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2020 NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite winning #romance #scifi #author #poet🏆 David Gandy tweeted me 🤓 Member of Dark Poets Club 🇬🇧 🖤

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@fvalino 🤐On a scale of Loki Odinson... @theJperspective @ShannonStamey I’ve got to find that movie and watch it @StoneyD 🥳 @ShannonStamey That’s heaven right thereThis Lee Pace and Karen Gillan gif is sending me @AtomicPunk4U Incubusssssss @mandylawson7 I still love her stuff!!! Oh the stickers I used to have @mandylawson7 I’m jealous and i don’t really use any of that stuff 😍 @LittleMissLizz I love you @PaigeKTurner 💝When two #HorrorFam #HorrorCommunity tweeters go on a date 🧡 always lies and one always tells the truth
Retweeted by GingerLee✍🏻 @princeoflocals @Horror_Disciple LolI’m going to’s Grogu paper. #Grogu I’m still uncertain about the name Grogu. @writingiswar ♥️ this was so much easier than putting up a treethis is the chapter where imma do what the fuck sets my soul on fire.
Retweeted by GingerLee✍🏻 @LittleMissLizz HahahahahaDoing it a little different 🎁 @Ez_ShyGuy87 articulate and thorough writer whose material is easy to read, and see through her words...Not something that'…
Retweeted by GingerLee✍🏻 @HorrorNostalgia Yessssss @ShannonStamey MmmI had forgotten about doing these until I came across them in an old file. ALIEN sketch cards for Upper Deck. Each…
Retweeted by GingerLee✍🏻 @TVcody Ahhhhhh flowbee @joylight62 😘 @BikinisForCure Yes!
@LikeRez12 @AtomicPunk4U @Lilblack_heart @ithicastone @contradiction70 @justagonegirl @mlilitzf08 THAT IS THE CUTES… @Keidi_Keating Mrs. DeloachMe: I’m not hungry don’t get me anything Also me: Did you get me anything?
Retweeted by GingerLee✍🏻 @HorrorNostalgia Good DNA and filtersSelf-love is one of the highest forms of magic. 🪄
Retweeted by GingerLee✍🏻 @BikinisForCure I was pretty young, probably 9 or 10, when I watched Dirty Dancing. (And I watched it a gazillion times 😅) @pellegrinomamii Oo oo!!!! 2020 NYC BIG BOOK AWARD WINNING 🥳 Distinguished Favorite Second chance romance/fantasy/… @eastcoastxray A perfect movieIf you love me, retweet my pinned tweet. No pressure 😘 @Marcus1967 👏👏👏👏 @Lilblack_heart Beautiful. You and the snow.What are you reading in #December ? Come get my books 📚 2020 NYC BIG BOOK AWARD WINNING 🥳 Distinguished Favorite… @skedaddle74 RamaMy sex tape is just me stripping off my hoodie because I’m having a hot flash while wrapping xmas presents @peyton_storm @DGandyOfficial Perfect character inspiration and a great humanTis the season, Sir #Nutcracker“whirlwind romance” 🤔 @GavRov I got emotional over those twoI’m no witch, but I’m cool with some, so be nice. @theJperspective swoonThem: You know that’s going straight to your hips Me: @THR @LittleMissLizzHi I’m Caton, this is my art
Retweeted by GingerLee✍🏻 @theJperspective You have a great nose JDress for the job you want @dadmann_walking I’m a terrible terrible human @Brundle_James Wow 😳 @theJperspective HahahaClose your damn legs lol @jlrothstein1 @h_craggs @Kellyrei007 @ForgottenAstro2 @SPOFarrell3 @WriteEthan @NoirKink @MKBeker @Blink_Drive @MissioMusic @AtomicPunk4U damn @Baj_Singh creamy @ShatzDaniel Lol 😝Me after coffee ☕️ miss #NYC good to her. She is rare.
Retweeted by GingerLee✍🏻 @toofunny_tayb Hiya!!! @gavinthomas2015 Your haunted mansion awaits @KellyKEditing Oh lord @KatieASMR Sadie sends her good thoughts’s longing to be underneath him and he wants to be her eclipse He pulls her from the crowd to taste and covet her lips @ReverendGuimo Morning, friendA big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite humans @RckrBelle @CassianBlack Love itWhat is your favorite car @DGandyOfficial and why is it your XK120? 🖤 cool crisp December morn and Twitter is eerily quiet @byMorganWright It does seem quietGorgeous #AngusMckie #scifi #art #scifiart #space Angus Mckie @70sscifiart
Retweeted by GingerLee✍🏻BREAKING: Tomorrow is December 2019. Oil, pencil and charcoal on paper. 11"x17". With details and progress.
Retweeted by GingerLee✍🏻Dwork’s sees you 👀 #boglins @justinmspeece Sweet @amylopan I can’t help myselfa heartthrob ⬇️ Buster Keaton @JuicyCactus64 @SoapandGlory Thank you ☺️ @SafeHavenJess @SoapandGlory And the lotion!! And it’s British 🇬🇧She blames everything on him #SatansDatingDilemmas birthday @BillyIdol @GenePark What were you playing? Do you remember? Lol @colorblindmess I hope you get all of this cleared soon. It’s tough when there are negative things or people who ta… PILLOW PLUMP BY @SoapandGlory tingles Love it #lips 👄 @REPTlLE @GavRov Pretty @ibakeforaliving Yes!!
Show me your snow @nalimclit @MissioMusic I trust you but there’s no way I’d be up there in the first place