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ive started watching Gamblers Delight by @GloriousArcadum and its hilarious, heres an Ahst bc i love her @Strippin
Retweeted by Arcadum @timthetatman Hail friend, I heard that you were thinking about some DnD, if you would like to know how to get star… is so cool! The DnD playthrough I've been a part of is so fun! We almost lost Claw today, but next week will b…
Retweeted by ArcadumHere's my rendition of the character @GloriousArcadum made today during stream. Hope to see her in action someday!…
Retweeted by ArcadumDrew my version of Remag from Broken Bonds @GloriousArcadum @michaelreeves #DnD #Tortle #brokenbonds
Retweeted by ArcadumGroup thingy I made for Death and Debts. Hope y'all like it!! @ProjektMelody @MomoMischief @Iron_Mouse
Retweeted by ArcadumGetting started on the Consequences Part 2BrokenBond from ep3/ep4 @GloriousArcadum @DisguisedToast @Valkyrae
Retweeted by ArcadumFinally made a Twitter so here’s some Heart of Tyre art. @GloriousArcadum @msf_actual @SummersSalt @Russ_Money
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Big Work Stream @SummersSalt Like this. "No Summer, I will not take you to disneyland."Hey thanks for the invite to the podcast last night @DevinNash and @Trainwreckstv I really enjoyed myself!Someone posted my babylon sketch in @GloriousArcadum Brokend bonds subreddit, look at that upvote number doe 👀 li…
Retweeted by Arcadum @MeyersLeonard It was fun talking basketball with you! @_Silvervale_ I am absolutely livid. If anyone has a problem with the game, they are to come to me, not berate my p…
On stream with talking about dnd and stuffHappy birthday to this mamacita @dexbonus 😍
Retweeted by Arcadum @dexbonus happy birthday!!D&D was so fun tonight! I laughed so much! Thank you for being with me on my first adventure! 💘
Retweeted by ArcadumDnD was an absolute blast. I cannot wait for the next session w/ my friends & @GloriousArcadum. ❤️ Zara will get…
Retweeted by Arcadum @MomoMischief @Iron_Mouse @zentreya @_Silvervale_ @Bunny_GIF @ProjektMelody @GloriousArcadum Your voice acting is fantastic Momo.
Retweeted by ArcadumDeath and Debts is quite a trip. I may have been laughing to loud tonight. I did get to draw a party outfit in be…
Retweeted by ArcadumZazgore @GloriousArcadum
Retweeted by ArcadumI only had a couple minutes to sit down and sketch, but here's my quickies from D&D tonight from the…
Retweeted by Arcadum @ProjektMelody Im clapping, Im pogging, Im cheeringDoodles for tonight’s session of Death and Debts. True degenerates are the most pure form of comedy.…
Retweeted by ArcadumWE ARE BACK ON OUR ADVENTURE RIGHT NOW! Playing D&D With @GloriousArcadum @BunnyAyu @ProjektMelody @_Silvervale_
Retweeted by ArcadumWe're playing D&D tonight with @ProjektMelody, @Bunny_GIF, @Zentreya, @MomoMischief, @Iron_Mouse and…
Retweeted by ArcadumDeath and Debts Ep. 2 ft. @ProjektMelody @MomoMischief @Iron_Mouse @_Silvervale_ @zentreya @Bunny_GIF at some wholesome art 💕 @GloriousArcadum @ProjektMelody @Iron_Mouse @_Silvervale_ @MomoMischief @zentreya
Retweeted by ArcadumWe are playing D&D With the amazingly wonderful @Iron_Mouse @zentreya @_Silvervale_ @Bunny_GIF @ProjektMelody and t…
Retweeted by ArcadumWe're playing D&D again tonight with @ProjektMelody, @Bunny_GIF, @Zentreya, @MomoMischief, @Iron_Mouse and…
Retweeted by ArcadumDungeons & Dragons w/ @Iron_Mouse, @_Silvervale_, @ProjektMelody, @Bunny_GIF, @zentreya, @MomoMischief,…
Retweeted by ArcadumPart 2 @GloriousArcadum @Timmac_ @dexbonus @Kelli_Siren
Retweeted by ArcadumFinally did a thing live during @GloriousArcadum 's stream! It's not over yet!
Retweeted by Arcadum @GloriousArcadum @JesseCox sometimes you like one (1) old, inappropriate excuse of a cleric
Retweeted by Arcadumsassy spikey boi @GloriousArcadum
Retweeted by Arcadum @GloriousArcadum Mirage, I choose you! @Kelli_Siren
Retweeted by ArcadumMirage being Mirage
Retweeted by Arcadumstrange toes.......??
Retweeted by ArcadumMade a recap comic for the previous episode of Death and Debts
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Strange Roads Ep. 11 ft. @JesseCox @BikeMan @Kelli_Siren @dexbonus @Timmac_ at are we ding twitch sings together!? @Iron_MouseI need to stop fully rendering warm up sketches....
