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oh wow there is kharjoorad holige also! what's the difference btw holige & obattu?This is the tiniest, bravest little boy rhino in the world 🦏💙
Retweeted by ~groovy~Bloomberg debate debut did he even hv a plan.. No amnt of $ can train you to look like a human on stage 😭 @FilterKaaapi thanks😘 whaaaaaat.. u were at the airport without wearing a mask!? I wore a mask & yet was in panic mode all throu 😬 @bethlovesbolly it's a nice shade of blue thou 😊Betcha @asmith83 @drskyskull but.. but.. the pardon will be served soon on silver platter 🙈Bloomberg better make everyone watching this debate sign NDAs
Retweeted by ~groovy~😍"save the loud stuff for before 11" ROFL just paid $10 for a cookie at the airport, and now I know why they won't allow us to have weapons here.
Retweeted by ~groovy~ @kchernecky LoL
Retweeted by ~groovy~It's funny--if a woman doesn't attack much in a debate or doesn't speak as much, she disappears from the coverage.…
Retweeted by ~groovy~🙊 @madversity LOL more like the most annoying sound of vuvuzela 😋 @MysticHeart25 @SnehaSRao1623 so what.. still drop by @OggaraNe I get the same feeling.. it's like someone with baby face has made her life miserable in the past & she wants t… everyone like the haircut I gave Chuck Todd? It was my first
Retweeted by ~groovy~Breaking News: my 9yo made this for me at Color Me Mine. It’s going to scare me every time I open the kitchen cabin…
Retweeted by ~groovy~ @Raaga_Suresh @Calvinator_18 @krishashok @3en1y pa can't even play along, such a cry baby u r.. of all the hundreds… @MysticHeart25 @SnehaSRao1623 dating/falling in luv yella sattu badakdange.. Trishanku swarga.. all efforts are fair only😇Will Bloomberg continue to spend millions on this campaign or do something more effective with his money like flush…
Retweeted by ~groovy~Bloomberg just paid $300 million to have someone stomp on his balls in stilettos.
Retweeted by ~groovy~ @OggaraNe u are a sweet heart 😘 game- a shot when each candidate mentions O #DemDebate Guzzle down the whole bottle if u see an ad showin… @MysticHeart25 @SnehaSRao1623 lol learn this song also mystic ghost👻 wearing masks at the airport.. zombie world feel. I hv never experienced this lvl of panic in all my trave… @Raaga_Suresh @Calvinator_18 @krishashok @3en1y 👍 that's not how it's played... u need to tag 4 ppl pa 😇 @MysticHeart25 @SnehaSRao1623 just make sure this doesn't happen mysti #kbye esp with a straight face @Raaga_Suresh @Calvinator_18 @krishashok @3en1y issok do it again, m sure u can find 4 more new names ya.. more books- the merrier😊A BIG SIGH talks about white people going crazy for Mr. Brightside and Sweet Caroline but they failed to mention Drift Away.
Retweeted by ~groovy~camera falls from airplane
Retweeted by ~groovy~Bloomberg’s performance showing that larding up a “fake it til ya make it” campaign with hundreds of billions to bu…
Retweeted by ~groovy~ @OggaraNe @Putani_Papa @Kadi_khichadi lol #samedifferent wish👇 @massakkalli $=power🙈-Catch 22 -The Alchemist -Lord of the Rings -Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind @Calvinator_18 @krishashok gentle, elegant & yet a kick ass.. like a butterfly 💙❤️💚💛 primary debates really hittin different
Retweeted by ~groovy~british award shows be like "and the cup of tea goes to David Trousers"
Retweeted by ~groovy~Take off all the ice cream n just serve me fresh watermelon, thank u are goth caterpillars.
Retweeted by ~groovy~I eat my skittles the way the lord intended. Organized by color, then quantity so I run out of each one evenly.
