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Retweeted by Sandra 😃 @1kotaaa slap @vinsconcubine sleep @immzy_ stop @szawastaken 😦 @immzy_ AWW IMAN YOURE SO CUTEgn i’m sure i’ll see this in my sweet dreams @lightsupIive i get it i just hate blushing @lightsupIive AND IN PUBLIC TOO LIKE ITS SO EMBARRASSING IT WONT GO AWAY @sleepsbad love u sm djLegit wanna cry cause I got so much love today and even GIFTS LIKE WTF. I love you guys endlessly. MOST IMPORTANTLY…
Retweeted by Sandra 😃 @VlNN1ES idk but same lol @HaileyMcLean_ OH @HaileyMcLean_ $73??????? @HaileyMcLean_ WHICH ONESSS @pyxo11 nah that’s u @immzy_ read normal books and you’ll get more creative @HaileyMcLean_ WHAT DID U GET @tiffcnycr THATS ALL U @pyxo11 whores @immzy_ no @tiffcnycr YOU HOT ASS MF @immzy_ FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME @immzy_ you’re a milf and i’m a motherfucker @immzy_ FUCK @immzy_ im hard @immzy_ sex @immzy_ MINEfuck
Retweeted by Sandra 😃 @immzy_ me @tiffcnycr SHAYYYY @aysu_akil thx for reminding me i got apples i forgot to eat lol @VlNN1ES bro i wish i could hug you rn @VlNN1ES same:( @yslophelia yes rn @yslophelia OPHI @VlNN1ES works everytime @VlNN1ES i did the same thing @Tara_loves_Tara @vinniehacker THATS SO SICK @vinsconcubine HI** @vinsconcubine high @vinsconcubine hihh @immzy_ mmm @Tara_loves_Tara @vinniehacker IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU @itaintaaron bring that back @itaintaaron me im hungry @stassiebaebee @vinniehacker OMGGGWHERE THE FUCK IS BROWN HOODIE @vinsconcubine it’s annoying @vinsconcubine @zarbrockk @vinniehacker OMG YOU MET HIM @quacnap nah wtf is this shit @quacnap what’s the tt @fvckinghrny u just like my mom @deviIbabie yayyy congrats!!i’m so fucking indecisive with purgatory someone help @deviIbabie pain“i hate everything and everyone”
Retweeted by Sandra 😃 @lightsupIive I’D FUCKING RUN @zzoooeee_ YESS LFG @CLOUDYNAILEA AREU@HIGH @vinsconcubine zero thoughts. @yslnai SO TRUE @yslnai PAU SO WISE @DEVORASHALL oh but i just saw he went to party anyway lol @quacnap which one is it @yslophelia MY WOMAN><
Retweeted by Sandra 😃
@ophthemilf WHATS GOING ONNN @ahad pure violationwould risk it all for that bitch how does she not know yet LIKE SHUT UP ARE YOU DUMBBBB @ahad DUDE @aysu_akil no me too also twt doesn’t feel the same anymore it’s just eh @immzy_ sugar mommy who @sweetsaltysavge @vinsconcubine ofc @immzy_ bet @vinsconcubine pickles are so fucking good @sweetsaltysavge @vinsconcubine same @vinsconcubine yeah @vinsconcubine no need to get so political @quacnap FINALLY I MISSED HIM @quacnap I NEEDED HIM TO BE THERE @VlNN1ES me too#NAILEADEVORA: the IT girl.
Retweeted by Sandra 😃 @immzy_ u lying @immzy_ fomo, ALWAYS ON TWT BITCH, hot as fuck @immzy_ except shawn thing @immzy_ maddy and kat @yslnai :( @DEVORASHALL bruh i just saw that im so confused what’s going on between them rn @vinsconcubine they deserve THE BEST head i cannot liemen that can cook are so sexy
Retweeted by Sandra 😃 @naileasfenty SHOW @dqndeIions hi @naisvoid i hate being in my house @souxkii KIAAA @souxkii OH WOW @mattxkerr nai or emma maybe @c5sey tysm you too!!!