Retweeted by Arcadumhe can still walk yknow @goldentot @woops @SummersSalt @GloriousArcadum (because tate can’t be in this weeks sessio…
Retweeted by Arcadum✨✨✨
Retweeted by ArcadumListen Sean, i love you, and your hour long verumpedia
Retweeted by ArcadumI woke up late but I watched most of the stream @GloriousArcadum @Surefour @goldentot @woops
Retweeted by ArcadumWhat a wonderfully f*cked up day. @GloriousArcadum @SterLovesFood @Surefour @InvaderCristi Hug a homie, learn cyc…
Retweeted by Arcadumwhat a fuckin good day
Retweeted by Arcadum @GloriousArcadum OwO
Retweeted by ArcadumDoodle of the fiery maiden~ @Tiff_Tiefling @GloriousArcadum
Retweeted by Arcadum @Mimika____ I hope you feel better My freind @Surefour actually made me feel dad proud with his roleplay in today’s session. He has really come into his own an… @Surefour 's Belanovan Eguardo Luciabell discovering his Song Blade in the Forest of Discovery. Belanovan is a cha…
Retweeted by Arcadum @GloriousArcadum @Surefour 💖💖💖💖💖 Belanovan from Soul of Tyre, Ep. 3
Retweeted by ArcadumEpisode 4: a lesson in cyclopian and the tree of boons @GloriousArcadum @SterLovesFood @Surefour @CrikMaster
Retweeted by ArcadumThe three Songsword Wielders together to perform one heck of a tune~ @GloriousArcadum @Surefour @Strippin
Retweeted by ArcadumAdditional Seren and gamblers @SummersSalt @woops
Retweeted by Arcadumforest of revelation................. is a good place @GloriousArcadum @Surefour @msf_actual (ft. gruff)
Retweeted by ArcadumStaying up till 5am to listen to @Kelli_Siren sing? Hell yeah. Live rn twitch sings with guests on…
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My queen Mirage has arrived~ Commission for @Kelli_Siren ♥ It was a huge pleasure to work on her new design 😊
Retweeted by ArcadumSoul of Tyre Ep. 4 ft. @Surefour @SterLovesFood @InvaderCristi @RonnieFilyaw and Sean at it's just better to let the bosses go unbothered
Retweeted by Arcadum @GloriousArcadum @NaomiOop @ScottJund @msf_actual @SummersSalt @Russ_Money *smooching noises in the BG
Retweeted by Arcadum @GloriousArcadum @SummersSalt @travel_danielle art from todays stream :)
Retweeted by ArcadumWhy do Heart of Tyre sessions always give me chills. Absolutely glorious work Arcadum. Cute doodles for today’s ses…
Retweeted by Arcadumfacial expressions
Retweeted by Arcadum @SummersSalt could you be sure to talk to your new brass daddy again? for me? Also congrats on the baby. Fanart of…
Retweeted by ArcadumEpisode 4: lore baby @GloriousArcadum @ScottJund @NaomiOop @SummersSalt @SterLovesFood
Retweeted by Arcadum @GloriousArcadum I like the broken bond campaign so much that i'm making an own campaign with some friends together
Retweeted by Arcadumwhat a nice jam packed session🍩 @ScottJund @SummersSalt @msf_actual @Russ_Money @GloriousArcadum
Retweeted by ArcadumYou have entered a pvp zone @GloriousArcadum @SummersSalt @SterLovesFood
Retweeted by ArcadumHeart of Tyre Ep. 4 ft @NaomiOop @ScottJund @msf_actual @SummersSalt @Russ_Money at had a power surge and everything just turned offI lived, and now I'm Astral Fire Bitch. Much better than regular fire bitch.
Retweeted by Arcadum @GloriousArcadum @goldentot @CrikMaster random art :D
Retweeted by Arcadumtirsis is my aesthetic
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Secret in the Stones! Ep. 3 ft. @DattosDestiny @BlessiousPlays @Rhabby_V @Pterodactylsftw @Tiff_Tiefling Part 2 the Panda man @AdmiralBahroo @GloriousArcadum
Retweeted by Arcadum @streamlabs Dungeons and Dragons is superior to every video game. @goldentot I’m sorryi soothe my soul by crushing it, actually, so here's bad end (?) tanestace @goldentot
Retweeted by ArcadumPainted the monster from tonights @GloriousArcadum D&D Session! #shatteredcrowns
Retweeted by Arcadum @MOONMOON_OW @GloriousArcadum pretty poggers dnd tonight
Retweeted by ArcadumDoodles for today’s session of Shattered Crowns. @GloriousArcadum @AdmiralBahroo @MOONMOON_OW @SterLovesFood
Retweeted by Arcadum @GloriousArcadum @MOONMOON_OW @SterLovesFood @JoeZieja @AdmiralBahroo @Octopimp Other art made during the stream
Retweeted by ArcadumTake my hand and suck my toes @GloriousArcadum @SterLovesFood @AdmiralBahroo @Octopimp @JoeZieja @MOONMOON_OW
Retweeted by Arcadumteeth
Retweeted by ArcadumA small piece for @GloriousArcadum 's D&D table today with Offline TV, Broken Bonds, featuring a lonely NPC :')
Retweeted by Arcadum @vaniIjsocker I’m sorry friendThe Shattered Crowns S2 Ep. 8 ft. @MOONMOON_OW @SterLovesFood @JoeZieja @AdmiralBahroo @Octopimp at down the hole that is dungeons and dragons. @GloriousArcadum ‘s V-tuber stream finally got me.
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@Kelli_Siren all of them @CrikMaster @goldentot @Strippin
Retweeted by Arcadumthis ship sunk as soon as it sailed @goldentot
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