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SRN Glorinsz @Glorinsz Toronto, Canada

Founder and CEO @TeamSerenity

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@TorseFPS @pnasty Gg show is over u leaked it all @Justinovah @KnightsGG @TheMafiaVAL YES fuck yea j I will be supporting 100perfent @OkeanosQT @OkeanosQT Ranked doesnt mean anything @SoLaR_Panel17 @regan_travis @NotReduxx @Virtyyyy It's a myth to scare children @_Bewd Yesssss bewd @Add3rTV @NickIsNuts_ @AikoKamu 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @NickIsNuts_ @Add3rTV @AikoKamu Edater @regan_travis @NotReduxx That's @Virtyyyy @Add3rTV @AikoKamu Aiko gonna be nuts I believe @AikoKamu Haha you're going to be in a lot of pain until the meds kick in goodluck tmo @AikoKamu Yea that's what I did goodluck tomorrow in the tournament you're going to be high as a kite @HaanzeR2 Ya either team diff or get team diffd - glorinsz @ItzBoltzy @HaanzeR2 Ya win some ya lose some brother @AikoKamu @AikoKamu Oh shit how many u getting out? @AikoKamu You got tourny tmo get in the DMs and ranked @Zellsis @starriebun @ExaltVAL @Nurfed @ExaltVAL @witnessqq @ExaltVAL Luke Skywalker is the lord and savior @ExaltVAL Fuck mini fridge @mayuhri_x1 Could be worse we could be this guy @mayuhri_x1 Cogeco just as bad our internet is so bad @wafflenomster12 @Virtyyyy @TealSeam @1flyuh @KnightsArena @neT_valorant He knows I'm kidding he played good 🥰 @Xansmind @KobyDutton @Wolfiez @turntdais Dem boys cold🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶
@HopeVAL__ No dont do my boy ex like this @limpnoodlesz @TeamSerenity Noodle SZ glorin SZ meant to be @limpnoodlesz @TeamSerenity 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳welcome super happy to have you hereExcited to announce my newest endeavor! I have joined the leadership team over at @TeamSerenity as their newest Tal…
Retweeted by SRN Glorinsz @Virtyyyy @TealSeam @1flyuh @KnightsArena @neT_valorant U got carried on lan by a 14 year old virty @ItzBoltzy @b0ssyCS @SoaRGaming @ItzBoltzy @b0ssyCS @SoaRGaming 1 more year and you can use tinder @480wrap @GeorgeCGed @flexinja @Phzinfps1 @OPaiFPS @gsxfps PHZIN COLD🥶🥶🥶 @JonahP_ best scout NA @CoachJoe__ i c me @FrostyValorant @CoachJoe__ That was a dope finals to watch congrats @RealStrongLegs @itsgloomie 🤩🤩🤩No Plan B | Valorant Montage Like and RT 💜 @TeamSerenity Song by @EricReprid
Retweeted by SRN Glorinsz @NotReduxx @desoGOD @regan_travis @CoachJoe__ @Virtyyyy Good job carrying virty👊👊👊 @AyeeTrain I dmd dont want to leak his alt on the tl @AyeeTrain That is @CoachTrippy best friend @ItzBoltzy Not a situation some one your age should be in for fuck sakes man @AyeeTrain @Inf4mousEnergy @HoellywoodFPS @mintaims @kayvalorant @pnasty @AyeeTrain @Inf4mousEnergy @HoellywoodFPS @mintaims @AyeeTrain @Inf4mousEnergy @GMANVAL He puts us through adversity to become better and stronger as individuals you got this @diaamondTV God show I only got a few episodes left enjoy @JTayy_ @cozyjozie Shes really pretty glad she did @parsazx @JackIgoe @JTayy_ Ez for the God squad @parsazx @rxprive Reprive on that grind grind good shit @snkrsbar @Kahrbonqq Same I'm bed and movie ZzzZzzzzz time @AyeeTrain Let the unwashening begin @_cherryverse Sounds like a blast @Skrrtfps Same my sister lives there that place is a shit hole @aimexVAL Our weekends used to be so much more outgoing and fun 😂 @aMEkaRmy Hustlin you love to see itHey guys I hope every one is having a good night what is every one up to? @truoVAL If you're into sports fifa,NBA,madden,NHL are all great casual games when you're bored @ctrrlz @Virtyyyy @CommunityGaming @MLGAnakin @BrookLAN_NY @andbox_official @regan_travis @desoGOD @Virtyyyy @NotReduxx THE BOYSSSS!!… @ItzBoltzy @BrookLAN_NY NT 2nd place at 1st LAN is always great get the #1 on the next one @CoachJoe__ DAT BOY JOEYYYY COLLLDDDDDDD @Evs2x @DerekJoon im goin with the troll @DerekJoon happy birthday derek i hope you have an amazing dayusing nAts settings won't make you as good as him @quackzyy gg u beat the game again @hyjinxVAL @Karizmahkv @seanZval @steph_ecx @CarbynVAL the boys @stellariwnl @V0NNSS @1valyn @CainVAL_ @Caders_ 100percent no one was negative the whole game even when we were los… @ctrrlz yessssir vin nice clutch broski @careertwitch brimstone imo @randyySAVAGEVAL top 2 deagle NA @Ino_VAL ino diff
@1roci_ 👊👊ty roci @ctrrlz 👊👊🥰Birthday girl and her gifts @TeamSerenity GGS ONLYHappy 1st birthday sadie your brother loves you very much 🥳🥳🥳 @1valyn @V0NNSS @CainVAL_ @Caders_ i'm just glad we had 5 people who believed in the dub if we had 1 negative nancy we were fucked @Inf4mousEnergy @wildfirecsg @AikoKamu with the #odingang @tytitv so sorry for your loss tyti, big hug and praying for you and your family during this tough time @V0NNSS @1valyn @CainVAL_ @Caders_ never got so excited after winning a pug in my entire life lmfao what an insane comebackdown 11-1 at half, the whole world is against us but we persevere and come together as a team and win 13-11 what an… @imthemarteen @Ovachamp DAT BOY MARTEEN IS COLDDDDDDDDD🥶🥶🥶🥶 @ItzBoltzy @ANDROIDX23 @RealStrongLegs it's his first LAN hes been to dont be to mad at the young one OG'S @ItzBoltzy wtf boltzy at lan @WedidOfficial @NRGgg Goodluck Wedid you're an insane talent and will bounce back on your feet in no time @Caders_ @Unholykid3 GREEN BEANS > YELLOW BEANS > FRENCH BEANS > ROMA BEANS @parsazx @sethfowIer not enough fortnite in the video @sethfowIer @JITVCup @TeamSerenity @COPEgg if any team needs one for this 🥳🥳 @RedayVisuals @TT9Esports YES REDAY @GeorgeCGed @Upcomer is this a troll @CoachJoe__ @Virtyyyy YUNG VIRTYYYYYY @SRNArtistry free cash