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@PigmentsnPixels 😂😂❤️ @peaches07 My sister and I are screaming. And everyone wants to see the baby 😂Started crying and screaming “ME WAN TO LAY DOWN” 😭😭😭😭😭😭My grandmothers bday zoom was so chaotic. Grandma is 93 and sleep upright in the chair. My uncle is on the zoom but… @aribeemue @Kswizz_ @holisticpussy 🤣🤣🤣 idk maybe soon. I miss having puppies but reggie says noThe dog sitter calls me ma’am. Because I’m old. @arsenalfcn5 😂 but I wanna be around Bailee @holisticpussy Yeah the one from last year lol @boneysoups @DadWearsGlasses
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨get a load of this
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨No creators are so freaking hilarious.
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨Me and @such_A_frknlady on our way to see The Queen! @libsuperstar Thank you! @audreybjunior Thank you!!😩😩I used to be able to pick him up Titan 🥰🥰🥰 window in your photos and post what comes up 🥺 don’t take no days off 😂😂😂 @PigmentsnPixels RonkonkomaaaaaTwo things about me: 1) I be hootin. 2) I be hollerin.
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨Throw the book at her
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨ @PigmentsnPixels Heart eyes muthafucka @PigmentsnPixels Girl I’m screaming😂😂 @holisticpussy This is a lot of sentence 😂😂When you realize pirates lost their legs and eyes from poor nutrition and scurvy and not from being fighters 😭
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨ @mosisoup wish she had more subscribers :l
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨Lemme see driving to Long Island to see BaileeBoo and we’re passing Hauppage and Reggie says “Hap-Pay-Ghee” @stevun Ok yayyy when I plug mine in I’ll send my codeI love a good staged photo op for the papz! This is giving 2008 Star Magazine vibes
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨ @stevun Why are we not animal crossing friends @pineapplebby I am horrified @blackladyblue Pls @blackladyblue (I did) @ohlookitsluis House of Salt and Sorrows. A story about 12 sisters who are cursed and they just keep dying inexplic… the books I want are on waitlists are the library so I just be renting whatever is available and I been getting some good picks.The book I’m reading is so creepy I love it! @littlelonebird Yes this exactlymonthly botanical posters x London Blooms
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨Them: how you get expelled from hogwarts Me:
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨just failed three captchas in a row
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨Yes. Next question.
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨Temperature checks at establishments are ineffective and pointless. It’s 100% for show. There, I said it.
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨Did I see a snake in somebody peepee hole? @jilleeann_ My baby growing upI am your grandma it Hollywood or Shonda?
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨Bailee went back to her own house and I am upset but it’s ok bc I’m going over there tomorrow @___d0minique 😂😂😂😂Hi guys if you love me please tag @theestallion and let her know @DelishCondish has her covered! Let her know wha…
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨ @Xrizztina 😂😂😂 @getBiglikeBev Girl idk what’s wrong with me
Just posted a little tutorial on TikTok 💓
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨I literally slept all dayOne Left Sale ends tonight! 30% off all low stock items here: More Faves: •Sienna Sky Set:…
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨Y’all when you find out that no one likes black people
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨ @hasBrOH1 I know!! 😭 @StoopidWild88 Lmaooooo Baby girl needs a playmate! @nelle_valentine She’s my niece but I guess the congrats still works 😂😂❤️ thank you @StoopidWild88 Also as well! Pregnancy pact 2021? @_fleurdepeach 😂😂😂 @_fleurdepeach My niece!! @nelle_valentine She is so tiny I love her so muchHer hair just be sticking up in the air that’s why I call her chicken @rarebre3d 🥰🥰🥰 Care helped pay for my chemo. Fortunately, this was information shared by my doctor. Had I not knew that,…
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨😍 Bailee be looking like ha daddy and I know my sister hot bc she was throwing up every day of the pregnancy 😩😭 @kismetndreams Here you go @kismetndreams I have it on my tl somewhereIn the pando?‘chile please! mama dressed!’ EYEM SCREAMING
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨One Left Sale ends today! 30% off these stock items: Faves: •Diamond Bow Earrings:…
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨ @LRNROSE It stresses me out so I just ignore itwhenever Sasha starts barking i start barking too and look at the look she gave me 😭
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨i was gonna make light of this situation but i’ll leaf it alone
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨We heard it’s our favorite Aunties birthday! @IAmToddWarr and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than b…
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨All she had to do was say they were happy living in Bali but noooo. Them ebooks gone be ya downfall 😭
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨They flap too quickly and the designs scare me need to run these back I got my own money now
Retweeted by ✨Stimmy! Stimmi! Stimmé!✨They just want butterfly decor and clothes and books and stickers. Welcome to my nightmare @ReggieC_6 That’s fine. Idc about that. Butterflies are scary lmaoWe appreciate you queen! my god what if I have a child and they like butterflies @TheHolyHeathen EeeeeekBalance