Retweeted by ~groovy~Let the *catwalk* begin.. my fav is the 'ready to murder cat' 😂 @rukmini_sita @flor_enthus @dlaboni22 @sapient_4u @Veenabhakta @pseudo_sapiens @purpultat Thank you darling 😘 (wav… @amabirdman This will be the only way ppl will be doing "wildlife photography" going frwd :'((Destroy forests and drive away all wildlife. Then create artificial trees with artificial birds 🤦‍♂️😭
Retweeted by ~groovy~ @CinemaPaithiyam ♥️🐘♥️This is exactly what happens when u fall off 👠 @yamsivam @desikhichdi that looks yumm, Yam 😍 do all those colorful chutneys add to the burst of flavor or its just abt fancy presentation!?
Go Green with love 💚 @Muneema 🖕haha refusing to eat this gifted chocolate, not sure what I m expressing!aww this chocolate is too pretty to eat 😍 @dr_gigster Venomous @andsid281 Sings *thoredu hogadiru jogi* @Global_S0ul or for Viagara
Retweeted by ~groovy~I tried on and bought two pairs of jeans today without testing my phone in the back pocket. I don’t even know who I am anymore.
Retweeted by ~groovy~LoL that does pan out well as a thoughtful gift 😝*Friend zoning* is better than *Ghosting* #JustSayingV is for Vyraagya? #VDay @dopamine_surge @acharya2 @dankchikidang @NkBlr lol sum sumne random aagi yar yaarno gowramma antella karidre heege aagodu dopamma 🙈Who says you need to hv 'someone' in your life to feel the love.. Love is just a state of mind. Own it 😊 @amritaIQ @enthahotness @9e3k @BinLaydy Hehe that's a looming threat! Thou I don't hv the skills, my neuro-muscula… auto mein itne saare log 😱
Retweeted by ~groovy~ @BinLaydy @enthahotness Ya.. he researching on chemical stressors effect on sexual stimuli - watching rats hv sex a… broke democracy. No, we have Trump coz our democracy is broken. @podidosai No fine, no #catch22 today coz of Vday.. let it flowwwSmooth ballerina steps.. Federer’s footwork is a thing of beauty 😍 @localteaparty haha u need this turbie 😛 @amritaIQ @enthahotness @9e3k @BinLaydy I don't hv much handyman skills either, but, the tools in yuusss like smart… @podidosai don't cry yaar..catch this hawrt balloon n be merry 😋 @OggaraNe @localteaparty 😘 @podidosai thatz catch-22 😭 @localteaparty hehe it mostly depends on the type of material re.. me no lyks Turkish towels for the same reason.… world needs is more LOVE ♥️ #MyArt Happy Valentines day my dear lovelies.. let LOVE overflow😘 @OggaraNe haha may be *together* loving souls can cause *MahaPralaya* #BreakBeforeYouMake
Retweeted by ~groovy~ @madversity sigh It will affect the whole global market.. shows how much we are inter-connected in this day n age!posted pic but forgot to add wishes only lolol @OggaraNe 😘 Preeti Prema Pralaya @localteaparty lol whatz with *men* towel ya.. any Turkish towel mins same prob noWhat world needs is more LOVE ♥️ @_vgnsh @naveengmc there will be more n more direct lines proportional to the desi Seattle population 😛 @podidosai @ImVHarini @amabirdman haha ok. will do 🤟 @podidosai buddy who sticks with u on V day without going off with his/her date maybe- mins *non-existent* lol @naveengmc @_vgnsh whaaaat u hv moved for good navi?! oh ya, good food too (as good as the airline food can get)Hope it's doing all right! just like many whales, paapa sharks get beached & no one knows why they do it.. @amabirdman Australian king parrot 😊 @ImVHarini @amabirdman @podidosai soo much hype! soo good? comparing it to *Parasite* n all mins quite something ya.. hv to watch!#HappyValentinesDay #ValentinesDay2020 Common Kingfishers (சிரல் / மீன்கொத்தி) at Madipakkam, Chennai. @BBCEarth
Retweeted by ~groovy~ @CinemaPaithiyam lol.. also- WE DRINK KASHAYA & THAT CURES EVERYTHINGchirping away.. anyone seen this Tamil movie?! @_d33pi Awww.. u never know, u may😘 @dabbanannmaga @Kadi_khichadi lol Kannada rowdies are different yenuOh WOW.. really that good?!