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Glorious Pandas, our rendition of the famous and gloriously tactile switches, are also featured this weekend 🐼 Get… GMMK, the OG modular keyboard 🥇 is one of our featured #BFCM deals. Get 28% off the legend that helped start Gl… @pugsly_the_pug_ We're sorry you're having a problem. Please reach out to support and they… @vaomypoo Good question 💪 We RT'd with the answer. @TheSinisterWK International stock may vary. It's best to ask them directly.You will be able to choose! When selecting your bundle, you will be able to choose your GMMK size and the number of… you know, you know.
@Jaypher_ Not everyone sees all the Tweets. It is okay. We still love our followers.📢 You can NOT add Doorbuster bundles to your cart before 11pm CST on 11/26. The Doorbuster bundles are *very* limi… are going to go very fast ⚡ Here are some pro tips: 🛒 Put what you want in your cart before the sale goes liv… @Rocksolid916 Exciting! Welcome to the Legion. @Rocksolid916 @JawB___ @TrueSanibelt It released last week 😉 Here you go! @Anthonymb3 NO for bundles. YES for everything else. Even if you added everything in the bundle to your cart, the… What color GMMK comes with the keyboard bundle? A: Only the black GMMK. The White Ice is still on sale, but not part of the bundle. @splashybus Yes!Q: When will Doorbuster bundles available? A: Doorbusters will be available as soon as the Glorious Black Friday C… @EmpressTeemo How many bundles can I buy? A: Bundles are limited to one of each per customer. So you can buy one of each, but… How many bundles will be available? A: Quantities are limited to the first 2000 orders for the mouse bundle and…'s make a deal 🤝 We'll be offering 2 very limited "Doorbuster" sales which include our Mice, Keyboards, Panda Sw… @fluxonkeys @Yes77156051 Read the link. It will have all the info on our sales.Guys guys, nobody was fired. This is just a meme. But that pun *was* terrible. @AaditBhatia2 Yes. Even if you don't get a bundle. @Its_Disruption That should help! @Its_Disruption full size, which has a fixed cable.)Legion! We have an announcement. *Ahem* All GMMKs now come with USB-C. That is all. Glorious GMMK 👉…, this Tweet was unprofessional and out-of-line with what we stand for. The person responsible no longer works for Glorious.PSA 💡 If you have your eyes on something in particular we recommend getting on early. We're expecting a record-brea… new releases ✨ will not be on sale) See all the info, including our Glorious Doorbuster deals 👉…📢 Officially announcing our biggest sale of the year 🙌 This will be the best deal you'll get on Glorious gear. Lear… we all know what mouse MOW-ana would've mained 🤡📢 It's time to give back. This has been a great year for us 🙌 To celebrate, we're streaming on Black Friday for cha…
Thanks to @AdrienneDriggs for the shot 📷The ultimate Model O Wireless setup 💪 Nice get! GMMK is perfect for everyone 🙌 whether you like an understated setup like this one 🌱 or a battlestation with so… sure is loving the MOW. So @GloriousPCGR is it time for a REM x MOW custom?
