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Author of UNTAMED, LOVE WARRIOR & CARRY ON, WARRIOR, Founder of @togetherrising

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Continuing to move the game forward @KingJames. Much respect my brother 💪🏾 #33644
Retweeted by Glennon DoyleFamily Portrait Entitled: Nobody But Honey Gets Outta Bed On Sunday. #SnuggleChurch #BedIn #DontCallUs we type this, all six of our clients are either on a plane on their way to their children or they’ve already lan…
Retweeted by Glennon DoyleWhat is happening? Has time stopped timing? to provide the funds the warriors @AlOtroLado_Org need to continue their life saving work. With you, siste…
@officialTFH That’s a direct quote from my book LOVE WARRIOR. Quoted without credit or attribution here & to your 2… @Janice_Lynne HUG TO YOU. You are a miracle and perfect and everything is going to be amazing. I know it, and I know things.We’d also like to thank @RepJimmyGomez who has not only been supportive of our work, but came to the airport to pe…
Retweeted by Glennon DoyleOur parents (soon to be reunited with their children) surrounded by love and cheers on Wednesday night after landin…
Retweeted by Glennon Doyle @lparrottperry @Trisarahjtops Same. Get It right. TWO choices. UNRELATED.
Exactly. Thank you, @Trisarahjtops. wowan I know. Go see her on stage she’s a freaking genius. @cameronesposito #SaveYourself truly comprehend just how extraordinarily epic last night’s arrival of the #LAX9 parents was, you need to know w…
Retweeted by Glennon DoyleSuch a great night of amazing authors! #storiesdrivenbytheheart
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UPDATE: The parents landed safely last night! After almost TWO YEARS of separation, these parents were able to fly…
@Jordan_Avell Smarty pants. I bet you got good sat scores and organize your pantry well.I just need there to be two horns one for when I’m pissed but the other that’s just like: hello friend! Time to go… an incredible exchange at Davos, @realdonaldtrump admits he is comfortable with the status of the impeachment tr…
Retweeted by Glennon DoyleIt’s the soccer costumes that do me in. Where are they? Why all the colors? Do socks really matter? Everything stin… @WSeattleSteph Co-sign.There is no community of givers like you on the planet. A community loving and brave enough to see the world as it… really can’t express how grateful we are for the selflessness, love, and limitless generosity @GlennonDoyle,…
Retweeted by Glennon DoylePlease consider either a one time gift to @togetherrising or even better - become a monthly supporter!
Retweeted by Glennon DoyleThere are 6 families who’ve been separated from their children for almost TWO YEARS and who — because of YOU — are… know it’s been a long month already, with Australia and Puerto Rico. But let’s not let these families fall off ou…
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@BusyPhilipps Open minds, open hearts, open cabinet doors. Never change, @BusyPhilippsWe need to start using lie detector tests instead of Bibles to swear politicians in. Just all the time. Everytime they speak.Here's a story of how you - through your giving to @togetherrising - helped reunite an asylum-seeking father with h… Don’t ever tell @AbbyWambach that she’s not a love muffin.
@ChristineBecker No.Watched Parasite with my teens last night. After the last scene, the room fell silent until my 13 year old said: “M…
@courage629 @KathleenGTweets I get it. I so get it. Be good to yourself. Try easier and give yourself plenty of time. @courage629 @KathleenGTweets But we’re not apologizing for how someone else feels, so we don’t need to assume. We a… quick thing we can do to make the world better is take the IF out of our apologies. It’s not: IM sorry IF I hurt…
@MissMolly70 Thank you Molly!
HER PODCAST IS #1 and it hasn’t even STARTED. It’s because she actually helps us. Your pack is with you, sister…
@ewarren“The only people on this stage whove won every election they’ve been in are the women.” - Elizabeth Warren #DemocraticDebate
@suemonkkidd No I can’t thank you enough. Ana is all of our hearts. You are a true treasure and channel and I love you. @CrazyGame @suemonkkidd In a parking lot waiting to pick up my kid. As usual.
