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waiting outside Pfizer like @Glenny_balls is close to hitting his merch bonus and has pledged to donate it to James Gandalfini's favorit…
Retweeted by Glenny Balls @BarstoolRadio @Glenny_balls Just for you @Glenny_balls
Retweeted by Glenny BallsLow blow. leaping for joy is the most wholesome moment of 2020. Full video of @Glenny_balls, @katebarstool,…
Retweeted by Glenny Balls @albrunetti @billyjoel @HootieTweets @Skynyrd @PearlJam @Nickelback Cmon... @highvolumepenny If you think one william joel warrants a yikes please unfollowBest spin zone I’ve seen maybe ever
Retweeted by Glenny Balls @Glenny_balls It’s still rock and roll to me 🤷‍♂️
Retweeted by Glenny BallsThis UK/KU Over is so hot I’m so glad I took it itDoes this mean I listen to Billy Joel more than literally anyone else on the planet? #2020Wrapped @Big_Hoss04 @billyjoel @HootieTweets @Skynyrd @PearlJam @Nickelback Just missed it! if Nickelback isn’t in your Top 5 get the fuck out of my face! I am utterly shocked at who was my #1 artist of 2020. Never could’ve guessed it. #2020Wrapped @billyjoel Balls on this whatsup fellas
We are LIVE for our Black Friday/Cyber Monday Custom Warzone lobbies! Tune in and battle for victory:…
Retweeted by Glenny Balls @JoeyLangone would tweet about being mad that it’s already December but frankly that’s just 1 month closer to Summer so I’m feeling greatI still can’t believe the Eagles passed on a guy the entire NFL also passed on...Twice. CRAZY!!! INSANE!!! still haven’t come down from the high of smashing a full head of ice in the Cyber Monday escape room. Not sure if I ever will.SWEATERS ARE STILL 20% OFF TILL MIDNIGHT!!!!! IS SO GOOD THAT IM MAKING THIS TRAIN WITH TIME TO SPARE room aftermath Crushed it with @katebarstool, @Glenny_balls and Brandon what’s his face 20% off the entir…
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Posh Alexander may be good. Very good. #SJUBBBeautiful acting work here by everyone except me @BarstoolRia @KayceSmith @DaMidgetZimboIt's only a matter of time you bastard @glennyballs it feels like to buy HooliganZ merch ft. @Glenny_balls Cyber Monday 20% off >
Retweeted by Glenny Balls#RottweilerGang👏👏👏👏👏👏 @Kendall_Hinton2 Balls Beachwear Christmas Hawaiians are officially SOLD OUT across the board. Thank you to everyone who purchas…'m glad you asked, Nick. SURE THING!, sir, are a scholar & a gentleman. off everything in the Barstool Store all day. Make fun of my boots I dare you
Retweeted by Glenny BallsThat's a fact- I do suck at mouthing words. My apologies I don't look Italian enough for you, Anthony. Tech was scared anyway MEUICCI INVENTED THE TELEPHONE. AND HE GOT ROBBED!!! Another (hastily-made) Sopranos video in honor of th… occasionally agitated Italian, a pregnant woman, a man from Mississippi that has already attacked a coworker, an…
Retweeted by Glenny BallsMe, Kate, Brandon, and WSD genuinely may be in this escape room until 2021 Dozen is on SIRIUS XM 85 rn w @Glenny_balls @DonnieDoesWorld and @kbnoswag and @JeffDLowe celbrating the Browns…
Retweeted by Glenny BallsI never feel more peer pressure than when the person in front of me on an escalator starts walking up itThe Cyber Monday sale is LIVE!!! Christmas Hawaiians are still left in small & the Tony Soprano sweaters are FULL… a spot in our custom lobby AND the telethon number by shopping 20% off till Monday night 🎖…
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Billy Joel is still better than Bruce was fantastic tbh you’re gonna have a backup QB in I’d want a backup that has on eye black for absolutely no reason. We’re good.FOLKS!!! The Tone Sweater is officially back in stock!!! Get the hottest sweater in the streets NOW… Beachwear. Spring 2k21. Pray for Tommy Bahama.🍨 SUNDAE CONVERSATION 🍨 with @garyvee
