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@itsmealyg_ I fully skipped work to watxh it on repeat for a hours @gukkieshooky I am so happy for you!! Great job!! @AudrieOT7 Oh I thought my twt was glitching out Lmao @yoongorgeous yep i cried 3 times watching it today ahaha...ha....huuuuu @ahemyg mine's coming in the mail soon so i'm hoping your luck rubs off on me!기타 브이앱🖤 #SUGA
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@aakgneo high quality content thank you @Sparkle_Moony oh my god OWwhen yoongi said “I miss you” he said “그리워요.” Usually, they say “보고싶어요” which means the same but literally translat…
Retweeted by mere⁷ ᴮᴱ 🎼 in love with yoongi @elliotsang yoongi would be commanding the guitar with stylistic flourish and confidence like it was nothing, it's… @MAXMusic OMG CONRGATS!! WE LOVE BB EYES! @ahemyg OH MY GOD LUCKY DUCK!! HE CAME TO YOU!!!It is likely that Yoongi has a strong relative pitch rather than an absolute pitch, knowing how to play piano, more…
Retweeted by mere⁷ ᴮᴱ 🎼 in love with yoongi @yoongorgeous all of us are...going thru it @Jociq he's changing so much right in front of us and it's so cool to see @vivishiraiwa oh no problem it takes 2 seconds to make a clip lmfao @YNGPRNT except HE'S THE ONE who SUGGESTED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE so he was bound to deliver @rainycityscape WE'VE GOT LIVES!!!!! @vivishiraiwa Yeah it’s definitely faster than the original song and hard because he’s just humming but it’s for sure thereHere is the Seesaw matchup @bandofhyenas HAHAHAHAH GOD DAMMIT @hobisbluedream I DO FEEL LIKE BTS CONSIDER US FRIENDS IT'S SO CRAZY @hobisbluedream THIS JUST SHIFTED MY BRAIN FROM HORNY TO INCREDIBLY GOOEY AND EMOTIONALOomf just brought up the fact that this means he doesn't consider hanging out with fans online as his job :') I'm gonna cry now :') @airahma287 that's a very cute result of this statement, yes, this is playtime with armys @taikoo_twt i think ive watched it like 7 times now @yoongispuppy HAHAHAHA HE'S SO HOT @jimjimim BAHAHAHA I skipped the first half of my workday to watch and react to this live bc i'm extremely irresponsible @elocin7kim THIS IS YOONGI'S PLAYTIME!! @honeyboyminpd HE IS WEARING SLACKS THO A;SKLDJF @agustdvee Who’s gonna tell him we all have real jobs @yoonkittypd i called in sick for a few hours this morning to catch the vlive bc i'm a weakling @taehunnies sexy AF!! @glossbuns IT'S SO CHEESY I'M LAUGHING MY ASS OFFTime is officially split between pre-guitar yoongi live and post-guitar yoongi live @bandofhyenas he said he's too busy for this shit but he loves us too much to let us starve @mymmo_309 @UltravioletCore ah thank you for calling me outSee Daechwita lyrics: Woo, who said time is money My time is more expensive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I think it’s a ripe time to collect all my favorite Min Pd posts @miskited I hope he means he’s getting back to work on the album lmfao @mangguito Same @sarahwarrengill LIKE HE DOESNT RUIN MY WORKDAYS WITH HIS SHENANIGANS @yoongorgeous I LAUGHED AO HARDYoongi telling us he’s too booked and busy to stick around playing pattycake with us makes me feel rightly humbled… SMIRKS LIKE THAT WHEN HE TALKS ABOUT HIS OWN MUSIC AND IT COMPLTELY UNRAVELS ME IM BLUSHING SO MUCHThe way he smirked and laughed was so attractive???? cannot put into words how perfectly you articulated this
Retweeted by mere⁷ ᴮᴱ 🎼 in love with yoongi @naepittamarwa i've just accepted it into our reality that yoongi is a guitar player bc he's like a fish taking to… strange thing is that we've only seen him play for 30 minutes but it feels like he has always played guitar nowAll that exists in my head is vocalist-guitarist-pianist-producer-rapper-lyricist yoongi, a sweet and gentle man wh… @btsfanmomma @YCantwell he was so into it!! @lisaSUGAfocus He loves giving us a thrill doesn't he lmfao @mingeniuslab__ We are on a lifetime journey loving Min PdNow that I’ve been all serious and analytical about his musical developments I need to scream about him being cute @honeygcm88 HE LOOKS SO HOT IN THIS OUTFITThis is what I would want to say if I can stop be flustered for 2 seconds. Thank you for this beautiful thread!
