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Screenwriter/ Director. @ColumbiaFilm MFA. My goal is to become the Spike Lee of the Miami Heat.

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@courtmaloney I’m here for petty talent! @espn @MiamiHEAT @ZachLowe_NBA Y’all really just combined the last 3 years into one look? 🤣 @jemelehill @MarcusJMoore No one drives. We all just sit in our parked cars on the beltway for fun.Meanwhile, on the beltway...
The Denver Broncos continuing to play despite not having a single available QB because of COVID, feels like a very… @roywoodjr @donnyhighrollah Opening this back up. You called it.
@Joy_D6 Studios has updated the intro of ‘BLACK PANTHER’ to include a tribute for the late Chadwick Boseman.
Retweeted by Chad B. Hamilton“A24. When Blumhouse says 'That shits too crazy, even for us!' “ - Nostalgia CriticNBA: @nicholasnyhof @rachkmc Main character leaves NYC to unwillingly spend the holidays with their family, in their sma… know there’s gonna be that one dickhead who lives in an apartment... @RachelWenitsky What union does this fall under? Local69? @TIME Or in other words... authors trying to show a woman at rock bottom:
Retweeted by Chad B. Hamilton @wes_andre97 It was good show! 👍🏽👍🏽Today feels like a good day to re-read #Saga from the very beginning!
Retweeted by Chad B. Hamilton @Massawyrm 😆 I had a small panic attack! @wes_andre97 @Lin_Manuel @netflix @MComitini Congrats! @donnyhighrollah She tried! 😆
Them: Oh! It sucks that you have to work today! Me: Yeah well, people need to buy socks. *Awkward silence Me: Ca…
Aw! I thought Hampton was gonna play! Sadness! #MacysParadeLoving all this diversity this year! #MacysParade @FirstTake Turducken @FirstTake This is a north vs south debate!My new favorite #MacysParade tradition is watching the HBCU band show up EVERY ONE! Don’t let me down Hampton! @Jabartender Or free crew shirts they give out at wrap that you only wear to work or sleep in.Aye! @theroots and Pattie LaBelle? Philly in the house! #MacysParadeThere’ll be peace when you are done...#Supernatural
15 years. 15 seasons. Alright, let’s see how this shit wraps up! I’m ready! #Supernatural
For the record, the Wawa fight video circulating was recorded in Florida. In Philadelphia any fights inside Wawa ar…
Retweeted by Chad B. HamiltonWhen someone takes the last hash brown...#WawaFight’m happy it’s back but it’s odd hearing the Warners talk about gun control #TheAnimaniacs
@roywoodjr Definitely watched Breakin on VHSC: I like the rentals at Jos A Banks better! Me: It’s the same company. It’s the same product. Tell Mary I said hi.C: Why does this look so cheap?! Me: Because you didn’t want to spend any money.C: I don’t understand why you can’t bring this to my house? Me: This is Men’s Wearhouse. Not Grubhub.C: I got fitted a month ago! Why doesn’t this fit? Me: Because you got fat.C: Why can’t you tailor my pants?! Me: because it’s a rental.From personal experience, I can confirm that I cussed out many the back room...after they left. The tai… @NBATV I’m here for the petty!Damn. I was looking forward to everything magically going away! Seriously, what planet does he live on? the suck. #writing
That moment when you write something and you’re like “Huh! Well that came out stranger then I thought it would!” I… can’t tell me this dude’s knees didn’t sound like a pepper mill the next day! is the type of energy I wish to exude every single day! #ByeFelicia Mr. Glass of the NBA gets a HUGE pay day but MJ didn't want to pay Kemba? He's trolling y'all. He's rich people…
I’m just going to file this in the “she will kill me, but it’s worth it folder” 😂 @donnyhighrollah Good cause I couldn’t even finish that one! Too damn long!Ok, lets hope this is better then the 2017 version...#Suspiria
I never knew how much I missed @TheAnimaniacs till just now! 😆😆😆😂😂 @ZackMorrison18 Student loads, thesis film, rent. I can go on 😆...They laughed at me on the playground! Watch me stunt on everyone for no reason! 😆....Where my cards at?!?! after the Hornets drafted LaMelo
Retweeted by Chad B. HamiltonSame location, different movies. 📍Johnie’s Coffee Shop in Los Angeles, CA ➡️ via
Retweeted by Chad B. Hamilton #Batman comic sells for record $1.5 million
Retweeted by Chad B. Hamilton
2020 the Warriors are cursed.We all saw that! 😆 @cubanprophet Yeah I caught that 😆 @wes_andre97 Unless they also bring a box of piss scented plastic balls, hard pass!
We can pass the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Act. But only if we win the Senate.
Retweeted by Chad B. HamiltonPhase one quarantine babies should be arriving soon 🤔
Oooh shit! Here we go!
This is the energy I needed today. would very much like to read the script to Jingle Jangle because these sequences are all over the place and the s… I’ll pull them out in another 20 years and see if I graduate from the dollar menu.Nothing is sadder then dusting off your old basketball cards you spent your childhood collecting, and making sure t…
@mary814 @DrBiden Most important debate question...Sauce or gravy? 😂Stress
@darthkinder That’s a new one 😂 @wes_andre97 1st year v 2nd yearI’m pretty sure @GrittyNHL bites the head off his mate after sex. @donnyhighrollah Art. Astigmatism. Same thing. @donnyhighrollah Forget to wear your contacts?
@wes_andre97 His best. He’s doing his best.GEORGIA: The January 5 runoff elections for control of the U.S. Senate are fast approaching. Make your voice heard…
Retweeted by Chad B. HamiltonIt’s ok Chris. We’ve all been there... finding out who passed on my pilot:
Retweeted by Chad B. HamiltonWith all these CNN feeds reporting in the city, it warms my heart that the world now knows about Philly Emo!
Rock IV is a soundtrack that so happens to have a movie attached to it.This is gonna be a looooooooong 70 days...Voters in Mississippi chose a new state flag, replacing a 126-year-old banner that incorporated a version of the Co…
Retweeted by Chad B. Hamilton @RealMamaEagle Church bells in Germantown playing “We Shall Overcome.”
Retweeted by Chad B. HamiltonBlack folks all over the country like... up knowing the world is a fraction less shitty!
I’m half black and south asian. Now someone like me is going to be the Vice President of the United States!Yo! @nbcsnl better be lit tonight!