Retweeted by Glenny BallsNot a love, not a love. Love Bills/Chargers, Cards/Pats, & Panthers/Vikings. a part time Wake Forest Demon Deacons fan I think Kendall Hinton just may surprise some folks today think I want the Jets to win today thanks to how much I love @garyvee after this’m not gonna lie...I like every NFL Over today. Mom come pick me up I’m scaredThe Giants are gonna kick so much ass today
Ben Mintz is a fucking HERO @Glenny_balls Big Christmas Mood
Retweeted by Glenny BallsWent to go return the favor and promote Balls’ gear. TOO LATE. That happy bitch Glenneth sold out all his Hawaiians…
Retweeted by Glenny BallsCongrats on the sex @Glenny_balls
Retweeted by Glenny BallsGlen Soprano @Glenny_balls
Retweeted by Glenny BallsProud to say; this was the first thing I put in my cart. @Glenny_balls @Return_Of_RB
Retweeted by Glenny BallsBought one of these sweaters last night at midnight immediately. There is no and never will be a greater character…
Retweeted by Glenny Balls @devlinbarstool @Glenny_balls @stoolhooliganz De Blasio is eating off you with those taxes, Dev. Time to buy a clow…
Retweeted by Glenny BallsImagine how aerodynamic you’d be while gaming in one of these bad boys 20% Off #BallsOnYourChest
Retweeted by Glenny BallsWe have a HUGE Spring 2021 line coming out. Going to be AMAZING!! sizes left of the Christmas Hawaiians are officially small and medium. Couldn’t be more proud of my big guys.… whole country wants Balls on their chest
Retweeted by Glenny Balls @actiononfourth You have no locks broChristmas card’s gonna be good this year @Glenny_balls @jjlynch23
Retweeted by Glenny BallsThis is a PRO @Glenny_balls podcast
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Don’t tempt me with a good time @stoolpresidente @Glenny_balls this thing is sick! My wife and I are moving to the beach next week. This is the perfect shirt for…
Retweeted by Glenny BallsThis is my favorite item in the Barstool sports store right now. Think about how sick of a picture you’re gonna tak…
Retweeted by Glenny BallsHow do I delete a tweet RUTGERS FAM: We got Rutgers Alum James Gandolfini (Class of 1983) on merch as well. Shirt via @KFCradio
Retweeted by Glenny Balls @Glenny_balls trying to get my mindset right.
Retweeted by Glenny BallsWe’re the 3 best friends that anyone can have! @tyleroday Let Her Cry- Hootie & the Blowfish Unit Sizes are officially sold out of the Christmas Hawaiians... I AM GONNA CRY HAPPY TEARS!! Thank you to all… is bad. @Glenny_balls @Nickilishious @DaMidgetZimbo Couldn’t celebrate Christmas without it.
Retweeted by Glenny BallsMy guy! having this under 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Balls Beachwear is flying off the shelves. @Glenny_balls
Retweeted by Glenny BallsMy King. CANNOT model 2 pieces of clothing better than this! My (RAYON) Christmas Hawaiian is only $34 & the Tone swea…
Retweeted by Glenny BallsTyler you’re making me cry happy years and I LOVE IT @Pat_Light Please do. Legit too easy.Goes without saying! the DeBlasio clown shirts for the whole fam is, quite literally, the easiest Christmas shopping I’ve ever do…⁦have to support ⁦@Glenny_balls⁩
Retweeted by Glenny BallsI really hope no one lets Rico’s acting go unnoticed here. I’m sure somewhere Tony Sirico is proud. Get your Tone…’s all about that RAYON baby!!😤 —>
Retweeted by Glenny BallsBe a professional athlete like @Glenny_balls 👉
Retweeted by Glenny BallsI still can’t get over how friggen nice all the HooliganZ colors are. ALL HooliganZ merch is live in the store fo… Hawaiian even looks good on my lego!!!