Retweeted by mere⁷ ᴮᴱ 🎼 in love with yoongiWhoever asked him to raise the guitar when he misses us, thank you Grammys episode, they clearly want to do more and show their full potential at that stage. Hoping for the best this year- learned a lot about putting together a music video - has a lot on his plate for the time being, but in the future…
Retweeted by mere⁷ ᴮᴱ 🎼 in love with yoongi @min_sosolly Same my mouth was hanging wide open the whole time @giantherockstar CUTE OMG @atotalbooknerd_ Thank you! @BTStacie I envy this too, but he more so reminds me that I’m capable of so much more than I give myself credit for… @lotsofBtsuga Glad to be of service for Yoongi appreciation lmao @honeyboyminpd AHAHA I WAS LOOKING FOR MY TWEET AHAH THANK YOU TARAstfu it's his adorable lil lumbar pillow 🥺
Retweeted by mere⁷ ᴮᴱ 🎼 in love with yoongi @anotherunperson NOW THAT WE KNOW WHICH IS WHICH ...He did once say he wants to know how long ARMYs big toes are so it goes both ways @anotherunperson This was the best part of the live @SugaRussia @BTS_twt Omg he LOVES that thing it’s been around his studio a whole bunch over the years, great giftWonderfully written, makes you fall in love with him even more, if it's possible!! The way he inspires us all, brea…
Retweeted by mere⁷ ᴮᴱ 🎼 in love with yoongi @anotherunperson I was not prepared @MIINPDNIM RIGHT? I am stunned but should we be surprised by Yoongi commanding this instrument and showing his innate musicianship like thisand this is off knowing the piano chords for it, translating it into guitar on the spot - humming to make sure he's…
Retweeted by mere⁷ ᴮᴱ 🎼 in love with yoongiHe's a multifaceted artist who has this innate curiosity about the depths of his own craft, no matter how long he's…
Retweeted by mere⁷ ᴮᴱ 🎼 in love with yoongiI’m so transfixed by him playing the guitar that I forgot to scream that he looks absolutely stunning in his casual… AM ONLY TALKING ABOUT MUSICIAN YOONGI FOR THE NEXT...FOREVERHe’s basically already there with guitar strumming away and playing around like a natural, I think we’re in big tro… know Yoongi can freestyle on piano effortlessly and string together what feels like something coherent immediat… to mention he could just pick up Dynamite and Savage Love right away LMAOOO I CANNOT BELIEVE YOONGI, he has suc… was my DREAM that Yoongi would play Eight, song of the year, for us and he played it beautifully 😭 Of course he… THAT WAS FUCKIN FAST, he only started learning in late July, got obsessed with the guitar and immediately impl… OF WHICH, HE IS ALREADY WRITING AND RECORDING SONGS HIMSELF WITH THE GUITAR!! WHAT THE HELL boundless potential in how he might express himself in the future. He’s obviously so proud of working hard at…, my conception of him as a creator is changing so much with every new song he makes and new skills he takes on… has this special way of finding passion in things and diving headfirst into it. When he wants to become some… WE TALK ABOUT HIM FULLY NAILING THIS SEESAW VERSE DESPITE SAYING HE DOESNT REMEMBER THE KEY? I never expected t… may have started music through rap and hip hop focused production and cited acts like Epik high and Stony Skunk… you go check out Becoming Dust it’s clear yoongi’s rockstar ambitions truly do rival and complement his rap star… full song he played, It's Not Love if it Hurts Too Much by Kim Kwangseok is so beautiful, it makes my heart ach… course I’m amazed how capable and comfortable he is after only a few short months of practice, but what’s more e… Time No See !! A thread of praise and admiration for our new guitarist Yoongi 😭🎸 When he reached this point… need to express myself but it’s going to be messy, please bear with me @dishyminyoongi I CANT FJNCTION @delightedlyskit HELP MEWhen it comes to Yoongi as both a musician and the person he reveals to us, I've watched him grow enough to know he… @mymmo_309 IN LOVE @yoonminjune *inhales rattling ragged breaths* I'M FINE @sunshineandsmi4 I'M TAKING MY SWEET TIME GOING MOMENT BY MOMENTI don’t know what to do