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Amrou Al-Kadhi 🦄 @Glamrou London & Cambridge

Writer/Performer/Filmmaker. Book UNICORN @4thEstateBooks. Writer on #LittleAmerica @AppleTV & #TheWatch @BBCAmerica. 1st feature @FIlm4. Rep @UnitedAgents. THEM

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If your gender non confirming and present as such it's really, really, really, important that you try your best to…
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@Pen24s @faizashaheen Yes actually, I did! Though still trying to figure out the best schemes to do this through. A… @faizashaheen Hahaha I'm HONOURED xxxxI was feeling lonely and blue on the plane to America, and then @faizashaheen popped up on my small TV-screen in th… though I’ve experienced this before, watching all the white passengers get to board the plane with no fuss whi… @marcoalesssi @berlinale @marymaryantony @kseniyeah @maddie_holliday Congrats superstar! Xx @dannynasah Feel so lucky @ramy81 We’re so specialTravelling to LA today for the premiere of my Apple show. First thing that happens at check-in: ‘America has select… is nuts! A short film I directed in 2017, produced by @SavannahJBay, is now streaming in the US on @PBS :) CL…
Retweeted by Amrou Al-Kadhi 🦄 @lizziefrancke Definitely! I’m back from the States on 1st of Feb - so week after that?! I’ll email you! X @lizziefrancke Haha! Tbh I should probably stop tweeting about him - it feeds the beast! Alarming, though, how quic… @rebeccabmakeup 😘😘😘😘😘
@ohnoontd I think it’s the queer Arab content in particular that’s been censored in Middle-Eastern countries, sadly 🥺Amrou Al-Kadhi reveals how suppressing their sexuality led to unhealthy coping mechanisms they are still trying to…
Retweeted by Amrou Al-Kadhi 🦄My piece in the latest @AttitudeMag about how the shame of growing up queer and feeling worthless led to severe OCD… to have written the finale, 'The Son,' with @notstephendunn, the story of a gay Syrian immigrant searching…
Retweeted by Amrou Al-Kadhi 🦄 @sarahshaffi It’s incredibly fucked up. They essentially depend on freelancers to hold up the government’s cash flo… @sarahshaffi Payments on account are unethical and have ruined my year. @basaclue @SavannahJBay @PBS It’s all a big depressing mood, isn’t itThis is nuts! A short film I directed in 2017, produced by @SavannahJBay, is now streaming in the US on @PBS :) CL… than a week ago, a lot of us didn’t even know who Laurence Fox was. It was a much simpler, happier time. @Dr_Ronx A week ago I didn’t even know he existed. It was a much happier life thenOK so I only heard about Laurence Fox for the first time last week, but I am already beyond over him taking up any… morning 💋 ‘anti-woke’ movement is alarming. After centuries of racism, homophobia, misogyny, transphobia, minorities hav…
This is genius. Brexit MEP suddenly realises Britain won’t have a place in the EU after Brexit and laments. Kind of… is tonight! ❤️'ll take that as a compliment actually. Thank you Simon! xxxx @PinkNews for talking to me about mine & @notstephendunn's #LittleAmerica episode, and about the challenges… to have written the finale, 'The Son,' with @notstephendunn, the story of a gay Syrian immigrant searching… you to @ZoePaskett and @EveningStandard for recommending my solo drag show, ‘Glamrou: From Quran to Queen,’ a… is the harsh reality of making queer Arab work. The Trump travel ban meant we had to move this shoot out of Am…
Look at my baby 😍😍😍
@zoe_ross12 DM’d you @zoe_ross12 They have two other puppies available...Just met my puppy in real life and OMG we B.O.N.D.E.D. Cannot wait to bring this lil’ queen home to Chez Glamrou in… writer/director Stephen Dunn "has had a tough time with his family," co-writer @Glamrou said. "I'd h…
Retweeted by Amrou Al-Kadhi 🦄We’ve just found out that our episode in #LittleAmerica has been banned from several Middle-Eastern countries. We’r… immensely proud of my 💎⭐️♥️ wondrous ♥️⭐️💎 client @Glamrou! This stunning ep of #LittleAmerica #TheSon is the fi…
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@000_0_0_0_0_0 @BBCAMERICA @EatonKentJo @MrSimonAllen @EllaTaylerBaron @bbcstudios @samuelfadewunmi @MaramaCorlett Son. A gay Syrian refugee dreams of being granted asylum in America so he can live openly. 🇸🇾
Retweeted by Amrou Al-Kadhi 🦄Thank you to @TheAdvocateMag for this gorgeous feature of mine & @notstephendunn’s episode of #LittleAmerica now on… @DespairRageEnvy @BBCAMERICA @EatonKentJo @MrSimonAllen @EllaTaylerBaron @bbcstudios @samuelfadewunmi‘Britain is not racist,’ says this cis white male actor who has never had to experience racism. The way white peopl…! First look at stills from #TheWatch for @BBCAMERICA - we’re just about to start filming the episode I wrote on… is so surreal and overwhelming. LITTLE AMERICA is here. Honoured to have written the finale, ‘The Son,’ with…
‘Living Alone: a Trilogy.’ @smartgiles Happy birthday wonderful Giles! Xx
Me as a Black Widow Spider after dinner xx @spencermillman Maltipoo!!!! So so so so excited! X @RobBurl Thank you so much Rob 😊! Hope you’re doing well x @RobBurl I see what you mean. Though I once had to house sit a cat for 6 weeks and it was so difficult to read I ac… @RobBurl Kittens, yes! Though I have to say, Cats are in general far too emotionally evasive for me. It’s so hard t… @RobBurl Haha I know, I can’t cope! Every time I look at him I forget all about the perils of adulthood @ashnagesh I’m thinking Cruella, or Phaedra!5 weeks old! Three weeks and he’s coming home to meeee 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 @gabyhinsliff GeniusJust bought this for my garden. Am I too much of a cliche?
