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NAS' landmark LP 'Illmatic' turns 25 today. Watch the video for "One Love": 'Family' writer/director Laura Steinel explores the softer, gentler side of Juggalos that doesn’t often get no… latest collection of The Rolling Stones' greatest hits spans 50 years and includes live and studio recordings.…"Mama Gaia" from Chris King and the Gutterballs is a ragged glory of a track that mixes sly and soulful vocals with… newly surfaced film of one of Aretha Franklin's most legendary performances captures the power of music to move a…, the cat’s out of the bag now! This album was a lot of fun and a lot of work, we hope both shine through. Than…
Retweeted by Glide MagazineWith their signature "browngrass" sound, @SourBridges make tender tunes you can crack a beer to with "Scrapyard Boy…
.@Foals recently hit NYC for a 3-night sold out run at Brooklyn Steel. PHOTOS: years ago @nickcave & The Bad Seeds dropped their LP 'Let Love In'. Watch the official video for “I Let Love In”…'s Trickshooter Social Club showcase their alt-country roots alongside their big group soul on "Carry Me Hom… new album from @WillKimbrough has terrific moments and arguably, some of the best songs he’s ever written. REVI… thanks to Glide Magazine for carrying Brian R. Banks' very generous review of "Damascus Road". Just posted - a…
Retweeted by Glide MagazineCliff Beach's "Movin' On" is a track of sublime orchestrated funk that serves as both inspirational and danceable.…
.@WannabeTheComic offers his illustrated take on the new album from Americana artist @mlockwoodporter. to the final song from the final album from @The_Cranberries, which is aptly titled "The End": assembled a group of musicians to record a psychedelic take on the blues at @SunStudio with 'Midnight… birthday to Tool and @puscifer front man Maynard James Keenan, who turns 55 today! Let's go back in time and… Premiere: The new Fauvely @fauvelysophie single "What the Living Do" is streaming today on Glide Magazine…
Retweeted by Glide MagazineThe new record from @TheYawpers rattles, shakes and riffs with a spirit reminiscent of The Replacements anything go…'s “Action Pants” is a bang em up rocker with an irritated kick and hellbent ferocity. WATCH the vide… a deep dive into Beau's masterful and and influential 'Damascus Road' on the 50th anniversary of its release… pal @ReedTurchi just put out a damn fine album of psychedelic blues! Here's my review!
Retweeted by Glide MagazineFauvely (@fauvelysophie) address loss and grief through a dreamy indie rock sound on "What the Living Do". LISTEN:
.@tomwaits dropped his 'Mule Variations' album on @AntiRecords 20 years ago today. Watch the video for "Hold On": 2nd weekend of @berksjazzfestpa saw major tributes to Weather Report, Al Jarreau, James Cotton and more. REVIEW: + @BenFolds = summer tour. 'Ribbons' @Bibio again showcases a skilled coalescence of folk and IDM – organic and digital instrumentation. RE… the rural landscape of eastern Oregon, An American Forrest (@ForrestVanTuyl) conjures a twangy country s… is hitting the road for a small tour this July. the video for Kempt's dream pop jewel "The Commune" along with a beat-heavy remix:
Petty human squabbling and questions of ascension seem kind of moot in the face of ice zombies, but that's… you can listen to every track on the album & read personal notes by me 🙋‍♀️in this @glidemag "track by track" f…
Retweeted by Glide MagazineTone-Loc's 'Loc-ed After Dark' hit #1 30 years ago today. Check out the official video for “Wild Thing”: and @TheSheepdogs recently brought the rock and roll to Asheville, NC. PHOTOS: fiddler, singer, step dancer, and songwriter @AprilVerch shares a colorful track-by-track history of her n… talked with @thewilljohns about the Music of Cream 50th Anniversary Tour, guitars, and what’s coming up for him… trio @atlasmaior blend Middle Eastern sounds and trippy, progressive jazz on their new song "Riptide". LISTE…
.@BigSearch crafts a bright power pop sound with the help of @TheShins' James Mercer, @KaceyJohansing, Grizzly Bear… you know you can listen to my new album early today? Because you can do so exclusively on the @glidemag site! C…
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Earlier this week @andrewbird gave fans a taste of his 'Finest Work Yet' with an intimate show in Brooklyn. PHOTOS:'s 'Color Where You Are" is an eclectic record with a rich sound and plenty of strong, thoughtful… years ago today @garthbrooks took the country music world by storm (for better or worse) with his debut album. W… to @glidemag for premiering the new album! You can listen to the entire album on their site RIGHT NOW, a who…
Retweeted by Glide MagazineThe first weekend of @berksjazzfestpa saw all-star tributes to Miles Davis, Nina Simone, Motown and more. REVIEW: @bandofhorses member Tyler Ramsey has given us an album of meditative moods with 'For The Morning'. REVIEW:'s @SofaCity Sweetheart mix 60s pop and power pop with influences of jazz and spaghetti western on their impressi… epically named Psychedelic @porncrumpets have a new album on the way. Groove! an all-star lineup, Our Native Daughters have announced a select round of tour dates.
