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Arcadum @GloriousArcadum Fort Worth, TX Professional Dungeonmaster/Creator of Twitch Chat Plays DnD / Work email / Creator of the World of Verum

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Did some more @GloriousArcadum fanart of the Vtuber gals, chillin and jazzin! ft. @Iron_Mouse, @MomoMischief,…
Retweeted by Arcadumthank you for twerking for us, @GloriousArcadum it was glorious
Retweeted by ArcadumSteel and Silence is cancelled this week, instead im just gonna hang out with the girls.The Shocking Truth of @ProjektMelody @Iron_Mouse @MomoMischief Read:
The Heralds Call Ep. 10 ft. @bnans @shroud @jordanfisher @Sacriel @alexiaraye @Sacriel at Dilating One (Past) Ep. 2
Im playing PoE until Soul of Tyre, Weal and Woe is canceled today @NaomiOop @Russ_Money @SummersSalt I pretend I DO NOT SEE the horror that is the womb maze.
Retweeted by Arcadumnow the whole roster is complete :)
Retweeted by ArcadumAWOOGA BAOBOabaoBOA A SHIP @NaomiOop @Russ_Money @GloriousArcadum
Retweeted by ArcadumHeart of Tyre but it's a poorly made animatic feat. @GloriousArcadum and @NaomiOop I've been hanging on posting th…
Retweeted by ArcadumITS TIME FOR HEART OF TYRE Ep. 23 ft. @ScottJund @Russ_Money @SummersSalt @msf_actual @NaomiOop at we got some DnD creative work. Working on Siege Wizard and other prep. Siege Wizard might be showcased b…
@Mimika____ huge orangeThe Shattered Crowns S3 Ep. 8 ft. @MOONMOON_OW @JoeZieja @Octopimp @AdmiralBahroo @SterLovesFood at @MomoMischief Deal but you have to be happy while wearing them @MomoMischief How about whiskers @MomoMischief What if one of them had a picture of my dumb face
ITS TIME FOR AN UPDATE! @Russ_Money @msf_actual I can agree that that the monk was not as bad as Wakka @msf_actual Typos ruining my banter with snake @msf_actual Man autocorrect on my phone I don’t know where Sudanese came from @msf_actual Yah because wannabe cloud strife squal and his dumb gun blade is totally cooler then Sudanese the monke… Clash: Fight Night Pilot Session A new fighting game event each week, in which we will showcase fighting ga…
@Ashlelang Nice @DeadlySkyFire What @Pterodactylsftw Close your eyes 4head @BlessiousPlays Oh man you are 100% good, like i dont even remember that, your character is awesome @BlessiousPlays Did that happen in our game?There will be no Shadow of Tyre tonight as I just need a break from the DnD side of things. I am however planning o… @CirnoTV @Octopimp How romantic @Ashlelang Pepehands I can’t believe ashle doesn’t like dnd
The Tearing Veil Ep. 15 ft. @MOONMOON_OW @Sodapoppintv @KingVigors @Surefour @DevinNash @roflgatorOW at @Kiwion POV - You are feet1,371,211,150 Channel points, that seems like way more then it could possibly be. Man this is wild.Man this year was absolutely ridiculous Also shout out to @SummersSalt The number dont lie, #1 fan @TheEmpressRed you can do it championThe living world faces off against the Dilating One (Present) come forth and wish them luck! @SeviriaCosplay Time to start playing dnd @SeviriaCosplay Gatekeeping is dumb in everything I have had to deal with it in dnd all the time @SeviriaCosplay All I wanted was someone to watch anime with pepehands
@_Silvervale_ @kami8san Make a dexterity saving throw to avoid the BIG pat @msf_actual sent invite on discord @Sajam sent you an invite in twitter dms @cobalt_requin This looks awesome, I might be making a fighting game soon so ill keep you in mind.Aye ! It's #PortfolioDay I'm Requin Cobalt, aka "Cobalt the Movesets Maker". A himbo from Polynesia, I love fight…
Retweeted by Arcadum @dexbonus @Octopimp @Strippin I want to see you throw hands too dodgerAlright, so, I will be creating a fighting game focused discord in which I will be hosting fight nights, tournament… Ladies of Steel and Silence! Had a lot of fun doing these! @GloriousArcadum @_Silvervale_ @Bunny_GIF
Retweeted by ArcadumSteel and Silence Ep. 3 ft. @MomoMischief @Bunny_GIF @zentreya @_Silvervale_ @ProjektMelody @Iron_Mouse at was the BEST episode yet of Herald’s Call! Cheers to the whole crew for our resourceful efforts in taking down…
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Epic battles and property destruction! @GloriousArcadum @bnans @ShannonZKiller @Sacriel @shroud @jordanfisher
Retweeted by Arcadumarachnophobia cw i do ze sketch
Retweeted by Arcadum @goldentot I dislike this tweetThe Herald's Call Ep. 9 ft. @bnans @ShannonZKiller @Sacriel @shroud @jordanfisher @alexiaraye at the next episode of Clappin CheeksLet me set the scene. "Hey there, Im detective Clappin and this is my partner, detective Cheeks." "Can you tell u… FIRE LORD RETURNS! awesome stream today... i jsut wanna keep going... and going... Thanks so much to all you wonderful peop…
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@BaboAbe watching made me want to play so I think @GloriousArcadum and @MomoMischief might want me in too.
