is Batman @saylahachey What about Sierra Mist @hhensell Arbor Day? @EloquentEnigma What’s morning sex?New #promo for this Saturday’s #vlog featuring a #FormingFantasy piece on a villain from my series... #amediting @mere_789 On what specifically?#noshavenovember day 25. How you doin’? @MaggieGilewicz You’re still fantastic. @KrystalArvelo Mashed potatoes and gravy @DazzlingD009 70.5 inches @feline_cannon @GregMcNic There’s already a “food” company called soylent and we are less than two years away from… @AshTudor888 I’m a substitute teacher… With the kids on social distancing it’s basically data entry. I marked out w… @AshTudor888 I write when they aren’t around and when I’m at work. @MaggieGilewicz Yes please @summercannot My eyes: what’s going on... @saylahachey I am the one who knocks... and I’m trying to figure out what that means. @changemustcome3 @abbythetweet Oh believe me I see that with my own son though he’s not much for stuffed animals. T… @SqueeTodd @SqueeTodd so you’re Le Chifre? @SqueeTodd @saylahachey I don’t enjoy eating lamb. I also don’t eat veal... @MagicalOverload Why can’t we have an idiot shortage @katieemorann Yes. @changemustcome3 @abbythetweet I get that but, I’m thinking more a long the lines of not getting rid of them per se… @dreamdisaster34 Was the digital content (like the maps) helpful? What was your fav part of book 1... I’m super curious @dreamdisaster34 HAve you gotten into book 2 yet @ssbittner Nice... I used to hike Camelback Mnt as a kid. @ssbittner What part of Phoenix… I used to live in Paradise Valley
@LillianRhaine I had pushed back on an audiobook through ACX because they thought me rolling my tongue do an accent… @LillianRhaine Ridiculous!!! @dreamdisaster34 I can’t on read that now… @nyactor I have more than one?!? @J_V_Meulen Real pen name. @letourash @AnthonyLaFauci I’m haunting @ValeriBarnes... She’s a fantastic editor so I’d send her a short story full of delibe… @NatashaLink1 Red lobster... I don’t know... what city is she in? @summercannot I will. @garethlpowell Artist. You should see my post on how it was probably placed their to mess with Ancient Astronaut theorists and Mormons. @StephenRoth316 Yes. In fake languages that I made up. @summercannot I will be doing the eating... my wife makes amazing pumpkin pie... I love it... she may hate me, but I love her pie. @AlbertoPupo84 Noble Shatterer... I love it @MagicalOverload If you ask a Mormon, it’s treasure from heaven proving them right... even if it carbon dates back… @saylahachey You lost me at lamb... @eloisahilton @JaeMargal @abbythetweet Wellllllllll... possibly... @JaeMargal Ummm I plead the fifth... of Jack @eloisahilton @JaeMargal I do? @abbythetweet I’m speaking in generalities but if it’s a specific person you’re probably right but I don’t believe… @abbythetweet The stuffed animals are a surrogate for affection... transferring that affection onto something that… @GabriellaBuba Right now Theron is dealing with an enemy by talking with him instead of just going full vote fisticuffs like he used to. @80sMovieExpert So it’s meant as a way to hold you back @abbythetweet I get it… It’s about forming an attachment with a living thing that can actually reciprocate some form of affection. @PWolfecastle I’m more of a suave unsophisticated rube with no marketing skills whatsoever. @Meredith_author Fantasy @tgtatro @GregMcNic But we need calories... fuel man... fuel!!!#WritingCommunity 298 days, that's how long the sales streak has reached. Thus far no cute, innocent bunnies have…
Retweeted by Garrett K. Jones, Author @GregMcNic But if food had no calories we would have zero fuel for our bodies... that’s like having a Mr. Fusion co… @glee_writes He’s not really... it’s just a hologram. @saylahachey #formingfantasy segment featuring a character from my #fantasy series The Archives of Icínq-Régn... @AshTudor888 Yup @CinderBomb99 Aren’t we all @angelgirl1077 I don’t know anymore... @angelgirl1077 No... @CinderBomb99 That works @CinderBomb99 Me too @AuthorJFuller Hobby? No. Addiction? Yes.#noshavenovember day 24... I need half a Vicodin, a bahama mama, and live-in masseuse with a passing resemblance to… @JaeMargal I’d wish to be debt free and financially sound. I’d wish for the knowledge and skills to be able to reno… @DavidHsu_ I also really like Harrison Ford because he’s Han and Indy... but Gary Oldman is just the best. @JulieWritesFic Wow... good for you... I would have guessed going into 30s myself but I’m terrible at guessing. @PaigeKTurner Explains a lot... @MagicalOverload Butter... copious amounts of butter @tindall_heather Its a heat source, a weapon, a form of elemental magic and a symbol of power for dragons and dragon worshippers. @CinderBomb99 Are you all alone or a little drunk @PostCoffeeInsp I felt a presence when nobody else was home... felt like I was being watched... it creeped me out. @MagicalOverload The colloquial is stuffing but technically if it doesn’t go into the bird to cook it’s dressing. @CinderBomb99 I know won’t... wait... what are we talking about? Asking for directions and/or a map? @AJ_Jones_Author @honeybjackson I loved XMen evolution and wolverine and the XMen. @honeybjackson Like a boss. Though I was always confused how Jean Greys sudden exclamations made it by tv censors in the 90s. @_TaraHolley If you get the overzealous celebrity meal it will come with an extra side of fake humility and a splash of ego. @MerceCardus Wherever I can. @DanFitzWrites @_TaraHolley It’s a tweet on a hoagie roll slathered in mutated and Mayo and topped with endless amounts of whateve… @AlbertoPupo84 The three amigos @80sMovieExpert Great movie! @KrystalArvelo I pulled by back Friday @AnthonyLaFauci It’s a toss up between Tim CurryC Mark Hamill, and Kevin Conroy.
@leiladep23 All of the back content like maps, character profiles, and pronunciation guides are all online on my website.