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@jakeeVAL @kyyVAL Also if you are playing ranked play on smurf and put streamer mode on enemy team so no one knows you're against golds @willminder Hype afHOLY FUCK IT'S ACTUALLY HAPPENING. I'M LIKE A KID ON CHRISTMAS MORNING @trunkZnopants @Bicklol 19 @Bicklol Happy birthday brother hope you have a great day @Fijiis15 @azrexVAL Young gods back at it again yessir
@wardino Should have an esports hall of fame just like any other sport @jinruVAL @Nurfed You @RossHawthorne @RazaOnYT sweaters off put behind the head and nap time @Synsei πŸ”₯ @WasteManOP He washes all of them In a verzuz even if they 1v4 him @WasteManOP @Social_Val @TicSteel @ToozyVAL @Nurfed WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT????? @KOLER1337 your raw aim is something special my friend @ColttGG sweet jesus ur nuts @AikoKamu Happy birthday big man hope you have an amazing day @Nurfed Oh fuck @habibti_999 @HaanzeR We all need a little push from time to time @habibti_999 They grow up so fast @HaanzeR @SnakeGodGrape @lopp567 Goat @trunkZnopants That's the goat @jacobcavern checking up on @iuc43 @ProfessorSoop Get a coin and see if you win the coinflips irl @ProfessorSoop Only going to get worse with each rank reset get used to it buddy πŸ˜‚
@TrypWyrez @Nurfed He takes em out first and I finish them mortal kombat style @peterjarguz THAT BOY PETE A LEGEND @taysonFN @MalibucaFN @Merstach @FalconsEsport So fucking consistent big TAI THE GOAT @ProfessorSoop You'll be chillen just a rough week, next week you pop off @seshiriaa_ @GhostGaming Massive congrats and goodluck on your new journey @N8Vgg @Apidaez @ARIANARCHIST @scourge_val @Luna__Fox @valslaze Epic @RESHURAA @Nurfed Played with and against racoone more than enough to know the rush a/fall back go mid/c stratcombined age of 64 @Nurfed @not_jack1 @Nurfed Don't remind me of that gongshow ever again @not_jack1 @Nurfed I'd be upset if two people combined age of 64 beat me aswell when I'm in my primecomms just went down for mine and jimmy's @Nurfed game, Q at your own risk ladies and gentlemen @swarmVALORANT @Nurfed @WedidOfficial i dont remember ranked games ever but that game on bind i'll never forget wit… @trunkZnopants Using me for likes and impressions again all good gg go next @flexinja Safe flight big man and enjoy your trip @TeamSynergy @tiltify @marmarpits marmar goat @CoachRuin @truoVAL @Nurfed yup this is in the folder now @moobsxd @shonenleaks few more months buddy @JoshNissan what the fuck did you eat this morning @xprtval oh for sure, old ranked where every game you would get atleast 2-3 of your homies/people you know and woul… @Vanityxz @builtbygamers straight owning today good shit boss @xprtval grinding ranked many hours a day for the past 2 years and all u get is a gun buddy which u dont even use w… N8V and IMT game was fucking nuts
@ariessqc @Nurfed @juv3nileow @ExaltVAL i always find the funniest and random shit from rappers posts in the comments @Nurfed @juv3nileow @ExaltVAL @Nurfed @juv3nileow @ExaltVAL I also play kay o and raze so nt nice try good try oh and my last game I played breac… @Nurfed @juv3nileow @ExaltVAL Get good and adapt @WasteManOP @jazminestarrr_ She legit just called you a bitch and you did nothing about it bro @kayvalorant NT @Bankroft @Fijiis15 @tdawggVAL @azrexVAL πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ethoz let it out dont hold it in @hazedCS THE HYPE IS FUCKING REAL BABY LETS GO @marmarpits maybe he got nervous playing with a famous person @iuc43 dont let cavern see this @marmarpits 😭😭😭😭😭 @RossHawthorne @TT9Esports Congrats big RH!! @UPSlLON Goat editor turns into god valo player I see you upsilon @fx4EM Little man Riley being bad boy stealing slippersI've asked my dogs what were doing today about 5 times and it's looking like a chill day @pohluhr @bbylapras That's what I heard also @bbylapras You coming to the next TVAL tourny?? @bbylapras Well shit I guess you're moving to Toronto buds @bbylapras Have you tried going to as many Vancouver lans if there even is any to meet new people? @bbylapras Don't force friendships because that's how you end up having shitty friends, let them happen organically… @Virtyyyy @AdamStone_ @PuffinVAL @bstategames πŸ₯° @PuffinVAL @AdamStone_ @bstategames Rock on dude @AdamStone_ @PuffinVAL @bstategames Vouch that's all I did to get in, was to just get in @flexinja Have a pint and get back on the battle field soldier @clearfps Nutty @7nosu Always up and lit @TNAVegod πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @steeFPS @slowiscool 😭😭😭😭😭 @TrickAIM big tourny dub as a birthday present, doesn't get much better than that, congrats buds good week for ya @NLaF7_ have a good stream homie! @scourge_val GOATED YESSIR @Boltzy__ Oh yeah that's gonna hurt like a bitch @zander_fps Goat movie @Boltzy__ Try and get get some rest you definitely feeling it big time right now, shit bro could've been a lot worse I'm glad you're alive πŸ‘Š @Boltzy__ Jesus fucking christ man be careful u fucking idiot, love u bro I hope you're good, you like me you'll be…
@AgilityVAL @alvarxz This is fucked up @alvarxz Holy fuck @ZefyrosTB @MatiqeFPS We go to riot headquarters and riot @MatiqeFPS @ZefyrosTB ^^ yea first bloods are a shit load of acs and maybe he did more dmg zefy @NLaF7_ Hacker @Virtyyyy @branted707 @alexisfps Vouch he's a goat @KingFPS__ @ProfessorSoop @ProfessorSoop @KingFPS__ I just like trollin em either way @ProfessorSoop Smh @KingFPS__ don't instalock ever again bad boy @KanaOSKO One snipe diff @unciviIised NUTTY @tdawggVAL Someone get the tracker @KARINTZARFATY You deserve bigger platform @ProfessorSoop @tdawggVAL @Casperrfps green rank is where it's at @itsmarouS bang bang