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glaiv @glaiv3 he/him

cloak n dagger w eric out now 🦦

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Joined Twitter 2/15/20 @ericdoa pog champ!
@midwxstv2 also congrats on getting into collage 🙏🙏 @midwxstv2 let me pop out to your dorm one of these daysonly posted this to say go follow person who made this hat they are wonderful @/earftones on insta :) crap @jedwill1999 no there isn’t @isaac_why are you pregnant @maxokoolin_ banger @chiefjuno people don’t realize that every body will come to hate any name for the genre because the music is genre less 🤝
I had a long day my brain is filled with so many random sentences so I’ll be tweeting a lot sorry yallheard covid is spiking in the United States good thing I live in America yall stay safe @housesic how is geometry sacred numbers aren’t real think about it @TSM_Myth pog champGlaive and @ericdoa joined forces for a new record called "Cloak N Dagger" [@glaiv3]
Retweeted by glaiv WHATS UP WITH THIS GUY at my dog yall @HarryButAverage @TwitchSupport bro @TwitchSupport help out the boy @midwxstv2 they let us put whatever songs we wanted lolvery glad i am missing out on the quintessential high school / college social experience just doesn't seem all that nicei was watching superbad last night and they was going crazy and i was like hmmm i have never wanted / been invited… people actually go to parties in high school whats that all about @viraldan controversial take @doukyousei haha what a good song title
@chiefjuno LMFAOO @xadvoii its a good song i like nav look how cool the cover art is we look dopecloak n dagger w @ericdoa out now @hivemindassoc i am a bad driver so this might happen @ericdoa i was so confused LMAO
@chiefjuno what the HELL @overcastaz dog champ birthday to the one and only bossman @glaiv3 🥳
Retweeted by glaivIM NO LONGER GONNA BE 1GLAIVE I WILL JUST BE GLAIVE ON DA GRAM POG CHAMP SAVED THIS PICTURE LAST February AND FORGOT TO POST IT SO HERE @estrogenjesus I am now old like you @ericdoa check your. Text I sent you a very important texthappy bday bestie @glaiv3 i hope 16 treats u well my friend , love U 2 death #SheeshTeam
Retweeted by glaivfor birthday I want everyone to listen to song with eric tommo 🙄🙄 @Grunkkkk NICE am 16 years old now :)
@icedoutomnitrix @ericdoa agreed @8_4_8_5 @midwxstv2 damn you live like this @Grunkkkk see you there g manpeople telling me this is obvious, to SO MANY PEOPLE IT ISNT that’s why I’m saying it to make sure every person who… is one of the few topics that actually gets me upset LIKE IF SOMEONES SEXUALITY OR CLOTHING OR BODY ISNT LIKE… @midwxstv2 it goes like d major B major c major g major I thinkfun glaive fact: I don’t think clothes have gender and anybody should be able to wear whatever they would fucking like
@ericdoa same energy i ✨died✨ dixie damlo @ericdoa bu ii ness meet ing :D @ericdoa @Binchulu YES THEY ARE ALL RICH AND FANOUS I WILL NEVER BE IN VICTORIOUS OR THE FUNNY NETFLIX SHOW 💔😭😭😭😭😭👒 @p1at0niccc LEAVE ME ALONE 😭😭
@furcimusic ahhh one day off im on da 20th :) @furcimusic what da is ur birfday nick furci @ericdoa Does this look like me be honest people have been telling me it. Does and it’s. Been on my mind a lot @nothingnowhere pog champ! @ericdoa sheeshhhhh😬😬😬😈😈😈 @ryan1wnl dang dan back at it again with the whiteAstrid is not the alpaca but here is a cool picture I took is in fact this girl named Astrid (video like next month probs) @ericdoa I’ll be dream for manhunt
@HarryButAverage you will pay.I have befriended a cow named nickalpaca video shoot #cool heart on the nails okay shawtymonkey business haha get it they are orangutans which is a primate which is the same class as monkeys which is funny @TSM_Myth so real myth
I dunno if everyone wants me to share the cover art but ahhhh i am excited @doukyousei is it u liss ees @ericdoa i would like to be therestill shocked in myself sheeshthis is like my best tweet in ages oh my goddamn girl are you a covid denier cause u look sick asf rn @Mochila777 j peg @hk41a2 little man big converse @ericdoa #TheEricDoaIt’s super dope n cool n nicedon’t remember if I said this on twitter but song with eric dougha on the 21st :) @ericdoa I look silly in this but this song is quite nuts / goodsince many people have never had this happen i am ruining the joke and explaining it, you join the call and someone…
Guys I’m not gonna lie I stole this tweet from myself of yall have no idea what this means and that makes it 100000000 times funnierimagine you join the zoom call and the teacher ask you what shape is Italythis was a lie i don’t remember who told me to tweet this but if big Dave offered I’m taking that I won’t lie @cinnrz cmonnnnnn song in like a few days 🙄🙄will quote rt this tweet if it ever happens btwmy goal for 2021 is to meet finn wolfhard and give him a nasty look
2021 what would happen if i started making music @isaac_why @migialt ofc @Grunkkkk societylook at him @ActuallyNotBill I enjoyed your ep cypress grove a bit