Retweeted by ArcadumDue to a family emergency I will be unable to stream tonight most likely I am very sorry to have let everyone down
I got on the rp rust server scared I wouldn’t make any friends and so anxious bc I rarely stream games 😨arcadum, mo…
Retweeted by Arcadum @RonnieFilyaw Then what are foxes?I wonder if I could learn spanish to run DnD.. @BaboAbe Kiwo and Etalyx are cooloh wait I did send thisSteel SquirrelFerrous Ferret @Iron_Mouse I cant remember if I said happy birthday ot not so here it is. Happy Birthday Aluminum Rodent @Iron_Mouse happy birthday mouse! @Sajam hell yahShattered Crowns S3 Ep. 7 ft. @JoeZieja @SterLovesFood @Octopimp @MOONMOON_OW @AdmiralBahroo at @zentreya Any fighting game really right now we playing tekken but any is fineJust figured I would ask, if I did a fighting game night in like a weekly basis or so, who would want to join me? Or watch I guess @Corpse_Husband happy birthday my guy
An Update Stream! did it I am honored and speechless, now I must be big sleepy boy20 more followers for 40k I am staring at this right now and I have no idea whyThe Shadow of Tyre, ventures into Azengolt... Ep. 1 ft. @CrikMaster @woops @goldentot @TheNo1Alex and back again…
I wanna try out Rust is there a specific server to join that you won’t be PvPd to death constantly? :D
Retweeted by Arcadum @SterLovesFood7 APPRECIATE THREAD <3 @BaboAbe
Retweeted by Arcadum @PENTA_live I can see that certainly, this was a fine conversation though, thank you friend, I must now return to my dnd preparations @PENTA_live Maybe they should but that is a question of execution not design which is where we come back to. They m… @PENTA_live I agree with you that is the best way, if you have the man power, which I can tell you from@internal ob… @PENTA_live Having someone suggested to you is not ‘Knowing them’ and in something that high profile they are gonna… @imaSpaceboy @PENTA_live Exactly, they are filtering people over from what I have seen to a reasonable rate @PENTA_live I think the role playing community as a whole benefits from the spreading of it to those that don’t hav… @PENTA_live Suggestions are suggestions, it’s a friends server they made for people they knew, they don’t know many… @PENTA_live I don’t think they expected to happen what actually happened @PENTA_live Hell I specialize in rp and when I was filling out my list I didn’t know many rp streamers at all and I… @PENTA_live I think it’s more accurate to say that is started out as a smaller group of streamers trying out someth… Fire Calls @nmplol The Fire Lord does not fear any enemy @itshafu Might I interest you in some DnD @ScottJund Watch it with me and then you’ll see @SterLovesFood I was super busy today but without a doubt you are one of the strongest people I know and it is an h… made the "Where are you?" vide on my main channel. Thanks for the kind words, but I just want to ignore th…
Retweeted by ArcadumIts time for some Callous Row Season 2 Ep. 5 A Hell of a Deal