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Will you be mixing households at Christmas? Are you worried how you’re going to protect your elderly relatives?…
📺@richardaarnold's Armchair Guide📺 It's the final week of @imacelebrity... But who's going to be the first evictio… Secretary Robert Jenrick confirms the new tier restrictions could last for months but another national lock… winner for this week's FREE CASH FRIDAY is Rachel from Herefordshire! Congratulations! You can find out mor… you mix with family at Christmas? Robert Jenrick says his family will make a ‘personal choice’ about whethe…'There's a strong argument for us having these tiers in place for just a few more months.' Robert Jenrick confirm…‘The virus does not respect the boundaries of your local district council or county.’ Housing Sec Robert Jenrick s… Secretary Robert Jenrick says the tiers before lockdown were 'not strong enough' and were having little imp…'re joined by two former Kings of the Jungle today. @onebiggins says the castle mates have it easier this year w… @SusanMichie argues the ‘measures haven’t been taken’ to ensure staff and schools are safe over this last term… schools close early to protect families mixing at Christmas? ‘My children’s mental health is too big of a s… @sebcoe says the big challenge for athletics is to bring more women in to coaching and leadership roles in the… her new series ‘Driving Force’ @JudyMurray highlights the challenges that still affect female athletes at all le… owner @LottysFlowers tells @SwainITV she's worried with the pubs and restaurants shut there will be no fest…‘Sometimes governments have to lead not follow public opinion.’ @IainDale criticises the govt’s decision to allow… Goss has the perfect response when @kategarraway asks him whether he really was flirting with Dame Joan Collin… is hugging so much more risky than sitting in a room with someone for hours? @DramirkhanGP says there’s no sci…‘This is not a normal Christmas.’ After Chris Whitty said he would not hug an elderly relative, @DrAmirKhanGP said… @HollieA2012 refer to herself as Hollie Arnold MBE when she’s at home? Hollie’s brother Ashley and mum Jill c… @Johnrashton47 says the new tier restrictions were 'inevitable' following the govt's mistakes from the beginni…‘There’s a reall chill in the air.’ @Lauratobin1 has a chilly outlook for the weekend with ‘widespread dense free…‘We've finally learned a lot of the discounts aren't nearly as good as they seem.’ Consumer expert @hwallop warns…‘Politicians are acutely aware the timing of this is very bad indeed.’ Northern Ireland enters a two-week circuit…‘Many Tory MPs say this system is heavy-handed and authoritarian.’ @SwainITV is in Faversham in Kent which was in…'s the world you're waking up to with @CharlotteHawkns, @benshephard and @kategarraway...
Which tier is your region going to be in when the national lockdown ends? Rishi Sunak defends his spending review👇'They are devastated. They can't get the support' - Ben Shephard The Chancellor is challenged on whether he would…'Public sector workers have already endured a decade of austerity, this is a return to that, is it not?' -…'It was a difficult decision.' Having faced criticism for breaking their manifesto commitment over foreign aid, Ch… the govt prepares to reveal details of its stricter restrictions, Chancellor @RishiSunak tells @susannareid100 a…'He was an icon...He was magic.' Paul Gascoigne tells @susannareid100 and Ben Shephard about the special bond he f…'The facts show aid does not work.' Journalist @ianbirrell believes we need to find better ways to help the world'… foreign aid money spent better at home? Writer @Elif_Safak tells @susannareid100 that foreign aid isn't just ab… nailing the windswept look this morning! 🌬️👌'It's far better to be straight and honest with the public.' @MPIainDS responds to Chancellor Rishi Sunak's warnin…'It was the most extraordinary thing.' @benshephard recalls what it was like playing against Diego Maradona during… government will reveal details of its stricter new regional restrictions today. @DrHilaryJones tells…'It's not a time for the govt to sit back.' Shadow Chancellor @AnnelieseDodds tells Ben Shephard and…'It's critical that we see a situation where test, trace and isolate is sorted out.' As the govt prepares to revea…'We're experiencing the worst economic downturn in the G7.' Shadow Chancellor @AnnelieseDodds reacts to Chancellor… and frosty is the name of the game this morning. Dig out your winter coat as @Lauratobin1 explains that it is… and Ben Shephard talk to Adam who was hailed a hero by Diego Maradona in 2008 for finding a precio…'We don't know how strongly the economy will recover over the next few months.' Deputy Director Carl Emmerson from…'It's a bleak forecast. The economy won't be back to where it was at the end of 2019 until the end of 2022.'… Johnson has faced criticism over his decision to slash the foreign aid budget. But is foreign aid money bett…'s the world you're waking up to with @kategarraway, @benshephard and @susannareid100... Tune in to GMB now 👉…
Argentinian football legend Diego Maradona dies aged 60
Retweeted by Good Morning BritainIs the Christmas bubble plan worth the risk? Covid rules will be eased at Christmas to allow up to 3 households to…'This film shows all of his life. He was a very honest and open person.' Emma says her grandfather Jack always wan… Good Morning Britain had its highest ever ratings yesterday - 27% audience share, peaking at 33%. Great w…
