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《🌲The Michigan Plant Man✋🏼》 🍵Weed Smoothie Expert🍵 Dm's Open💚 •22-He/Him• 🗻Vikings/Warhammer🌋

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@xIamLove Queen is now Punch Queen @gamejoiadvance @kam4ran its me🥺 @kam4ran 3 I do @HypnoBagel There's so many Smashers I see talking about them every other day and its so annoyinfStop getting mad at Fall Guy's Twitter nobody fucking cares that you got baited by some low level reddit troll. We… @Rotini_SSBU LETS GO CONGRATS
@LoveDestr0yer that comes next shhhb @MandosGalaxy @IceyRat thats where I have him. around ROB and Inkling @MandosGalaxy @IceyRat ok you arent crazy then lol people say he's top 5 or top 10 and I just cant @IceyRat @MandosGalaxy I always see people put him top 5 or top 10 @MandosGalaxy @IceyRat I thought this said overrated 💀 @IceyRat @MandosGalaxy wait i thought this said overrated shit💀 I think G&W is like top 15 and no higher i am so so… @HoshidosFinest "some of yall" @MandosGalaxy G&WCOVID is the Smash Community's 3 year gap to train for the Androids and some of yall really chose to be Yamcha @HylianEli_SSB this is cool as shit @KeyDedede hmm idk then I'd have to see you play or just play you in person one day👀👀💚 @KeyDedede What are your results? I'm not high level but I go 5-2 easily at the tournaments I go to and get 5th place consistentlySpeechless...
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@xoxabstract @SkreetMan DAMN @BennyTheDoc yeah like the looks and feel are perfect but there's so many flaws with it @ChillyChilliMP @Liyrex_irl yeah for real those mfer's are classy as fuck and deserve the worldAlso one more thing. The knife is 17 inches and the blade is 10 making it a Bowie knife. It also was oiled HEAVILY… @starocks123 It's a beautiful knife I just wish a few things were fixed that I posted underneath this tweet. tbh I… @notspoop1 I shpuld but there are a couple of other things and I shouldn't ever have to put a blade I paid $135 for… Yes I collect knives so I know what to look for but it wouldn't take a collector to find these mistakes The… Overly how do I feel? Pros: The blade looks fucking amazing, is a perfect size Bowie knife and is usable whi… @notspoop1 well it looks fucking amazing but look at my thread im making under this tweet(4/?) After seeing that gap I thought "this doesn't look like the blade was properly fitted with the handle so I wo… NEXT if you look down the side of the blade where the tang gos into the guard theres a huge open gap on each… Secondly its hard to see here but at random spots on the side of the blade there's about 1/16th of a inch hol… @Dairblade I have MANY knives haha @Kathrarg thing I immediately noticed when I ran my finger to test the edge is there's a HUGE chip on the blade edge th…🔪KNIFE👏 REVIEW👏 So I just got this knife from PAL 2000 Knives made in Pakistan for $135. This is a BEAUTIFUL knif… @DarkenedYosho so I can travel back in time and kill sex @HeyOmry PLANT IS BUSTED @MaybsDoc @Ronnichu_ @JL_tcmKing having full shiny team without cheats or dupe glitch is fucking raw bro especially with somebody starts… @JL_tcmKing how have you been?