The return of @Yeasayer is upon us. and @MrDuaneBetts continued their collaborative tour with a recent stop in Vermont. REVIEW: 4th LP from @shovelsandrope finds the duo using rock and roll to come to terms with personal and social questio… Looms - "From A Roof" x Glide Magazine ~ Stream the latest single from the band's new L…
Retweeted by Glide Magazine.@IronMaiden's conceptual seventh LP 'Seventh Son of a Seventh Son' turns 31 today! Watch the band perform the titl… Jurado's recent show in Portland, OR found the songwriter sharing songs off his new album, paying tribute to…'s @LoomsMusic craft a dreamy indie rock sound with their new song "From A Roof". LISTEN: 5th album from @bandofskulls finds the rockers embracing a more happy, optimistic sound. REVIEW: his start as tour manager for @MidlandOfficial, LA's @DESUREMUSIC caught the music bug and started his own…'t this supposed to be a hologram? Yikes.
Retweeted by Glide MagazineAre you experienced? The King Khan Experience is officially a thing. LeBlanc (@dleblancmusic) has announced a headlining tour in support of his new Dave Cobb-produced album.
ICYMI we recently talked with @nilslofgren about his life in music, working with @NeilYoung and Bruce @Springsteen,… lends his illustrated commentary to the new album from @nightmarathons! new album from @BruceHornsby finds this master of pop working with numerous guests and orchestral sequences. RE… 60th birthday to @briansetzer59! Watch the Stray Cats perform at Montreux in 1981: we should just praise everything huh? his new album, @johnpaulwhite of @thecivilwars draws on the lush, orchestrated music made in Nashville in the ea… jazz titans from 2 different eras will join forces for a summer tour. new album from @JohnVanderslice isn't perfect, but that's what makes it such a gem. REVIEW: Americana stalwarts @Them_Vibes joined up with @IAmMaggieRose to create a vibrant 70s dance video for "Ri… love this video lots of fun and energy. You guys rock. VIDEO PREMIERE: @them_vibes ft. @IAmMaggieRose Shake Up Th…
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The Experience Hendrix Tour recently brought an all-star lineup of guitarists to Boston. PHOTOS: brought their colorful rock circus to Atlanta recently. PHOTOS: @MrDuaneBetts and @devonallman at the helm, the Allman Betts Band hit Huntington, NY last week. REVIEW: their new album @driftwood_band use bluegrass instruments with a punk-rock attitude that embraces country and ro… rock and roll with a side of hard country came to Portland, OR last week when J.P. Harris (@ilovehonkytonk) an…'s @ChainStation use rock and roll-influenced lyrics and vocals with a bluegrass soundtrack on "Gravity". L… years ago today Bruce @Springsteen and the E Street Band began their first tour since 1988. Check out “My Love W…
.@Weezer and the @PIXIES are officially on tour together and recently they hit St. Paul, MN. PHOTOS: new live album captures the prolific rocker @TySegall and his Freedom Band as they unleash heavy fuzzy guitars an… recently returned to familiar turf when he played St. Paul, MN. PHOTOS: members of @exhexband were in rock star mode when they hit NYC last week. REVIEW: new album from @WeyesBlood is "big, ambitious and beautiful..." REVIEW:, @campgreensky, @tbtduluth and more recently hit the Lake Tahoe area for another edition of… you Leslie for the great write up! This is one of the most in depth & personal interviews I’ve ever done. Che…
Retweeted by Glide MagazineJam vets @MaxCreek celebrate 45 years with a colorful new live release. REVIEW: Interview: @ShawnJamesMusic opens up about his new music & the life experiences that led to it…
Retweeted by Glide Magazine.@Wilco's @JeffTweedy is releasing a sister album to last year's 'Warm' just for Record Store Day. recently talked with @ShawnJamesMusic about his music, life experiences, and lots more. INTERVIEW: Albino's “Last Night” is a rock and pop juggernaut with a throwback honkytonk sensibility. WATCH:
The new solo work from Tim Bluhm of The Mother Hips is the country album he’s always wanted to make. REVIEW:
'The Public' finds Emilio Estevez at the helm of an overlooked, under appreciated institution: the public library.… her new album @abigaildowd alternates between a classic folk and a more engaging folk-rock sound. REVIEW:'Shazam!' is enjoyable but largely unmemorable. REVIEW: happens when two Canadian musicians team up for an album of roots-blues-gospel tunes? 'Hell Bound for Heaven'.… this week @robertellis_ hit Brooklyn with his 'Texas Piano Man' show. REVIEW: never outright terrible, 'The Best of Enemies' leaves much to be desired. REVIEW:'s "Tru Life" is a riveting collage of vocals and beats. WATCH the video: years ago today Kurt Cobain took his own life, joining the 27 club. Let’s remember Cobain with this Nirvana live…
Southern rock stalwarts @drivinncryin have a new album coming that was produced by @aaronleetasjan1. to Sonic Temple aka Rock On The Range? This guide is for you.