@GeorgeBourgeois I’m really proud of you xIs it just me, or is Ann Widdecombe in dire need of an antihistamine? you so much @THR for this gorgeous shout out of our episode of LITTLE AMERICA! I’m tickled silly 😭 Watch… @HerrDirector @youngvictheatre I’ve decided it’s the best theatre show I’ve ever seen. Ever.OK so @MillyAbraham just reminded me of this picture she took of me 3 years ago from when Trump came to visit Londo… @sarahshaffi You give the best interviews ever ❤️#WhitePrivilege is white people managing to mutate the conversation so that accusing someone of being a racist is s…
@Alessandro_Babs Thanks Alessandro! :) x @zoe_ross12 I can give you her email address. I don’t think she breeds that often. As she said on the phone to me:… @zoe_ross12 Is this dog a Bolognese? One of the only UK breeders of them is called SHIRLEY.Here’s me, a drag queen, after my drag troupe’s children’s show. And guess what...the kids found me less transgress… 5 tickets have just become available for GLAMROU: FROM QURAN to QUEEN @SohoTheatre in March. Grab them here… AMERICA is released on @AppleTVPlus this Friday 17th of January. Honoured to have written ‘Rafiq’ with… Twitter, On the hunt for a Costumer Supervisor. Paid. Need to be available Feb 10th - Feb 21st. (I'm all about…
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- I am cis - I do not speak for trans people - I am not a “trans star” whatever the fuck that can mean for a cis wo…
Retweeted by Amrou Al-Kadhi 🦄This is so accurate. @ShappiKhorsandi He’s honestly so blind to his contradictions. ‘We need to protect freedom of speech! (But non bina… @NesrineMalik Hahahahaha! It kind of sounds to me like 1984 is the only book Brendan has ever understood, so he quo… @NesrineMalik LITERALLY, I was on Sky News with Brendan O’Neil, and he said ‘asking people to use they pronouns is… mean seriously, why does Brendan O’ Neil think quoting Orwell is an excuse for transphobia? He seems like one of… O’Neil’s entire career as a commentator is predicated on his retort to the line that minorities asking for… @tweetyceline @tweetyceline I. Am. So. Excited. 😍Not the best video quality, but here’s me singing a song to Allah in drag @UnionChapelUK on Friday. Sneak peak of w…
Retweeted by Amrou Al-Kadhi 🦄 @bencsmoke That’s such a Ravenclaw thing to say, Ben @PaulRidd He’s definitely a topThought it was a still from CATS tbh x @tfoskettbarnes @marcoalesssi Psych!!!! Of course - queers need this kind of loving creature!!!!! Welcome anytime xxxx @tfoskettbarnes @marcoalesssi No xx @FiveGrnFingers Cruella! @travisalabanza They are going to be so queer and I cannnot wait! @AyoCaesar Hahaha yes of course - I’ve essentially bought them so that all my friends on the Left can remedy their… @jlukeroberts Please don’t ruin this for meOK. I’m beyond excited about this. But I’ve just paid the deposit on this gorgeous red brown Maltipoo puppy...they’… the best video quality, but here’s me singing a song to Allah in drag @UnionChapelUK on Friday. Sneak peak of w…
The climate breaking down and putting future generations at risk - and potentially ending the planet - is a ‘crisis… @SELFESTEEM___ Be my religion please ❤️Honoured to have performed alongside these icons @UnionChapelUK for @WorldIsOnFireUK last night! Thank you to the 9… @lockednclocked @TomGlitter @Tbirdflieshigh @travisalabanza @ScotteeIsFat @SmashlynMonroe Thank you my love!!!!!! ❤️