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@_jswifty She's incredible!!Now watching 'Interview with the Vampire' for the first time(!!)Each year I like to share the perfect pumpkin 🎃 dress for #Halloween, the #1860s dome of a #crinoline making for a…
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸 @joelnb @TayloredBites The 1980 one is bad but Jamie Lee Curtis' disco dancing totally makes up for the rest @TayloredBites @joelnb Ah I didn't even know there was a 2008 one! @joelnb I would definitely like to stay young & hot as well as live forever @TayloredBites Ok but it's all worth it for the finale dance sceneWould you take the potion? 🔮This film gets better every time @Glamorous_Matt
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸"The morgue? She'll be furious!"#BOTD Photographer Helmut Newton
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸 @writebydan We gave up archiving all of Nicola Sturgeon's because they're every damn dayI am not watching the press conference, it's my day off
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸Just watched 'Jigoku' ('Sinners of Hell') - amazingly gory for 1960 Schiaparelli, The Skeleton Dress (1938).
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸Also perhaps the only actor who can wear this costume in a mad sci-fi film involving insemination monologues and ye…
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸Today:
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Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸'The Vampire Lovers' (1970) is not great but it ticks most of the Hammer Horror boxes
Watching 'The Vampire Lovers' (1970). Yet another lesbian movie set in the pastCrack open the wine, put on the glorious golden earrings and sparkly pumps and strike a pose in orange #1970s…
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸 @WinonaStryder Oh no he's horrible. Whenever I remember that he took Ava Gardner's virginity I feel sick @WinonaStryder Being a Judy fan means enduring so much Mickey RooneyI had a lot more fun last Halloween
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸 @alexeptable When I worked at Starbucks we'd usually have it in stock by now - staff might let you have some early if you're extra nice
One of the worst features of this site is the way the blue check elevates journalists to the same level as actual c…
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸Tonight's 1978 double feature: three words every girl wants to hear
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸Jayne Mansfield, Rome, 1956
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸 @TayloredBites Why is she in the Black Lodge?The Way We Were Premiere - October 1973. #TBT
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸 @dashiellsilva The opening half hour is stunning! I was a bit confused by the rest
Saw 'Akira' (1988) for the first time tonight, on the Waterloo IMAX screen, what a dream @joelnb It's fake!! @WombleBexy @dinosofos It is @dinosofos Similar but more of it @duncanrobinson It's forty minutes of footage! @Charlietrypsin @badwithcolour It's Alastair Campbell!I *finally* found the raw footage of that awful Cool Britannia Downing St party that I've been after for *years*
Attrocities of the 1980's. One of these days we will have to come to terms with them.
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸One minor gripe: why can't films make martinis that look properly cold?Had a pleasant enough evening watching 'On the Rocks' at a cinema. In 2020, can we really ask for more than that?After 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle wit… is saved! Blvd. (1950) Gloria Swanson Dir.: Billy Wilder Costume Design: Edith Head
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It's a lot of fun, but also depressingly hammers home how all these exhausting culture war issues basically never changestill history's best moon news:
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸 @repeattofade Same, my eyes should be ruined by now but they somehow still work greatJust watched 'The Last Party' (1993) - incredibly chaotic documentary. Features everyone from Laura Dern to Jerry Falwell
Hey jim @TyleKurner The funniest thing was that they obviously couldn't afford the rights to the film's one famous songGloria Swanson photographed by Philippe Halsman, 1950
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@trchdsn @Glamorous_Matt You finally convinced me. My only regret is not seeing it sooner
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸 @Maccadaynu The greatest film ever made, I'm so happy for you experiencing it for the first timeWow. Sometimes it takes something like this to make you remember the world is so much larger than what we’re going…
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸Very good of @ArrowFilmsVideo to have a sale right before Halloween also found some footage of Mao & Krushchev today but I'll upload that laterToday's archive find: some gorgeous footage of Ingrid Bergman & Isabella Rossellini (& the other less famous childr…
Just remembered this absolutely wild coincidence which must be meaningful somehow films are right to punish horniness, which is something I find repulsive @d_whiteplume You're older than you lookThere's a dressing-up montage, with tits!Watching 'Sorority House Massacre' (1986) & really enjoying the fashion think it was Diana's death (one of my colleagues doesn't even remember 9/11) @taniadoeslittle OmgThis video of Bette speaking French sends me into outer space
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸 @yaesohn XanaduJessica Lange, Grace Jones and Jerry Hall all sharing an apartment in Paris together in the 1970. All three women w…
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸Cool !!!
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸 @TyleKurner True @TyleKurner I'm watching it & I'm not even American, I'm not sure whyI just want to be alive 🌞
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This film is not good @winemum2019 I was stuck working at Starbucks for years after my degree, but it was good in the long run as it gave… @joesview I actually really enjoyed it (though would always go for a Gene Kelly musical rather than watching it again)If I were American, I'd vote for Biden as the least worst option, not because I love war @tinystrawbear @ChristinaMcMc Omg, historyWhy do US liberals love the US military so much - it's one of the most monstrous & destructive organisations of at… @ChristinaMcMc Just remembered this @jo_bazz Jim doesn't actually want to sleep on my bed, he just wants to stand on me & wake me up. I still feel bad… @jo_bazz Jim cries so loud outside my door when I shut him out (luckily I'm a heavy sleeper)Watching 'The Driller Killer' (1979). It's not very good so far but I'm a fan of this queen @jaycgallagher His father is a lord so he got both! @jaycgallagher He got really lucky with one scoop in 2008 & has been dining out on that ever since @odhreo Great filmThe most Catherine Deneuve photo to ever Catherine Deneuve. Taken by Hemut Newton.
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸22 Oct 68 Rachel & Rex being photographed suddenly the photographers saw E & abandoned the Harrisons. Rachel in a r…
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸 @winemum2019 Except Diana Vreeland who is "Dee-anna"#OnThisDay 1980: London Zoo's oldest resident, Cocky, was awarded a medal for services to the state.
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I can't stop reading about this unhinged project
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸 @dashiellsilva Naomi was winning when I tweeted this!Vote for Garbo!!!! I voted to feed our country's vulnerable and needy children. The Tories voted to let them go hungry. I vo…
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸Quibi contributed almost nothing to our culture but it did give us Rachel Brosnahan's golden arm and for that I wil…
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸Remembering the eternally fabulous Carrie Fisher #BOTD with an image which never fails to cheer me up
Retweeted by Glamorous Matt 🍸 @WinonaStryder It's absolutely both