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don’t mind the post lol but the interface sucks lol does my Instagram look like thatwho would like to become business men we will live in big building and do many meetings and have many things to do… @brandoread woahhhhh dis is amaze :Dmuch wow
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methinks you are a sly bastard @prodpitfall yeehaw @hunter_hhhh buy it @astralagenda real asfnew glaive video makes me wanna play sly cooper & the thievius raccoonus
Retweeted by glaive (methinks user)comparing me and brakence btwLMAO am going to invade New Mexicoi cant vote but yeahhhh vote if u can woke up swag is on @1kurtains fuck @ericdoa fuck @zzzsimrah no @notdaine dayne
@overcastaz Bronew over the hedge movie looks craaaaazy
Retweeted by glaive (methinks user) @icedoutomnitrix good @notdaine ouuuu daine daine daine welcome to the CLUB of being told you Look like famous. White. Person @whethanmusic glaiveglaive
Retweeted by glaive (methinks user)glaive - pissed out now on Overcast 😡
Retweeted by glaive (methinks user)almost 800 people in that premiere... s/o @glaiv3 for killing this with us 🤝
Retweeted by glaive (methinks user)I have so many people to thank for this like holy fuck thank you John and eric and Tommy and danny and cq and briss… pissed video is out now :D @ericdoa @overcastaz Do not call me that but yerrrrnew @glaiv3 video premiering in 25 minutes 😳
Retweeted by glaive (methinks user) pissed video in 30 if u want u can come watch da premier :Djust woke up swag is onIt is now 3pm est 👍whatever cant be bothered pissed vid tmmrw 12pm est @zee6crew they will wake up one day zee I promise @jiccjucc I feel mean doing that so I just say can you please stop calling me and hang up ☝️🤝like mason you called me the f slur ol buddy ol pal you best not be bumping no pissed prod deltoa group of irls that have my number find it really funny to call me and play my music through their speakers @kmoethekid sounds like a plan kmoe the kid music @kmoethekid kmoe would you like to watch dream smp funny moments with me one daythey shoulda let me play I’m not gonna liewhat the fuck wear my silly little boots and kick my silly little enemiesboots are such a silly little idea
I don’t think I have learned anything from school this year @SavageGasp 10 millionsmackeroonieslook at my boy the fuck over goodbyereply to this with a funny joke if I laugh I will follow you I need to follow two people rq @haileysmorgue no the tweet was sto lenhow r we all feeling today @umru_ NO WAYjust woke up. glaive is on...
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Retweeted by glaive (methinks user)shoutout all the users of the term methinksnot be nice TO ME to EACHOTHER @SPlCBITCH LMAO WHAT WBY*ZUYHJDGUYISIUFNHKNBSFIeverybody be overwhelmingly nice to each other challenge @RioLeyva_ gucci bucket hatjust woke up swag is on @micelsex worst video I ever done posted @yungdarkblade one word: pogchampnow this is a video on twitter
got two damn angels by my side! pissed 10/21 @glaiv3
Retweeted by glaive (methinks user) @ziggyy16 smarmyi love words that sound funny @kmoethekid 5 @fraxiommusic funny guys woke up, swag is oncoming soon...I be anxious @ziggyy16 thats fineI am in theatre class @ziggyy16 this i do is watch minecraft videos life a movieahhhhhh the collab everyone wanted
Retweeted by glaive (methinks user) @acaiicecream CAN I USE THIS?? I LOVE IT
@sn4ilz They let me curate it 🙄pissed is back on soundcloud :D @teoriwasnthere dammitthank u @glaiv3 for inventing nature and trees
Retweeted by glaive (methinks user)Arizona iced tea litwrwlly goats's that handsome boy in the brown squirrel onesie? 👀
Retweeted by glaive (methinks user) @dannnyorange I think I could pull it off10/21 very excited cya then shoutout overcast goats okay bye @RileyJohnSavage yes @bronclairs yeslol L post malone fat ass L @causedamages i think so @skyvz_____ yes @anchientorbit probs not @7bels yesname a person and iw ill tell you if i could beat them up