Retweeted by Glorious PC Gamingnew mouse @GloriousPCGR
Retweeted by Glorious PC GamingGood Job @GloriousPCGR. This mouse is too good
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Pink is the new matte black ✨ The Pink Model O *may* be back sooner than expected 👀's crazy how far Glorious have come. Just a year and a half ago they released their first mouse, the Model O. Now…
Retweeted by Glorious PC Gaming @GloriousPCGR look what made its way all the way down to New Zealand. Cheers #GloriousPCGR
Retweeted by Glorious PC GamingGreat review! kit looking good. @GloriousPCGR
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110% worth the wait @GloriousPCGR
Retweeted by Glorious PC GamingThis beauty finally came in 🤩 @GloriousPCGR
Retweeted by Glorious PC GamingYooooooo this is one photogenic mouse! @GloriousPCGR has done it again! Gonna get some @PlayVALORANT on with the c…
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@jonahsupreme @switch_click This is like saying a Lamborghini is just a glorified version of a Ford Focus. Technica… @NeXu5_TTV @RavagingSavage @1HITBro This post might be helpful for you! @jerowynXD're so excited for the GMMK Pro, @GloriousPCGR
Retweeted by Glorious PC Gaming @GloriousPCGR 😏😏
Retweeted by Glorious PC Gaming @bennny_4 @Siernn2k Lol all good. @Ragebtw @bennny_4 @Siernn2k If this thread gets any more NC17 we're gonna have to un-retweet this 🤣FINALLY CAME WOOO!! @GloriousPCGR
Retweeted by Glorious PC GamingThe funniest glossy mouse ever made is back in stock. The "Lil D," the Model D Minus, is back in glossy. Get yours… can say ⁦@GloriousPCGR⁩ is my favorite mouse company 😎🔥 love the new MOW 😍
Retweeted by Glorious PC Gaming @Not_Vishy That's no good. Did you hit up support for an RMA yet? (if not recommend doing it soon theres still some left)If only there was a chance to get a Pink Model O / O- again. Who could make such a thing happen? And if it did happ… O wireless (White) joins the family 😁 My first wireless mouse, can't wait to try it out. @GloriousPCGR
Retweeted by Glorious PC Gaming @badseedtech @Beardedb0b We need the @boardzy_ take on it, too. @GloriousPCGR MOW 😍😍🔥🔥
Retweeted by Glorious PC Gaming @BallsOfSteaI Sharing with our devs :) @KeeperWasTaken @VexxeyNA Hey @vgdunkey this guy is trying to steal your identity. @fhatir6s Must be your browser cache or something 👀Done. @TheTechne1 Thanks for the review 💪 Great close-ups of the honeycomb. Respect! @badseedtech Stay up 💪 @randomfrankp @badseedtech @BTunplugged @TheTechne1 Glorious Doodad review when? 👀 @DalexHolliday @NYMag We're considering it.>They misspelled @PlayVALORANT as "Valerian" 😬😂 non-gamers review peripherals. @NYMag thanks for the coverage anyway! Original post on r/MouseReview 👉… @LensEffect_ Do it.
@GloriousPCGR just got my Model O Wireless today best mouse in existence thank you
Retweeted by Glorious PC Gaming.@GloriousPCGR I’M SO HYPED TO PLAY!!! 🥳
Retweeted by Glorious PC Gaming @GloriousPCGR The day has arrived. Thank you so much for the amazing mouse. Cant wait to give it a go!
Retweeted by Glorious PC GamingI'm finally ready to ascend. 😎 @GloriousPCGR
Retweeted by Glorious PC Gaming @Aw_HowTV Messed up how? Have you contacted support? @TheManicGeek Is... Is that a katana? @futureeFF @iamxerbear Don't worry. Soon it will come straight out of Compton.Also, a reminder: if you have any questions about Model O Wireless or Glorious Panda shipping, please refer to our…! 💪 It's been 1 week since the launch of the Model O Wireless 🎉 We want to thank each and every one of you fo… finally came in yesterday😍 @GloriousPCGR
Retweeted by Glorious PC Gaming @Jorduuh Which email is that? @luxecables @CoutureSwitch @TheKeyCompany Nice mouse! @fyvex Much framerate. Very pew pew. Such radiant victory. Wow. @osoop123 If you like 75% hotswap boards with rotary encoders and premium construction, then yeah absolutely 😎 @fyvex Poggo. @Zaohz @Nath4nGames_YT @ThatKid_33 We can't help it. We just love making things. @BallsOfSteaI No shoot space cow plox. @ghostRgg Too soon :'( @Jxck_himself ASMR for comp players.Btw, we have a Glorious @discord server. I heard they have giveaways, games, and memes there, too: @fyvex Pog dog. @PlatlessIsDead Now listen here--