I keep having to close this and breathe deeply. I can honestly say that this is the first book that has taken my br… – through @togetherrising -- have stood with the people of Puerto Rico for more than two years. To date, you… PLEASE!!!!!!! This is what we need. Just in time. @BreneBrown new podcast!!!!! #UnlockingUs sister and I texted this pic to each other at the EXACT SAME second. Every Trouble Maker needs a Trouble Fixer.… love women who figure out what they want and then go freaking create it. Proud to know you @Sarcasticluther and @GlennonDoyle, planning their 2020 book launches:
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@ReeseW Heaven on earth.
@laurajenx Laura it’s you!!! It’s so fun to see your face. Had a blast talking to you today, thank you for your tho…
I love Australia. The people, the critters, footie (Go @Richmond_FC), and the fact they call me B-Balls for some re…
Retweeted by Glennon Doyle @realDonaldTrump Nice try but everyone who has seen you give a press conference knows that you are the worst speaker in history.It ain’t just manicures. Though I do enjoy those too. Honor others’ commitments! If they don’t like you—don’t chan… basically said they killed my mum i wont let you kill my wife.
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Aussies have shown up for the USA Every. Single. Time. For two centuries. Without hesitation or fanfare. With cou…“When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.” - Dr. Maya Angelou Took me forty years to own…!!!!! Yes @iSmashFizzle !!!! @turnzee8 @realDonaldTrump Of course I don’t follow him. Lord have mercy. @realDonaldTrump Hush.Somebody get everybody the memoAlso people are still using the word ambitious like it’s an insult to women instead of a compliment what on earth @shoulberg429 Hahaahahahahaha.Diva is a word folks often use to demonize women who take care of themselves. What’s the male equivalent?
FREE YOURSELVES, LOVES. Nobody’s the boss of you. You are the queen and king of your own damn life. SAY GOODBYE AND… am so proud of Meghan Markle and Harry. If they can free themselves from toxic tradition - so can we. #UntamedI love him. Thank you @danjlevy the end of 2020, instead of 30 Under 30 and NextGen lists, please profile middle-aged people who just got their…
Retweeted by Glennon DoyleThank you, Courtney. @togetherrising you for trusting @togetherrising to match your heartache to the heroes who will turn it into love for those s… want your money to be on the ground to these helpers as soon as possible, so we will be sending the funds tomorr… of your outpouring of heartbreak and love for Australia, @togetherrising is able to send $335,772.47 to her…
@iSmashFizzle @togetherrising I love you, birthday girl!!!!!
Today, @togetherrising pledged $100,000 in relief to Australia. We are also devoting 100% of what we receive from…
Retweeted by Glennon DoyleToday, @togetherrising pledged $100,000 in relief to Australia. We are also devoting 100% of what we receive from…’re going to accuse anyone who cautions against war of “siding with our enemies” or “supporting terrorists.” T…
Retweeted by Glennon DoyleWar is a class conflict, too. The rich and powerful who open war escape the consequences of their decisions. It’s n…
Retweeted by Glennon Doyle @jfkantrowitz @GIPHY I love you forever. I was feeling GIF jealous but you fixed it like you fix everything. @lisa_schroeder @AbbyWambach Hahahhhahaahhaa!!!!The people of the United States don't want another war.
Retweeted by Glennon DoyleIf you are anxiety prone like me, here are some things that are helping me right now:
Retweeted by Glennon Doyle @lisa_schroeder @AbbyWambach Her one goal now is to convince me to close the cabinets and she is exactly this passionate about it @kristine_tx How CAN A HUMAN BE SO CUTE @esmewang That is so wonderful!!!!!! just found one million GIFs of my wife and I didn’t know they existed and heretofore I will be communicating sole…
@wordscience I cannot believe you and your words. I just ordered wow, no thank you so I won’t be so sad when WANMI… @iSmashFizzle @wordscience Well. Of course. I KNEW you were going to say that. That episode was my favorite one. Pu… @iSmashFizzle @wordscience She wrote an episode of shrill??? One of my favorite shows ever. Which one????I am furious at everyone on earth who failed to tell me about @wordscience earlier. You are a genius, Samantha Irby… @BeautyisMadness I am mostly trying to ensure the 40 trillion dollars I’ve spent on therapy can be shared by all. I… to your investment and Ms. Amelia’s heart, women recovering from addiction will have a warm, safe place to l…
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