Retweeted by Good Morning BritainBREAKING: The Chancellor confirms there will be a pay rise for NHS workers. All the details👇 First Minister Mark Drakeford and Mayor for Greater Manchester Andy Burnham discuss the risks associated with… you be mixing households at Christmas? Are you worried how you’re going to protect your elderly relatives?… Duchess of Sussex said she felt 'unbearable grief' after losing her second child. Duchess of Sussex has revealed she suffered a miscarriage in July. @Piersmorgan and @susannareid100 talk to IT… @Ella_M_Whelan tells @piersmorgan and @susannareid100 it's not just about people being selfish and that…'It will result in deaths. Of course it will.' As scientists warn the easing of Covid restrictions over Xmas could…'We've reached a tipping point now.' Executive producer Andy Townsend and @piersmorgan discuss the possible link b… documentary has captured the last few months of Jack Charlton's life when he was living with dementia. Jack's g…'One day, you and I in a cage, unlimited and unlicensed.' The moment @piersmorgan challenges @andipeters to a figh…'It's allowing too much.' Mayor of Greater Manchester @AndyBurnhamGM believes the government hasn't 'got the balan… the Christmas bubbles too risky? '25% of people can have the big Christmas, but 100% of people are then at an…'I think controlling the virus is like trying to control your weight. It's easy to put weight on, it's very difficu…'I can assure you our decision is not based on any headline seeking.' Amid warnings that the country could go into… Minister of Wales @fmwales responds to @piersmorgan's question about why people weren't allowed to gather for…'Why are we encouraging 3 households to come together. It doesn't make public health sense' - @piersmorgan First… the government announced new rules for the festive period, do you think it's a welcome relaxation or do you t…'Supporters are the reason clubs exist.' Following the news that spectator sports will be free to resume after Dec…'I'm not happy about this...I think it's an absolute outrage.' @piersmorgan has pressed the 'World's gone nuts' bu… your winter coats and wrap up warm as the weather is set to change through the next 24 hours. 🥶 Over the next…'Balancing the risks is going to be important.' As the government reveal their plans to relax Covid restrictions f…'Overwhelmingly, MSPs felt this was a vital and progressive piece of legislation.' Scotland has become the first c… multi-billion pound package to get a million people back into work will be unveiled by the chancellor in his Spen…'The countdown to Christmas is on.' The leaders of the 4 UK nations have agreed to relax Covid restrictions over C…'s the world you're waking up to with @ranvir01, @piersmorgan and @susannareid100... Tune in to GMB now 👉…
BREAKING: Three households will be allowed to mix between 23rd and 27th December.‘I don’t trust her, I think she’s dangerous, I think she’s radicalised.’ Should Shamima Begum be allowed to return…'Only a fool would come on your programme and say there aren’t things that we could and should have done better.'… you brought the Christmas jumpers out yet? @OreOduba is supporting Action For Children's Secret Santa campaig…‘We don’t owe Shamima Begum anything. She chose to go to Syria, she ripped up her passport.’ @macergifford, who w… Shamima Begum be allowed to return to Britain to be tried in court? The Supreme Court said allowing her re… thought Piers was trying to poison him. @Cristiano didn’t know what to do with it.… Secretary Grant Shapps admits the country was not prepared for the pandemic in key areas. He highlights… people who can’t afford the £100 private test still have to quarantine for 14 days? Transport Secretary Grant… government’s ‘test to release’ scheme will allow travellers returning to the UK to self-isolate for five days w… Matt Hancock refused to answer whether he would take a pay rise yesterday Transport Secretary Grant Shapps sa… men have won the @BBCSPOTY for the last 14 years, @JudyMurray is calling for a women’s only prize. She says…‘I will bet you every single dollar I have that Joe Biden will be inaugurated as the 46th President of the United S…‘Of course he deserves it. He's one of the most successful sportspeople in the history of the country.' Sir… birthday to our very own @RichardAArnold! So how will be celebrating the big 51? Luckily for @Piersmorgan‘You can make your own decisions about what you think is safe for elderly and vulnerable people in your family.’… is the vaccine going to be rolled out? ‘There’s no reason we can’t have those first doses for those 2.7m peo…‘This is devastating news for the pub sector.’ CEO of the British Beer & Pub Association @EmmaMcClarkin says busin…‘Cold and frosty weather is the name of the game.’ @Lauratobin1 warns to get your winter gear ready as it turns c… Trump has begun the transition of power to President-Elect Joe Biden but still vows to contest the election… quarantine period for travellers returning to Britain is set to be reduced from 14 days to five days. To do s…, bars and restaurants have warned they face ‘ruin’ with the new tier rules in England when lockdown ends.… Johnson is said to be close to agreeing a deal to ease restrictions over Christmas across the UK. He’s warn…'s the world you're waking up to with @CharlotteHawkns, @piersmorgan and @susannareid100... Tune in here👉…